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Do you even bother with old/obscure fighters anymore? there is Fightcade if you don't have buddies around but you are going to find half a dozen people tops playing anything that isn't KOF.

Seems like a bit of a waste when all you have is the AI.

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Go make some real life friends anon.

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The idea of old fighting games is more beautiful than the act of playing them. Works of art like The Last Blade and Garou spark something that makes me want to play these to their utmost, but when trying to do so it all seems so futile. It's like grasping at a mirage.

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Garou is one of the few that still has a cult playerbase.

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Breakers is great.

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Waku Waku 7 isn't obscure but yes, I enjoy this game and others of similar renown

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Fightcade can't do justice to talking shit to a friend or brother on your couch because he intentionally picked a really low tier character. That's the real tragedy of fighting games. Have you ever had success teaching someone how to play a fighting game? That's satisfying and a lot fun.

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Most obscure fighters I played much of are obscure because they're not that good.

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i dont want to

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fighting games are great and even the most obscure game can bring something new to the table

however keep in mind that only a handful of fighting games are worth playing competitively, and only a few of those can be played online

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>breasts actually collide with her arm

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I like to play against the cpu in fighting games, they're like beat 'em ups but more fun.

I just wish more fighting games had a co-op mode against bosses, like the dramatic battle mode in Street Fighter Alpha.

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Loved playing obscure neogeo and pgm trash with friends in like 2005 and it's sad to see that high level players outright chastise people for having fun. It's like they don't want to see more people building an interest in their shitty hobby.
Fighters didn't die, they were kill by tourneyretards.

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I'm waiting for Daraku Tenshi final version drop and see the whole thing complete, I don't remember any cyberpunk/dystopian fighting games.
The closest thing we have is KOF 99 and maybe Guilty Gear (only if in setting)

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Pic related is a good example of what I mean. There's a bug where if you cross up you can enter the opponent hitbox/pushbox and easily crouch jab him infinitely to death. Because tourneyfags are against outright banning mechanics, this means this game has *absolutely* ZERO competitive value.

This is not at all a problem in casual couch multiplayer though, all you have to do is have a mutual formal agreement with your friend not to abuse this damned crossup bug. Just agree not to be a bitch and abstain from exploiting the system. And if your friend breaks that mutual agreement at least you can punch him in the face in real life.

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Well there's sammy hokuto no ken.

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All any of my irl friends want to play with me is smash ultimate, which I'm really not interested in at the moment
I don't think they even like any other fighting games

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My ONE highschool friend good at fighters was only interested in anime shit which I hated and refused to play old Capcom shit with me. Looking back if either of us stopped being a bitch for a moment both of us would have benefited immensely.
The epic troll on 4chan is pretending that having friends interested in gaming, high level tourneyshit and the very same games YOU play no less is totally a common occurrence and if you don't you're a lonely loser.
It's actually rare as fuck to tick all those checkboxes, if you have friends like that you better cherish them because it's not gonna last.

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Garou is a solid basic fighter with a small roster and it's gorgeous. I like the Last Blades more but it's easy to see why it's popular.

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You don't need a high level tourneyshit friend, just a friend that enjoys playing fighting games and getting better at his own pace. Then both of you eventually reach the same level just by fighting each other and from there onwards slowly improve just by trying to overpower the other. You start to look for high level shit online to surprise him, then he learns a way to counter that, he tries a new character you're not used to fight against and that makes you learn a new match-up and so on.

I mean I'm never going to be anything than mediocre myself but I don't give a shit, fighting and teasing a friend is still fun as fuck.

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Oh yes, absolutely and let's be real probably nobody posting on 4chan is high level either. Just a bunch of kids putting up airs so they can provoke a cheap emotional reaction on each other.

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Not him but I talk up fighters here for much the same reason. They're amazing fun at every level if who you're playing with is close in skill level. He wasn't actually being elitist either, it seems it's usually the detractors of the genre that claim we are more than anything.

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Yeah in the same way that taking a second non-remunerated thankless job is fun. At the end you get to be the king of retards.

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Let me teach you a thing about anonymity, kid. Whether you did or didn't do something is irrelevant because some troll will pretend to be you in order to defame your group.

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What I'm trying to get through to you is that none of that matters. If you enjoy the gameplay it's always fun. If you don't then it's not the genre for you but there's nothing bad about that either. Just like what you like.

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You said it.

I'm glad you threw in that last part. It's funny, all this elitism over fighters nowadays, and you know it's all from people too young to have grown up when someone would step on your toe or elbow you in the rib standing next to you at the arcade, and use Twitch viewership as the viability metric. More nebulous still whether or not they even play these games for themselves.

