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i haven't found a NiGHTS thread before, so... yeah.

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It was such an arcadey/score-attacky game that I'm not surprised NiGHTS never really hit the big leagues during it's time no matter how hard Sega pushed it. Still, it's pretty fun if you actually try and understand how to actually get higher grades.

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I always get stuck on the third level of the boy's story, can't beat the boss, its the one with the mice bombs

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He lights up the mice bomb, but you have time to destroy them before they fire up and hurt you. I think you have to destroy enough fireworks and it's done.

I played the game recently but had to look up how to beat certain bosses online, they can be a bit obscure

Overall I really love the atmosphere, I wish more game took that route of really dreamy and surreal world. The final levels while a bit strange are a joy to play. The end CGI are so damn bad tho haha. But yeah, the game do pack a lot of charm

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I don't expect anyone to believe me but once when I was playing it on my Saturn in the late 1990s, Spring Valley level, NiGHTS kind of "spanged" off one of the bumpers at an incredible speed - like, glitch speed - and the timer went to 999. Always wondered if that was just a million to one bug or a secret exploit.

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