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Who has played Dragon’s Lair? This is a real arcade machine.

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what is that machine next to it?

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I played that shit in the arcade my man

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Everyone who's not a zoomer has.

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I can 1cc it on a good day

Sure stole enough of my $0.25x4s back in the day though

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>i can press buttons in the right order for 10 minuets
Cool. I can 1CC the first 3 loops on Simon

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Cool. Does that have something to do with this thread though? Also isn't pressing buttons in the right order the way you beat most video games?

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It does. Most games require you to look at the screen and process what you're seeing. Even Simon requires that you look or listen in order to play. Dragons Lair is just a rhythm game so simple it doesn't even need music. Are you upset that I took a dump on your "great achievement"? I don't know a single person who's beaten Dagons Lair who hasn't 1CCd it. If you can only do it on a good day you have the memory and reflexes of a 100+ yo man. Might want to see a doctor about that.

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So you haven't played Dragon's Lair then. Seems like a long roundabout way to go to answer OP's question but okay.

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I have since I live in NH and the arcade hall of fame is pretty close by. Thing is fuckin loud and you can feel the speakers blowing air at you when your playing it. They also have space ace right next to it btw.
Honestly I've played a lot of adaptations and re-releases of the game and the only versions that have been up to par so far are the machine itself and the cd-i version. 3do's was terrible and every adaptation is lackluster at best. I haven't tried the sega cd version but I'm pretty certain it's just a port of the 3do version so likely also terrible.
I have yet to play the pc port, and I'm sure it's fantastic

At the end of the day at the arcade, I put more quarters into space ace than dragon's lair, and possibly even more into black knight 2000. Damn that table is cool, I wish I could play it at home and get good at it.

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Digital Leisure produced DVD versions that are great and play in most DVD players or consoles that also play DVDs

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Not much of a game tbqh. People only really played it because the cartoon appearance was a novelty.

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hows the lag time on the input for you. I recall my old dvd player games being super laggy, and loaded really slow.

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Probably are rare instance of a Philips CD-i having the most arcade accurate game port of something.

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Top kek kid

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The best version might be the 2006 PC HD version. It has an arcade accurate gameplay mode, includes the original 4:3 aspect ratio (at 1440x1080), and doesn't require the DVD after install. The video and audio isn't exactly like the arcade, though. Both went through a restoration process so that it would look and sound better than the original. Released during the XP era, it works fine on Win 7 and 10 (I never tested it on Vista or 8). However, I never played the CD-i version, so I don't know for sure.

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Well the cd-i version is only "up to par" as I said. It plays just as the game aught to, with good (if not slightly compressed I think) video and audio playback and responsive controls. IRRC it even gave the video and audio ques that the machine would give so you actually knew what you were supposed to do. Also actual random room layout (where random is applicable of course.) I intentionally avoided referring to it as "the best" because it has a problem of it's own. Every time you die or beat a room, it switches to a menu displaying your current score and it takes about 5-7 seconds to get through. It's hardly something that ruins the game, but it's not ideal like the machine had it.

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Blindfolded runs of games are a thing.

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I know. I used to do it with shit like R-Type back in the day. That's one of the reasons shitposteranons great accomplishment is so cringey.

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