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Simon Belmont is the best, beat Dracula twice. Ressurected him the second time while being cursed.Didnt get help like Trevor, no need for magic like Juste, No fancy martial arts like Richters. Only his skill, will and the whip. His SCV4 look is the best. Others are either too generic or feminine.

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>beat Dracula thrice
Don't forget the best one, Haunted Castle.
Ok, not the best, but it's underrated and I love it.

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do fancy martial arts not count as skill?

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Not only that, "fancy martial arts" are only a thing Richter has in SotN, in RoB all Richter could do was a backflip. And even then, I'd count that as skill.

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the best, and the based

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He could also jump on and off stairs, and somehow inexplicably extend the reach of the vampire killer through sheer force of will.

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Ah bon, il a pas de prénom ?

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Best Belmont is Trevor. Sorry, people, but he's where that bloodline peaked.

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I came here to see the best Belmont and I'm not dissapointed.

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You forgot about his moonwalking skills.

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>Ressurected him the second time while being cursed
And that wasn't even intended, as somebody slipped the last of Drac's remains into the altar without Simon knowing.

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I both like Simon the most and think he is the best. Imagine just grabbing your wip and deciding to single handedly defeat Dracula and his entire castle of minions one night for the lolz. No other vampire slayer can even come close. Simon moonwalked in there with his crop top and just obliterates dracula alone with no special tricks, just his whip and his faith in God

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How many "remakes" did the original Castlevania get? Simon Belmont is cursed to live in a time loop, where victory against Dracula is undone and he gets sent back to do it again, in a slightly different way. Think of a Sisyphus job!

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I think there's only like two canonical Simon stories. 1. He kills Dracula. 2. He gathers Dracula's body and burns it to kill him.

So every other Simon game that's not CV1 or CV2 is just a retelling of what happened in CV1.

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Si, c'est Juste Belmont. Ton nom c'est anon, c'est juste? Bhein lui c'est pareil, c'est Juste.

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No other Belmont can whip in 8 directions and block projectiles with the whip. Martial arts looks pale compared to that.

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What? Several characters, many of which aren't even Belmonts, can block projectiles.

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Not with the whip

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The movements with the whip are great. When I was a kid, I imagined the Conan (the original movie) scene in which he practices in the beach and moved the whip accordingly. It was this scene:


Great movie, great game, great whip.

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That not Simon, fool
That him, best one.

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This >>7852992 is way too Final Fantasy for me. I’ll take classic barbarian Simon over that any day.

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All the belmonts walk like they had bad knees, i used to imitate them on street, they thought i was crazy

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The Belmont strut is only for Chads. They were just jelly.

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Simon of course. I'll never understand Richterfags.

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I'd hardly put LoS Simon all that high up in the first place, never mind best, I mean the guy is impatient as fuck, doesn't finish the job at times, literally walks right into a trap twice, and even gets knocked out and brainwashed by Gabeula. However, a lot of that is pretty understandable considering he got orphaned and was bullied for it or something. His biggest failure is being a decoy protagonist to his own father and not really getting his story properly wrapped up. Poor sod probably doesn't even realize he met his mom and dad again after all those years.
Simon's probably my favorite Belmont as well, but I'm pretty sure literally everyone can block projectiles. Martial arts are something to respect, too, Richter can basically fucking fly with whip dashes and uppercuts.

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Not this elegant, martial arts aint bad but Simon just using his will and skill is more heroic and admirable.

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Juste is my favorite. He's got the fashion sense and the character that makes a great Belmont.

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My favorite Belmont is actually John Morris

>Descendant of Quincy Morris from the original Dracula
>From Texas, USA
>Partner literally has an EZ mode pogo stick
>Whip skills only magnified by Blast Processing

Virgin Belmont vs Chad Morris

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based and segapilled

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I learned how to walk up stairs irl from him

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>Dies from using Belmont's whip too much
Heh nothing personal John

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Si, c'est Juste.

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This Simon looks like he smokes stogies around his wife.

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>Others are either too generic or feminine.
>or feminine.
That's the point, stop insulting the developers.

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>fighting styles are not skill

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Simon master race. As much as I hate Simons Quest gameplaywise it meants a lot for the future games. The absolute madman defeated Dracula like 3 times(?) and has the best character theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWMN91gMD_4

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Stop strawmanning fgt

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I can relate my favorite is Nate isn’t he great.

>”Ah yes the Belmonts.”

>”Were Baldwins.”

>”Fuck really this should be easy.”

>”Curse you Baldwin!”

>”Actually I’m adopted.”

>”Fuck really so you’re just some guy?”

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I'm not the one who sait martial arts are not skill.

