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Stunlock: The Game

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... Not inaccurate.

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Heyy we've got two "Nasir Gebelli was kind of a bad programmer sometimes" threads up simultaneously!

I still loved both the games though. I mean as a kid. (Today I merely like them, and that's mainly because of childhood memories, but what can you do.)

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I just started playing this game. What am I in for besides all the can't hold all these stunlocks?

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He's not. You just suck.

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He did kinda fuck up on the NES version of Final Fantasy.

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Rushed and unfished second half in an unconnected world

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That nice SPLAT tho

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More awesome music continuing without interruption to the end of the game, unless you're one of these retards who can't handle gamelan. Cute balloons. Fanciful scenes, wistful scenes. Fancy ability animations that don't matter too much. No challenge ever. And yeah some of this: >>7853074

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Been replaying this game with the Turbo patch.
Honestly kind of impressed, melee combat doesn't feel like total dogshit now that they got rid of stamina, whacking shit is pretty fun now.
Boss fights are still magic spam but you can't chain spells anymore since there's a small cooldown.

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Playing this as a no item or 1 of each item runs make it a challenge. You can do no offensive magic on top of it for a real challenge. Forces you to know your shit or level.

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Just got this in the mail and playing it for the first time. Really nice game so far. I love the long range weapons like the bow and Javelin.

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>want to play this game since I'm a Square nostalgiafag who never got around to this one
>hear it's full of game-breaking issues
>so I download the Turbo patch and lazily use the default settings
>about two hours later get to a boss that is literally unbeatable because it enchants my weapons with the element that it's immune to every 3 seconds and I have enough resources to counteract it maybe 4 times
Well, that didn't go as plan.

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The music in this game is incredible

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I don't know what you mean by "game-breaking"... Regardless, I doubt that you're gonna find a properly "fixed" version of the game.

I tried some hard-mode patch a while ago. It mostly just cranked up enemy stats enormously, I think? I had to grind a LOT at certain points, especially at the end. It was kind of interesting but ultimately not really worth the trouble.

Anyway the official version of the game is perfectly playable, and it's a lot of fun too if you're capable of taking on the mindset of a casual player with somewhat low standards for storytelling (which of course you might not be).

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It’s a JRPG, your supposed to play it like other ATB games

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When I bought this game when it came out, I played it for three straight days without even knowing that magic was something you could use in it (I thought it was so awesome!). I didn't know until I got to the final boss and found out that I needed to use magic to beat the game. I did a second playthrough by spamming all of the bosses with magic attacks. Was glad I didn't know about them the first time around, it was much more fun dodging with the party members while melee fighting.

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