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>Let's try something new, that robots with free will can become criminals by their own thought process
>Lol nope, it's Dr. Wily's reprogramming virus just like every time

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We live in a society

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>Megaman lore

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Ironically their name "Maverick" (literally "Irregular" in Japanese) implies that they are independant minded.

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I thought at some point in the series there were one or more reploids that went maverick without the virus?

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The philosophical point is the illusion of free will, you fucking retard.

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But that makes more sense
You cannot give robots real free will thats just retarded, you also forget reploids are very very imperfect X copies
Even the so called super AI will not have it, it will just follow human commands as it wouldnt have any motivation to do anything otherwise

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It's about Sigma making himself president for life on the 4th of July

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There were Mavericks long before the virus was a thing - the virus just made things significantly worse

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Who plays megaman for the writing?

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>he doesn't play megaman for the writing

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>this ending
>"the world's hope"
>robots with free will just try to exterminate humanity in the future and nearly succeed
>all thanks to dr light
Was Wily really that bad?

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>Was Wily really that bad?
We do know the effects of the Maverick Virus and how this series progresses.
The OP post is pretty correct -- it's almost never really reploids going Maverick on their own, it's very constantly Wily's fucking virus causing things to go to hell.

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>Humans can't be trusted
>Make robots act like people
Nothing can go wrong.jpeg

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The current lore is that the virus was a total accident on Wily's part while making Zero. He only wanted to destroy X and prove himself better than Light, not outright cause viral armageddon.

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How did MMZ manage to have such a perfect ending while literally all other MM eras/series get left hanging in the air forever?

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Wily also somehow survived to the time of the X series and attempts to fuck up humanity in X5. And in X6, he's very likely to be Isoc. We probably won't ever see Wily in a future X game though.

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>Wily also somehow survived
No he didn't. Fucker is dead.

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X5 kind of leans on that. Sigma's final form, "Final Sigma W" was built by a partner Sigma got, and is very reminscient of Gamma.

>I've recently acquired a new partner. He has been very supportive. He seems to have created quite a few robots. And he gave me the toughest body that you will ever see. You got here sooner than I expected, so it is not yet complete... But...it is enough to defeat you... He is an excellent partner... I believe you two know each other... In fact, he used to be a comrade of yours. He was very persistent about you... and that makes him very helpful to me.

And then in Zero's ending-
>Let me tell you about an old man I met... He told me you are the strongest in the universe... Tell me, who is that old man? You should know him. Don't tell me you've never met him in your dreams. He seems very interested in you... as if he was your own father...!"

Of course, none of this ever really went anywhere. We had Isoc shutting down Zero with a wave of his hand in X6, and then X7/X8 went in their own direction entirely.

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I think it is a mixture of capcom fearing lossing one of it's milk cows and fans not wanting to let go of the franchise either. Believe it or not there are tons of people that weren't happy with how mmz ended.

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>there are tons of people that weren't happy with how mmz ended.
Or that it ended at all

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Inafune got to create a complete story, instead of rehashing the same story/characters likr every X game.

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Zero btfo

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He wanted to end it with X5, but they made him keep going.

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Childhood is when you idolize Dr. Light
Adulthood when Dr. Wily makes more sense

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Nah. I can question many things Light did, but everything Wily did was unquestionably wrong.

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