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Tifa has a thicker waist, thicker thighs and more hourglass shape in the remake, why are they arguing so much that she's been made less sexy?

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Her overall design is just worse and does does not fit the tone of the game. This was argued ad nauseum on /v/ so if you want to know what people actually think go to the fireden archives and read one of the 2000 threads on the subject.

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There were zero issues with her Dissidia NT design. That also came out recently so I doubt they're so worried about modern SJW issues.

I think they modified her slightly in the remake just to seperate her design shots a little from all the other media she appeared in so people would know it's remake promotional material.

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Old design was anime, new design is "realism"

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The tank top is purely Sony censorship. It's not the only time it has happened.

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>A fucking domestic terrorist is supposed to dress like a common street hooker
How the fuck does her redesign not fit the tone of the game when it’s actually better for fighting?

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the official statement on remake tifa is that:
“In the Square Enix Japan studios, the Ethics Department is actually a group within the company that evaluates game content to make sure it is aligned with the anticipated age ratings standards across the globe (CERO, ESRB, PEGI, etc),” the representative said.
“In this case, we want a new generation of gamers to experience Final Fantasy VII Remake and are working very closely with the company’s internal experts to make sure all of the game’s content is appropriate.”

also regarding nt tifa's classic design, the game is made by team ninja and skipped the censorship

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Why didn't her original design make her fighting look absurb in Dissidia then? >>5875436

There were no issues in regard to her bust size fitting in with her fighting persona

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The fuck does that even mean, you retard.

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>Why didn't her original design make her fighting look absurb in Dissidia then?
Because you’re a virgin who’s been desensitized to the absurdity of it.
>Muh bust size
Her tits are just padded down.

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I wrote paragraphs explaining this months ago I'm not doing it again here. You missed the boat on this discussion.

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Yes, it's absurd for a girl with somehwat bigger boobs than average to be fighting, as if bigger breasted women never do any fighting sports, but it's not absurd for Aerith to fight in a dress.

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I know what he meant, anon. The language is pretty plain. Do you need a thesaurus?

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I literally just double-checked my address bar to make sure I wasn't in /v/.

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I participated in discussions when the topic was fresh. If you’re not looking to talk about it anymore, pleasantly fuck off.

You’re strawmanning. I never said it was absurd for a girl with big tits to be fighting. But when they do their tits are padded down like Tifa’s in the remake.
>it’s not absurd for Aerith to fight in a dress
According to who? I never said her design made sense either. But at least she has the excuse of being the de facto cleric of the group.

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This anon gets it.
Most of the rest of you are retarded

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Thanks for the vapid addition to the conversation. A glorified upvote of a post.
I think you’d do better on >>>/r/eddit

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Thanks for the vapid addition to the conversation. A glorified downvote of a post.
I think you’d do better on >>>/r/eddit

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>n-no u
Showing off what a mental midget you are.

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No U

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you fucking virgins have time to argument about stupid shit like that

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What's wrong with that? /v/ are arguing about a retro game, /vr/ has potentially different insights (especially since it's no so clogged with tourists) and so a discussion here is valid.

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>This was argued ad nauseum on /v/
>caring what the incels on /v/ think
nuTifa looks good. Just like nuClaire.

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Sell original costume as DLC.

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I agree. That said, the game still looks terrible though.

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Because her tits look smaller, that makes her less sexy by default, because bigger tits=more sexy, this is sexual mathematics 101. And yeah, I know that they're supposed to look padded down, but being padded down makes them look smaller, and I don't give a crap if that's more realistic, my ability to suspend disbelief is directly proportional to the stiffness of my cock, just some more sex math for ya

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They made her shorter, longer legs also mean more sex e

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That is also true, I take it you majored in sex math when you went to sex college?

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Not OP but I think the redesign looks much better. Not shocking that I disagree with /v/ though. Also not a huge fan of FFVII in general so I don't have a strong attachment to her original look.

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Oh look it's this thread

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He put it pretty simply.
Is English not your second language? lol

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>Is English not your second language?
Based retard.

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No cowtits, no buy

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They didn't make her shorter, Cloud is only 5'8 and Tifa 5'5, Aerith 5'4, Tifa's about the right amount shorter than Cloud and marginally taller than Aerith. They have changed her leg ratio because her previous ratios were anime proportions but it's still long legged by human standards

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Should've called it Final Manlet 5'9

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He only used a shitty buzzword with no meaning.

>Is English not your second language? lol
ebin :D

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Not him but you're referring to "realism" as a buzzword and that's pretty retarded.

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Manlet master race checking in

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A thicker WAIST? Is this some kind of parallel universe that you're saying this and nooone called you out for it or is /vr/ legitimately that dumb? Your waist is around your stomach and under your ribcage. A thinner waist is a more hourglass figure. Girls are always looking for as thin a waste as possible, Isn't 18 inches meant to be the "perfect" waist for girls (could be off on that). The point is she has a thinner waist now.

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Perhaps /vr/ isn't as autistic as we think and knew what OP meant.

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Not retro. >>>/v/

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Honestly, it's her face that's the problem. She's supposed to be 20 in FF7, and her wide-eyed cutesy face makes this believable. Most other portrayals give her the face of a 30-year-old, like the light behind her eyes is gone.

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Who said I was referring to realism? I meant anime.

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The "-th" side won. Just accept it.

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How is that more of a buzzword?

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Meth, not even a singular attempt

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>more hourglass shape
lol pick one virgin

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As something of an expert on final fantasy 7 and the female form I can confidently say that the problem is entirely that her tits aren't big enough. Everything else is fine.

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Based retard

Thicker hips and thighs creates an hourglass shape. Rolls of fat on the body lose the hourglass shape.

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whoops, meant to write "waist" after thicker, as OP said.

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We need to end this dumb shit. Nomura has said Tifa's silhouette is the same, and the reference to compressing her chest meant adding a sports bra to stop them swinging about unrealistically, not reducing her chest size.

