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Why did this always work if your NES refused to read the cartridge? Was dust really the culprit?

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*sighs audibly*
literally google the 10NES and read a few articles it will explain everything

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I've heard it said that it is more just the re-insertion that does it, but I'll be damed if it doesn't seem like that sometimes after removing and reinserting a handful of times doesn't work, the one reinsertion immediately after a good blow does the trick.

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That's what she said

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Licking it worked even better.

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A light cough yields just enough spittle to facilitate electron flow.

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Ayyy lmao

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>I've heard it said that it is more just the re-insertion that does it
Because that's what actually made it work. Just think about it for more than a quarter of a second.

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The moisture in your breath helps the pins make a better connection. It also make them more prone to corrosion, so it's a double-edged sword.

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No fucker, my humid gingivitis covered hot air fixed the electrical connection. Dumbass.

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No. Moisture increases resistance. Completely the opposite of what you want with low volt carts. There is a whole book on this from 1907.

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Dust corrosion, etc. Your stank breath was actually powerful enough to strip it away. Like how in a cartoon it melts someones face off. IRL it's not that bad but still pretty caustic.

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My NES never had a problem. It just worked.

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>It also make them more prone to corrosion
Very, very, VERY slightly. The amount of moisture in your breath isn't even as impactful as your local humidity in that regard.

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What I think is more interesting is how this urban myth travelled.

Like, I learned about it as a kid from my cousins but where did they learn it from? How did this idea meme its way across the continent in the days of very limited internet?

Did Eurobros blow in cartridges as well? Is the phenomenon world wide?

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*grunts angrily* Kill yourself reddit.

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>The amount of moisture in your breath isn't even as impactful as your local humidity in that regard.


Unless you live in fucking arizona or some other desert shithole, a second of exposure to the humidity of your breath is nothing in comparison to the constant atmospheric moisture around you.

I have 35 year old consoles that have spent basically their entire life in a room that is basically at 40-60% humidity year round

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are you such a zoomer that you think that originates from reddit?

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Not that guy but Gen X here. the *dramatic faggoty emote* thing just make you look like a fucking faggot. Go *gay sigh* somewhere else you fat effeminate fuck.

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No. It has everything to do with corrosion and electrical contacts. Everytime you blow onto a contact with your mouth you're making the problem worse down the road.

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You really think it's just "WATER" in your breath? LMAO

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>Are you a zoomer?
Was the fact that he invoked the Reddit bogeyman your first clue? Or was it his instinctual reaction to tell someone to kill themselves?

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*pats you on head*

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>Everytime you blow onto a contact with your mouth you're making the problem worse down the road.
Solution: blow on it with your ass.

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why is the white RCA cable plugged into the RF out jack lol

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Who knows man. I just pulled it out of my "Cuties Blowing On Things" folder and posted it.

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you know a girl knowledgable about NES carts?

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Moisture allows contact, but this also leads to corrosion over time.
If you find yourself needing to blow into your cartridge, it means the connector pins on either the NES itself, or the cartridge in question, are bad, and need to be replaced.

If you don't know how to do it yourself, it's not very expensive to have done. In the future, try being very gentle with inserting and removing cartridges from the NES, because the tilting design isn't exactly conducive to durability, giving you the wrong kind of leverage in the wrong kinds of places.

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Blowing works. It has nothing to do with "the friction caused by pulling it in and out", that's bullshit by a meme youtuber that a bunch of other websites copied.

You shouldn't do it for other reasons like moisture though, as Nintendo's warning indicated the whole time. Use a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol, it's not hard.

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why can't people like OP just stay in /v/?

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Get lab-grade (99.9%) isopropyl alcohol you dumb fuck. A gallon costs like $25.

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Don't do this, it tastes awful.

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Yes, but only once.

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Nah. What really happened was an excess of charge built up, so when you blew into it, you released moisture which shorted the electrons to ground/discharged the build up.

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If the dust inside your cartridge/console isn't even visible, chances are it has no chance of disrupting the connection anyway.

Think about it this way. You have a phone, right? And does it charge OK? Now, take a light and shine it into your phone's charging port and look at all the dust that's accumulated in there. Or if your phone is new or has something that covers the charging port, or you're one of those funny people that actively avoids owning phone, just take a look at any other older electronic hardware you own. I doubt you clean any of these, but they still work.

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it's the moisture from your breath forming a vapor lock which simultaneously ensures all pins make contact and that they also corrode making certain that this will happen more often

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It's called confirmation bias

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My nexus 6 used to gather so much lint in there that the charger cable wouldn't stay in place, I had to use some thin pick to clean it lol.

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Are you such a zoomer that you think crying about where something originated makes you any less of a faggot redditor?

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that's sexist, im a girl btw

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I heard of someone with an iPhone who couldn't get it to charge anymore, and the Apple tech told her it was just broken and she had to buy a new one, which she wouldn't want to do because it was too expensive. She asked a regular dude working with consumer electronics if he could do something, and he cleaned out the lint out of the charging port, and the phone worked normally.

Accumulating dust/lint can on occasion cause problems, and sometimes someone will see that as an opportunity to fuck you out of money.

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You're not

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I'd smash

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my dick is like a nes cartridge, you gotta blow it before you put it in your slot for it to work

fuck you no my dick is not Little Sampson

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I call my dick Blaster Master

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Well after jobs died apple customer service went from being one of the best in the world and now is one of the worst.

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actually the reason this worked is because small droplets of spit would end up on the contacts to help conductivity.
You'd get the same effect with a spray bottle of water.

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>plays for 5 minutes
>gets bored
>watches youtube/netflix

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>$25 a gallon
I ain't paying that for any liquid that isn't gamer girl pee.

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If my games didn't work I just cleaned them with a q tip, never spat in my carts

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N64 and SNES games never needed blowing since the carts were vertical and made a better connection.

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Post more.

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uuuuhhh based?
seethe more retard

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It's still a curiosity for me. Around the early 00s I dug out my old NES and tried to play Contra. No joke for 20 minutes I kept pulling it in and out. Doing the thing where you push down on the cart and insert another one to keep it down. nothing worked. I refused to believe blowing on it would get it to work, but after that long I said screw it. Blew on it. Worked the very next power press.

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Because it’s a logical assumption that dust has gotten into the crevice and is impeding the connection from being made. So you blow it out and reconnect.

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We did. We also shouldn't have, but that's how it is when you don't have anyone in the family particularly minded for electric appliances.

Well, it's *a* assumption to make, it's just the result isn't what people think it is.

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If this didn't work, Q-tip plus alcohol was the no-fail backup

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Do it you fucking cheapskate. That much will last for the next 30 years of cartridge cleaning.

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>cleaning with iso is the safest and most reliable way to clean your pins
>nintendo puts scare literature in their manuals and cart labels telling you to never do this

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