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I love when games have attention to detail like this

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Did they keep this in the All-Stars remake?

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I like the goron bracelet in Ocarina

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Mario is a beaner

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of course not. they just made every sprite tan

add it to the list of allstars fuckups

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>Implying this was intentional and not the result of palette limitations

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it's just a reused palette you fuckheads

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its not a palette limitation.
the racoon mario has black white and lightskin

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This is not an attention to detail this is reusing the same palette data.

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I didn't realize for years that Link's hands change colors in LttP when you get the glove upgrades.

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Fucking racist plumber...

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Why wouldn't they just use the colors from Mario's normal sprite palette which contains all the colors needed to make the Hammer Bros suit?

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Why did they make Mario a shitskin in All Stars?

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Cute! I didn't know about this

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I actually appreciate anti-AllStars-kun because he actually noticed a lot of details that most people don't. Too bad he's biased toward NES SMB3 so he won't talk about the good things in All-Stars, though.

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It's not even the same color. Try it out in Paint.

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He's Italian, they just made it more accurate.

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because he is


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>go to Italy
>lots of blond people
>most people in the streets of Rome who aren't tourists look like fucking fashion models
>go to USA or UK
>actual shitskins everywhere
What happened?

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>go to Italy
>see all the beautiful blonde USA and UK tourists on vacation
>go to USA or UK
>see all the shitskins who are stuck there and can't afford to travel
Makes sense to me.

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Mario's main color palette is red, beige, and black, which is exclusive to him. The other three palettes are reused plenty of times, the goomba colors (black, beige, and orange) are also used for the koopas, the hammer bros, and the hammer bro suit.

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>see all the beautiful blonde USA and UK tourists on vacation
>USA and UK
Imagine believing this.

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All Stars is GARBAGE and there is NOTHING good about it

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it brought the good mario games to the snes kids who never had an NES

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olive skin isn't shitskin

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>All Stars is GARBAGE and there is NOTHING good about it
I truly wonder what the fuck happened for you to become this obsessed with it. I know you won't tell us the story, but I'd really like to know how a grown ass man can become like this over a remake from 1993.

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hes right tho. its garbage. I wonder what happned to you where you cant admit it?

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Every random group of 100 people from all over the planet will have beautiful and ugly people in it, you tool.

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my take on it: he doesn't even really care about the games that much. His main goal is to introduce memes that would cause a division between people, simple as that.
I want to be wrong, but I've been on 4chan long enough to have seen this kind of behavior multiple times.

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shit... "its garbage"... how can I ever counter that argument? you convinced me.

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As someone who's been on this site for 10 years I can second this. Shitposters do this all the time just for the sake of attention and annoying others.

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Why was my Mario cultural appropriation joke deleted when there are jokes about race in this thread? Ze jannies très bizarre...

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it wasn't a joke it was just you saying the term in all caps and then reee which isn't a joke it's just annoying and embarrassing so i'm glad it was deleted

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Funny, that's exactly what the doctor said to your mom after your dad's comment at your birth.

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good explanaiton if true

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>A rom hack that takes place only on CCM where Mario cannot find the penguin's mother and decides to adopt it

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Not aboriginals.

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Probably because it would leave the sprite looking too colorless. The pale skin would not contrast sufficiently with the white trim on the hammer suit, and the only other color present is black. See for yourself what it looks like.

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i liked how siruis had new dialogue if you replayed his old fight or talked to him after getting the gold cards and finding out the truth

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>it wasn't a joke
Mario wearing another race's attire, and having the same skin pigment is cultural appropriation, according to far-leftists. I'm guessing you're one of those humorless unlikable cunts.
> i'm glad it was deleted
That's because you're a massive faggot. Fuck, I hope /pol/, or some other degen board invades and drives you, and the pansies like you out. You're utterly insufferable. You do nothing but ruin every thread, and besmirch every fucking board. You're worthless.

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I was not anticipating these levels of comfortable.

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I can't be bothered to check through the game, but I'm fairly certain that all sprites that aren't Mario, such as the enemies, power ups, and other assorted things, all share the same three palettes extensively. Some games switched those palettes around for each group of enemies, such as the case with TMNT 2 and 3. In those games, that is the reason why there is only one color of foot soldier at a time. Of the NES' four sprite palettes, two of them are used for the turtles, one of them is the explosion colors, and the last one is used for whatever enemy is currently being fought. When bosses flicker, they're actually switching between their default palette and the explosion palette, and the turtle's weapons are also colored with the orange explosion palette. You can see it in this pic.

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Mario is a

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He's a wop

As an Italian, he's right. We are shit skins.

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He's Italia! Of course he's got some of that nice, medstud melanin!

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>As an Italian
My old foreman at an old job was an Italian dude. He asked if I knew why they were called wops. Apparently, god had a pile of shit in both hands, slapped them together, and it went WOP. Great food and movies though. No hate.

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I always heard a joke about a flat tire. Dago wop wop wop.

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