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Looking to buy a replacement optical drive for my SCPH-5501 PSX as the one inside of it is 100% dead. Looking on ebay I see a lot of chinese sellers with supposedly good replacement drives available. Are these good? Are these sourced from already broken PSXs are did some chinaman manage to find a warehouse full of them?
Here's a few links to what I'm referring to:

Also repair general!

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probably cheaply produced replacement parts. for the cost, you may as well try it. if it doesn't work, send it back.

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I see. So is the only place to get OEM parts through hacking apart a working machine?

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Whenever my chinesium drives get here in a couple days I'll tell you how they are working for me. I ordered two KSM-440AEM replacements (long flex cables, like the 5501 uses). I also have one original KSM-440AEM drive currently working in a 5501, so I can also compare them in terms of noise, reliability, etc..

It should be safe to assume these are all fakes/replacement knockoffs, though.

They should be here by tomorrow (the 12th), but USPS tracking isn't being very helpful..

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And yeah taking apart working machines is basically the only way to know you're getting OEM, unless you buy out the stock of some old authorized repair center.

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I see. I'll stay patient then. Been hurting for some PSX stuff and just found out today that my drive is dead.
I didn't try adjusting the pots but I probably should.

Good to know.

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Just get a PSIO problem solved

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unfortunately the 550x is the system with the longer flex cables.

550x and up don't have those pots on the main board. Only the 100x series and the net yaroze/developer units do. The 550x and up automatically calibrate, which is a good thing.
Try turning it upside down or on it's side?
Too fucking expensive, and doesn't work with some games. Much, much cheaper to get some Pro Micro arduino clone, flash it with PsNee, replace the disc drive, and get a stack of taiyo yuden CD-R's.

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Should also add, I'm going to be installing them in a PSOne and an SCPH-1001, so I will likely have to snap the legs shorter on them and also potentially adjust the trimmers on the 1001.

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I tried another game and I honestly feel like a massive dumbass. I tried multiple games and none of them worked, I then tried a game that I haven't played in a bit and wa la, it worked fine. Tried my burned games (it's modchipped as well) and it worked flawlessly aside from FMV stuttering that I'm mostly blaming on my shit discs. I'll do more testing to find out.
Still curious about that disc drive, this got me spooked about it.

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If you can, burn the discs at a slower speed.
The lowest any of my desktop drives will burn at is 12x, and that's been pretty reliable for me, relatively speaking. Wish I had a SATA drive that would burn slower.
I have a laptop drive that will burn at 8x, but I'm afraid to try it because it's a laptop drive.

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That's incredible. Wish I could get away with that.
Could also be that your drive has been eating discs, by the way. If you see circular scratch marks for instance.
Wouldn't hurt to retry the games that weren't working and see if they suddenly do now, though.

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yeah, cause burnt games aren't working either

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or at least anymore

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those only last about 6-8 weeks then they fail (speaking from personal experience)

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was this on a 5501?
If it was on a 100x, did you calibrate it properly like you're supposed to?

Or was it the spindle breaking or something

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So those games that started working stopped?
Well it's probably a good idea to order a drive, then. or wait for mine to be delivered if you want a testimonial.

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Sounds like a plan. I'm incredibly disappointed right now as I got home from work excited to play some jarpigs and Ape Escape but instead spent the hours troubleshooting.
Ah well. Funnily enough retail games worked fine even after burnt stuff stopped. The lack of consistency is frustrating but that's the fun part of old optical media, right? The fact that it sucks at everything aside from storage and aesthetics.

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You see wrong

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how so?

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Mine didn't come in the mail today. Will go and annoy the post office workers tomorrow I guess. It's had its status as "pending acceptance" for six days now.

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With your eyes and the parts of your brain involved in receiving and interpreting visual input

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Damn. Will keep waiting then.

but like what'd you mean?

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That you see things that aren't. Or at least say you do.

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Oh for fuck's sake USPS. I ordered this thing on the fourth; they had it on the sixth one state over. It's taken them a full week SINCE then to even get to the neighboring state.
I should have the drives before the 16th, I think, based on past experience, but this thing has already taken me on a wild ride.
The destination is Fort Wayne, Indiana, by the way.

I'll keep updating you.

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I lied; I actually ordered it on the second. So it's been eleven days.
Until today ebay was estimating it'd be here by yesterday.

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I'd say 40% chance it gets here tomorrow.
90% chance it reaches my town, but just a 40% chance it actually reaches my mailbox.

