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Hello, guys, I want to upload an updated versoin of shandalar that has a LOT more cards that the most recent I found on the archives. It has like, if my calculations are correct, at least 10-20 times as many cards than the one I found uploaded on warosu, but I don't really know how much more unstable it might be, and don't really have a reliable way to compare the ammount of cards or if this is actually a newer version. How could I compare the two versions? Are you guys interested? If so, where should I upload this?

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OP here, again. The main problem I have is there are some savegames that came with my version that I'd like to delete for anonimity reasons before uploading. Does anyone know where the game puts savegames?

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Isn't it the version everyone else has and plays?

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This are the green lands my version has, for comparisson's sake.

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Also, my initial 10-20 times as many cards math was fucking retarded, but may have 5-7 times as many.

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You mean the 2010 version? Or the 2012 version before it got taken down? Or something different?

Either way, put it on the internet archive with the others.

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I mean the version that was updated by Korath, I think it's the latest version before it was taken down from slightly magic circa 2015.

Whatever the case, here it goes, if somebody wants to give it a spin:

Pic related are the first two pages of green enchantments that are coded into this version. I think there are like 280 green enchantments judging but the number of pages of enchantments.

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>a newer version than what's on the archive
Good save anon.

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Is there leaked code or reverse engineering done on this game? It looks autisticly wonderful but needs a GUI revamp.

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Some guy named Korath was kinda leading the charge on the reverse engineering part, but he abandoned ship after getting harassed by some retard. Then he asked the forum to wipe all his stuff, so now the internet archive is the only source for updated Shandalar.

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>>a newer version than what's on the archive
I'm pretty positive it is quite newer than the one on warosu, but I compared by finding one of those cities where you can change gems of certain color for any card in certain color in each version of the game (this one and the one on the archive) and seeing which had more cards. If anyone has a smarter way of comparing the card pools, please share.

Uhm, but I don't think there's one of korath's versions in the internet archive, though, only the 2012 version or something, and that has really little cards compared to this one, which I think was the last version Korath released before taking it down.

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I always found Magic's card text highly intuitive, especially compared to Yugioh. If this was a Yugioh card, it would be written like "As long as this card remains face up on the field, increase the ATK and DEF of all monsters you control by 300. If a monster you control (except tokens) is destroyed, special summon a "White Spirit Creature" token (ATK 500, DEF 500, Level 2, Winged Beast, Light)". Does Magic have any cards that are as wordy as pic rel?

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Pic related, but yeah, mtg has always had more sane wording, without its cards actually being any simpler.

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>Not only is this wordy, it basically doubles the play time in any given game
Fuck that, man.

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1.57gb? that's a pretty big zip file...

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Where the hell are games like this nowadays? Is it wrong of me to have thought this was what Duels of the Planeswalkers was going to be years back? The only game that comes close to this now is Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, and that is a bit removed from this, it's closer to Puzzle Quest than it is to this.

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It's why it's banned in all formats

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I found an original version of Shandalar back in 2011. That was before I had ever tried any DotP game, and DotP was a huge disappointment.
Makes sense that a 1997 Micropose game is still better than anything that came after it.

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I was just scouring the internet for a more up to date version than my own earlier today, by coincidence. Mine is from 2015, but it appears to have a lot fewer cards, judging from how I have just one page of green enchantments. Thanks for uploading it.

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Much love, anon, this is a great game.

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Is the AI balanced what with the new card effects?

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I'm not sure where I got my decks from, but in that thread you can get some decks that have been somewhat balanced for the AI.

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>plays Shahrazad during a Shahrazad subgame

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alright, i'm sorry i doubted you (>>5876487)
christmas just came early, this is incredible thank you anon

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Why is the original ones only like 200mb and this one is 1.5gb, what is going on in there?

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All the extra cards and how they resolve?

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The answer is online card games like M:tG Online. Where they can sell you booster packs and cards like in real life. Why sell players a game that lets them make any deck and play it against others online when you can charge them for every random card they get?