Consequently, her tits are basically the same in FF7R as in Dissidia NT, and in the battle animations of FFVII, and in the original artwork for FFVII

The only reduction is when its compared to those FMVs which were laughably, comically big and have never looked that way in any other form.

They look smaller in some shots in FF7R but I wonder if that's just a perception issue from poor shadowing and a black sports bra underneath. Why? Because there's a few shots were they look very large. So it's either perception making them look sometimes smaller from the front, or they're modelling them inconsistency.

But how can you look at pic related and say they're conciously trying to make her breasts smaller? That's just as large as they've been portrayed anywhere else in the original (FMVs aside).

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Fair enough. She's doing lay back chin ups in OP's pic so a real girl would be having then fall, nasty even PULLED into her armpits in that situation, especially in a sport bra. I'm just commenting on that one pic and probably am underestimating how far we've come since Dead or Alive in the field of titty physics.

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Fair enough. She's doing lay back chin ups in OP's pic so a real girl would be having them fall, nay even PULLED into her armpits in that situation, especially in a sport bra. I'm just commenting on that one pic and probably am underestimating how far we've come since Dead or Alive in the field of titty physics.

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[Spoiler] GRAGAGADA [/Spoiler]
I am jesus
[SPOILER] spongebob killed my girlfriend [/SPOILER]

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The problem is realism vs physics. Huge tits seem cool in a cartoon because they can defy gravity, but the more realistic you make something the more real physics comes into play and when breasts get too big they get floppy and saggy.

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Tifa is young. Big, young boobs in a normal bra aren't saggy and only slightly floppy. Normal bras would be uncomfortable to work out or fight in but... Are we taking realism THAT far or are we relocating the original aesthetic?

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Why can't they make anime Final Fantasy that has things like Popeye arms Cloud and huge eyes?

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Ehh I think the design looks great.

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That's what I would prefer too

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It looks great it just doesn't quite look like Tifa.

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I think it looks like a good realistic Tifa.

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And even then using "realism" is stretching it. In games where the characters aren't modeled like anime characters, the characters look like dolls more than people, they look carefully sculpted instead of naturally formed. Especially obvious in games like Yakuza where you have the obviously video game characters sitting right next to the celebrity modeled character who looks like a fig.

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i like the dissidia design more just because she looks closer to the original art

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>complaining about big jugg absurdity in a game with a talking cat a talking red dog a sword bigger than his body man, and a space alien sucking green earth koolaid and magic spells

lol wat?

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Why are people sitting around acting like it's some big conspiracy or mystery to solve without taking into consideration that maybe, just maybe, they wanted to improve her design without sex appeal being the goal?

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^^^My sentiments exactly

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I'd feel so embarrassed if someone in the same room saw me playing FFVII or Ehrgeiz while Tifa is on-screen. It's so sad and virgin-pandering.

>> No.5876531

Then don't be an insecure pussy, boom, now you don't have to be embarrassed of anything

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If this game had Cloud running around with a watermelon-sized bulge in his pants or a gargantuan fat ass on the back of Red XIII I'm willing to bet you'd be sitting around calling those things retarded instead of using IT'S FANTASY! to excuse it.

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I wouldn't, that would just be another big improvement

>> No.5876543

What insecurity? I wouldn't be embarrassed for myself, I'd be embarrassed on behalf of the developers, the nerds that they're pandering to, and the general state of video games that makes people look at this massive hobby and associate it with virgins and neckbeards.

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You're only saying that because it's an amusing hypothetical. If you're sincere in believing those things would be fine then you are in a tiny minority, believe me. 99% of the people complaining about Tifa's boobs are literally sexist and just don't want to accept it, so they fight back and come up with every excuse and validation they can.

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What reason could you possibly have to care about any of that other than how it makes you look by association?

>> No.5876564

You're just too far gone. Might as well start jerking off to porn in front of guests if your idea of being secure means having zero shame or self-respect.

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>literally sexist
>talking about a fictional character

Prove that 99% of people complaining about Tifa's boobs hold actual women to that standard

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You're trying too hard.

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shame and self-respect were invented so that society can control you, you'll never truly be free until you cast those aside

>> No.5876593

You're the one who thinks attitudes about fiction are actual indications of character

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What purpose does strawmanning on 4chan serve? What do you hope to accomplish? (You)s? Because this is the last one you're getting.

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I'm just callin' it how I see it

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>main character 5-8 "man"

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Wouldn't mind if they put her in shorts or something while keeping the milkers...

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What is it like to be a big breasted woman in the west, to be told by media that your very existence is obscene and perverse, or even unrealistic, and that you should always hide your naturally large breasts as best you are able, as if you are ashamed by them? Why do flat chested women and söýbóýs put forth such effort to shame big breasted women and try to scrub them from fictional entertainment?

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What is it like to be a big breasted woman in the west, to be told by media that your very existence is obscene and perverse, or even unrealistic, and that you should always hide your naturally large breasts as best you are able, as if you are ashamed of them? Why do flat chested women and söýbóýs put forth such effort to shame big breasted women and try to scrub them from fictional entertainment?

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Big tits are gross and sag like crazy unless you get work done on them. They also lead to back problems and every pair of cowtits I’ve dated has said they just get in the way.
Face it fuckboy, dfc is superior.

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Only pedos like flat chests

>> No.5876778

enlightened individuals*

>> No.5876794

Nah, pedos*

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Developers have the right to take the approach they want on their designs, if they want to make sexy characters so be it

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WTF...crossed legs pullups...Is nu-Tifa really that weak that she can´t do proper pullup.

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So what, that's not the point of the comment you're replying to

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Seething udderfag.

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Nobody said that they didn't have the right, we just happen to also have the right to criticize it

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Yes, keep raging, incels. I love drinking your virgin tears and laughing at the ways you try to justify throwing a temper tantrum over polygonal boobs.

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>uses the term "incels" unironically

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Why? It fits perfectly. Does it hit too close to home?