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Simon is my favorite too. He represents all the best qualities of the Belmonts, has tremendous perseverance, and may have even defeated Dracula three times -- the best ending stinger of CV 2 never leads into a new game, Dracula is still vanquished and has to be revived for the next Castlevania game, so Simon must have annihilated Dracula so quickly and thoroughly that it didn't even result in a game.

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And now youre gaslighting sperg

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>we will NEVER get the game of the greatest Belmont to ever live, Julius, when he destroys Dracula permanently
I hate Konami more than it should be possible to hate a company

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IIRC, Curse of the Moon is an alternate timeline where the Belmonts just don't seem to exist.

So that makes imo Nathan so good. Motherfucker doesn't have some grandiose destiny marked by his bloodline, he's just good at killing vampires.

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>Three times
What's the third Simon game? I thought 1 and 2 were the only canon ones

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Because Richter flawlessly rested Dracula all in one night on the very night Dracula came back giving him next to no time to get settled in. He did his job too good and wanted that rematch so bad that he let he part ways let himself listen to Shaft and was literally there to spawn camp him in Symphony of the night. Ricther is a whole nother level of mad lad

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I feel like my list would go something like Leon=Richter>Julius>Juste>Simon>Trevor>Christopher>Soleiyu

But I like all the Belmonts. I'm really not that sure where those last three protagonists would lie, either.

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Vampire Killer - remake, same enemies and basically level layouts, just different key-based progression.
Haunted Castle - is that even supposed to be Simon?
Super Castlevania - retelling, pretty much an entirely different game.
X68000/Chronicles - what's a word for half-remake, half-retelling?

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I think Konami simplified IGA's timeline so that basically only Castlevania Legends isn't canon.

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The only Simon design I truly dislike is the Kojima-drawn version from Castlevania Chronicles Arrange Mode that Konami tried to push as the "real" design in the 2000's. Holy shit what a gaywad. I'd rather have Judgment Simon. I'd even rather have Captain N "Self-Obsessed Aviator" Simon.
>Netflix will do this before Konami does.

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Vampire Killer is a parallel universe

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Also, in the Japanese version his name is Ralph, which is pretty tight.

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What are you, 12?

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Not him, but how the Hell did you get set off by "gaywad"?

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I don't think he was "set off" by it. There are just some insults people don't use past the age of 15 and that's one of them. He probably would have asked the same thing if you called him buttmunch.

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Curse of the Moon's date conflicts with Order of Ecclesia.

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Does it though? A lot can happen in a century. I know IGA said some stuff on social media one time but he wasn't part of Konami at that point anymore. Last I checked, the latest timeline Konami put out included both and as copyright holder they get the final say. Sorry IGA.

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The timeline in their website (if you enter with a JP IP now, it now redirrects you to the US site otherwise and I hate this) still had CotM out of the timeline completely.

But I think it's better that way, the main Castlevania timeline is cluttered, if they ever returned to CotM it could work as a blank slate with some groundwork prepared to work off (namely the card mecanic).

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OK then, didn't get the memo. So anything besides Circle of the Moon and Legends?

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Legacy of Darkness was considered in the timeline (hence Cornell in Judgment), but it was decided to not to in the end for whatever reason (probably due the bad rep the games have among the fandom)

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I think ur gay for simon lmao faggot

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Unironically Sonia.
I also love the two honorary Belmonts in pic related.

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it was pretty weird that they had him in there at all.
judgement was after they struck the games out of canon right?

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Judgement was fucking stupid.
Reduced Maria to a titty obsessed little shit head, made Cornell into furry bait, and why in the fuck would you make CV into a fucking fighting game in the first place? It would have been less retarded to have made a CV kart racer.

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Judgment was him flip flopping because IGA liked the character of Cornell. It was when he regretted making the timeline because it began to box him in how much limited space he has before 1999.

I honestly believe that's why Curse of the Moon, Ritual of the Night and Curse of the Moon 2 are not connected.

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>why in the fuck would you make CV into a fucking fighting game in the first place?
Unironicly because Konami refused to give IGA a budget to work with. In all his interviews about the fact, especially after he left Konami, he mentioned over and over how he came to resent that in the company he became the "guy who makes games under-budgeted and under crunch", and he brings up the PS2 games as an example that he hates the samey environments and flat "stages" because they didn't had the budget or time to work the games properly, and how Judgment was originally envisioned as a proper 3D game (hence why it runs on the LoI engine) but the budget they gave him was only good enough to make it into an arena fighter because Konami instead decided to pour all resources into MercurySteam and Hideo Kojima.

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Castlevania was confirmed to have a split timeline and a Wikia is right for once.