Anyway, should be here soonish. Modchipped one of my two extra playstations preemptively and tested it with my only good drive.

Not sure I want to bother modchipping the PSOne because it's going to be such delicate work. I am confident I could do it, but I might just sell it as-is after making sure the CD drive works.

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No one asked you
But good. I'm glad I made you cringe.

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OK, should be there now. When I get home I'll put in the new drive.

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Alright! My initial impression of the drive are that it is decently built. I'm able to play FMV's with zero skipping, without even calibrating the laser. Since I bought drives meant to go in SCPH-5501 PSX's, and mine (that needed replacing) were in a 1001 and a PSOne, I had to do some modifications, but nothing too bad.
I would use the original rubber grommets off your old drive rather than trust the new ones; the new ones are far stiffer.
Additionally, make sure you take the four-wire cable off of your old drive, because these drives didn't come with that cable.

imgur album with a whole lot of details and pictures of the installation process here:

Note that if you buy one of these you won't need to do any of the cutting or other stuff I did here. I only had to do it because I purposely bought 5501 drives for a non-5501 (so that I'd get a longer flex cable which I am less likely to tear when unplugging).

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Good to know.

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Wow thanks for the photo guide. Is there any soldering happening in this swap or is just screws and cables?

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It baffles me why theres no cheap laser replacement for PS1 when PS2 laers go for $4.

Why cant they just sell the laser pickup without the full assembly with spin motor and plastic base? thats more than half of the cost of these.

It must be the jews.

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What type of media are you burning to?

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If you're too much of a brainlet to find the part you want how on earth will you ever install it?

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ive installed lasers on Gameub, Ps2, PS3, modchips on Xbox, ps1, ps2, gamecube... yet in all these years ive enever seen anyone or anyplace selling just the laser pcikup.

You must be that lonely angry guy who keeps shitposting and shitting on every thread... so let me tell you what i always tell you...

*clears throat*

You must be really popular with tthe girls, and you must have a lott of friends you go out partying with every weekend, im so jealous of you, because you have a lot of people that care about you....

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Okay, but you pressed the enter key instead of making a wall of text. Or something.

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Where can you find the laser? That seems like a a better solution than ripping out the entire assembly and essentially trashing it.

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dont waste your time with that guy, he's eternally here just shitting on everyone because he's an angry incel with zero friends, nobody sells just the laser pickup, ive never find or seen anyone selling them in these 7 - 8 years ive been fixing consoles, dont know why but theres has to be a reason, which sucks because the laser alone should cost less that 4$, i have about 10 ps1's with dead lasers but its too expesive to fix them.

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Not sure that AEM is actually the right one for a 5501.
It's got a longer flex cable than a BAM, but I am not 100% sure it'll actually reach. If you ordered one already, you'll likely need an extension ribbon (pretty standard part apparently).
Taiyo yuden CD-R's.
You'll have trouble aligning the laser. And it's usually the sled that goes bad rather than the laser itself.

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With that said (and with apologies if you went ahead and ordered an AEM), it turned my least reliable PS1 into my best one (no FMV skipping with CD-R's).
I just hope it holds up as well as a later original PSX unit like the PSOne's. (mine only broke because I tore the flex cable).

If you are getting one for a 5501, I think you want KSM-440ADM instead. That's what's currently in my 5501. I think AEM might be for the 75xx series.

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>Is there any soldering happening in this swap or is just screws and cables?
Sorry, forgot to reply to that.
I did zero soldering for the CD drive replacement part.

I did however take the opportunity to make my PS1 output luma instead of composite video on the yellow RCA jack, so I could just use a PS2 component cable for RGB out, and sync on luma.
I also modchipped it with psnee on a pro micro.

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Update again:
Just dropped my PSX for the first time post-install (laptop charger cable was tangled with the controller cable, pulled it off the table).
It survived the fall and is still playing FMV without skipping on burned CD-R's.
At least, for the moment.

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>i've never seen something so it doesn't exists
>reddit reddit zoom zoom waaaahhhhh
kek. Stay mad little faggot

The only place you'll find the actual photodiode is old PS parts. it's a custom part that wasn't used in any other device AFIAK and in no longer being made. But replacements for the whole pickup are still being made. These use a standard photodiode and handle the extra stuff incorporated into the original part with external circuits. There are >9000 companies on Alibaba selling them.

>wah wah i'm stupid and poor and everyone who laughs at me because of that is an angry incel with zero friends which i'm totally not wah
Keep the chuckles coming kiddo. Do you actually think there's these machines in China where you push a button and out pops a PS1 laser mechanism that's one single component and not made up of dozens of parts each made up of parts?

