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Why did he stop being cool and hip with kids?

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no speccy port

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SA2 was Sonic's last hurrah as a cool/hip icon.

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until sonic mania

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Sure, but it was far too brief.
Sega not fast-tracking a Sonic Mania sequel truly baffles me. It was the first time in ages more people then just Sonic diehards were liking Sonic again.

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he stopped?
You should have been there in the cinema to see it by yourself.

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Considering the popularity of the film, I'd say he still is, the only problem is that most games nowadays are so shit they can't even grab kids' attention

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Trying to make him cool and hip was his downfall, Sonic was always best as a cute chubby hedgehog who runs fast and doesn't say much. Nintendo was smart enough to keep Mario in his lane and not try to make him awesome and edgy.

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this, sega really seems to still have a 90s mindset to sonic even to this day, he never had a healthy evolution

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He didn't. My friend has a 6 year old kid who LOVES sonic. Sonic has a TV show on cartoon network. Just because he gets clowned here on 4chan doesn't mean the kiddies dont like him

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Zoomer detected. Sonic was NEVER seen a chubby, absolutely never. Where the fuck did you get that idea from?

Furthermore Sonic was ALWAYS meant to be cool and hip from the very beginning. Every game and piece of merchandise had Sonic being badass and edgy. He was never, ever meant to be cute. Sonic also talked all the time except obviously during the games.

If there was one single thing Sega tried to make Sonic from his very inception, it was "cool", that was the whole thing.

Please don't comment on things you know nothing about.

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not the same anon, but yeah he's always been edgt, but keeping up the same aesthetic to this day doesn't work anymore, being cool is not cool nowadays, if you want to be marketable you have to be either cute or energetic and fun

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>Sonic was NEVER seen a chubby

Look at that tummy, he fatter than mario.

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eh alright I see what you mean but it's just more a caricature of his drawing. His arms are stick thin yet I hardly though this means Sonic was meant to be a weakling with some sort of disease. We associate Mario with being chubby because he clearly was in the game.

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Sonic is still marketable to kids.

Jesus Christ, get out of your 4chan bubble. You people are making it obvious you live on this site and don't gather any information outside of it.

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adding final fantasy - tier characters, plot and drama was a mistake
look at this stupid shit in pic related

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this, exactly this
same thing when they added drama to forces for no reason

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Sega kids grew up. Nintendo kids didn't.

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lol is that actually real holy shit.

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Giving him a voice and making him all "WOAH, RADICAL!" changes the feel of the character. Classic Sonic felt more calm, confident, self assured. It's the difference between Clint Eastwood and Vanilla Ice.

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Absolutely retarded post. Gosh, you're both a seething classiccuck AND a nincel. I'm sorry to diffuse your autism but classic sonic has always been a generic ass mario rip off. Modern sonic happened because the dev were not retarded enough to think that classic sonic is interesting and has staying power. Having no personality is not having a personality, mariofag.

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Fuck you i liked it

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mmm, i want rub that hedge belly

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okay scatfag

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Sonic helped to create the monster that eventually undid him - the attitude era.

The attitude era began with snarky one liners and self-awareness and, by the early 2000s, evolved into being vulgar and violent. How is a blue hedgehog going to compete with running over hookers in a car when it comes to deciding what's cool among adolescents?

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So, Dante from DMC.

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Sonic was very a product of his time, unlike Mario who has a more timeless design. Sonic only still exists because of nostalgia and furries.

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Autism stigma. Sonic's known more now for having a fanbase of fucking weirdos and batshit insane people like Chris-Chan than for being in good video games.

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Why did sunday school stop being hip

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wow YOU'RE fucking RETARDED lol LOL

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Because Heroes and the Storybook games completely threw away the tone Adventure 1 and 2 were going for, and after Shadow and 06 Sonic became an embarassment to SEGA and they neutered the modern version of the character.

