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Post the worst retro console you own.

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Sega CD but I still have fond memories of it.

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N64 because the library doesn't really appeal to me. My favorite N64 game is MK Trilogy

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>the console is bad because I have shitty taste in games

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The games suck, Mario 64 is the dumbest piece of shit ever

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There are key games in every genre, no good sports games, racing games, no rpgs or flight sims. No simulation games. Nothing. Would have liked something interesting like Wonder project J but we never got that

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The NES I suppose. Even though it has a great game library the lack of s-video or RGB video options holds it back for me wanting to play on original hardware.

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And for some fucking reason I have 3 of these useless pieces of shit, they came on a wholesale I've got.

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In Japan apparently they have shit loads at the hard off and no one wants them

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I can totally believe that.

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Atari 2600 I guess

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>The Sega Power Strip but I still have fond memories of sticking my mommys keys in it

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I like the games but the original hardware and controllers are so flawed. I'd rather just emulate it so I can use the Switch pro controller but my brother insists we keep it because of "our childhood."

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u suck and ur the dumbest piece of shit ever

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I feel insulted by the OP. I question his appreciation of quality games.

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What makes you say that, OP?

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I still have this and a virtual boy. I can't decide which is worse though. thoughts? virtual boy might be slightly better overall

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nice work in not only proving their point but exceeding expectations

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jack bros. tho

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Is Virtual Boy a console or the least portable handheld? Either way I'm going with that. Which is amazing since I have a Pippin.

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/vr/ is adopting hardline, contrarian, shit-stirring posting tendencies from /v/.

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2600 flashback 2

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Probably this although I have a Superboy that's never worked and a Tiger N-Zone too.

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I assumed it was a v poster who wasn't getting enough attention there

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Jaguar. It's alright with half a dozen good games but that's about it. When tempest 2000 is your best game you know a console is in trouble.

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Wave Race 64 is the best game ever made. Been playing since it first came out.

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>Emulate N64
Fuck is wrong with you?

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liquid dookies in the mouth

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Why wouldn't you start, op? Unless the ONLY retro console you own is the DC, this was a shit attempt at bait and we all laugh at you.

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A question to end all wars.

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>everyone loved the 5200 layout, right?

I wish I could see what the concept and early development meetings were like

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I have a 3DO. I also have "Plumbers Don't wear ties"

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Nah senpai, the Dreamcast is hot garbage.

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