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It's 1996 and you're in high school. You have three classmates who each own one of these consoles. One guy is a jock, one is a nice funny guy, and one is a creepy incel. Which console belongs to which?

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The jock doesn't play video games
The nice funny guy owns all three
The creepy incel makes console war posts on Usenet

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Jock - Nice guy - Incel
There is no other answer.

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no one because I was a PC chad.

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the 64 goes to a russian guy

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>P, N, S
Heheh. He. Penis.

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The N64 belongs to the creepy incel. The other 2 are interchangeable.

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The N64 was mostly famous for its multiplayer games, while the Playstation was known for its JRPGs. I think you got the chad-incel concept wrong.

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In 1st grade I had three friends: the jock who had a PS, the fat weird creepy kid that did the "here's mine now show me yours" thing who had an N64, and the nice funny kid who was busted for CP in 11th grade, who had all three consoles but was the only person I knew personally that owned a Saturn.

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No, the N64 was known for its derivative collectathons which tranny autists still obsess over to this day. When it comes to multiplayer games, chads were fragging bitches in Quake dethmatch, whereas you were inviting Timmy round for tea to bop around on Mario Kart.

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Epic revisionism, quaketard.

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Calm down incel, you don't need to shoot me

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PlayStation with FIFA and shovelware
>Nice funny guy
PlayStation with decent games. CTR and Tekken 3 are most played multiplayer games
>The odd guy
N64 with Mario64, Melee and Pokemon Stadium

No one was a creepy incel at my HS, and no one owned a Saturn.

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Incels of the 90s played FPS games on the PC. Documented fact. Stay mad, seething zoomer incel.

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Shut up, nerds.

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N64 was famous for its kiddy cutesy games, all systems had tons of multiplayer and the multiplayer on n64 was of the little kiddie variety as usual. Any older kids were definitely creepy incel category which is why at the time it was pretty much the system of everybody's little brother.

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Calm yourself, N64 tranny. America doesn't need any more mass shootings right now.

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Let's see, I'm a nice creepy non-incel and I like the PlayStation.
N64 is for kids with friends so that ruled me out, obviously for soon to be jocks.
Sega had a lot of arcade ports right?
I never liked those so I don't know who it would fit best.

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correct though sometimes jock didn't have a console at all, or just had a Genesis. He didn't need one because he always had friends that invited him to play.

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>uses "jock" in place of "chad"
>but doesn't use "nerd" in place of "incel"
so close yet so far

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>nice funny guy
>creepy incel

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lol, the absolute lies shit-talking you only get on 4chan. Stop fooling around.
I'll actually answer the thread, it's a dumb thread but hey it's a dumb world.
Jock - Playstation.
Nice, funny guy - N64.
Creepy incel - Saturn.
Obviously, this does not always fit the case, just on average. It's like how certain races have higher or lower iq, it's just on average, no need to lose your shit.

The jock has the playstation because he likes the style of the console. He used to figure that videogames were for kids before but the playstation was different, some of its ads and games were clearly appealing to adults. Playstation also matched his budget more, could pirate games, and he wasn't prepared to wait for the Nintendo console. It could play CDs and was probably slightly better for the chicks.

The nice, funny guy has the N64 because his parents have fancy jobs and big pay and his parents also have known about and liked Nintendo's quality for a long time. They thought the PS was interesting but believed the N64 would destroy it when it came out, like they had seen happen the philips cdi and the atari jaguar. Dad may have been a Nintendo fan himself. They also had the funds for the N64. They could have easily afforded a playstation as well, but they didn't really want their kid putting countless hours into videogames, especially one with shoddy 3d graphics.

The Saturn is for the creepy incel - I want to stress you could have valid reasons for getting a Saturn this is all just on average - because he loved Japanese culture and hentai which the Saturn had lots of games about, also no matter how badly Sega messed up, he kept going back to them as if he had some fundamentalist extremist belief system that defied rationality. Again someone might have had valid reasons for choosing Saturn.

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We didn't use autistic phrases like "derivative collectathons" in the 90s anon.

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Me and my friend used to play Quake 64 and Mario Kart 64 obsessively. PC was by far the most incel of the bunch - even today PC has the most incels.

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Just chiming in to confirm this fact, consoles were for couch multiplayer i.e. people with friends. PCfags were always weirdos who collected figurines and had no friends

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Well, in my case at least, no one owned a Saturn. Maybe 1 out of 50 kids owned a N64.
The rest owned a PS because it was easy as fuck to pirate, plain and simple.
Paying 6 bucks for each game instead of 60/70 was a good enough selling point.

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>It's 1996 and you're in high school.
lmfao imagine being this old.

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>tranny autists

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You're trying way too hard.

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Imagine being a third world nigger. Never knew anyone who had a saturn either though. I'm not sure it was ever marketed here.

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I was a kid, I had no morals.
Even if I were rich, I'd take the option of paying 10 times less.
Marketing for the Saturn was really poor here while Mega Drive/Genesis did pretty well.

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When Saturn first came out the jocks who owned Genesis for sports and racing games bought it.

Nice funny guy has N64 because he is sociable and likes to play multiplayer games.

Creepy virgin (incel wasnt a word then so we can use virgin) got the PS1 for its RPGs where he would spend more time with his RPG party members than actual friends and games with anime on the coverart.

