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I just soldered a mm3 mod chip onto my psx, and now it is booting to the main menu. Any tips?

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vib ribbon is a neat game

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I agree. It's the main reason I'm doing this project.

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Games like vib ribbon are the kind of thing that makes me visit the trash place that is /VR/. So many awful recomendations, and cancer people worshiping shit like xenogears and suikoden 2, but then, once in a millenium you have some light and get somebody to share you a hidden treasure. Thanks VR for vib ribbon and sillouete mirage s2

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/vr/ should be for virtual reality.

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Congrats, now every single game that cost hundreds of dollars is now 20 dollars for Japanese copies, tops.

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I want to ____ the vector bunny

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For me that happened because I fucked up the soldering. After I fixed the soldering it works with every game except spyro 3 3ven though mm3 supposedly has stealth

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does dino crisis work?
check your soldering, obviously.

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Hey OP here, I'm trying to load some custom music into Vib-Ribbon in epsxe, and all it seems to do it flash a screen and go back to the "insert CD" screen. Any tips?

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Tip #1: lrn2

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Thanks, I'll try that!

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This will probably be my last post, but holy fuck I am so goddamn angry. This is the exact issue I'm having. God I fucking hate forums.

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>i figured it out, thank you for your help.
>What was the problem?

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Just off the top of my head I would say to instead use RetroArch's disc swap feature for the Beetle PSX HW core. I know Beetle PSX HW will recognize audio CD images, and I've used the disc swap function many times, but I've never thought about inserting a custom audio CD for games that support them.Try that, and if you've never used RetroArch before, make sure to change the menu driver to ozone instead of the awful fucking XMB UI.
You need to make an m3u playlist for disc swapping under RetroArch, as opposed to just browsing to an image or optical drive(?) in ePSXe.
Memory card files from ePSXe can carry over to Beetle PSX HW, and as a former stalwart holdout of ePSXe for years, I much prefer Beetle PSX HW now. It's a fork of the mednafen PSX module with hardware-acceleration and a bunch of other improvements.

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RetroArch disc swap is a bit clunky but usually works I've started using Beetle HW recently and I've had disc swap sperg on me for the first time. The game I was playing didn't have a save feature at the swap point then the disc index became "null" after swapping so the game wouldn't load when it needed to, etc. Eventually managed to get it working by swapping the disc a few more times but man it feels buggy as hell.

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>find person who solved the problem
>post is less than 2 years old
>don't necrobump or pm
>cry on the fourth channel instead
God I fucking hate tards

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I think I figured it out. The newer versions don't run audio CD files. I plan on posting that in the thread.

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Why would you do that? It would be so much more fun to just post reply with something like
>i figured it out, thank you for your help.
me too

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>The newer versions don't run audio CD files.
sounds like a bug then

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does the regular disc work, check your soldering, make sure you have good cd's, make sure you burn with a good laser, make sure disc reader is good.. that should cover all your bases for the most part. sometimes it still just does not work but that is rare. also, which model did you solder it to? some models boot better than others

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