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I believe I solved the mystery of POLYBIUS.

There's a early 80's game called CUBEQUEST that fits the description of POLYBIUS.

I made a video where I describe the game play of CUBEQUEST and show footage of the game.


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No, totally different game.

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Have you read people's description of POLYBIUS?

Have you seen footage of the game CUBEQUEST?

Why would you reply to a thread you know nothing about?

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That looks really fucking cool in any case. I could see that being what people were thinking about, but I was born in 83, so I don't have the same frame of reference.

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>it's a video about a guy playing a video
holy fucking shit, how lazy those "content creators" can get nowadays?

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he says he shows footage, learn to comprehend what you read

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I played the actual game for real, cunt. You didn't solve anything.

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woah suddenly the video isn't lazy anymore :^)

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good job, but you need to prove it by using it to make people crazy or give them seizures

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Pretty interesting theory. Whenever I hear urban legends like polybius usually just assume they never existed at all, but what you say seems plausible enough I guess. The game looks really sick actually, I for sure cannot imagine seeing that shit in 83

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You played CUBEQUEST or Jeff minters version if POLYBIUS?

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I'm not giving you any views but you're far from the first one to make that connection.

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The vectrex style space craft blinks and flickers and changes color like a strobe light while it is in front of laser disc graphics.

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I mention that in the video every video that shows CUBEQUEST has people mentioning they found polbius so I'm like person 500 who has made that claim hundreds before have made that claim.

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Didn't Stuart Brown beat you to the punch on that? The Polybius myth was a ruse by Kurt Koller who wanted some traffic at Coin-Op.org, let alone being featured in a GamePro magazine to solidify the urban legend.

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Man, I'm jonesing for some Polybius now. Haven't played it in... 38 years now? Damn.

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I'm sure hundreds of people beat me to it just by comments on CUBEQUEST videos alone.

I was only able to remember the name of the game and search for footage because someone on /retro/ posted starcade links.

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We still don't know much about the company that made CUBEQUEST.

Just like the polybius mythology CUBEQUEST was only in arcades for 6-9 months I don't think any arcade kept the machine and there are very few intact.

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I played the real Polybius. There are accurate descriptions online and OP's video isn't it.

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How does one play an urban legend?
I guess I flew in Santa Claus sleigh too when I was 7 years old.

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Name the descriptions you read online.

All the descriptions I read of POLYBIUS online describe cube quest perfectly.

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I do like the AVGN polybius episode it's very entertaining.


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The real game can't be safely played for more than five minutes.

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The very banality and innocence of Cubequest only allowed the blow of Polybius to fall afterward with more awful effect.

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