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He is "cool and hip". It's just that he's cool to today's kids. And what was was cool back then isn't now.

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when furfags took over the fandom and parents were scared to let their kids play these games that are associated with degenerate perverts

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He never fucked Amy.

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cant rush quality

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that was never the intent.

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What are you smoking? Sonic just had a very successful movie.

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This is what I'm talking about. He doesn't say a word, and he just looks in control. He's actually cool as fuck here. "Woah, this is happening!" Sonic isn't cool.

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I'd argue sonic rush, if only because of that game's pure style.

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Yeah, the only thing I ever think about when I see Sonic these days is the crazy fans.

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Once I found out people were masturbating to Tails, I was out.

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Sega didn't give him a break. Should have focused on other franchise characters to balance everything out. They just wanted us to know about Sonic and Virtua Fighter. Plus, they struggled with moving IPs into the 3d world (Sonic X-Treme, Comix Zone 2, Vectorman 3 and Dreamcast SOR4 beta). Sonic X-Treme being cancelled was the deal breaker because Mario had entered the 3D world by 1996. I was pissed because it took until 98 to get a mainline Sonic game in 3D.

I know that everyone is talking about the movie, but this is a retro video game thread, not a movie thread. Lol, can't get mad at OP for talking about the video games.

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This thread makes me glad I played the games and completely avoided the fans.

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Definitely Sonic Heroes. Going from SA2 to Heroes was completely jarring. They tried to come back to the edge with Shadow but at that point the damage was already done and it was pretty much a joke even to kids unless they were extremely autistic fans

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Someone's masturbating to pretty much everything

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Also the ending to SA2 was impossible to top. There was no way he was ever going to be cooler than that to a kid. It was the peak of the Toonami era and it all lined up perfectly. It was all downhill from there.

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He was already pretty much a joke at that point, they just mutilated his corpse and pissed on it.

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SA1 and SA2 are for the extremely autistic fans though. Everything cancerous about sonic today can be traced to those games.

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>There was no way he was ever going to be cooler than that to autistic kids

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Don't drag down SA1 like that. SA2 was the start of all that shit.

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i was like, 6 or 7.

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>implying parents know about deviantart

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no, but bits of that part of the fanbase could creep in. i once had my mom help me download and install a patch for sonic CD to run on windows XP i found on google on this site called "sonic cult" and the banner had a picture of cream in a g-string. she was more than a little confused

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Any game that portrays Sonic the Hedgehog and his furry friends as existing in a realistic looking world, with modern buildings and cars and realistic humans and shit, is fucking ridiculous.

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i get what you're saying but spring yard was already a human city. chemical plant zone was clearly a city. you could always infer sonic was in something like a human world. all of it is fucking ridiculous, obviously.

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Sonic officially died when he got green eyes

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>Why did Sonic stop being cool and hip with kids?
His mainline games started sucking with Sonic Heroes onward. You can't just expect zoomers to go back and get a Dreamcast to play instead of Sonic 06 or whatever. But on the other hand, I see a lot of nostalgia for crap games like Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog so children really don't notice the drops in quality they had no frame of reference for.
But ultimately, the Wii era of games entirely abandoning the Adventure formula is what sealed Sonic's fate of a steady decline from mainstream popularity.
>sonic mania
That's boomers' last hurrah.

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Retarded post. Punch yourself in the face.
>How is a blue hedgehog going to compete with running over hookers in a car
what a fucking NPC retard, sstop posting

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>the ending to SA2 was impossible to top.
Please don't talk about matters of creativity as if you actually have any in you to critique from.

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He never stopped being popular with kids. (you) just grew up.

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Looks too masculine.

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>Sega not fast-tracking a Sonic Mania sequel truly baffles me
They were embarrassed that a bunch of waito piggus churned out a more successful and enjoyable Sonic game than they've managed in years.

