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>lives in thiefcucks heads rent free 20 years later.
Name a more based franchise.
Favorite 2d game?
Favorite 3d game?

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Zelda, obviously
>No your game sucks, it's too ez, it's for baby

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>Favorite 2D game

>Favorite 3D game

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lol, butthurt as fuck.

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>Living in 6cucks' heads rent free 20 years later

Favorite 2D game: Symphony of the Night

Favorite 3D game: Dark Forces 2

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I love the fact that MGS triggers thiefcucks two decades after the fact.

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Is there really a "thieffag vs msgfag" war going on? I always got the impression it was just 1 guy (the ogg shitposter, right?).

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>Favorite 2D game: Symphony of the Night
Imagine being THIS casual

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ITT: butthurt kojimafags

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Yeah, pretty much. Like with any other shitposter you can simply dismiss anything he says.

>favorite 2D game?
Super Mario World, it's got so much replay value to me because of the branching paths and it never gets old to mess with the cape and the different Yoshis.
>favorite 3D game?
Lylat Wars aka Star Fox 64. Like with SMW it's got a lot of replay value, going for score runs doesn't get ever get old to me and despite the cheesy voice acting I can't get enough of it.

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>Favorite 2d game?
>Favorite 3d game?
on ps1?

metal slug x
twisted metal 2

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Pretty sure it's more than just 1 guy who thinks MGS sucks while Thief games are good and vice-versa.

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This is /vr/ anon, it's not some huge forum where thousands of people are on a daily basis. You can be sure that it's the only guy here. Besides, even if he wasn't the only one then so what? Are you going to dislike MGS or like Thief more about it or vice versa? What does it matter to the games themselves?

Some people have been hating on Ocarina of Time as well and guess what, no matter how much some guy(s) hate on it I still enjoy it for what it is. Don't let other people form your opinion anon.

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Favorite 3d game: NFS High Stakes (PS1)
Favorite 2d game: Phantasy Star IV

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