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>treats women like sexual objects
Fictional character

>thinks his lack of a sex life comes from being "ugly" and really the whole rest of that paragraph
Nobody in this thread expressed any of that

>> No.5876838

>Fictional character
Oh so you're that same guy from earlier. Not playing your game, no (You)s for you until you either get more creative or stop acting retarded.

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Keep this thread alive for so /vr/ can continue to see what huge virgins the FFVII fanbase are.

>> No.5876842

I'll keep presenting that argument until it's sufficiently refuted.

>> No.5876847

The level of discussion here really is something else.

>> No.5876860

lmao okay virgin you do that. You're changing the world with your sad strawman arguments.

>> No.5876868

Discussion about what?

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dilate, resetera pedo tranny

>> No.5876872

>buzzword, buzzword buzzword buzzword

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resetera pedo tranny
resetera pedo tranny
resetera pedo tranny
resetera pedo tranny
resetera pedo tranny
resetera pedo tranny
resetera pedo tranny
resetera pedo tranny
resetera pedo tranny

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You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means

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It’s amazing how literally every word he responded with was a buzzword.

You okay there guy? Someone forget to take their meds?

>> No.5876887

THIS is the perfect example of the types of people mad about Tifa's tits. Thank you for the perfect example and yet another reason not to take any of them seriously.

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seethe and dilate harder, tranny

>> No.5876927

rapist pedo tranny bots

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>Her tits are just padded down.

They're not anything because it's a video game you retarded. They look the way they do because that's how the modeler wanted them too. There is no real world physics binding them because there's no actual bind. They're smaller because they look smaller and unless the game actually pulls a real surprise and has her top come off they're gonna stay that way.

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design is ugly as fuck

>> No.5876971

nuClaire is just another ugly scanface.
and nuTifa's design sucks

>> No.5876972

based retard

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>Her tits are just padded down.
literal mongoloid.
There is no bra. They are polygons. Polygons only have size.

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Well, this guy at least didn't: >>5876053

>> No.5877006

>Unironically posting fanart to prove what Tifa "really" looked like in the original game.
How far are you morons going to take this?

>> No.5877008

Your tears are delicious.

>> No.5877010

>Oldest comeback in the book

>> No.5877013

Seethe dilate tranny are super fresh and original though.

>> No.5877023

I've heard that way less times than "Drinking your tears," so in comparison, yeah.

>> No.5877027

you forgot pedophile

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>Famitsu: Since Tifa’s chest is large, was there any consideration also given how the rendering was done?
>- ティファは胸が大きいので、その描きかたにも気を配られたのではないでしょうか。
>Nomura: First of all, since we wanted Tifa to have defined abs, we made her more athletic looking. And then, there were also directions from our internal ethics committee that as not to make even the most intense action look unnatural it was necessary to bind [Tifa’s] chest. And thus, for her single upper body clothing, we put a black undergarment with a fitting tank top for a fitness-conscious, sporty design.

>> No.5877038

“Drinking your tears” is also far less moronic sounding.

>> No.5877068

Her tits are way smaller.
And take this shit back to >/v/ faggot

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>Look unnatural
Meanwhile fuckhuge sword looks even fuck huger. And once again, just because they SAY it's bound doesn't mean it actually is because, and I can't stress this enough, SHE'S NOT REAL. That's all just BS to justify it.

>> No.5877081

And just because they say Aerith is dead doesn’t mean she is actually because, and I can’t stress this enough, SHE’S NOT REAL AND I’M AN AUTIST WHO CAN’T COMPREHEND ABSTRACTIONS.

>> No.5877084

>We don’t ever see Clouds bare legs. For all we know he could be a skeleton from the waist down!
This is how idiotic you sound.

>> No.5877085

What abstraction? Tifa's tits were made smaller because they wanted them to be. It's not a real game so her outfit and chest is only as unrealistic as the game wants it to be. It's not about abstraction it's about spotting bullshit.

Said the person who can't even see the actual point being made.

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Canonically, her tits are the same size. Tifa’s bust is an idea, with polygons used to represent it. Now that idea includes a sports bra and tight tank top to keep them binded so they’re not bouncing around everywhere when she fights. It’s just a bit of realism the developers chose to incorporate in her design and it’s their right to do so.

>> No.5877097

I can see the point you’re trying to make. Problem is that it’s idiotic.

>> No.5877110 [DELETED] 

Lowtest sôÿguzzling degenerate tranny faggots ruining MY game
Go join the 41%

>> No.5877127

Incels and Chad's may agree on this issue. Everyone else doesn't care.

>> No.5877134

We'll see in scenes like at Don Corneo's mansion when she is in a dress. Also I'm guessing the game has different outfits. We all know the reality though, Square Enix still has very talented people that could make great games but the people above their head's are pussies who ruin almost everything.

>> No.5877157

Tifa looks fine. The real problem is how the gameplay looks like shit.

>> No.5877194

>tits still too small
>resting bitchface
They got Tifa right the first time in the PSX FMV's
They didn't need to mess with perfection

>> No.5877201

How did they keep making her worse?
I will defend KH2 though...the kiddies wouldn't have been able to handle the original version of Tifa. It would straight up propel them into manhood overnight.

>> No.5877204

Stupid fucking cunt. Go back.

>> No.5877208

Criticize what? That developers aren't faggots like you?
Kill yourself faggot.

>> No.5877209

Define "fine"
She looks like shit and they made Aeris look way better than her. They even gave Aeris bigger tits.

>> No.5877214

>an exercise mini game
what the fuck is this shit yakuza or something?

>> No.5877227

>99% of the people complaining about Tifa's boobs are literally sexist


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Try and make me :)

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Now compare to >>5876069

They are the same size as her original design. They look smaller from the front because her top is less fitting around her bust because of the added sports bra.

>> No.5877257

I don't know I'd agree on sexist, though they probably overwhelmingly are. But they are all losers.

