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I personally think it's brilliant. Especially on Sega CD.

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European-style games tend to divide people. Just like how Turrican isn't as popular as Contra.
At least that's my thoughts on it. Earthworm Jim has similar divide.

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Dolphins are a gay animal

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the gameplay is shit, people just say it's beautiful and crap which is true but i bet none of them have beaten it or even played it for more than 30 minutes

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>Especially on Sega CD.

i had the SEGA CD mdel 2 with a Genesis 2 back in '94. My Dad let me plug the console to his [pic related] HI-FI system from SONY through the RCA ports and played some games with the setup.

Never wanted to go back to the shitty TV speakers. Some games, specially those that had Q sound logo where amazing listening to. Deep bass in sonic games, the beautiful soundtrack in ECCO, the crowds screaming in FIFA...

If you can, play the games in your hometheather, HI-FI system or some good headphones. It's worth it.

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Why do so many people make this thread?

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Never saw a hater until now. OP is falseflagging and samefagging.

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I didn't get it as a kid.

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