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Let's have a thread on free roaming projectile fighters.
Psychic Force, Destrega, X Unemei no Tatakai, Rozen Maiden, Senko no Ronde.
Unholy Wars?
Trap Gunner?

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How do you define free roaming?

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8 way movement with focus on long range projectiles. Although if you want to talk about Power Stone that's ok too, whatever.

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Teach me how to play Senko no Ronde, senpai! I'm looking at the title screen right now and the game is pretty much laughing at me. I picked it up because I love Virtual-On and Ketsui, and it looked like a thing at the middle of the spectrum between those games

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When DUO came out G.Rev made a series of tutorial videos, problem is they're japanese.
Have the playlist

I don't know how to play either, just boss when low on health, hold dash to hold a barrier and have a faster shot rate and try not to get hit.
There's a bunch of conditions that happen when you're in VANISH mode but I don't understand it either.
And if you don't mind cheesing, setting the amounts of round to 1 will severely increase your chances vs the CPU since boss attacks don't replenish between rounds.

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I have a mostly functional understanding of japanese, thanks for the links! I'll look into it :)

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>Upon reaching Armor Vanish state, your Rounder's hit-box becomes visible, its maneuverability increases, and the Charge Meter fills up x2.5 faster than normal (but after activation of Final B.O.S.S. mode, it slows down considerably). Upon entering this state, your Rounder also releases an Anti-Field to clear out bullets near-by.
And also means you're 1 hit away from death

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Is the online for the PS4 version of Senko no Ronde active?

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Legit thinking the playstation version looks better than the Dreamcast.

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I love Psychic Force. I'm kinda bad, but it's still a great game.
I was always kinda surprised Taito never got the license to do a DBZ game with the engine.

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>Unholy War
Remember when they turned it into a Magical Girl Crossover Game in Japan?


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I've been meaning to play this for years even if it's just a cheap re-skin. I love the original but let's be rank, evrything is better with lolis.

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Pop'n Tanks

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Bastard!! on Super Famicom?

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