>> No.5877261

It's so easy to sniff you fucking s.oyboys out.
Fucking faggots, you all talk the same way you've been talking for years.
Take a hike you degenerate fag.

>> No.5877263

>of the added sports bra.
t. literal animal.
There is no sporstsbra. Polygons only have their own size.

>> No.5877265

>I don't know I'd agree on sexist, though they probably overwhelmingly are. But they are all losers
you just want to consume your product
pathetic ape

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File: 65 KB, 172x120, Duckking2000.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Weak buzzwords, typical of an incompetent loser like yourself. I'm sorry this design upsets you lol

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File: 191 KB, 895x905, Tifa_Early_Sketch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are most definitely not.
She had much more bulbous tits than in the remake even in the early artwork as seen in the upper-right corner of pic related.

And the FMV sequences were all overseen and approved by Squaresoft so that was her canonical size in the end but they couldn't make it look good with the in-game graphics so they didn't make them as big as they wanted.

This is also proven by Ehrgeiz where they tried to make her boobs as big as in the FMV's(albeit with less than stellar results because the tech simply wasn't there yet).

>> No.5877279
File: 101 KB, 364x529, tifa ac.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes but what they do with those polygons changes your perception of them. Tifa looks shorter and her bust smaller in her AC costume than her VII clothing, but they're the same height. It's an illusion because her legs are covered with wider material so her leg ratio looks shorter.

Adding the black sports bra means her white tank top is also made less fitting and less tucking against her breasts so they look smaller from certain angles. But >>5876069 picture proves the physical mass is still the same/large.

Otherwise, how do you explain >>5876069? The only other explanation is the devs are modelling her inconsistently and sometimes maker her bigger, sometimes making her smaller.

But if they were so conciously trying to reduce her chest size, why would she ever look big in any angle?

>> No.5877287
File: 171 KB, 200x200, ColorlessTalkativeEidolonhelvum-max-1mb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't even like FFVII much and probably won't play this. I just think tge redesign looks like a good realistic version of Tifa and all the people losing their shit that she doesn't still have gravity defying baloon tits is hilarious.

That you're all having meltdowns over her boobs not being gigantic but no mention that her eyes don't take up half her face anymore kinda shows your cards.

>> No.5877293

Again go back tumblrtranny

>> No.5877296

fuck off already you degenerate tranny

>> No.5877297

You're on my site, retard.

>> No.5877298

Dude, she's censored.
End of story.

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Do you really think that >>5876069 is a clear reduction in size from what you posted? I agree her tits look less bulbous, but that's because the material doesn't cling so tightly. We'll have to agree to disagree because the amount of forward mass in that side shot looks as big as you could really expect her chest to be.

They definitely are larger in the FMV sequences, but that doesn't bother me one bit, those FMVs really are hilariously big. The drawn early artwork are a perfect bust size and I see no reduction in the remake from that kind of size. And I don't think all the people complaining are complaining because she doesn't have FMV tits, they're complaining because they think she's been reduced from her original design.

>> No.5877305

Censored, yes. Reduced in size? No.

>> No.5877307

you're on MY SITE faggot
go back to trannyera

>> No.5877309

Definitely reduced in size and this is not the first time it's happened either.
Nomura has been sucking off to the feminists since AC(well either that or he wanted to make Tifa more like his shit waifu Rinoa)

>> No.5877312
File: 33 KB, 719x342, tifa1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know I'm right. Her breast size is as cartoony as her eyes. If you're not also insisting those should look just as huge you really are just a triggered sexist pervert loser.

>> No.5877316

Keep this shit on /v/ for fuck's sake, do you need to bitch about her design here too?

>> No.5877317
File: 345 KB, 1071x746, restore_the_asterite_by_liris_san-d5f0pgb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol I don't know where you're talking about but if you think I'm ever leaving you're more retarded than I thought at first. Keep crying though, it's delish.

>> No.5877318

It's because they made the design realistic lol.

>> No.5877323


>> No.5877324
File: 2.25 MB, 514x241, 4cafJ6b.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They were more bulbous because they were perky instead of these saggy tits she has in the remake.
Tifa is supposed to be 20 years old and her tits are not supposed to be saggy(especially when it comes to japanese standards)

The FMV's were approved by Squaresoft.
The notion that Tifa's tits being huge in the FMV was a mistake is a nonsensical claim.
They didn't have to make them that big if they didn't want to, after all they weren't constrained by the PlayStation's capabilities here.
Tifa's tits start out pretty big(like betwen a large D to Double D size) in the FMV's and then they become bigger and bigger with almost every scene until they culminate into the glorious cowtits that turned her into the vidya sex symbol which took the gaming world by storm in the 90s.

This was clearly intentional. It's clear that Squaresoft wasn't satisfied with her size until they made her really huge.

>> No.5877326

>The FMV's were approved by Squaresoft.

And now the realistic design is approved. Is there really an issue?

>> No.5877331
File: 548 KB, 2667x4000, a2e9597f7022bbc6d854d4d80e6df847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah so cartoony that real life woman have them right?
Pic related Lucie Wilde. She's around Tifa's height too(5'6 or so) and she's not even the biggest titted girl out there.
And yes they're natural.

>triggered sexist pervert loser
Woah there tumblrtranny
Keep calm and dilate

>Big boobs are unrealistic
This is your brain on burgers

>> No.5877335

It's censorship from the original design.
Square has been censoring and ruining Tifa since AC days sadly.

Now she's an average looking girl with a resting bitchface.

>> No.5877337
File: 34 KB, 634x434, 46F55FCC00000578-5142191-image-m-17_1512358970806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn her eyes look spaced far apart.

>> No.5877341

I don't give af about whether she is more sexy or not, the truth is they redesigned her outfit and gave her something Tifa wouldn't wear. Her Advent Children outfit was on point, brawly and with attitude. The FF7R outfit looks like she's trying too hard to be an idol. Plus her face is shitty.

