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I'm so bored I started playing this SHIT
Is there anything I can pick and have fun with that isn't fucking Doom or Quake

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You want a list of good games that aren't Doom or Quake?

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What? You don't want to compile a list of thousands of video games for a random person on the Internet?

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Does it have to be on PSX?
If so, play Silent Hill, King's Field and Ultima Underworld

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Best FPS ever made right here OP.

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Why do you want /vr/plebs to spoonfeed you what to play?

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just recommend a few like a normal person, holy wow

switch genres OP, there' a ton of good ps1 games, try Oddworld Abe's Exoddus or Vigilante 8

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The Die Hard 1 game in Die Hard Trilogy

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/vr/ missions kicks ass man

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Oddworld on ps1 is fucking amazing.

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Oddly enough the gameboy games are really good as well

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You should have an org-mode file of games you want to play. When I was NEET I didn't have time to even scratch it. How do people still run out of entertainment? Do you only have what you buy?

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Play the pc version instead

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Why yes OP, Unreal Tournament.

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Is that a winamp skin

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actually scratch that, I do happen to suck a fair amount of male genitalia

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Oh, ech, I am so sorry

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