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but this isn't even that. you don't play with other people in shandalar.

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That's not the entire program though. These days it's a massive pain in the ass, and the Manalink program that does it is kinda broken, but it is possible to make decks and play them against others. Shandalar isn't the only part of the game.

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Is there a version of the game that works well on modern Windows but doesn't have any added cards or gameplay changes?

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The original. Just make sure to set your desktop resolution to a 4:3 aspect ratio before starting it.

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I used to have a deck entirely focused on using burning wish and mirari to make people hate me from going into endless subgames

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searching for shandalar 2012 should get you a version that is just a download you extract from zip and have it work without any screwing around

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The OG build still works well enough on modern windows, just save and quit after creating a character because the character creator messes with the screen placement but only for the instance that it is used.

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Is this the Yugioh version of Shahrazad? Both basically reset the game, and in this card's case can be reset forever, as long as it doesn't get banished.

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yes but we're talking specifically about shandalar here, especially the post you first quoted.

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I'm back a day later to bump this thread
if you like Shandalar definitely click this shit: >>5876382
the amount of cards is astounding. this was a labor of love.
there's thousands of hours of content here.
my only complaint is that they nerfed the price of Psionic Blas!. in the original you could sell them for about 1700 gold. this was no mistake, the developers weighted Psionic Blast to be considered the most powerful spell in the game, being the only spell you need 4 gemstones to trade for. I did my usual trick of "pick any instant: Psionic Blast" expecting a big pay off at the next city

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Did they ever fix the buggy as hell blue palace

I walked in and literally any time an illusion spell was played the game immediately broke, so I needed RNG in order to get the run where noone cast any illusion spells at all

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this >>5876382 is a later version of the game which includes various engine improvements, it is likely such a fix is in it or at least the odds of that happening are substantially reduced

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How does the deck injector work? When I try to use it it says all my cards aren't in the game, which I guess is true for vanilla but not the one in the mediafire. Does it only work with vanilla cards?

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I love the artwork on this card. Scheherezade was such a powerful enchantress and gifted storyteller, how could anyone want to execute her :(

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I'm sure with the game being released in 1993, there are some MTG cards that look distinctly 90s, kinda like how the early Yugioh cards have that cooky style like picrel. Would you be so kind as to share artworks of old MTG cards that have that timeless aesthetic?

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Ive never played anythig Magic the Gathering related, but really like card games. Should I go for Shandalar's release version or this updated one?

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Updated has a shit ton more cards, if you want a more controlled experience with fewer cards to learn the release is good. If you want the sort of "fuller" magic experience the new one is better, and by all accounts supposed to be more stable

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Old mtg (aka vanilla shandalar) has shit balance really. They greatly overestimated how useful creatures were and underestimated sorceries/instants, so red and blue are OP as shit and green sucks. In old MTG most creatures don't even have parity with their mana cost like this piece of shit that costs 8 mana but is only 7/7 AND requires a sacrifice every round

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or maybe it costs 7, but it still sucks and old magic is mostly spell slinging

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The original release version might be a little less overwhelming to start with. The updated one has a shit-ton of different card types and basic abilities since it includes so many different sets/expansions. On the other hand, the original release is really bug-ridden, so if you're willing to do a lot of reading and occasionally look something up then the updated version might be a better choice. Pick your poison.

>old magic is mostly spell slinging
This feels a bit revisionist to me. Cards like Juzam Djinn are complete shit by today's standards, but at the time they were highly coveted and saw serious play. When Alliances was released, the big expensive card everyone wanted wasn't Force of Will: it was Balduvian Horde. There were successful creature-less decks, but those decks ran tons of removal because creatures have always been popular.

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But the multiplayer feature is WHY games like this don't exist anymore. Which is what that anon asked. Because they would much rather sell you the virtual cards.

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>Elixir of Immortality
Ah, my favorite Feldon's Cane replacement.