>> No.5877342

Heh nothing a paperbag won't fix.

>> No.5877345

I honestly thought her face couldn't get any worse but they somehow did it.
Tifa has had this annoying resting bitchface since Advent Children..with the exception of maybe KH2 where her face looked more like the sweeter and friendlier face she had in the original game.

>> No.5877359

>It's because they made the design realistic lol.
careful with your meme-machine, it's loaded

>> No.5877360
File: 406 KB, 1920x1080, hunter-mortenson-screenshot004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree with everything.
IMO Square Enix really fucked up by going the hyper realistic route with this game. I'm the first person to shit on Sonictards saying "SOMEONE FIXED THE DESIGN" when they replace the movie Sonic with a cartoony Sonic using realistic details (since it defeats the point of the movie being live action and thus with non-cartoony human beings).

But in the FF7 Remake I would have loved the graphics to be like this.

>> No.5877364

Making the design more realistic =/= Making a realistic looking woman.

Emo people exist in real life, "it's realistic", but you just don't see drill sergeants who are emo, because it's not realistic. How many brawlers do you see in real life that have the tits of Lucie Wilde? On the other hand, you will see martial artists who have big tits, just not humongous in size.

>> No.5877370

Meh Sonic on live action is a stupid concept anyways but Hollywood have always been retarded.

Your pic looks a bit too Fortnite-y and Blizzard-Activision-y if you know what I mean.
Looks like an action figure almost.

I think the art-style used in the remake in general looks pretty good but I don't understand a lot of the pointless changes they made to the designs. Barrett definitely suffers a lot with those shades...he doesn't feel like the same character...keep in mind he's supposed to be a boomer with a daughter so the shades make him look more like a young punk and less like your typical relatable everyday guy he was in the original).

>> No.5877380

>Muh realism in FINAL FANTASY
Yeah ok..
You don't see emo blonde guys with a giant sword either.
And you don't see overly muscular dudes with machine guns for hands either.

>> No.5877386

>Your pic looks a bit too Fortnite-y and Blizzard-Activision-y if you know what I mean.
It's the materials on the model no doubt. Everything looks like plastic.
Ask Square Enix, we gave you an explanation of what their thought process possibly was. The backslash they would have gotten for removing Cloud's massive sword (which, unlike Tifa's tits, are a staple of Final Fantasy VII which were even meme'd to hell and back with "JRPGs are about emo guys with giant swords!") would have been huge.

>> No.5877394

>which, unlike Tifa's tits, are a staple of Final Fantasy VII w
>only I get to decide what detail was important in the original deisgn

>> No.5877395

Square already said that the ethics department made them do it in 7 Remake.

As for before then I think Nomura either might have been influenced by the minority of complainers back in the day and reduced them in most other games since then or maybe he wanted to make her look like Rinoa, which would explain her looking more Asian since then(even the Jap fans bitched about Tifa looking to Asian in the remake btw).

>> No.5877397

>Tifa's tits are not a staple of Final Fantasy VII
Perhaps not so much as the Buster sword but still pretty important. Making them smaller would be similar to making Barret's gun hand just a gun he's holding.

>> No.5877398

>The backslash they would have gotten for removing Cloud's massive sword
That's not the point idiot.
The point is that "muh realism" is not an argument and has never been.

>> No.5877401

So it's as I assumed from the beginning, Tifa's design is a victim of political correctness.

>> No.5877417

Probably yeah but most likely also of Nomura's autism.

>> No.5877420

Except Tifa's tits haven't been removed. Nor made small.
>Making them smaller would be similar to making Barret's gun hand just a gun he's holding.
What would you know, Barret's gun hand is still there, and so are Tifa's big tits.
>The point is that "muh realism" is not an argument and has never been.
Yes it is. As long as the key elements of the game are still there, there's no problem with making the game more realistic.
>let's turn Red XIII into a dog
No, because that defeats the entire point of the character.
>let's turn Barrett into a person with a gun
No, because that defeats the entire point of the character.
>let's make Tifa's boobs smaller
Sure, as long as they still remain big. Which they are, unless you only watch hentai and porn with Hitomi Tanaka, at which point you have lost grasp of reality and what constitutes "big" in everyday life.

>> No.5877434

And to elaborate on this
The whole gimmick is that he is yet another party member as opposed to a party mascot. Making him realistic destroys him, his backstory, and everything that makes the character good.
Removing his gun arm destroys part of his characterization, his backstory, and his reminder that he has Corel's downfall engraved on his body.
If you remove his ability to jump high you have destroyed a FF archetype: the Dragoon.
His sword is just too iconic to remove, but had it not been present in the original FFVII, nothing would have been lost other than memes.
Same with his boobs. They are supposed to be big, that is iconic. What's not iconic is aiming for ridiculous Lucie Wilde proportions. Her in-game battle model doesn't look anything like that, and that's far more iconic to the game than a handful of outsourced FMVs.

>> No.5877440

No the fuck it isn't.
You can't have it both ways sweetie.
Eat a dick and dilate tranny.

>> No.5877443

Seething cumbrain
Embrace the new Tifa.

>> No.5877449

>Same with his boobs.

>and that's far more iconic to the game than a handful of outsourced FMVs.
You're wrong though. You're 100% dead wrong.
The Fancy FMV cutscenes sold FF7 back in the day.
It's also why Tifa was considered the sex symbol of video games along with Lara Croft.

And those FMV cutscenes were monitored and approved by Squaresoft themselves. So once again eat a dick tranny, Tifa's tits were always supposed to be huge.

>> No.5877452


>> No.5877461

>Embrace the new Tifa.
t. cattle

>> No.5877543
File: 943 KB, 1254x456, tifa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You've lost, my dudes.
The truth is the game will sell like hotcakes because people know Tifa's big boobs being slightly smaller isn't a big deal. Especially because your fancy FMV Tifa appears in a grand total of less than 2 minutes of screen time and is inconsistent as fuck.

