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I've seen some people say that a flaw of DKC1 is that the bosses aren't very good. How are the bosses worse than the ones from Mario, Sonic, or any other sidescroller of the area? I think the quality is above average. I'm being totally serious, I don't understand this complaint.

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I think it has to do with the repeat/reskin of bosses. Which Super Mario World definitely does as well. So to have the argument hinge on that point is moot.

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They're not great. That's the complaint, they're boring. DKC1 would be better if the bosses were more enjoyable. It's irrelevant what other games do, because it's just a fact that the bosses in DKC1 are lame.

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Sonic and Mario boss battles aren't that interesting (outside some oddballs like Yoshi's island), but at least there's more of them. in addition of having mediocre bosses, DKC1 also has fewer in numbers (like 4 bosses and 2 recycled bosses)

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people usually talk about dkc's shitty bosses in the context of comparing it to other donkey kong country games. in which case it is undeniably awful.

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There's not much personality or creativity to them. They're all fought in the same environment and they're usually just a big version of a common enemy.

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Do not worry the first game is great because it's the game that started it all.

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it's a 6.8/10 at best
dkc2 is superior in almost every way

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That’s why the GBA version is better.

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I dunno, I like them.
I also like the boss stage with the banana hoard mountains, it looks ominous, in a way.

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Just because other games also didn't have great bosses doesn't let DKC off the hook. Just resized models of common enemies is pretty lazy.

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Are they really just resized normal enemies? Or completely new models based on normal enemies?
At the very least, they sure have new animations.

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No, it's a least a 9.5, maybe higher.

The GBA version is dogshit. Stop lying to these impressionable people with your barbaric falsehoods.

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That's even worse then. If they're going to the trouble of making new models at least make a brand new enemy design, don't just copy the goomba of the game.

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How is it worse? having big boss versions of regular enemies with new animations is worse than just resizes of regular enemies?

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It's a stoner game. Once you sober you realize it's infantile.

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Not him and I usually prefer the SNES originals anyway but he's right that the boss battles from DKC1 are better in the GBA version. There's a lot more variation compared to how they move in the original game.

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Bosses in most platform games suck and are typically pretty easy and repetitive. It doesn’t matter really because they aren’t the prime attraction in these games. I can’t think of a platformer retro or otherwise that I thought had consistently engaging bosses. With that said DKC1’s are a bit lazy, if still comical.

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Yeah the bosses aren't very good. They aren't bad but they aren't a standout. Its a 5/5 game anyway who cares.

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I agree that DKC2 is superior in every way, but I think DLC deserves an 8/10. The bosses are something that hold the game back, but at least the final boss is better than Bowser.

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