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most things in fighting games don't get banned unless they're flat out broken like a single character, and even then it varies between community/region and even tournament rules.
the idea is that sometimes its better to let a character stay and see if they can be beaten over time and become less of an issue.
you will however have tournaments that ban certain infinites like in LB2

also a quick search on spectral vs generation shows it was abnormally busted like hokuto no ken and banning the crossup infinite wouldn't stop the other infinites unfortunately

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If you REALLY want to play a certain game with other people, you will eventually find a way.
You can start by looking around specific forums or communities online, or try to get people together on 4chan to play whatever game you wanna play.
Pic related is not obscure, but it's old, and still has a playerbase (mostly japanese and latin americans, though). There's discord servers dedicated to match-making all kind of games. You just have to look around.

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The problem is trying to find people close enough to your skill level that you can improve. With games that have tiny playerbases, you're likely to end up in a situation where you're either getting pounded so quickly that you're not learning anything or you're a veteran playing against new people who can't give you a challenge.

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True, I guess that can't be helped. It also probably depends on the person, though. If you get a veteran who's willing to give you constructive criticism or advice, you might be able to improve and become a worthy opponent. But yeah that depends on the other person.
Nowadays, with how most games have their own wiki, you can probably read all the technical meta beforehand, though. And then after that it's just practice.

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power stone?

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yeah but for what? you git gud at a game with only a handful of competent players to challenge, then it becomes the exact same situation but reversed

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Yeah it should be just for your own enjoyment.
If you actually want something like, actual tournaments with money involved you're better off going for modern fighters that are played at evo and shit.

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>When I realized how WakuWaku7s counterhit mechanics worked
Made me feel sooo fucking dirty

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I love Waku Waku 7

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>because it's not gonna last.
Speak for yourself.

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There's an overall skillset of learning to play that translates from game to game generally speaking. So you can always play more popular games to build that up and then play whatever.

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> There's an overall skillset of learning to play that translates from game to game
There's really not. Every time you pick up a different game, even revisions in the same series like Midnight Carnival and Accent Core, it's an uphill battle and you pretty much have to start from the beginning.

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I actually dread talking to my high school friends now, I'm MGTOW and they're all pussy whipped simps. But the worst part is feeling that my life stagnated since college.

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Lightning Legend and it's shit

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>But the worst part is feeling that my life stagnated
This shit writes itself.

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After a certain age you really feel like you should settle down and save a single mother hoe. But I'd rather be a loser than submit to a woman.

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>having adult friends who are into games
>let alone competitive games
It doesn't happen. Old Boomers love saying modern games these days suck and old shit from the 90s was so much better. But when you invite them to play some obscure MAME thing they never heard of, they will find any excuse to leave. Old me only really love complaining, they don't actually like games.

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Nah there are guys who are into competitive games. I duke it out with a few friends on various fighters every couple weeks.
Of course it's games we all know since childhood and are good at. I'm not going to make they play TouhouFighter [v3.6hack] on mame because we prefer our street fighters and fatal furys thank you

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>muh competiveness

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>they're like beat 'em ups but more fun.
No, they are not. Playing vs CPU is the dullest thing you can do.

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You can go to any tourney, chances are the playerbase are in their late 20s at most.
Why do you insist in this delusion that being 40 and still into videogames is not considered an extremely weird thing.

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Sure, spending your days obsessively caring about the latest meta in a game is weird, any age.
Playing your fav games with your friends? Not weird.

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>Tourneyfags hate broken buggy games and refuse to play them
>Meanwhile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8jXpg3ayis

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Yeah I know about pick Uranus to win: the weebshit game and also Xmen vs Street Fighter being the most jank in the marvel series but also the most popular. My point still stand, if you want your friend to keep playing just don't abuse infinites.

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Not to mention there are studies proving that your reaction times decrease 100ms each year past age 25.

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Enjoying overpowered characters is different from a game breaking bug where all have to do is mash weak punch to win though.

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I think nothing better encapsulates fighting game players than that video, they don't even care about the show or the characters, they just think it's ironic competitively playing an awful game for little girls.

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The reason why they enjoy playing it is not just for irony's sake, it's because the game has interesting mechanics for all characters and each character seems to be overtuned in a unique way that makes it interesting and still fairly competitive despite being completely broken (kind of like SSB).

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This is a side event for fun that isn't meant to be taken seriously you casual retard.

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Sucks to be you. Me and my friends are all 30 and play tons of Smash, Guilty Gear and Samsho.

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>tfw i won't collide with her tiddies

Not neat

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Why did it have to be smash.