>> No.5877552

>settles for the inferior censored product
>"my fav brand will get richer thanks to me"
>he thinks he is the winner
gender disphoria is your problem, brand warrior

>> No.5877564

I'm not buying this game because I think it looks like shit. Ironically you WILL buy it though, which makes your retarded rant about a fictional character's breast size that much funnier.

>> No.5877570

I'm not buying it because the gameplay looks awful. NuTifa looks hot as fuck though. Will probably fap to her at least once.

>> No.5877574
File: 505 KB, 536x382, tifa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I much prefer FMV Tifa because of her anime influence. Realistic Tifa is not good at all.

>> No.5877587

nope. I won't buy because Tifa looks like shit.
The rest was always bound to be zoomer shit. The only point was always playing with those characters again.
Remakes have literally no point existing if they don't conform to the source material

>> No.5877598

Yeah like I said before her tits started out normally big but Squaresoft clearly wasn't satisfied and demanded them to be bigger which is why they kept getting bigger with every scene even in the end.
What part of "SQUARESOFT APPROVAL" don't you get?

Titcow Tifa is the way Squaresoft envisioned her in the final product.
Cope and dilate tranny.

>> No.5877606

>I won't buy because Tifa looks like shit.

>"I-I don't give a fuck about Tifa's tits but the game looks like shit"
Fuck these nu-male pieces of shit who always pretend to not care about Tifa's tits being smaller.
Yes you fucking do you little bitches and we all know it, stop pretending you don't care.

>> No.5877609

>NuTifa looks hot as fuck though
Fuck off she looks like fucking shit.
Even Aeris looks better than her now.

>> No.5877614

Reminder that FMV Tifa is canonical no matter how much basedboys say otherwise.
That was the true vision of Tifa as Square originally put her out in the original release version of FF7.

>> No.5877616

>Yeah like I said before her tits started out normally big but Squaresoft clearly wasn't satisfied and demanded them to be bigger which is why they kept getting bigger with every scene even in the end.
That's not how it works.
If they weren't satisfied, why didn't they have the FMVs remade? They would have. Likewise, maybe they weren't satisfied with the latter FMVs but they didn't remade them either for the same reason they wouldn't have remade the first cinematics for being "too small".

>> No.5877623

Lol, no. FMV Tifa looks different in the FMVs she appears in. There's not one single "FMV Tifa". The only thing that stays constant about Tifa are:
- Her in-game models.
- Her canon measurements: 92-60-88 cm (37-24-35 inches).

>> No.5877625

I didn't buy FFVII and I won't buy the remake. Getting mad because a character's boobs are smaller even though it improves the design means you're just a sad virgin who doesn't know how to look up porn and tug one out instead of obsessing over clothed polygon tits in a video game.

>> No.5877629


>> No.5877630

That's exactly how it works my dude.
Final released version is what matters.

>why didn't they have the FMVs remade?
Because back in the day Squaresoft didn't take 10 years to release one game.
They actually had contractual obligations to meet and goals to finish and they were firing in all cylinders making all sorts of games unlike nowadays.
Xenogears had a similar...arguably much bigger problem where the second disc never got finished for example but they released it like that.

Starting from FF8 they got a lot of smoother at developing for the PSX as they got more familiar with the hardware resulting in more consistent games overall.

>> No.5877632

All this arguing and yet not one person can tell us why it's IMPORTANT that Tifa's tits be big. Not a single one. And we all know why that is, because the second they try to explain why they think it's important they'll be outed as either sexist manbabies or pathetic virgins.

>> No.5877635

fucking kek people still use this unironically?
I never imagine these chad larpers who use terms like nu-male to look like anything but a 400lb dude in a custom desk chair with greasy facial hair.

>> No.5877637

So you admit it is perfectly possible that just like they didn't had the cutscenes remade "for breasts too small", it's perfectly possible that they didn't had the cutscenes remade for "breasts too big".

Seeing the official artwork and what the in-game and FMV Tifas look like, I have no doubt the Tifa Square was going for is the one represented by the in-game model and the Shinra FMVs: big breasts, but not retardedly so.

>> No.5877646

FMV(Canon) Tifa's tits get bigger every scene.
The final scene is the canonical size.

>> No.5877650

>All this arguing and yet not one person can tell us why it's IMPORTANT that Tifa's tits be big.
Because they're pretty much her defining characteristic?
Tifa was always walking tits the character don't even pretend otherwise.

Without them Tifa is nothing special.

>> No.5877652

t. nu-male

>> No.5877664
File: 111 KB, 1024x768, Wall_VII_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The official artwork is more like concept art. It was never the finalized design.
Pic related the promotional poster they used later. You cans see just how big Tifa's tits are.

If Square didn't want her tits bigger logic dictates that her tits would have never been made bigger with every scene produced in the first place.
Also another thing to consider is that CG was expensive in the 90s as well as time intensive. Even if they wanted to remake the scenes it would take a lot of time and money...and those money would be better spent somewhere else such as the massive ad campaign they did for FF7.

>> No.5877667

Based retard.
Yes, they look as big as they did in the earlier FMVs.

>> No.5877676

>they look as big as they did in the earlier FMVs.
You're absolutely blind.
They look at least 3 times the size they do in the initial scene.

Face it, Huge tits Tifa is Canon Tifa.
That's the way Square wanted her back in the day.

>> No.5877680

Because that's clearly not the reason, that's never the reason unless the new version of the character is being developed by people with IRL anime hair who think making female characters less attractive instantly makes them deeper.

>> No.5877696

You have no idea what "three times" means. They don't even look twice the size.

>> No.5877702

Calm down little retard. She looks fine.

>> No.5877714


>> No.5877718

yes they do

>> No.5877734

>Yeah like I said before her tits started out normally big but Squaresoft clearly wasn't satisfied and demanded them to be bigger which is why they kept getting bigger with every scene

Lmao, this is headcanon if ever I saw it.

