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Is this the best scotformer ever made? Gex is shit, Kroc is shit, Poochie Bandicoot is decent but not as good as good ol’ Banjo

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it wasn't made in Scotland

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I wish bodily harm upon you every single day.

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It was made in the UK though

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Collectathons are shit.
Best 5th gen scotformer is Clockwork Knight 2.

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It's not even really a platformer. Why does everyone call it this? It has platforming IN it, but that's just a way of getting around. There's hardly any bottomless pits or moving platforms, and the game rarely asks you to do any difficult platforming of any kind. It's in there, but it isn't the focus of the game at all.

It's a collectathon exploration-adventure game.

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You've got to understand why Zelda is sometimes referred to as an RPG.

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you jump and climb most the time dumb shit. It's called platformer, not platfaller.

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eat me you bitch made faggot

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