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PSone was also famous for sports titles and racing games, zoomy.

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Marketing is a matter of money. Sony was a gigantic megacorp that just bought its success with its big wallet and destroyed the japanese industry in the process.

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Piracy here in Spain was a huge factor.
Also you could use the PS to play music and the PS2 to play movies and both had sports games.
Shit sold itself.

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>The nice funny guy owns all three

But rich assholes aren't funny.

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I saw a lot of Saturns in the wild but only in the really early stages of 5th gen, the system was dead and buried by early/mid 1997. N64 was more popular but not by much, we never really had a 5th gen console war.
>Piracy was a huge factor
Sure, but your average chav, the people who bought the system en masse, only cared about sport games, something the PSX was heavily associated with because of marketing.

Piracy alone wouldn't have been enough for N64 or Saturn to become big sellers.

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Spring 96 or fall 96? Because by fall I don't think there was anyone who owned only a Saturn.

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>When Saturn first came out the jocks who owned Genesis for sports and racing games bought it.
and then sometime in 1996, he sold it for a PS1 when it was clear that the Saturn was a no games machine

Sega was really, really well off in 1994. Marketing had no reason to be an issue.

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>admitting to playing video games in high school in the 90
that was a good way to get made fun of and picked on

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>Sega was really, really well off in 1994. Marketing had no reason to be an issue.
Lol, you have no idea what you're talking about. Sony's marketing budget for the playstation launch was $2.4 billion. Sega's marketing budget for the Dreamcast (which was a huge increase from the Saturn) was $100 million.

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>nice funny guy
>creepy incel

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*RTS and dungeon crawlers

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In 1994, Sega was on top of the world. Sega was the biggest name in the arcade and either the biggest or second biggest name at home depending on region. The fact that the Saturn's marketing budget was pathetic was absurd.
really, Sega's marketing at the time general blew -- coming off of the extremely good Genesis marketing campaign, I really don't know what the fuck Sega was doing

In 1999, Sega was on the verge of collapse, and trying to make the DC succeed almost outright killed them. They ended up lucking out after they had like half a billion USD in debt cancelled and then had half a billion in outright cash given to them by their head before he died.

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Actually they were third-place in Japan as the Mega Drive was a huge failure there. And all its western profits were squandered on the Sega CD and 32X failures, as well as Saturn R&D. Nintendo and Sony were in much better financial positions.

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This is misleading. Prior to Sony getting into consoles you had simply console companies. They were pulling funds strictly from gaming. Sony was out there selling TVs, Walk Man, and all sorts of other things and doing extremely well at it. It drastically changed the industry to have a company worth billions entering where a hundred million was big. And Microsoft went even bigger, pulling from Windows sales (which by themselves dwarfed every competitor in gaming combined).

Gaming wouldn't be bigger than Hollywood if it stayed insular. Sony opened up marketing and market reach Nintendo and Sega couldn't dream of. For better and worse.

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Nice funny guy
Creepy incel

This guy is correct

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>No creepy incels at your high school
Lies, your memory is shit, but you're right. No one owned a Saturn

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It's okay. You don't have to hurt anybody. Just put the knife down.

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It wasn't just the marketing. They pissed off their consumer base with crap like the 32x. I met several people who got Saturns 10-20 years later because their parents wouldn't buy them one in 95-6 after getting burned with the 32x.

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I wasn't in HS just yet then.
Still, my brothers jock friend had the Saturn. His funny nice guy friend had a N64. I, the creepy incel, had Playstation.

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>jock doesn't own consoles, he broke his ps1 controller when he couldn't figure out how to beat the easiest crash bandicoot level with his cognitive inferiority
>nice funny guy has the 64 because it's the least Western console even though it's absolute trash
>incel has any console out of the 3 because his genes make him a loser, not his choices

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>Chad's game on PC
Na dog

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This guy gets it.

The jock plays PS1 for sports games
The guys plays N64 for 4-player nice guy parties with his nice guy friends.
The Saturn player smells of BO and ramen noodles.

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Wasn't in high school, but here's my experience:

Friend's college age brother: PSX
Everyone from jocks to spergs: N64
Nice Religious Kid (literally the only person I ever met then or since who had one): Saturn

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Based, fuck console wars bullshit

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Jock owns an N64 to play NFL QB Club on
Funny guys owns a PS1
Incel owns both a PS1 and N64 because he's an autistic loser who spends all his time consuming media
No one owns a Saturn

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I was the nice, funny guy and I had all three.

I can't imagine the level of poverty you people must have had to think owning more than one console growing up means someone is rich.
During third gen, I had NES and SMS.
During fourth, I had SMD/Genesis/SCD/MCD (as CDX), GG, TG/PCE (as Turbo Express), Lynx, SNES and NG. Also CD-I. But we don't talk about CD-I.
During fifth, I had PSX, N64 and Saturn.
Of those, the only one that could imply "rich" is NG. But I have to stress this: we were not a rich family. I knew rich kids. I went to school with rich kids. We were not the same. My family shopped at Save a Lot, ffs. Rich people don't even have a Save a Lot near them never mind shop at one.

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This. Another shitty thread prematurely ended.

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