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he was like that in the cartoons so everyone assumed he was supposed to be like that in-game. wasn't made quite official til sega adopted it in sa1 though i have my doubts his tude would be portrayed very differently, espcially with the AHM OUTA HEEH tude he already has in sonic cd

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The problem is the lore that created the fucking furries.

>> No.6926471

When they went all in on with memes and non-serious stories in the newer games.

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literally only neckbeards and manbabies gave a significant shit about mania. the sonic boom game on wiiu that everyone who loved mania had complained about so hard still sold better than any sonic game beforehand. what e-celebs think of sonic's overall reputation and what kids actually think of him are two completely seperate things

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unironically true. the only people who insist on how much of a quiet wholesome chonker sonic was only know of classic sonic cause of sonic generation where he really is just a chubby felix the cat clone that doesn't talk. actual classic sonic's been talking since cd and conveys as much tude as he was shown to have in the adventure games

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tezuka's furry animations are probably a part of the inspiration for sonic to begin with

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He really was a product of its time, at least the overseas version. The japanese Sonic was calm, confident and did whatever he wanted. The weird engrish phrases in the JP boxart of many classic games reflect that.
I'm pretty sure Adventure Sonic behaved the way he did due to the japanese devs looking at how popular ATTITUDE DUUUUDE burger Sonic was.
And now, the franchise is just seen as a joke thanks to the shitty social media accounts being self aware, shitting on themselves and hiring e-celeb cunts who hate the franchise to do ads.

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>The japanese Sonic was calm, confident and did whatever he wanted
>weeb fanfiction
sonic had these personality traits as much as any other untalking platformer hero did back then

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Nigga have you seen the Sonic CD intro? He doesn't talk. He was just running in a field because that's what he does. He sees Eggman's shit and decides to go fuck it up.
All the while having a determined, strong look in his eyes.

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>have you seen that one cutscene? obviously every single aspect of every character is divulged in singular cutscenes dubbed over by music

>> No.6926548

nigga he literally talks in cd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LuQ4kKiNc4 you're literally just stanning the sonic generations retcon version of classic sonic

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All the posts ITT is a bunch of NPCs, even >>6926350 can do better job.
The main reason why he stopped being "cool and hip with kids" it's because he's reputation got tarnished by Sonic 06, this fucking game is the blame to what it did with the fanbase and the franchise itself.

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What style? I t was an Advance game with shitty compressed music.Naganuma sucks, I don't care what you say

>> No.6926710

>reputation got tarnished by Sonic 06
You're too young to remember but Sonic 06 was supposed to be his grand return to form. the games had already gotten a bad rep and that's why the game itself was just called "Sonic the Hedgehog". It was a meant as a triumphant reboot
which is why it was so hilarious when it ended up being a trash fire that did all the exact same bullshit from the previous 3D games--but worse.

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Nice try though

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This might sound controversial, but I think Sonic is liked more as a mascot and icon than Mario is. Compare these two memes associated with each character: BING BING WAHOO is usually said in an antagonistic or dismissive way, while GOTTA GO FAST is affirmative. Or how Mario is getting cucked by Bowser.

I think people like having Sonic around. If Mario is Mickey Mouse then Sonic is perhaps closer to Bugs Bunny, which while not the same massive financial draw, people seem to like more.

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>You're too young to remember but Sonic 06 was supposed to be his grand return to form.
Anon, 06 wasn't even a Sonic game to begin with.

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Well I'd say that Sonic defintely has way more overall personality then Mario does. Nintendo is hyper protective of Mario's character while Sega have their strange demands as well but are a little more loose with it.

>> No.6926773

This pretty much.
Sonic never got back to the genesis days in terms of popularity.
Heroes was well receveid mostly because Sega was going through a lot of shit and we appreciated the effort, but by the time Shadow was out, everyone was annoyed by the games still being plagued by the same problems.

>> No.6926780

>how Mario is getting cucked by Bowser.
Actually both got blocked by Peach during Oddysey, then both are bluepilled af. See kids, never trust princesses or else you got backstabbed by their deus ex machina called "friendzone".