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People only liked Balduvian Horde for the combo with Rukh Egg, which doesn't actually work according ro the official rulings but back then nobody had internet so the official rules didn't mean shit.

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well, that anon was talking about DotP and Thronebreaker, so I guessed he meant single-player card RPG games which also don't exist anymore.

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well fuck now I get it, he was talking about DotP but in my head was actually the Battlemage (the PS1 game). my bad.

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I remember that game. How did they manage to fuck up MtG that fucking badly?
>start new game
>have shit deck
>duel someone
>deal with the bullshit of blocking an enemy only to have him slide around your creature and hit you before your creature hits it
>who the fuck thought real-time battles was a good idea?
>beat enemy
>move to new area
>whoops, picked the wrong option from the list, no new cards for you!
>ok, now do it again for these other 40 territories

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It needs Plainswalkers and Legendary Creatures.

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>no myr superion
rip in peace myr deck

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There aren't many plainswalker in the real TCG either.

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I feel like I'm losing my mind ?! this is Shandalar correct??

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Yes. Duels of the Planeswalkers is the official title of the entire game. In the first screenshot, Duel lets you pick any deck to go against any deck, or drafts, or a tournament. Tools lets you make decks. World is Shandalar, the single player campaign.

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yes, if someone references the 1998 game as duels of the planeswalkers it refers to the entire package game you get, ie shandalar plus a freeplay/booster pack tournament mode you also get with the game

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You should announce and place this on a site where people will be able to find it in the future. Otherwise we'll have to keep making this thread and the link will quickly get lost. And the jannies wont pin this thread ever

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Bump for being better than the meme threads and console/platform war threads.

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is there pc version of the Vampire the Masquarade card game that was called Jihaad originally (forget what they changed it to)?

>> No.5884459

Jyhad, aka "Vampire: The Eternal Struggle", and no.

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Bunp for the sake of saving the link

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I have a small recollection of my cousin playing this on the PSX and being so confused on how to play this game. Was heavily into Magic The Gathering growing up.

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Korath (the dude who developed this all alone) doesn't want the game being redistributed (because of some drama), so this is all I'm willing to do. This way, only people who really want to play the game or frequent this place will get to download it.

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>the dude who developed this all alone
i can't imagine the amount of hours he sunk into this project. this is an amazing effort.
I've been playing for a few days since i discovered this thread (i'm an expert at classic Shandalar) and I've noticed a few differences:

>removed Contract from Below
yeah it's the most broken spell in MtG but come on, this is Shandalar

>removed Jihad
underwhelming card but seems unnecessary

>nerfed Psionic Blast's price on the Shandalar market
I mentioned this up-thread. this is how i used to make money, it's much more difficult to grind gold now

>moved Alpha-edition dual-lands to cards that need to be found in the dungeons
there's a ton more multi-color lands now, but this stings

also, there's no Kjeldoran Outpost or Skullclamp. game also has a habit of crashing when I try to "edit deck" in a town.
oh well, beggars can't be choosers.
i advise everyone ITT who is an MtG fan to click this shit.

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>(because of some drama)
Specifically, some croatian guy who wasn't doing shit to move the project forward demanded Korath add/fix X, and Korath was busy working on other shit or otherwise didn't do it fast enough to please him. Guy became a real asshole about it, and either Korath or some mod ended up banning the guy from the forums where all this was happening. Guy promptly runs onto discord/twitter or whatever and screams he's gonna tell Wizards of the Coast that Korath is evil piracy man. Korath says "Fuck, this isn't worth the time or effort anymore", and not only abandons ship but tells the forum to wipe everything he's touched.

His name is Lujo, and fuck that asshole.

>> No.5885658

doxx him

>> No.5885874

don't look up Pendulum effects

>> No.5886680

i can't shill enough for this mod. This Korath fella added an extra THOUSAND hours of content to Shandalar out of the goodness of his heart. God bless him.

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