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If this is the wrong place to ask for help, please point me to the appropriate place to ask.

The game I'm looking for was one I played as a kid, but I haven't been able to find much information on it. From what I remember, it was a point and click game that took place inside of a building, and the street directly outside of it. I think you started on the street, and could click windows of the buildings on the screen to break them, and possibly could click trashcans to knock them over. When you clicked the front door, you could go inside. I can't remember much of the inside, but I know there was an elevator you could click on that took you to different floors of the building. If you went to the basement, it would get really dark and shadowy, and that scared me as a kid. The basement was pitch black, and you may have had to look for a light to click on, so that you could see what was inside. There was also one character I can remember, his skin was blue-ish and his hair may have been somewhat wild. I can't remember what purpose he served. He may have been a bad guy. The art-style was cartoonish, and not pixelated.

I know the game probably came out around 1998-2000. It was most likely an educational game, because that's all I was allowed to play around that age since my mother was a teacher.

I mostly want to find this game so that I can know that it was legit, and there was nothing shady about it. I've remembered a lot of bad aspects about my childhood over the years, and want to know that this game, well, wasn't used to groom me. It's the only childhood game I played that I haven't been able to find online, and the destructive nature I remember of it doesn't seem to fit in with the other games I played at that age, like How the Leopard got it's Spots and Reader Rabbit. I've already asked my parents about it, and they've claimed to not remember anything about it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Maniac Mansion.

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That's not it. It wasn't really an in-depth game, it was mostly just a building you could explore and click on shit. I'm not sure if it even had a plot.

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no idea

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That's oddly accurate. LMAO

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If Anon got it wrong, than it's weird how much the description matches it. There were version on different machines that all looked slightly different.

In case you decide you want to try it, it can run under ScummVM.

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Does any of this look familiar?

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Yeah, I guess a lot does match up, but I've seen playthroughs of Maniac Mansion within the past year and I can 100% confirm it's not the same game. There was no player character, no options menu like MM had, no dialogue options, etc. It didn't even take place in a mansion, it may have been closer to a fire department.

The mechanics were very minimal, since it was probably meant for kids around the ages of 4-6. You literally just clicked on stuff to see things happen

Yes, but it's not the game I'm talking about. Like I said, the art style was cartoonish, not pixelated.

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What was the goal of the game? Were you looking for something specific, or setting traps, or what?

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I'm not sure if there was a goal, it seemed like an environment that kids were meant to explore. There may have been mini-games on different floors, but I don't think it was winnable or anything.

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The gameplay was similar to this:

That's not the same game though. The one I played felt more destructive, at least when outside of the building.

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Just checked mobygames, there were no edutainment games from those years that match this description. Do you remember any company logo on starting the game? If it was voiced or not? More info needed.

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Hey, I also have a game I played when I was young and can't for the life of me, find on my own.
It was called (I think) Project Butterfly. It was a game that came on a CD. The CD had a bunch of random games from some genres that a company found in the internet and just made a CD with them. There was a few companies that did this style of publishing games. I don't remember the publisher that made the CD that has the game. And I think it could have been on the internet around 2005 ~ 2007.

The intro song of the game is a version of "Sweet Dreams". The Marilyn Manson one but without the vocals I think. It may be another version of this song.

About the game:
It's a 2d shooter and platadormer. You're a robot (kinda humanoid, a biped but gray and not humanlike) the start with a machine gun I think and then, later on he gets captured and striped of his gun and then finds two pistols that he uses for the rest of the game.

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Microsoft Creative Writer

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The second one is not the same

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This is it, an that's a totally appropriate game for a child, I used to play it also. It's fun with all the sound clips and farts

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100% it, thanks so much! Glad to know it's just a normal game.

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no idea

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