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Is this type of thing the future?

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Dystopian future.

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Fuck off, take your cloud with you and stick it somewhere deep.

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Reported to Nintendo :)

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Terrible lag. But not as bad as a Raspberry Pi.

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Is this legal?

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I'm sure OP negotiated licenses for all those first party Nintendo games, a company most known for not giving out game licenses in absolutely any case.

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I want a concrete and definitive explanation of why you hate new technologies.

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>he thinks rebranding old tech makes it new

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Java emulators are new now? Is this 2005

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>size of emulator+game: 10mb, tops
>size of video-streaming for 1 hour: way, way more than 10mb

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>caring about anything under a terabyte
Are you poor?

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if it a rabb.it type deal for retro stuff with easy to use online multi it would be cool. Just enter a room code into a client and be golden, but that'll never happen.

>wasting a terabyte for games that could fit on to an 8MiB cart.

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you own nothing, you are constantly tracked, and all content is controlled by the jews

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I don't know...open source is usually garbage. Just look at gimp and blender.

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Ownership. I want to keep my roms when Nintendo comes knocking.

>In before some loser says I don't legally own them anyway

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ue4 is open source and blender is better than maya and max right now

gimp may be user unfriendly, but atleast it knows how to save a .png alpha channel without introducing a bunch of artifacts unlike photoshit

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I bet you thought videoclips were much better than classic movies from the 30s too back in the 80s.

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woah easy there partner

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only the poor flex about having disposable income, meanwhile the rich have so much money that they literally don't even think about the cost and even forget they're paying for things

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I hope I'm wealthy someday so that these comments don't affect me

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