>> No.6926782

I think about it this way: you could never have a movie as morally and emotionally complex as A Goofy Movie starring Mickey Mouse.

>> No.6926816

A good portion of the Mario jrpgs have way more character than any Sonic game.

>> No.6926837

>the games had already gotten a bad rep and that's why the game itself was just called "Sonic the Hedgehog". It was a meant as a triumphant reboot
The game's weren't nearly as reviled as 06 and post-06 games were, though. Heroes was mediocre but sold well iirc, and Shadow was the only real flop. I remember critics not liking certain spin-offs like Riders due to being casuals, but most of the other spinoffs did alright too.

>> No.6926929

I was a perfectly blissful fan even during that era.
Still enjoyed Advance1-3, Battle, Heroes, Riders. I skipped on 06 since I wouldn't have a 360 for a while, but I remember my jaw dropping when reviewers utterly decimated Unleashed

>> No.6926947

Unleashed getting hated on was weird, because even playing the gimped Wii version I thought it was a solid return to form for the franchise. By that point though it had become cool to hate sonic, especially for journos.
Riders didn't deserve the hate it got either, its probably one of the top 5 best mascot/kart racers ever.

>> No.6926959

The only kids who thought Sonic was ever cool and hip were the ones whose parents didn't let them watch Power Rangers, Dragonball Z, or other "violent" shows.

>> No.6926968

Untrue. I watched a ton of DBZ as a kid and I thought SA2 was better than tits.
In fact Sonic is really designed to draw in the shounen fanbase, especially considering how much of the game is DBZ references.

>> No.6927052

Character for Mario?

>> No.6927364

>Unleashed getting hated on was weird, because even playing the gimped Wii version I thought it was a solid return to form for the franchise.
Unleashed was released after 06, plus IGN's meme words dosen't help that.

>> No.6927478

Grandpa go to bed.

>> No.6927532

Fat art of Sonic and Shadow are usually very cute.

>> No.6928262

the rape face pedophile redesign with SA1

>> No.6928282

Those kids grew up and the next generation got directly into Fortnite

>> No.6928329

t.Seething nincel

>> No.6928370

Arin Hanson, despite his legacy, made a point back in 2013 that despite having no major successful and good games for decades (Barring 2D pixel Sonic like Advance & Mania) Sonic is still around due to how great his design is.

Considering every 3D sonic game barring the first couple are half-baked or literally unfinished, Sonic really hasn't done bad with staying relevant, as opposed to other famous vidya game characters who went off the grid after one or two mediocre releases.

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Stopped reading.

>> No.6928815

So you're underage? Kys zoomer.

>> No.6928825

go back to twitter you fucking nigger

>> No.6928829

Arin's relationship with the Sonic franchise is a weird one. it's love-hate for sure.
He's actually in good terms with Sega and receives free merchandise from them frequently. He also met Jun Senoue and even jammed some Sonic songs with him, I think they both played the Sonic Heroes theme song together (Arin on vocals, Jun on guitar).
For being a "sonic hater", Arin sure has done some stuff many Sonic fans dream about doing.

>> No.6928851

heroes was really really bad and hit every platform, and game after after had a permanent "meh"

>> No.6929005

Odyssey is non-canon

>> No.6929007

>Arin Hanson
you mean the same dude who got filtered by some spic's animation LMFAO

>> No.6929179

that was a swan song, dying was hip in the 90s. the only way it's cool now is if it's an anime self sacrifice or equivalent.

>> No.6929308

>Giving him a voice
So the games died with sonic CD then?

>> No.6930835

when sega stopped making consoles

>> No.6930878

when did his fans decide they wanted to fuck him?

>> No.6930884

He does sound like a fucking nerd, to be fair. Imagine fully voice acted cutscenes of that shit. It would be awful.