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Which proves OP point that obscure fighters without a community are nothing but a waste of time.

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Well it depends on how you enjoy spending time.

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>Old Boomers love saying modern games these days suck and old shit from the 90s was so much better.

I'm an oldish fart and honestly I've never actually met someone else around my age who thinks that. Several like me also still like older games, but I've only seen that kind of hatred for anything new from posters here.

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Hes just a bitter zoomer (who actually might be getting older and fearing it) jealous of people who actually were alive back in /vr/ times and still have friends to play with. Don't bother replying to him.

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omg smash isnt a fighting game! stop enjoying it please! why does it have to be at evooo grrrrr why do people like it grrr

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Remind me why people play S and not SuperS again?
I remember people saying SuperS was broken, but if S is just as broken then I don't get it.
Also, what's the story for Sailor Moon S getting so big with western players? I don't remember people even knowing about it some years ago, then I start seeing people talking about it and having discord servers dedicated to it, and now it's being played at EVO... how did it all start?

>> No.5879038

I remember very long ago it having a thread in Shoryuken that ended turning the game on something that ends in the darkest corner of tourneys, or at least it's how I got to know this existed.

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Yes. Fightcade is a godsend for setuping shit like this. I've known 3 other guys for almost ten years and we all live in literall thousands km between each other, but still play old kusoge from time to time. It helps that there's also a spectating feature in fightcade so other people won't wait in the dark before their match.

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its basically a bunch of weebs shitposting the fgc and evo wih a bad fighting game.

basically to shit on the mantra of "don't fix it, adapt" which is why many fgcfags apologized actual bad faitans over the last decade.

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I like to unwind with Last Blade 2 after work.

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S is more broken than SuperS. S is played specifically BECAUSE it's so broken.

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Unless the balance is so bad that there's only a couple of viable characters I actually agree with that philosophy. It's player v player so each can use the jankiness to their advantage and still makes for interesting matches.

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I don't, but all the friends I used to play with moved away.
real shame, playing Karnov's Revenge and Breakers Revenge is a delight

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But no sailor saturn. Who the fuck wants to play that.

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Fightcade won't help obscure games whatsoever.

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I find increasingly hard to believe these overly autistic people over videogames are in their mid 30s. Even if true I prefer not to believe it.

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Old characters got nerfed and not as fun to play and Saturn is broken. So, SuperS is broken in its balance and S is balanced in its brokenness. Only Saturnfags play SuperS.

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Do you think they're younger or older?

>> No.5881934

I don't think anything. Treasure those virtual accomplishments, big boy.

>> No.5881946

I'm not trying to treasure anything, just suss out what the fuck you're actually saying. You don't believe some people are some age, do you think they're actually younger or older? What are you even complaining about?

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>Saturn not in the game based on her season
>Is in the game based on the season where she's a total no-show

The hell kind of logic is that?

>> No.5881951

>tfw win 7
>tfw cant parsec dreamcast fighters with friends

>> No.5881959

> if you don't have buddies
So get some buddies. I love bringing out my saturn or dreamcast when I have friends over and playing old fighting games together.

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does fightcade work on mac?

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I like the historical value, good modern fighters wouldn't exist without these

>> No.5883163


honestly some of them are more fun than the likes of SFV. Would much rather play Last Blade or Martial Masters over that shit.

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The genre hasn't seen a single mechanical progress in 20 years. If that doesn't denounce a major problem I don't know what could.

>> No.5883314

I'm saying you should probably stop using virtual skills as a substitute for real life accomplishments and goals.

>> No.5883418

And I'm saying I've already never done that so your rants don't even apply but I still wonder what the fudge you were talking about.

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Anyone want to play something on FightCade?

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Ah fuck, completely forgot about this thread. My mistake.
If you or anyone else is still around then lemme know if you're up for it. Not a Garou player but I can give it a shot

>> No.5883896

I am but it might be a little bit before I can play. What are you a player of?

>> No.5883901

I have a bunch of game on FightCade, and really I'm open to playing different stuff. Alpha 3 and SamSho V Special are my main games, though I'm at least decent in other Street Fighters. I enjoy KOF even though my neutral sucks so I can give that a shot too.
Hope you don't mind fighting an Aussie

>> No.5883904

I play some A3.

>> No.5883906

Aight, I'll make my way to the lobby shortly. FC tag is Jer if you want to challenge me

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ggs. Mad I didn't get Sakura's BnB a single time... Probably shouldn't use fierce srk. Didn't help I was getting mad rollback jumps between block/hit by the time you picked Rose.

>> No.5883963

Rollback is not kind in Alpha 3. Dealing with Sakura's buttons near the end was painful

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