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Sup /vr/? My uncle literally works for Nintendo in Japan. He recently told me that Nintendo is working on a Super Mario Land 2 HD Remake. I asked him for details and he showed me some game play for the haunted house level. It looks amazing. The soundtrack has been redone too. The song for that level reminded me of Mario 64. This is still a big secret though so don't tell any other websites thanks.

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bait, but:
>remaking games that are already perfect as they stand
why even

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I wanted to get a McRib but when I look at one I get a knot in my throat and want to cry. I have a bad memory from several years back with the mcrib.

The McDonald’s near my high school had a buy one get one free McRib deal so I got myself 2 large fries and 2 McRibs. I didn’t want to eat there because I don’t like eating in front of people, especially strangers, so I ordered to go.

On my way home a group of black guys approached me, I avoided contact and kept walking but one of them pushed me down and the rest laughed. Another one took my food as they all insulted me and instinctively I rushed at him but this pissed then off and one of them punched me in the fact.

Before I knew it I had a group of black guys punching and kicking me a few feet outside a McDonald’s while people just stared and watched.

I limped home bloody and bruised and when I arrived my mom yelled at me and told me it was my fault I got jumped then my dad got home later that day and yelled at me some more. It was then I realized literally nobody gives a fuck about people. Everyone that day had been hostile to me for absolutely no reason.

Now when I think about McRibs I think about how unfairly I’ve been treated despite never being hostile to anyone.

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Please don't shitpost in my thread anon

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I'm not. I wanted to post it on /ck/ but I got a 3 day ban for replying to a get thread.

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This is what I ask myself whenever anyone mentions the two Metroid 2 remakes.

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Fuck, man. I don’t know if this is bait or not but if true I am so sorry that happened to you. Your parents sound like pricks.

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Excellent taste.

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Thank you. Game Boy was an enormous
part of my childhood and Metroid 2 was magical.

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Low quality bait. With that said, SML2 is probably my fav bing bing wahoo game

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But you literally can't have a Metroid game without emphasizing Ridley's sheer importance, that's why Nintendo had Metroid I & II remade with Ridley as the final boss. You can bet that if and when Super Metroid is remade, they'll add Ridley Clone as the final boss so that he's not just another random boss minion you fight. And if the Metroid Prime games ever get remade instead of remastered, 2 will have Dark Ridley! Fusion? Shit, they'll swap Ridley and the dumb Metroid II reference! Ridley is why Metroid is good! Ridley is love, Ridley is life! RIDLEY! リドリーです!!!!

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t. Sakamoto

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I thought you were only shitposting but huh they really did add Ridley in that remake. Had no idea

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Bait aside, I'd imagine the GB Mario games would never be touched because they aren't Shiggy's creations. They deviate far too much from the brand image Mario has built up, the enemies are unfamiliar and unique, the world's are large and varied versus linear, and the power ups are not iconic Mario abilities.

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I hate that Miyamoto is holding Mario back in that way. Also by dictating the Mario RPGs have less story and fewer original characters.

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>>and the power ups are not iconic Mario abilities
Bunny Mario had the perfect opportunity to come back in Super Mario 3D Land, but Tanooki Mario was shoved in there despite not making any sense with what's already been established before.

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>enemies are unfamiliar and unique
>world's are large and varied versus linear
>power ups are not iconic Mario abilities

Have you not played Odyssey? The whole point of that game was to make something different of the IP. Shiggy oversaw the production as a consultant, but nothing more. A remake for SML2, while silly, sounds very probable to me. They did just remake the goofiest Zelda title, one that doesn't resemble the modern-day IP at all, so anything's possible.

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Assuming this is true, the must upsetting thing about this is--just like the Link's Awakening Remake--Nintendo will charge the full 60 dollars for it.

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Don't talk shit about Tanooki

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I sadly don't believe Nintendo would use Mario for anything experimental or radically different anymore unless it's "that one major game for a new console" ala' 64 / Sunshine / Galaxy / Odyssey to surprise everyone about said new console.
AlphaDream just went bankrupt a week ago, almost all of the side-series and spinoffs are either Wii U / 3DS ports or never considered, and Nintendo's been slowly going on the slippery slope towards the church of EA with games like kirby Fighters Deluxe, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and the recent travesty Mario Kart Tour.

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Dude, it doesn't fly, or even turn into a statue until the post-game. This shit ain't Tanooki Mario, it's fucking Bunny Mario in a new skin.

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This. I'm always disappointed when you can't fly in a Mario game, but what they did in 3D Land was just cruel. They just took a shit all over people's SMB3 memories.

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Got all the achievements on it today, boiis. Should I play Wario Land next?

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That's some high quality bait right there.

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Should I take that as a Yes?

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Can’t you use cheats and it still counts the achievements on this thing?

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Not if you enable hardcore mode

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No. Cheats and save states lock you out of achievements for the game until you do a hard reset

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Link's Awakening

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Normal or DX?

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I just started playing DX today, never played either it or the original. It's actually a lot of fun. I'm enjoying it more than ALttP actually. I'm about to hit the 3rd dungeon, unless I manage to bypass one but I doubt that's possible on a standard playthrough.

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>achievements on a Game Boy game
what is this autism

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It's impossible to sequence break in Link's Awakening without glitches. The closest you can get is going into the second-to-last dungeon, getting the item, backing out to go to the last dungeon, beating that, then going back to the second-to-last dungeon to finish it. Utterly pointless and stupid, but you can technically do it.

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>Have a potion on you as you enter the cave with the flamethrower blocking access to Level 8
>Keep bumping the flamethrower until you die and the potion auto-heals you
>Run through the flamethrower while you're still healing and flashing
>Proceed to Level 8

Not sure if that constitutes a glitch since you're not really exploiting any faulty code, just invincibility frames.

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Huh... didn't know you could do that. So I guess you can fully sequence break the final dungeon with an exploit and no glitch.

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Tell him his team should instead be making Mario 64 remastered, maybe call it Mario 65

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I'd buy this.

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