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although I agree with this, don't give Smash Bros too much Credit. Melee, Brawn and Ultimate claim that ReDeads are "clay monsters in the shape of man" despite what the official Zelda games says (i.e. they're truly undead people, with the dancing ReDead in Ikana being a troupé that got caught in middle of the Ikana-Garo conflict) and claiming in Brawl that Kaptain K. Rool is King K. Rool's brother.

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>It would have been less retarded to have made a CV kart racer.
Eh, SORT OF happened...

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>Melee, Brawn and Ultimate claim that ReDeads are "clay monsters in the shape of man" despite what the official Zelda games says (i.e. they're truly undead people, with the dancing ReDead in Ikana being a troupé that got caught in middle of the Ikana-Garo conflict)
Undoubtedly done to get around CERO idiocy but in the end influenced how they were presented in Tri Force Heroes so meh, weird but a retcon.
>and claiming in Brawl that Kaptain K. Rool is King K. Rool's brother.
This is the only Smash mistake I'm aware of that's ACTUALLY a genuine mistake and not a translation error, and it can be explained as either: A) a poorly-conveyed "oh golly gee who is Mr. L and why does he look like Luigi"-style joke, or B) the writer confused Kaptain K. Rool with another character, likely Skurvy from the CG-i show that surprisingly had respectable popularity in Japan.

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God, I hope this doesn't become canon in the future, and it's just on TFH since it's a more comical game.

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Julius is the only one that comes to Simon's greatness. There was a fan game called Umbra of sorrow but it got cancelled during developement.

>> No.7859952

Sonia belong in trash can.

>> No.7859956

>truly dislike
What a dimwit and moron with no taste.

>> No.7859960

>My favorite
>yet pick smash bro shit

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Clearly based on the sprite from the first game and not whatever this >>7852992 is.

>> No.7860013


Put some respect on the Belnades name.

>> No.7860619

Yeah, this >>7859002

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That he is. Sick and tired of protagonists either getting worse or suddenly needing other losers to stack up.

Thinking of Ys primarily here, Adol was fine and dandy for 6 games and now starting with 7 suddenly he needs to have 2000 party members to be badass.

What kind of gay shit is that? If you cannot solo the entire world by yourself you are a pussy ass faggot. Simple as.

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The Belmonts are supposed to get stronger each generation.
Juste is the mutant freak that challenges that notion. Dracula was lucky that Juste was born in the wrong time frame to properly fight him.

>> No.7863527

Was Richter more or less Dark Lord for a time, or was it really just brainwashing? Like is there anything in the original Jap going one way or the other. The English one has Richter dropping a line about what HE had done rather than Shaft, but it doesn't count for much, does it?

Honestly, a Belmont going out of his way to immediately prolong an eternal war between good and evil to btfo the human villagers who never learn because of an argument he had with Dracula is a lot cooler than being brainwashed by a punkass necromancer who he already killed deader than dead before.

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>Honestly, a Belmont going out of his way to immediately prolong an eternal war between good and evil to btfo the human villagers who never learn because of an argument he had with Dracula is a lot cooler than being brainwashed by a punkass necromancer who he already killed deader than dead before.
Richter never willingly turns evil, but I believe the SOTN retranslation and Grimoire of Souls both suggest that Shaft was able to exploit a part of Richter's personality that didn't want to fade into history after killing Dracula.

So it's "just brainwashing", but it's also probable that Richter really did wonder "what use for a shepard when the wolves have all gone", if only on a subconscious level.

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He rushed because of pussy, his girlfriend got kidnapped by dracula

>> No.7865434

Is this the guy from smash brothers?

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>clearly based on the sprite from first game
>don’t look deeply

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Piss off sakurai fanboy

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This don’t fit Jojo
Gigabased Right Simon

>> No.7865959

Chris, unlike Simon he didn’t fuck up and Dracula was dead for longest amount of time because of him

>> No.7866178

You know "magnetic boots" gait is a classic symptom of Parkinsons disease. Which only makes Simon more of a chad for fucking Dracula up while probably shaking so hard he can't tie his own shoes.

>> No.7866208

Isn't it based more on the boxart of the NES Castlevania and the X86000 Akumajou Dracula boxart

>> No.7866293

Chris didn't even actually kill Dracula the first time. Goddamned bathead got away, waited a while, and then possessed Chris's son to wreck havoc.

>> No.7866414

Dracula must have been seething so hard during all those fifteen years he was stuck in the mist form.

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Based beat Dracula twice tier: Simon, Christopher
Fucked up the second time they were needed and had to be saved by some albino pretty boy tier: Trevor, Richter, Julius
Didn't even fight Dracula tier: Leon, Juste

Clearly is between Simon and Christopher, Simon takes it of course

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