You have no idea how the handling of the delivery of FMVs went in 1996-97. They were likely all made at once, signed off on, then delivered. They might have been delivered in any order that wasn't chronological.

>> No.5877739
File: 292 KB, 1920x1108, peak-cowtits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5877743

You're the one who is angry here, not me. I like nuTifa. Perhaps you need to "cope" and/or "dilate"? Thise are the memes you kids are using nowadays right?

>> No.5877757

>220+ postings in under 24 hours
y'all thirsty

>> No.5877759

I really just don't like the Avril Lavigne skirt

>> No.5877761

that is one ugly looking mug

>> No.5877767
File: 68 KB, 758x530, bangbus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forget the tits. Where's the muscle tone? She looks way too soft.

>> No.5877815

See >>5877767 which is a good picture and shows the same breast size.

>> No.5877830

I don't know why you incels are complaining about the size of her breasts. NuTifa looks great, albeit with smaller boobs and less "anime". It's different, yes, but she still looks good. If you poor niggers could afford to play this on PC, you know some modder will fix this in no more than a week.

>> No.5877856

>Square already said that the ethics department made them do it in 7 Remake.

They shouldn't even have an ethics department telling them how to make games in the first place.

>> No.5877859

Yeah and she's pushing them up. That girl in a fitting sports bra would look like Tifa, not with baloon tits. It's the same thing. Original Tifa looked like a cartoon, the new one looks more realistic. You can prefer the cartoon if you like, but having tantrums because the realistic version doesn't look cartoonish is pretty funny.

>> No.5877874

It's not funny, it is autistic as fuck and pathetic.

>> No.5877880
File: 64 KB, 515x288, YU-NO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tifa is shit and unworthy of your faps or attention

>> No.5877891

Well to me autistic as fuck and pathetic is super funny so sounds like we're on the same page.

>> No.5878065

>Because that's clearly not the reason
But it is.

>that's never the reason
Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. this time it is.

>unless the new version of the character is being developed by people with IRL anime hair
What the fuck are you talking about? Take your shizo meds.

>who think making female characters less attractive instantly makes them deeper.
She's not less attractive, though. If you think a sports bra makes a woman less attractive you must be like 13.
And nobody said anything about making her deeper. It's just an improved design. Stop being upset.

>> No.5878068
File: 40 KB, 479x720, (You).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5878082

Reminder to keep this thread alive so we can keep laughing at pathetic virgin nerds and their titty tantrum.

>> No.5878095

This guy gets it. Tifa is still super hot, probably hotter. There's much more to sex appeal than just making the tits as big as possible.

>> No.5878102

>There's much more to sex appeal than just making the tits as big as possible.
Yes there is. The reason this thread exploded is because the majority of the commenters are autistic man children or zoomers.

>> No.5878104
File: 6 KB, 105x186, Zapp_Brannigan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I find that the most erotic part of a female is the boobies

>> No.5878114

And there's also tits. So if a character is famous for their tits gets their tits reduced people are gonna say something. That doesn't mean they can't appreciate other parts but it's also not our job to PREASE UNDERSTANDU

>> No.5878143

But her tits still look really big for a normal non-cartoon human. Seriously the only reason I can see for getting upset about this is if the only thing someone liked about Tifa is that she had huge knockers.

>> No.5878183

>Tifa has a thicker waist, thicker thighs and more hourglass shape

Yeah PS1 Tifa has sausage legs with no deffinition and zero ass. Cow tits are her only good feature, of course they ditched them.

>> No.5878280

Common street hooker would be the best disguise for terrorists though.

>> No.5878285


>> No.5878440

>But it is.

Oh, now you know for sure. Take your ketamines, tranny.

>> No.5878453


>> No.5878476
File: 148 KB, 933x1199, D-oWYp9WwAABrs7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that warrior women are a ridiculous concept to begin with so making her tits smaller for "realism" is a fool's errand. Just accept they're fetish material and nothing more.

>> No.5878484

Spoken like a true misogynist.

>> No.5878489
File: 101 KB, 700x503, tomoegozen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Reminder that warrior women are a ridiculous concept

>> No.5878558

It's not just that her tits get less baloony when she becomes more realistic, everything is proportioned better.

>> No.5878561


Grabbing at straws. 99.9% of all soldier casualties throughout history are men.

>> No.5878612

Well, he's clearly a /pol/tard 16 year old incel, but he's not wrong, any female combatant is a one in a hundred/thousand exception depending on the era/region.

Except for a few historical cases, women combatants are inferior to men to the point of uselessness, even shield maidens are thought to be more myth than anything.
It's just a matter of fact, 90% of all men are stronger than 90% of all women, add that to historical misogyny and exclusion from warrior society and any female warrior is ridiculous before guns, even crossbows needed strength to reload.

>> No.5878683
File: 38 KB, 637x476, 1554853607779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you think girls beating up huge bad guys looks stupid you're a virgin who hates women

>> No.5878689
File: 417 KB, 1595x906, 1547197079226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Old Square was owned by men. New square is owned by metrosexual guys who are probably gay.

>> No.5878690

god I hate women

>> No.5878691

Kinda sad that artists like these aren't the directors of video games these days.

>> No.5878719

Is ff10 new square or old

>> No.5878823

What's on her hip? Potions?

>> No.5878845

are you unable to deduce what "this design is anime" is referring to?
It's times like this that I lament the overuse of "autism" as an insult because goddamn...

>> No.5879402

get fucked by shooting incel, tranny

>> No.5879404

cope and seethe pedofuck

>> No.5879406

i'm sexist incel manbaby virgin
i love and fap to my walking big tit cum dumpsters in my video games
seethe and cope

>> No.5879407

seethe and cope you fucking child rapist

>> No.5879409

oh such as flat as board chest and tranny face?
seethe and cope you murderous jew tranny child rapists

>> No.5879414

what is wrong being a misogynist? please explain

>> No.5879434

Who would have guessed that a Tifa tits thread would devolve into idiots slinging /v/ buzzwords at each other?
Now both of you yiff and make up.