>> No.5883647

>external circuits
I actually tore the other drive down pretty far and see no visible differences between the original and the new ones except that the motors are clearly of different make.
No additional circuitry.

As for the rest of it, probably accurate. I doubt it's the original photodiode. But it is likely a direct replacement. Shenzen is full of odd companies doing odd things like that.

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If you need a laser diode that works, I can give you one from a KSM-440AAM. The flex cable's torn, but before I accidentally tore it the laser itself worked fine.

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Kinda not repair related, but I'm thinking about buying a genesis model 1 s video adapter from a modder on taobao so I can be rest assured I won't fuck it up like I probably would modding in s video.

This is repair related though, are there any replacement parts for Sega saturn shoulder switches? One of the buttons on my saturn controller doesn't click as much as the other and isn't 100 percent reliable

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Which Model 1 revision?
If it's pre-VA7, s-video mod is really easy. If it's a VA7, s-video was my first successful surface mount console mod.
And from a google images search, it appears the saturn uses a relatively standard tactile switch.
Can you get me a nicer picture of one, if it's not a standard switch, so I can see what I'm actually looking for? I don't have a saturn unfortunately.

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Just oiled the spindle and servo motors in the original drive in my 5501 and it fixed my FMV skipping problems and also made the drive rattle much less. Servo is also quieter than before (the 'BZZ' noises are now merely 'bzz' noises).

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By the way, when I say "oiled" I mean I used white lithium grease spray; not something like WD-40 which you should really not use in an electric motor.

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high defintiion genesis, so guaranteed to be before VA7, I think it is a VA6 TMSS

>> No.5884014

I see a kit online for it and the parts combined look to be like 15 usd, and this s video adapter on taobao is only like 10 dollars more and no risk of problems.

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>$15 kit
Uh, no. Why the fuck are you looking at a kit?
It's literally two resistors, a capacitor, and a panel mount S-video jack. That's like $4, assuming you don't have any old broken hardware to pull existing resistors/caps from.

Pic: my VA7 Model 1 genesis mod

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Oh yeah, and a transistor that you can source from absolutely any electronics made in the last 50 years.
The wires going off the edge of the pic are for a mega amp, which might actually be $15 in parts.

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No, though, because the VA6.8 is sometimes not labeled "High Definition Graphics" but is pre-VA7.

>> No.5884339

Disregard that.
I get what you were saying. My bad.

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Anon you are a criminal. May as well cover it in hot snot.

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It works though

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>I did however take the opportunity to make my PS1 output luma instead of composite video on the yellow RCA jack, so I could just use a PS2 component cable for RGB out, and sync on luma.
wait, what? your telly has RGBS-in via rca-plugs?

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is it retard tier enough that I can do it while having limited soldering experience? The only soldering project I've done successfully was a modchip for the Playstation, and even then I fucked up one console somehow in the process before I got a good install.

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>is it retard tier enough that I can do it while having limited soldering experience?
Yes, it was the very first surface mount thing i did.
But if you have a VA6 or earlier (including all "HD Graphics" genesis model 1's) it isn't even surface mount - it's through-hole soldering, because the encoder chip on the pre-VA7 is a through-hole part, unlike the one in my pics. Through hole parts are larger and are far, far easier than surface mount to solder to.
Playstation modchipping is a surface mount job, so if you successfully did one of those you can do an HD graphics genesis with no sweat. Even a surfacemount genesis has larger solder points than any playstation model. Just be sure to use rosin flux on the points you're soldering, it really helps to make solder stick better.

If yours is a surface mount unit (like a model 2 or a VA7 model 1, non-hd graphics), take pictures of the board before doing the mod. I accidentally lifted a tiny surfacemount resistor off my board while I was doing the VA7, and was only rescued because I'd taken a "before" photo and knew what value of resistor needed to go there.

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>Putting all this effort into a VA 7


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File: 3.13 MB, 4032x3024, rgbs_4mb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wait, what? your telly has RGBS-in via rca-plugs?
Well, yes, but actually no.

>> No.5884963

To follow up:
I do use RCA for all my RGB connections due to an abundance of component cables and other RCA type shielded cables.
But no, my monitor does not technically use RCA inputs for RGB; it uses BNC and I keep RCA adapters hooked in constantly.

>> No.5884978

I got a Sega CD which came with a VA7 model 1 genesis, but already had a VA6. Only way I could find a model 2 sega CD with the spacer was to buy one with a model 1, at that point (no other ebay listings with a model 2 CD had the spacer then).

