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First off, he is a CRT purist and passionately argues for it in this video.

Secondly, he explains that people who don't realize there are lags on emulation machines like the Genesis Mini don't realize because they "suck" and aren't playing at a high enough level to notice.


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Mike is kinda a shit dude with only basic-level technical knowledge but i guess hes a perfect match for /vr/

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He also prerecords games and pretends to play them on the channel and has a huge dick, definitely our guy.

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Why do you have to be so negative?

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He's alright. He's definitely got skills, but he's also kind of a dumbass too. Watching him and James play the DKC games was hilarious. Fucking control commands spelled out in bright yellow spinning bananas and they couldn't figure out how to operate the damn elephant in DKC3.
He's old fashioned by modern standards and thus I can tolerate him. Watching him play through Super Ghouls n Ghosts was nuts. He's both the most patient and most impatient faggot on earth.

Also, I used the Gen Mini. Not a bad bit of hardware. I never had a genesis and have no way of really knowing how the games should feel, but what I tested seemed on point. And the controllers feel good, if a bit lightweight. But hey, you get two of them and they're USB, unlike Nintendo's proprietary faggotry.

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I disagree with the second point that he's making. Input lag is annoying but easy to adjust to mentally after you're aware of it.

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>there are lags
Got this irritates the shit out of me

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I give him respect for actually playing through Bart's Nightmare and getting an A+
That video was over an hour long. I was expecting to get tired of it and bail but I ended up watching the whole thing.

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God I want to feel his 12 inch cock in my ass.

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was anticipating this but didnt want to say it

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he wouldn't just let James figure out Botw on his own and kept over explaining everything

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Mike matei is a piece of shit BUT
I purposely loaded up barts nightmare and save stated right at indiana jones level.

I tried over 60 times and still couldnt beat it WITH save states.

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Thats because james is a dumb asshole who is constantly looking at his watch to make sure his break from being mommy+daddy isnt over yet.

He does not give a fuck about video games, he cares about amassing a fortune off his dumb fans so his kids will be rich

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Poor fuck has two daughters.
He should just give up now because it's all down hill unless he moves from Jersey to Penn Dutch country and becomes a Mennonite/Amish.

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Mike is our guy

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James is a lucky guy he got to cream pie his wife and impregnate her.

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>when he reveals he was in special ed AFTER you let him creampie you

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I like James he is charming love his mike and James Mondays and the nerd and rental reviews.

I don't think retail reviews is a good fit for James since he rarely plays modern games.

The combination of mike,kierin and Ryan is the perfect formula for retail reviews.

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Mike is a faggot I love the angry nerd videos but I can't even stand the non avgn videos with mike in them. It's getting worse now with his big face in the thumbnail.

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>Is Mike Our Guy?
he's transitioning into our guy. it's been slow progress because he's slow

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It's okay James was in special ed.
He is not retarded he probably just seemed weird to his classmates being into horror movies and heavy metal music like iron maiden.

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I used to play it with ZSNES a lot 15 years ago. It's doable, but it's a huge pain in the ass
That whole bit about losing the Zs you start the game with to widen the frame is a real game changer.
Such a weird game.

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Yeah we finally got him to admit everdrives and multicarts in original hardware is better then collecting old games or emulating.

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I was in special ed. It doesn't mean retarded. It means you don't act like a good goy in class. I hated school and could never deal with it. Sitting still in a room learning boring shit like some drone and then having what little time I had left to enjoy the day taken up by homework, just wasn't gonna cut it. NOPE

Special ed is for those of us who grew up on well water, not fluoridated water.

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They had to be careful talking about everdrives because admitting to using an everdrive is basically admitting to copyright infringement, and that gets people in trouble, especially with Nintendo And of course, buying actual carts these days is retarded.

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No. Also is that you Mike? You faggot, we don't like you. We can also see that you are multiposting you moron.

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He’s absolutely right about the genesis mini. 3-7f of emulator lag. Arguing to just “get good” is retarded. There is a clear and huge difference playing on original hardware on a crt, having lag free experience and having to deal with over 100ms of input latency. Games do feel different and if you can’t feel it, it’s like be says, you are a noob and don’t play games seriously and/or don’t care.

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Where did you get this info on his dick size? Asking for a friend

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>Secondly, he explains that people who don't realize there are lags on emulation machines like the Genesis Mini don't realize because they "suck" and aren't playing at a high enough level to notice.

Not a good argument, especially on /vr/ where most of you purists suck dick and play at a low level, unable to even do the basic console game clears that Mike does.

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>it took this long for some retard to accuse the OP of being Mike

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>this thread

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Stay mad, Mike. A pre-boomer that sucks at boomer games.

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>thousands of people watch and comment on Mike’s videos
>a few people on /vr/ say vaguely nice things about him
>”sTOp sAMeFaGGinG mIKE I knOw itS U”
Sheer autism.

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And specially his great dick.

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