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Does anyone remember when Greg Papa Bitch held the Cheetahmen 2 NES Kickstarter and had AVGN, the Game Scammers, and Emo Pat appear in a promo for it?


There was blowback at the time, with people saying the repro carts were just a hacked ROM you could get online for free.

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Literally who who and who?

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after the blowback mike matei tried to backtrack from it

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Not until you reminded me of it just now
Was a big deal then, but all the scams and failed projects on kickstarter just blend together at this point.

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Guy bought the rights to Cheetahmen. He did a kickstarter to release a physical edition of Cheetahmen 2 with the level bug fixed. The ROM already existed, but still he wanted an insane amount of money for it. 70 grand or something stupid.

He did a kickstarter video with all the hot youtubers of the day and they caught blowback because of how ridiculous the kickstarter was

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No. Never even heard of most of those literal whos.

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Boy do I remember. That was the most revelatory cringe-ridden statement on just how money hungry these faggots all are, with big papa shekelman at the forefront, a fat bloated conman.

Before even opening the video I thought AVGN would have to be crazy or have serious dementia if they let that video stay on the main channel and sure enough it's a reupload. They're not THAT stupid.

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I dont know who any of these people are.

Son, you should stop following any e-drama you find. It's not healthy.

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