In order to sell off the genesis I s-video and mega amped it and ended up trading it for complete boxed copies of Kirby's Adventure and Phantasy Star.

>> No.5884981

Ah nice.

If you're going to trade off modded systems I'd shrink wrap the exposed connections. Don't want it shorting out.

>> No.5884982

Additionally some people thing that a mega amped VA7 is the best revision, since the integrated YM3438 has an improved DAC compared to the YM2612 (as used in earlier genesis models) or a discrete YM3438.
I personally like the dac "ladder effect" noise, but a mega amped VA7 still sounds much cleaner than any of the prior units did.

>> No.5884986

I did before I sold it. And also mounted the mega amp more securely since I do not trust electrical tape at all.

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>you are a retard who cant find the part you are looking for.
>hey, you have to salvage the part from old PS1s because its a custom part you cant find anywhere.

OK. you sure showed me.

You areSO mad... i must have hit a nerve so here it goes again...

*clears throat*

I bet you have a high rate of success hitting on girls when you go out with your friends... im so jealous of you because you surely have lots of friends you hang out with, and the you tell them the stories of how good you do with those qts you hit on when you go out to have fun on the weekends.

Im sure you are truly happy and enjoy every aspect of your life... im so jealous.

actually i need about a dozen of them LMAO, i kept on buying every PS1 ive found for a few dollars in hopes i could salvage the laser but all of them are dead so i just stopped buying them, its just way to expensive to fix them, cheaper to just get a PS2.

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Repair/hardware thread?
I know this isn't retro, but today I found a launch era fat PS3 at a flea market for 5 bucks. I know these things are very prone to hardware failure, and I'm trying to take precautions to minimize that likelihood. I already disassembled the whole thing to clear out the dust and applied new thermal grease, but it still sounds like a fucking jet engine as soon as I boot a game. There's no way this can be good.

Is this actually just typical for a fat PS3, even after it's been completely cleaned inside and out, or is it about to go full-on housefire? And if so, anything else I can do about it?

>> No.5885368

Try asking on /v/ instead, retard
(and it could be a temperature sensor is dead. I don't own nor do I want a PS3)

>> No.5885385

i had a fat ps3 and they are just noisy as fuck, its normal.

Theres nothing else you can do besides playing inside a freezer so it doesnt overheat. It will eventually die tho, its just a matter of when. Isn't lead free solder a great idea?

>> No.5885410

Could be they're making direct replacements now. It's not like making a photodiode with a few extra bits in it is rocket science. But seems like a lot of work for something easily accomplished using an off the shelf part. Check the part. If the number of pins match the original it's a direct replacement.

>wah wah i made a fool of my self and am in full damage control mode so im gonna project about being a looser with no friends who's never kissed a girl wah
That's it baby. Let it all out. Let the butthurt flow through you.

>> No.5885414

You know very well I wouldn't get any help there.

I was afraid that would be the answer. Oh well, guess I'll enjoy those PS1 and PS2 games over HDMI until it eventually craps out. Too bad I'll need to turn the volume up to max just to hear anything over the jet engine noise the thing makes.

>> No.5885417

CFW and adjust the fans with managunz

>> No.5885427

You are SO fucking mad right now... im sure your parents are so proud of you, and are waiing for you to bring them their first grandchild you will have with that beautifull female ythat is so in love wth you...

i have a slim ps3 with CFW and i play ps1 and ps2 games on it just fine, havent run into any issues yet. You can even transfer savefiles if you have a modded ps2

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File: 6 KB, 221x228, delid dis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

way ahead of you. Just installed CFW and a fan controller program. Just idling on that program at max fan settings, I was able to get an equilibrium temperature of 63C for the CPU. But that's max fan speed and idling. I don't even want to know how bad the temps are when I'm playing something like Uncharted 2.

Think I might look into delidding the chips.

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>i have a slim ps3
The issue is with the fats. the slims are much better designed and don't fall into the pitfalls of the original designs.

>> No.5885448

I'm in the same boat anon, my slim ps3 gets so fuckin loud I don't even play it. I did replace the thermal paste a second time though and it is slightly better but it get to the mid 50's for the cpu, the rsx is pretty cool at like 38

>> No.5885452

i know, i was just saying you can also play ps1 and ps2 games on Slims even tho they are not backwards compat. with ps2 like 1st gen fat ps3's.

