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What spooky retro videogames are you guys playing to celebrate the ghostly and ghastly Halloween season?

Excellent old thread...

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Played through splatterhouse 1 and 2, replayed the first castlevania and rondo of blood so far this october. Gonna try the arcade castlevania because there aren't any other retrovanias I haven't played besides Simon's quest, the gameboy games, and Dracula x forever ago.

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Nice. I still have to bite the silver bullet and play Simon's Quest.

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I like Simons Quest a lot, mostly because there’s no time limit, except for different endings. I wish the translation was good, because then it would be a very serviceable game. The exploration is a really cool idea, and I like uncovering the secret items.
The downsides are the bosses are a joke, many items are useless, and (again) the translation is grade a quality ass.
With a handful of tweaks, it could have been a much better game, but it’s still enjoyable to play as long as you take it with a grain of salt.

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Is Haunting Starring Polterguy on Genesis any good ? Im curious about it.

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It's a unique and silly game. Although it isn't very long.
The main draw is watching all of the cartoony animations for the various "fright-em" jumpscares.

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Demon's Crest

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I didn't know Haunting was do bloody

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Clock Tower (SFC)

multiple endings, vast majority of which are bad

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Yeah. There's like 16 endings right? Two have you escape the house alive. In all the rest you die. Not including all the ways you can die in game.

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I feel like I should replay Castlevania IV and Dracula X.

I probably won't, though, just like I probably won't watch any Horror movies this month despite wanting to.

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I hate to admit it but I still haven't played Casltevania IV maybe I should pick it up this yesr?

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ive never played this game but have always heard great things about it. i guess its time i give it a shot. looks really cool. just wish i had a crt :(

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Oh, believe me, Demon's Crest is VERY cool.
Perfect for Halloween.

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Play it

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you know, I just realized they are probably using water guns because of The Lost Boys movie, but silly japs don't realize holy water don't work on zombies

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Anybody not playing through Phantom Fighter is far behind the frontier of truth and rightness

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What's that om?

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would anyone be interested in a late night stream of spooky retro games?

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>that creature that throws shit out of the toilet
>grandpa falling dead out of the grandfather clock
great game

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how to git gud at zamn? i can't even make it halfway through the game.

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twitch tv /shinuzero
i usually stream nights 2am est to 4am est. mostly retro games and especially this month for october i made a list of spooky retro games to play. tonight i'm gonna play Castlevania and Night Slashers. i'm bad but its fun to hang out and people have been giving me tips in the chat

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>With a handful of tweaks, it could have been a much better game,
And that better game is Simon's Quest Redaction, a fanedit that fixes the poor translation and a lot of other issues the game has.

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You are thinking biohazard zombies, but these were satanic necromancy risen zombie.

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Only if its something really fucked up like clock tower

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What's so weird about a giant demon possessed baby with psychic powers who dwells in a cave and eats teenage girls?

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Last thread was epic

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I like the talk about ZAMN weapons.

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Most Valuable Post...

>As a child, Little Tongue spent most of his time playing at home due to being self conscious about his large oversized tongue deformity
>Dr. Tongue's abusive overbearing mother collected fine China
>One day while playing, Lil' Tongue accidently smashes his mother's china collection
>Enraged his mother grounds Tongue for the rest of his life
>Imprisoned in the basement of the family home he becomes isolated, weird, and craves revenge against the entire world
>He dedicates his life to mad science and creates an army of monsters to punish the world that wronged him
>However Deep psychological scars remain due to the inciting incident of breaking his Mother's fine China collection

>*ZEKE & JULIE are throwing plates at DR. TONGUE'S giant disembodied floating head*
>DR. TONGUE: "I'm sorry mommy! I didn't mean to break your special plates!"
>ZEKE (continuing plate throwing): "Don't stop now. Let him have it!"
>DR. TONGUE (sobbing): "I'll glue 'em back together I swear! Don't put me in the basement mommy! "

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Try the SNES Addams Family game. It's a pretty good euro-style platformer with a lot of obscure hidden areas

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The definitive halloween game.

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I played the Genesis one, I think it has very slightly less censorship maybe? It's a good game regardless.

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I don't know what the differences are honestly. I always play the SNES one because I think the music sounds better and I like the warmer colors, but I guess I should figure out exactly how the two differ

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Is this game just one big trick or treat?

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its a trick alright

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Not bad for retro stuff.

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Anon here. Just finished a playthrough of Castlevania Dracula X on SNES and that last boss was complete bullshit. The first form, anyway. I did cheat a little(used a savestate after I beat the first form), but I don't feel bad. I'll replay it again without savestates on my own time.

The other night I finished the original NES Castlevania for the first time and it was a blast. No cheating on that run. It crossed my mind several times but I powered through. Definitely gonna replay again some time.

Anyways, gonna start a blind run of the PS1 version of Resident Evil 2 tomorrow around 2am EST if anyone wants to hang. I'll need all the advice I can get. I've never beaten a classic RE game.

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I was thinking of Corpse Party but I haven't had the time to sit for more than an hour straight.

I might play Dark Seed too, I haven't played that yet.

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This is my to go Halloween game, unironically.

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Pure nightmarish terror


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Redpill me on this

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How about some good horror co-op games? Do those exist for, say, snes or n64?

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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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Any others? Already beat zamb

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never played this one (had ps1 growing up, not n64)

even worth revisiting now? or is it just nostalgia

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Playing through this right now, has a pretty halloween-y vibe, but by no means scary. Sort of like Soul Reaver with a voodoo aesthetic.

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Looks cool

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The overlooked sequel

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I’m just going to leave this here.