>> No.6933097

If there's one thing that the meh Sonic movie proved, is that kids (and manchildren) love Sonic. He is still "cool and hip" for many people.

It's not controversial. Did you see the size of the Sonic community? Mario doesn't have the same amount of fansites, hardcore fans or even fan art. If I got a coin for each recolored Sonic that I see on the internet, I would be a billionaire.

>> No.6933380

t.Seething Nincel who never owned a Sega console and is pissed that Sonic has a successful movie and Mario did not.

>> No.6933405

His games stopped being good

>> No.6933423

Not really. Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces were fun for me.

>> No.6933472

>modern sonic fans

>> No.6933497

That's a nice strawman, but Sega is my favorite video game company and I'd rather see the paint dry than play most Mario games. You don't need to be a retarded Nintendrone to see that the Sonic movie is just "generic kids movie nÂș 100,000,000".
I had more fun laughing at the cutscenes of Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06 than watching that boring waste of film.

>> No.6933758

It was a DS game, actually.

>> No.6933867

Mickey Mouse is the inspiration to begin with

>> No.6934501

your friends 6 year old is likely autistic.

>> No.6934509

Why did mods stop caring about whether threads were on topic?
>>>/v/, and take everyone who unironically engaged in this discussion with you.

>> No.6935131

>False flagging, pretending to be a Sega fan
t. Nincel with Sonic Derangement Syndrome

>> No.6935192

Because they made his arms blue

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The Sonic OVA shits all over your retarded movie, kid.

>> No.6935442

>anime shit
You're a virgin, aren't you?

>> No.6935617

>t. deviantart user

>> No.6935623

t virgin

>> No.6935625

I am sure you have an OC and like Shadow.

>> No.6935631

Mind broken

>> No.6937269

Sonic has been anime shit ever since they ripped off Super Saiyan

>> No.6937790

But you clip just proves him right.

>> No.6937803

But not for Mario himself, right?

>> No.6937814

>Compare these two memes associated with each character: BING BING WAHOO is usually said in an antagonistic or dismissive way, while GOTTA GO FAST is affirmative.
Those memes are pretty separate in their nature. Bing bing wahoo is over contempt for Nintendo's fanbase, while GOTTA GO FAST is just happy shitposting over weird sonic fanart.
I think the big deal is how much the two characters were presented to people. Mario had like two cartoons, and manga we never got, but Sonic had several shows, one really well liked one, a whole comic that further expanded and explored the world of one of those shows(two if you count the British one, more if you counts the character specific spin offs), a few games that were more directly tied to said show and comic. All of this was ignored by Japan but greatly enabled once they started adding more story and characters to the actual games themselves.
Mario lore is usually a meme and exists in just the RPG spin offs, Sonic lore is an obsession, there's just more to be attached with the latter than there is with the former.
Remember Dobson? His weird grudge against Nintendo for ignoring the 80's Mario cartoon lore was a joke online for years, but it's common on the Sonic side of things since forever.

>> No.6937821

Do the Japanese fanbase(all five of them) have any thoughts on American Sonic lore like all the cartoons and comic books and such, do they even know it exists?

>> No.6937829

I know it says 2014 but it's still 2012 for me

>> No.6937850

Mickey became a one dimensional mascot before the 1930s were over and Donald had surpassed him as Disney's go-to character for stories.

>> No.6937857

Only Eurofags read those comics dude

>> No.6937862

In the theatrical shorts, not the comics I mean.

>> No.6939925

>If Mario is Mickey Mouse then Sonic is perhaps closer to Bugs Bunny
Makes really good sense to be honest

>> No.6940049

All Sonic is terrible.

>Gotta go fast!
>Non-interactive loop-de-loop faux-cutscenes!
>Run into a wall or pit because you can't react to shit at that speed of screen scrolling!

"But Grooktook!" You might say (if you're dumb) "Just memorize the stages! It's like scorerunning a shmup!"