>> No.5885467

Do I need specific microfarad and ohms for the capacitor and resistors. Online I see recommended 27 and 75 ohm and 220 uf capacitors but I was able to scavenge a mystery resistor and a few larger 400 something uf capacitors from an old monitor I had laying around.

>> No.5885486

Wow I'm retarded you are right for like 5 dollars I can get all the parts from console5

>> No.5885605

Can anyone recommend a clear, adhesive film which I can apply to my non-glossed game labels?

>> No.5885636

razor cut packing tape, wide as you can get.

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File: 23 KB, 492x498, genesis-svidmod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You know very well I wouldn't get any help there.
Sorry, I didn't know at all. I'm not a normie so I never go on /v/ (or play recent games, with the exception of Minecraft).
I've heard /v/ is shit, but never looked upon it with my own eyes.
It's 100% identical in appearance/pin counts except for the texture of the plastic cover piece and the color of the coils in the carriage's servo.
I'd just consider taking it out of the shell and mounting it on the bottom of a milk crate. Then, attach a box fan to one of the sides of the crate to get some crossflow.
Noisy? Yeah. But some day you could be the owner of one of five working launch PS3's in existance.

Or figure out some way to liquid cool it.
Never owned one, so I can't really say any of this is viable/would work. But such things worked for my Pentium D desktop.

Yeah. Lemme try to remember exactly what I used.
>Wow I'm retarded you are right for like 5 dollars I can get all the parts from console5
I ordered mine on digikey and bought way more than I needed just because I use resistors/caps/transistors a lot. But if console5 has it, great. Those parts should cost less than that, but IDK after factoring shipping. $5 sounds about right if radioshack still existed here and I went to them to buy the parts.
If you're talking about this: https://console5.com/store/cxa1145-simple-s-video-mod-kit.html , then that's rather close to what I did (pic related is what my circuit looked like).
Blue resistor in their product image is the 75Ω resistor, but they use a 33Ω resistor for the other one instead of the 220Ω one I ended up using. I found I got more jailbars with lower values like that 33Ω one, but I was using a different transistor and there could have been any number of other reasons mine behaved a little differently.

>> No.5885764

>wah wah i am SO fucking projecting right now wah
I know. We all know.

>the plastic cover piece and the color of the coils in the carriage's servo
photodiodes don't have any of that. You must be talking about something else. I guess the cable from the pickup?

>> No.5885783

I'm referring to the entire assembly.
The pinout for the laser itself is visually identical, as is everything else in the entire drive assembly except for the things I just mentioned.

>> No.5886298

Sounds like a legit bootleg of the diode then. Nice. Not sure this will convince the angry little child that such things exist but good to know anyway.

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File: 136 KB, 1280x960, 1028111660_o[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5886315

I'd like something thinner than tape if possible.

>> No.5887091


>> No.5887112

>such things exist

nice deflection from your lack of asperger medication... you replied to me while having one of your autistic screeching triggers by asaying i was a retard because ive never seen anyone selling JUST the laser pickup, NOT the full assembly.

Then another anon asked you where to buy just the pickup you responded "nobody sells them its a ustom part just salvage them from other ps1s."

Which is clear evidence who the actual retard here is... i said NOBODY sells the lose laser pickups, everybody sells the full assembly which elevates the cost therefore its not worth it.

Now that everybody has sen what kind of aspergian retard you are, just go take your autism meds a,d have sex with that beaautiful l female thats so in love with you.

I stadnd by my first comment here
>Why cant they just sell the laser pickup without the full assembly with spin motor and plastic base?

Prove you are not an absolute aspergian retard with ADHD by posting a link to buy just the laser pickup... otherwise dont reply to me anymore because its ebarrasing for everyone reading your anxiety attacks.

p.s: we all know you are not going to post a lnk to order the laser p[ickup because just as i said, NOBODY SELLS THEM.

>> No.5887478

Top kek redditot. You're a shining example of why this board has an 18+ rule. It's expected that by that age a person will have sufficient reading comprehension skills to not make a fool of yourself like you are.
It's hilarious how the zoomer can't comprehend that not everything made in this world is available for purchase on eBay with it's mommys credit card. Here's your link little bitch:
Type in the part number, which you totally know because all those years LARPing about doing shit, and become enlightened. How literally retarded does someone have to be to think that fully assembled mechanisms grow on trees or something instead of being assembled from parts that people sell. Fuck me. Will summer never end.

>> No.5888413

patrician tier monitor for sure.

