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Which is your favorite Panzer Dragoon game? I’m partial to Zwei myself. What are your hopes for the remake?

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Orta best. Have it on my 360 and Xboner in backwards compat. Love the soundtrack.

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Panzer Dragoon Saga was it for me, followed by Zwei. I never owned an Xbox, and so only played a brief snippet of Orta once at a friend's sometime in college. Really one of the most well-designed series of its generation. As for a remake? No hope, and not much desire -- the best one could hope for is something like Streets of Rage 4 -- a labour of love by mega-fans, but ultimately a different animal. Reassembling the artistic talent involved in the original series is probably an impossibility at this point, so whatever is made won't feel quite right.

BUT, question -- who were the original riders of the dragons in the first Panzer Dragoon? Saga goes into Lundi and Lagi from Zwei, but there is no discussion of the human rider from 1, or the white armour dude who gets chest-blasted in the intro.

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I found Zwei too easy. My fav is saga, some of that dialogue leaves you thinking...

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Probably Orta. Really every game is good. It's a great series.

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