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where did the "spooky october month" came from anyway? we're 2 weeks away from actual Halloween and I already having enough of this shit

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According to this thread >>5951385 the game has unsettling sounds and music alongside some uncanny graphics.
Also >>5951443

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Aww look at the lil zoomer not liking getting spooped.

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Fuck off pedo

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Only pickup useful weapons so you don't make your rotation awfully long.
If you see an enemy near a victim that you can't get, just get it off-screen to unload it

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>Unknown Theme J

Wow. Dissonant creepy experimental music in a kids game? That is an odd choice. I'm going to have to check this out.

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Terrible advice.
ALL weapons are useful and necessary in ZAMN

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>Porky's Haunted Holiday

It was a creepypasta before creepypasta was a thing

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The correct answer is Nightmare in the Dark.

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What would you consider as useful weapons? Like the lawnmower?

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I was playing it and it's definitely got a cool atmosphere but the "lel you looked at the mirror you're dead" "lele you fell through the floor" instant death stuff makes me not want to finish it. Neat though.

Going to be playing Resident Evil and Silent Hill for the first time this month.

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>fails to refute my point
>only responds with ad hominem


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Don't listen to that moron. Pick up EVERY WEAPON AND SUPPORT ITEM YOU CAN

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>Replies to my good advice with "terrible advice" without any reasoning
>Get called retard, which is what you are


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Resources are limited in ZAMN. Not collecting weapons is a death sentence.
Fuck off troll

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Oh yeah, you totally need those 150 tomatoes
Fuck off brainlet

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I don't think he said you HAD to collect every weapon, he said there was no reason to avoid weapons. And he's absolutely correct.

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In name only.

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Good point. Be sure to avoid those pesky items too. Skip medkits, clown decoys, and all potions. They just clutter up your inventory.

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This game kicks ass, I'm going to play it some more thanks to you

In addition to being an utterly insane living nightmare it's pretty fun

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>silly japs
Game was delevoped by Lucasarts

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>not one Blood post
The absolute state of this board

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beat the shit out of the woofman

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If you had MAME this is always fun for a little play through, to this day I can still remember hearing the screams and the aaauuugggghhh over every other game that was in the arcade.

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Haven't been playing any yet, but I plan on playing some Castlevania games, Ghouls n' Ghosts and Resident Evil.

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Halfway disc 2 I realized I don't enough chill pills to beat a bossfight, had to start over the entire game. 90's sure were different times, this kind of thing would never in a million years be allowed to happen in a modern game. I'm still liking it though, just breezed through the entire laboratory stage without using a single chill pill and now my inventory if pretty much filled with them.

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Guys, i want to play another RE, but dont know which one to play. Ive only played through 2 and 4.

Shall i just play RE1?

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Does Redaction help that much? For instance, does it make that one puzzle with the tornado clear?

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It's not just nostalgia

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lol. Does he accidently stab himself?

>> No.5954039

Yes. RE1 is the most quotable Resident Evil. Mostly because of Barry (Where's Barry?l

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>Last panel

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Well he seems go be doing it in a hurry

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Play 3, REmake, outbreak 1 and 2 are also good, play code veronica

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Post more vidya skeles

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Too spooky!

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I allready hear chain rattling

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This game's some spooky and weird shit, man.

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Looks cool

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Too spooky!

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Check out the muscles of these skellys

>> No.5960252

Those smelly are ripped

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They tore my sleeves took my bitch shaved my head and super glued a mask on me.they even stole my nice church shoes.FML

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I've been playing through the games that were leaked from bakuDD's MEGA folder (that he then got mad about because he's a fag). I suppose now's the season to play through the Horror Tour games.

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What's that?

>> No.5962674

Old Jap adventure game.

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I know that. Lucas stole everything hes ever done from the japs

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Also, on the first level, run directly into the first zombie you see. You'll die, but on the 50th time (or it might be the 51st, I forget), a special animation will be triggered where the zombie will give you a hug and doubles your total health. Zombies in the first level during that playthrough will give you hugs, but act normally starting on the second level.

It has to be the FIRST zombie every single time, and you can't turn the game off, so you have to do it in a row.

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>not playing Blood all year round, only at Halloween

The absolute state of you.

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>monster playing trivia games
>no trivia about actual monsters

go back to 9gag

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The hallway level still makes me grin like a fool

>> No.5966195

either Thief or Thief 2

>> No.5967351

Echo Nights, Shadow Towers, and Kuon.

FROMsoft made the best spooky games.

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This fucking game. It screwed me up as a kid, partially from how difficult it was, partially how surreal it was. I discovered it again a year back and love it.

>> No.5967829

Guys, I'm literally writing a paper on game localization right now, and Simon's Quest is one of the topics, you should play this version, it's much better overall:

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File: 138 KB, 662x744, Castlevania_II_-_Simon's_Quest_-_NES_-_Japan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Retranslation + Map is a more accurate adaptation of the original JAP game. It has many improvements added over Redacted too.

>Complete with intros and outros scenes
>An in-game map feature based on the map from the JAP manual
>Improved item management
>You can no longer accidently buy doubles of unique items
>Whip selection
>being able to drop down from safe staircases
>Improves NPC dialogue translation to more clearly communicate hints to the player (as opposed to just telling you what to do like in Redacted)
>Best of all, the day/night narration boxes are removed and a simple transition occurs instead!

Redacted is for babies who want their hand held
Retranslation + Map is for players who want to play the game

P.S. You can download the patch there or at the official sight. There you can download a custom patch that lets you pick and choose the features you want!
FYI You can change the language on the site to your preference.


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Looks cool

>> No.5968565

Thanks. I'm gonna check this out.

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I regret not playing SH1 on hard until now, the game really feels more punishing for making mistakes on the school map, especially with those tight hallways.

>> No.5969746

I actually like Silent Hill 1 more than Silent Hill 2

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