>> No.5879475

>this post is probably not being ironic

>> No.5879476

I'm not the one who is angry though, so your "seethe" meme (as well as "cope" and "dilate") don't apply here. If anything, you're the one seething. You need to cope bro.

>> No.5879481

It's funny to me that at this point I can't tell which side any of you shitposters are on. You're both just flinging the same buzzwords back and forth lol

>> No.5879497

Imagine being this much of an incel lol

>> No.5879505

>99.9% of all soldier casualties throughout history are men.
Probably not the best metric to prove your point

>> No.5879547 [DELETED] 

i rater be proud incel who can take fucks like yourself down easily than doormat soiboi

>> No.5879561

Are you literally 12?

>> No.5879739

Why, because women were just that badass and overpowering on the field?

>> No.5879743

There were used to highlight the hollowness of physical attractiveness after the death of your true love (Aerith).

>> No.5879792


>> No.5879802

It helps give her a girl-next-door quality. She has a plain style, a stick-figure body, and disproportionately huge tits. It makes her seem more real but also oddly attractive compared to a character like say Pyra or Mythria with huge tits but also perfect proportions overall and a very sexy style.

This combo is what made her one of the most popular female videogame character designs of all time.

>> No.5879821
File: 185 KB, 1012x1080, Seymour.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah I had same question
personally to me it seems that FF10 straddles the line. Nomura I think is or at least sex-obsessed (and gay?). His earlier designs like Tifa and Aeris are toned-down but over time you could see his influence more. Rikku is pure sex appeal despite NOT having huge tits or anything. But FF10 also has characters like Tidus who seem designed to be sex appeal for girls and gays.

>> No.5879834

Because they're an iconic part of her character and help to contrast her to Aerith. Tifa is meant to be rebust as opposed to Aerith's stereotypical chaste princess type beauty. It's virtually a commentary of two polar opposite type of girls who would be physically attractive to the protagonist but for opposite reasons.

You take that away from Tifa and there's less to define her. It would be like dressing Aerith in plainer clothes, people would be just as upset.

>> No.5879850

> It would be like dressing Aeris in plainer clothes
Her hair is also very distinctive.

>> No.5879858

God I have to see this fucking bullshit here too.

>> No.5879872

it's one thread
you chose your fate

>> No.5879887
File: 772 KB, 1868x1820, tifa-aeris-remake-designs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5879947

Lol is this by the guy who does the max autism Super Mario remake threads. I still think these redesigns are pretty great.

>> No.5880137

Tifa looks fucking SEXY. Imagine that tight body riding your dick. God damn!!

>> No.5880207

>This combo is what made her one of the most popular female videogame character designs of all time.

>> No.5880485

Hot damn that's a funny read.

>> No.5880491
File: 177 KB, 910x2048, D6tnHi_W0AAQ4X6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best rendering coming through

>> No.5880570

Can someone post the picture of the FF7 cast then vs now?

>> No.5880581

Just guessing from the screen-grabs, but people may be upset that they shrunk her breasts. As if boob girls should be tit shamed for their natural anatomy.

>> No.5880643
File: 51 KB, 1024x576, 1451882173413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love that an argument about Tifa's Boobs is the 2nd longest thread followed by a translation of Eroge game on PC98.

Don't ever change /vr/

>> No.5880661

They didn't though, she's just wearing a bra.

>> No.5880670

Once again, she's not doing anything because she's not real.

>> No.5880691

Sigh... Sorry for not spelling it out for the autists. The character design represents someone wearing a bra versus the original where she didn't have one. The actual size hasn't really changed but they appear more restrained and that's made some fans have tantrums.

>> No.5880702 [DELETED] 


>> No.5880770

This meme is not funny. Please go back to >>>/v/ where you belong.

>> No.5880846


>> No.5880886
File: 50 KB, 555x312, dragon-quest-heroes-ps4042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Enix wins again

>> No.5880992

Everything in this game is absurd. I can't think of a single character who fights like an actual person would except for the ShinRa MPs and their machine guns. By and large, their designs are similarly exaggerated and are meant more to reflect their characters rather than their fighting styles.

Cloud's design in Smash Ultimate is a perfect example of how they could've updated the graphics while keeping with the spirit of the original designs. Same with basically all the FFVII stuff in that game. It was definitely a bad call going with the washed-out "realistic" look of the last few Final Fantasies.

Most of the warriors in FFVII are men, from the common grunts to the elite, genetically enhanced SOLDIERs to the strongest individuals in the setting. Tifa and Yuffie are the exceptions, which makes sense since they're traveling in a party full of exceptional individuals.

>> No.5880995

Imagine doggystyle with nuTifa. I can't wait for nuTifa porn.

>> No.5880997


>> No.5881229

I'm talking about 'was,' not 'realism,' you silly goose. You can't even say 'was' aloud without sounding like an angry beehive. It's a buzzword all right.

>> No.5881249
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>> No.5881517

because final fantasy seven was good because tifa had big tits right? that was one of the back of the box selling points?

>> No.5881721 [DELETED] 


>> No.5881752

Game wasn't bad because they were either, so there's no reason to fix what ain't broke.

>> No.5881838

Tifa looks hot and awesome but something about Aerith's face looks weird and kind of old to me. I always pictured her as being more like a teenager.

>> No.5881839

Who gives a fuck if a virtual character doesn't meat your beauty standards? Get laid you fat pieces of shit

>> No.5882080
File: 58 KB, 800x600, yuffie-yuffie-kisaragi-21375215-800-600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those make it look like her tank top is made of leather or canvas or something weird. They look way more squished than even in the remake.

Also is it just me or dud Yuffie actually get bigger?

>> No.5882082

Needs much bigger tits.

>> No.5882285

>so I doubt they're so worried about modern SJW issues

go back to /pol/

>> No.5882557
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beaten by a mile

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