>> No.5888427

>eternal summer reference
oldfag is old

>> No.5888492

>"here's the link...use Google"

Yep... just like i predicted you are absolutely full of shit now that you have realized your stupidity the first tie you replied to me.

You couldve have just said "i read your post wrong" but nope, like the autistic dissapointment for your parents that you are, you had to go full retard until the end.

POST A LINK TO THE LASER PICK UP or STFU and go take your asperger meds and have sex with that beautifull woman that dreams about having a family with you now that you are pushing your 30s as a sucesfull human being.

>> No.5888603

>I'd just consider taking it out of the shell and mounting it on the bottom of a milk crate. Then, attach a box fan to one of the sides of the crate to get some crossflow.
>Noisy? Yeah. But some day you could be the owner of one of five working launch PS3's in existance.

The problem with PS3s isn't really the airflow. Now sure, the airflow is shitty, but all the airflow in the world won't fix the actual problem, which is the shit-tier thermal compound they used (both above and below the heat spreader) and most importantly the cheap-ass lead-free solder used on the chips that's incredibly brittle.

>> No.5888653

>Isn't lead free solder a great idea?
>But some day you could be the owner of one of five working launch PS3's in existance.
as a matter of fact, the actual reason of those early
ps3 ylod'ing and a proper fix for it was found recently, and it's got nothing to do with lead-free/cheap solder or overheating n shiet.

>> No.5890512

>zoomer can't tell the difference between google and a sourcing site
Which laser pickup are you looking for kiddo? You know there's more than one type, right?

>> No.5891614

I have a problem with my Naomi 1 system when i try to netboot border down. It loads like normal and boots. But it freezes on "now loading..." I can't enter the test screen or do anything when this happens.
It did boot once before, but after that never again.
I'm using a netdimm 512mb with 4.02 and piforce tools with a raspberry pi 1b

>> No.5891630

>raspberry pi 1b
There's your problem.
Are we having a Linux invasion or something? Windows till I die.

>> No.5891826

Excuse me if i don't feel like having a laptop or pc next to my cabinet just for netbooting.
Is it really the pis fault or are you just taking the piss?

>> No.5891939

>the only small computer in the world is a memeberry
Clearly anon was wrong. The problem isn't the memeberry. It's the tard using it.

>> No.5892445

So what other small computer do you suggest you faggot? Every other game boots fine, but since the geniuses at /vr/ hates the raspberry pi I just have to change it right? Now tell me asshole. What other mini computer can i fit in the control panel of my blast city to netboot from?

>> No.5892476
File: 3.52 MB, 4032x3024, psx_psu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you discover the fuse isn't what blows first
Good job sony
>I will suck corporate cock until I die
confirmed gay.

>> No.5892581

Wish I could help, but while I am a frequent linux and freeBSD user I have never even attempted any form of netboot.

>> No.5892709

Oh and that burnout killed my s-video luma output somehow, since I was playing over S-video at the time.
and composite is way brighter than it's supposed to be.
RGB's fine except now I can't sync to luma.

>> No.5892716

(so my guess is a transistor died somewhere, but I have no fucking idea where to begin to look since the encoder's on the complete opposite side of the board from the outputs)

>> No.5893201

>Oh and that burnout killed my s-video luma output somehow,
are you >>5883638 ?

>> No.5893226

There are dozens of computers the size of your memeberry or smaller fucktard. The fact that you're unaware of this just proves my point. The problem isn't the memeberry it's the tard using it.

>> No.5893261
File: 2.38 MB, 4032x3024, psx-only-the-slightest-idea-what-i'm-doing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I am. But I just got it working again!
The replacement chinese disc drive still is working, too.

Just ran s-video luma straight from the CXA1645 after cutting the trace to bypass the old route.

>> No.5893279

(good thing I have an oscilloscope to verify that the encoder was still good)

So to recap:
so far, this chinese disc drive has survived:
>two drops off my desk
>one time that I shorted the live wire of AC to the chassis for a good four seconds (see burn mark in pic)
>being hot glued back together four times because the top of the case is brittle AF and the screw posts all broke
>having the PSU's live side AC trace wired/soldered over after the original trace burned up instead of blowing the fuse
I think it may have even electroplated my component cable a little bit.

It was a free playstation because the original drive didn't work, so I'm not afraid to keep fucking with it to make it better.

Think I might just try cutting traces for RGB and running them back as well, to see if that makes it less woefully dim (compared to my 1chip snes/VA6 genesis).

>> No.5893289
File: 2.69 MB, 4032x3024, zap_spot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic.
Also the modchip is underneath the shielding now. Much nicer there.