And my response would be of course, that the difference is that when I am playing a shmup, even if I haven't fully memorized the game yet, I can still have a good time completing a relatively challenging and exciting game. Whereas in Sonic, I am stuck grinding through the most tedious, easy, overlong, clumsy, mind-numbing hop and bop imaginable that doesn't even do what it purports to do until that speedrun route is memorized.

No thanks.

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File: 2.29 MB, 396x405, 1600154652405.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why did he stop being cool and hip with kids?
he didn't

>> No.6940148

kids stopped being cool

>> No.6940549

Bitch he was cool as shit in the Sonic CD intro, literally his second game

>> No.6940605

that's gross

>> No.6941138

I think Sonic was doomed from the moment they implemented the ring system. You can nearly always recover at least one ring before your mercy invincibility wears off, so you can get hit by every enemy a dozen times and not die. If you miss all of them, it's ok, you'll find more in two seconds. It's like if every coin in Mario was a mushroom. Even very high quality level designs (which Sonic's are not) would be undone by a system that so thoroughly ensures you have no reason to care about what happens. I really don't care for it.
There's some fun to be had in S3&K with exploring the levels to see the different paths or find the big rings, but even then, Super Mario World is a vastly better version of the exact same thing. It even has Yoshis that let you recover just like rings, except there are 1 or 2 in most levels instead of 100s in every level, and they still break the game.

>> No.6941325
File: 357 KB, 700x550, 592eebb76dc4a36bd5c3b1b75399835532efc5b917e257143b781ecb49a5c448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that's gross
It's so 90s. I haven't seen it but everything I have seen about it screams 90s. The part of the 90s everyone forgets about. Dated references, uncanny/creepy CGI or animatronics, really weird choices like making Eggman just straight up Jim Carry and friends with Sonic, etc. It's just missing the other secret world aspect.

It's like if the Mario Movie was made today but without the giant elaborate sets.

>> No.6941357

Mania was just a homage to past games.

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File: 332 KB, 1024x480, Sonics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6941447

Man look at that classic early 90's sonic being try hard and hip

>> No.6941448

Unironically though, I'm surprised by how many kids I've seen love this fucking movie. I guess Sonic ain't dying anytime soon.

>> No.6941456

Didn't the movie do pretty well?
I remember watching the cartoon growing up. Sonic was cool but Tails was annoying. Haven't thought about that show in 25 years or so.

>> No.6941463

Sonic became too deep with lore attracting weirdos

>> No.6941480

Those weridos were already there thanks to SatAM and the Archie comics. It's kinda that Sega officially started putting their own lore, but those nerds were gonna be inevitably.
The games in the 00's were either okay or awful, all that weird lore and fan obsession is what kept it alive in the most people's minds.

>> No.6941601

>Left is about to start skiing
>Right is currently skiing at the speed of sound

>> No.6941602

whos your favorite autistic sonic youtuber? mine is cybershell

>> No.6941604

He's going hills and slopes
He's got to follow his rainbow

>> No.6941608

Depends on your definition of cool. Sonic was never truly cool like 90s rappers and shit, he's a cartoon character aimed at children. But he was fun in a way that Mario never was, and it's still the case.

>> No.6941609

Isn't he like the only one? I mean he's currently the gold standard for top Sonic autism, so he might as well be the only. Geek Critique is decent if you can stand being able visualize the neckbeard from his voice.
I just spent 30 minutes listening to some nerd splooge over Sally Acorn which I appreciated

>> No.6941670

The console series he was a mascot for died out and there was no longer a reason for console fanboys to defend Sonic to the death

>> No.6941754

I used to like him, but then he ran off with everybody's money. His "apology video" (if that's what that weird awkward cringe bullshit was) makes it seem like he's not particularly sorry about it either. I don't know what I expected from a Goon. I made the same mistake with TheDarkId, so maybe the lesson here is "Never trust a guy who'd pay 10bux just to post on a dead gay forum."

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