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I would love to see a Castlevania 3 remake, especially with the Castlevania 4 or Rondo aesthetics. If it actually were remade today, it would probably be some soulless 2.5D bullshit. Well this classic game ever get a remake?

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If you like something, why would you want it remade?

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Why not gaywad? It might be even better than the original.

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Konami doesn't have the talent to do those games justice anymore.

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>Konami can't make enough pachinko monkey off these games to do them justice anymore


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Oh look it was "lel I'm gonna do a shitheel act" bait from the the beginning.

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Fuck off with your remakes you fucking tastless faggot

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It never is

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Castlevania 3 sucked. They should remake the amazing Super Castlevania IV.

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You don't wanna fuck with me nigga
I'm a big tough guy irl
Come say that shit to my face pussy nigga

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Yeah, literally no remake has even been better than the original.

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>Will Konami ever [make good thing]?

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Exactly, good we both can agree on that.

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Dracula X Chronicles (the Rondo of Blood remake for PSP) is a remake that was pretty good. I'm not sure if I would call it better than the original in every way but I wouldn't argue if someone else did. The new content seemed quality to me, and the changes to the Dracula boss fight raised the challenge to a level much more fitting of a final boss.

If Castlevania III got a remake of that quality, I think it may have a chance of becoming the new best game in the series. The only thing I'm wary about is how they might handle the remixes of the game's renowned soundtrack and whether it would preserve the spirit of the original, but if they had Michiru Yamane head the direction of the remixed soundtrack and put her own spin on it, I wouldn't be worried about it.

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Here’s your options for a “remake”
Shitty flash-tier sprites (like Guacamelee)
Pixel art upscaled (Bloodstained: CoM, every indie pixelshit game)
Handheld tier 2.5D (Rondo of Blood remake)
In other words, it would fucking suck.

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FR/LG says fuck you

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Rebirth was an okay Classicvania but it's way too different from the source material to be called a remake

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No fuck you

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Why Castlevania 3? Why not Castlevania 2?

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if they do it will be a port and it will be a trash ass emulated one at that.

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That would be great too actually. I love Simon's Quest.

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2 sucks avgn told me so

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I'd rather play a hack of CV4 than pay/play a Current Year remake by Konami.

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It doesn't need it since it's already perfect.

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Castlevania III is one of the most important games in the series. Its story depicts the beginning of the series' legendary feud between Dracula and the Belmont family spanning generations. [It wasn't until many years later that the PS2 game "Lament of Innocence" would establish an origin even further back, although its focus was more on the origin of the Vampire Killer whip. Castlevania III depicts the first Belmont to fight and defeat Dracula.] It's the first game to feature Alucard, who would later become one of the most popular characters in the series as protagonist of Symphony of the Night. It's the first game in the series to feature multiple playable characters, and the only one where you could actively switch between playable characters on the fly, until the feature was revisited in some of the Nintendo DS games many years later. It's one of the only games to feature multiple branching paths the player can choose. In addition to its significance in the lore of the series, it's also one of the most popular games in the series among veteran classic fans, and one of the most popular music soundtracks. Finally: there is a recent Netflix series based on Castlevania III, and although I haven't watched it myself, it has given the game renewed relevance in public consciousness.

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Rebirth has ugly graphics. Bloodstained CoM has great graphics, though, that guy is retarded.

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good post

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Just play bloodstained and don't make shitty threads.

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>and although I haven't watched it myself
same here, and I kinda don't want to.
I've been told it's okay, but that I will get angry at it as a CV fan, so I avoided it.

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First season has good moments such as demon combat
Token Diversity vampire counts that have no lines
No grant
Alucard is more important than Trevor when he appears
Bloody tears is the ONLY castlevania song, and its shoehorned in near the end.
Isaac is a nigger , and not just that he is a DINDU NUFFIN HE WUZ A GOOD BOY HU GO BEAT BY DA WBIL WHOITE BOY CHRISTIAN
Church is bashed constantly

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I'm like you, except I watched it out of curiosity. Don't watch it.

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Fight me irl pussy

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I think the show is pretty good. I wish they focused more on Trevor & Co. fighting monsters and traveling together rather than Trevor fucking around in a library for several episodes while a mediocre game of thrones fanfic plays out. Aside from that and the lack of Grant, the show holds its own and you can see them try and stay true to the games' stories aside from certain liberties and changes.

Isaac was one of the best parts of the show and they made him a way better charater than how he originally was in curse. He gets one pity scene and it was important to get why he is so loyal to Drac.

They bash the church but they literally show the good parts of humanity and faith being absolutely effective and fine. It would be more fucked up and contradictory to 3's story if there wasn't any conflict with the church. Carmilla is fucked though, they fucked up Hector's story with her and gave her the most cliche shit. She's not even hot either so she is there just to waste your time.

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