I chose my resistor/capacitor by pretending I was doing an s-video mod on a later model genesis/sega 32X with the same encoder chip. Might still be a little bit bright (probably more fallout from the frying earlier), but I think I will put a trimmer on it somewhere to attempt to fix that. If that fails, no big deal because I mainly care about RGB. I have two other playstations for s-video/composite.

>> No.5893293

I use a mips CI20
Still doesn't run windows and proud of it

>> No.5893314
File: 6 KB, 488x278, psx[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>to see if that makes it less woefully dim
maybe because you lack the caps on the rgb-lines, which the OEM ps1-rgb-cable has.
(sidenote: pic is wrong for playstation 2, ps2 needs no caps in the cable, they're part of the console).

>> No.5893319

I did the svideo mod for genesis according to
I turned it on and I get a signal, but it is just grey fuzzy banding across the screen. Are my cables too long?

I'm also having a problem getting the solder to stick to the iron desu, it keep falling off as solder balls, I need a bit of steel wool to get the solder off

>> No.5893325

Also I didn't connect the Luma and Chroma ground, do I need to?

>> No.5893329

I'm using 30 gauge wire

>> No.5893382

Figured it out, I swapped the base and the collector on the transistor. I didn't damage anything by doing that, right? I originally had it correct and ended up swapping 2 and 3. I connected the base to the 5v and the collector to the chip instead of the other way around

>> No.5893451

kek I read the picture and the note said exactly not to do what I exactly fuckin did. Very nice.

>> No.5893495

looks like whether I swapped the collector, base, or emitter it should be fine, since I grabbed 5 volts and no higher when I soldered to the line, and the max for emitter-base is 5v, and the collector-base is 60, emitter-collector is 50v

>> No.5893501

No; it's brighter on my PSOne with the same cable.
That said I know and I am adding those when I do it.

>> No.5893674

Yeah I added that note because I did exactly what you just did when I did it first. Lol.
I don't think you damaged anything.
Working fine now?

>> No.5893678

And I'm using a PS2 component cable btw, So I know it doesn't have caps.
SCART is stupid for my use case in the US.

>> No.5893695

Not at home atm but I'll check it when I get back. My cords are really long compared to your pic. I have no dremel so I'm probably going to have to drill a hole and file down the rest of the port

>> No.5893857
File: 678 KB, 3008x2000, svideo_genesis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just removed the RF modulator, and a panel mount jack I bought on digikey fit the hole pretty perfectly.

Removing the modulator also removes a source of noise.

>> No.5893859
File: 660 KB, 3008x2000, rgb_genesis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Def looks better than what I did for my own console, since my goal was to sell that.

R/G/B/Sync/mono audio

>> No.5893989

Still scrambled, I get a signal but there's a bunch of banding

>> No.5894092
File: 1.08 MB, 1280x720, VID_20190919_204200683 (2).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And it is weird because if I plug in the mono audio from the regular av as well as s video it looks less distorted

>> No.5894190
File: 2.39 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190919_213620789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God I'm retarded, turns out I swapped the pins around and was soldering to pins 22 and 21 instead of 15 and 16, but I swapped it

Same deal. I tried it with the correct pinouts and tried swapping base and collector again to see if maybe it was the issue. Still didn't help. I can't tell if I'm cursed or retarded, probably the second. Here's what I got. I double checked the resistors to make sure the brown 220 ohm was attached to the negative leg of the capacitor, and attached to chroma out. I made sure to check continuity between the 5v pin and ground so those are right. I made sure the Luma and Chroma weren't switched on the s video jack, and if they are anyway you get no signal at all

>> No.5894207

I also shortened all the connections and redid all the joints, the only one I didn't redo was the emitter ohm connection

>> No.5894958

Sadly I don't know what I'm doing wrong with the mod desu, I'll fight with it again tonight I guess. I did find out that one of the transistor legs wasn't soldered on but it could be a combination of any factors. The console5 page says that the transistors they sell are ebc instead of ecb but I'm not so certain. I'll swap them around now that I know which pins to make sure I'm soldered to

>> No.5894968

I'll use a multimeter when I get home so I can be certain the pinouts on the transistor so I can eliminate that as a source of fucking up.

>> No.5894971

That is weird.
Try another transistor? What transistor part number was in the kit?
Which one did you use? I could have pointed you to one erroneously, or you COULD have damaged yours (though I don't know how).
Additionally if one of your legs weren't soldered that's definitely part of the problem.

>> No.5894973

Have you got an oscilloscope?

>> No.5894974

don't connect luma/chroma to ground, but you do need to ground the other two pins on the plug (the lower two).

>> No.5894978

No, I don't have an oscilloscope. The lower two pins of the plug not being grounded would probably be it. Can I ground them on the metal strip on the motherboard? I did try to ground the two lower pins on the negative legs of a couple capacitors on the board according to an older guide and it didn't work, but at the time I had one of the legs covered with tape and didn't see that it was disconnected so maybe I was on to something. The transistor part number is c945ya33

>> No.5894982
File: 161 KB, 1920x1920, yc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Can I ground them on the metal strip on the motherboard?
I'd just ground them to either the chassis of the RF modulator or to one of the places where the RF modulator shielding gets soldered down, though.

>> No.5894986

I just ran straight wire from the bottom two pins to a ground point.

If you try to connect it to the outer metal on the board make sure with a voltmeter that it's ground. Sometimes (but not usually) that is Vcc.

>> No.5894990
File: 25 KB, 487x266, pinout.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not like this? I tried switching them and got no banding, no signal whatsoever. Maybe that was it, and the reason why I didn't get the signal was the disconnected transistor leg.

>> No.5894991
File: 885 KB, 3008x2000, gnd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Circled a few grounds. RF modulator was removed on mine.

>> No.5894994

That's the female connector at the _front_. Hold it up to a mirror and that one becomes accurate.

Look at the cable-sided connector pinouts.

>> No.5894998

That probably is why the oscillations happened.

Honestly I think the modchip for the playstation was easier kek, just soldering to a few points or capacitors and that was it. Any way I can remove the rf module? it is much cleaner that way, might go get some flush cutters to cut what is left of the legs of the module. Thanks for helping autismo over here.

>> No.5895001

>Can I remove the RF modulator?
Yeah. desolder the three points that I circled, which are the points the RF modulator shielding connects to, as well as the three pins coming out of the back. In my pic, one of those three points was tapped for +5v when I did the mega amp mod.
To get the shielding off, you'll want to get your iron REALLY hot, since most of the heat will get wicked away into the shielding itself instead of melting the solder otherwise.
Alternately, I guess you could snip the legs, but it'll be a tight fit to get cutters under there.
>Thanks for helping autismo over here.
It's okay, anon, pretty sure >90% of this board is autistic anyway

>> No.5895179

>SCART is stupid for my use case in the US.
connector doesn't matter.

>> No.5895180

>itt: soldering-anon recklessly frying all his retro-consoles by confusing pins n shit

>> No.5895198
File: 118 KB, 500x281, walt jr vomiting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5895259

>rgb-connectors not color-coded

>> No.5896003
File: 3.15 MB, 3548x2738, fixed1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you actually retarded or something? Pic. Natural ordering (the way we say it) is "R,G,B" so I just do that.
If referring to the jacks themselves, if you make them the same on all your consoles it's easy.
For me it would be stupid to invest in scart.
Never once fried a console beyond repair.
Only reckless if you're clueless.
Sorry if I'm scaring you by fixing shit when I break it

>> No.5896006
File: 3.32 MB, 4032x3024, rgb_genesis_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rgb color coding.
R->G->B->sync on all my consoles.

>> No.5896008
File: 3.11 MB, 4032x3024, fixed2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1Vp-p RGB lines on my scope.

>> No.5896012
File: 2.78 MB, 3264x1836, IMG_20190920_184947777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon, I got it. It is working now! I kinda had to super glue the port in kek because it kept wanting to collapse into the console. Funny enough I think this is the best looking s video out of all my consoles with it. That could be due to me buying cheap ass cables idk

>> No.5896024
File: 2.12 MB, 4032x3024, psx-fixed-rgb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(using hot glue because I lifted the pins on my encoder, and I don't trust myself to not overstress and break them otherwise.)
>had to superglue
That's fine; it depends on which kind of port you got. I specifically shopped for mine with fitting the RF modulator hole as a requirement. Digikey P/N CP-2840-ND.

>> No.5896027
File: 2.78 MB, 1836x3264, svideo_genesis_fixed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5896041

Also, the way that it happened was by me unscrewing the main board while turned on and plugged in. Screw fell out onto the transformer coil and bridged it to the shielding.

>> No.5896070

Looking good. It really is a massive step up from composite on it.

>> No.5897196

>For me it would be stupid to invest in scart.
nobody said you should.

>> No.5897201

totally not reckless.

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