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Ready for Gamestop to fuck up the retro market as they desperately try and shove themselves into it as a last ditch effort?

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20 bux is suprisingly reasonable, but the $60+ can go fuck themselves

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>it’s literally all Nintendo shit
Why do all these poser retro gamers only give a fuck about Nintendo games and hardware?

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>ready for bandwagoners to amuse you with raging assmad over shit you paid twice as much for before they were born

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Learn English.

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Isn't Japan doing this thing too?

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Is this a thing that gamestops are actually doing?

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Yes they will become relevant again in your eyes.

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No they won't.

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I was checking out some of the games on their website and it seems to range from not that expensive to pricier than fucking ebay.

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All this is telling me it's time to invest in flashcarts and the few games that dont work on them.

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It's cart only with fake cover?

They are useless for those who want them complete.

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Yes they will

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Knowing GameStop, if someone traded in a game complete they'd throw away everything but the cart

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The best time to plant a tree was a long fucking time ago.
Are they really without the original boxes?? naughty naughty.

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so? boxes are useless for people that don't want them complete

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Eventually they're going to cut deals with publishers to print new retro games and undercut the resellers. Then the market will belong to them. Probably for the best, considering all the gouging that's been going on.

And the second best time to plant a tree is today.

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I bought a shitload of stuff from them over Christmas last year
FF8 was $5 complete with both manuals
$10 for ape escape with box manual

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Personally I'd rather give my games away than making GameStop earn any money.

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The retro market is already thoroughly fucked. It's not possible to fuck it any harder.

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Gamestop fully admits that if the retro stuff doesn't sell, they're going to destroy it like they do with anything of theirs that doesnt sell.

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Where the hell have you fuckers been? Gamestop has been desperately trying to court the retro market for, like, 3 years now. Do you not remember the news about them selling rare carts that were really repro shells with shoveware boards inside because people knew they wouldn't bother testing a traded in cart before selling it as used? Some guy thought he was buying Earthbound, but it had a Super Tennis board inside.

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>Do you not remember the news about them selling rare carts that were really repro shells with shoveware boards inside because people knew they wouldn't bother testing a traded in cart before selling it as used? Some guy thought he was buying Earthbound, but it had a Super Tennis board inside.
Whoa, that's pretty fucking low man. Fuck GameStop.

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I think the change is that retro games are now in stores, not just online.
it was a shitshow, but there were a few decent online sales in the past. doubt we'll see any for the in-store shit though.

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this is exactly why i only buy from local retro shops that actually check to see that you’re getting what you’re paying for. yeah, you’ll pay a little bit more but you’ll know you’re actually getting the real deal

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Alright I will take it

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That is English. Just not the kind of "english" people like you use on facebook.

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Gamestop has already been in the retro market for a couple years now. And their prices are actually good. Some stuff is above ebay prices, but theres also a lot of stuff thats far below. And while you cant see exactly what you're getting, they have a no-strings-attached return policy where you can take the items you don't want to any physical location.

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Because nintendo tax. Same reason the drones will shell out big prices for shitty modern nintendo hardware. Especially limited edition crap. Remember the prices people were paying to scalpers for those Majora's Mask 3DSs?

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Didn't they try this a few years ago and give up after getting nothing but bootlegs that kept being returned?

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They can't go bankrupt soon enough.

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>t. Gamestop cashier
No you won’t

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Shill somewhere else.

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>it's just Nintendo rubbish
Get back to me when Gamestop has original Spectrum/Amstrad/Amiga cassettes/disks on the shelf.

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It's not that bad. Most of these games were $50-$70 new and if they were priced appropriate to inflation you would pay $100+ for some of them.

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I don't think they have stores in Bongland anyway.

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I checked. Gamestop has 14 stores in Europe but all on the continent except apparently one in Dublin. There are none in the UK.

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There you go. No stores in Britain.

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Ok but still, if you went in a Gamestop in Germany, they would have Amiga stuff because that was a major market for it? I'm sure more kids had them back then than a Nintendo console.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE BUY THESE 30 YEAR OLD GAMES FOR $30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DON'T EMULATE IT FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No. It's strictly console games, they do not have old PC stuff even though they've always sold PC games since the Babbage's era. I have a copy of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade I got from a Goodwill on six 5.25" floppies and one of the disks has an envelope with the Babbage's logo on it.

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Why would anyone in their right mind want to remember that Spectrum or Amstrad "games" exist?

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No chance. The problem is the people who actually buy this old shit, the will see a dip in prices and buy. I'm from /vr/ and retro collectors are probably the stupidest demographic when it comes to video game consumers. with FPGAs and everdrives being able to emulate at 99.99% accuracy, real retro is going to crash harder than gamestop stock.

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I planted two new ones a few months ago.

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Back in 2003-04 I remember they had bins of NES cartridges and I got a bunch including Bubble Bobble and Zelda II for $5 a piece. Dunno what happened lately.

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I've found some great deals on their site. there is no doubt in my mind retro game stores have been abusing there discounts, promotions, etc and just flip those games in their store

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No one will ever care about your irrelevant rubber keyboard/Zniggy computers, Yurop.

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>get back to me when this shrinking major retailer starts stocking obscure shovelware for literally who vintage PCS that five people on planet earth would ever pay more than five dollars for
fuck bongs

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There isn't a single retro game on the shelf at my GameStop, just the usual non-game crap that nobody ever buys.

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Inflation should not apply to old used software.

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I'm dying to play Jack the Nipper and that ZX Spectrum Scooby Doo game, I really am.

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The classics. Right up there with LTTP and Castlevania 3.

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But mmmuh childhood games I haven't played since I was 10 and I forgot completely just how shitty they were.

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Why were Americans so brainwashed by overpriced Japcrap?

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Are they actually showing up in stores now? Some of their prices are better than ebay, honestly.

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So dumpster diving GameStop has a purpose again? Nice.

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I called my local stores and it seems like it's only being piloted. It's fucked up, but I'd like to see a big company step into this space to hopefully dip the market. I have two separate small-scale media resale stores near me and they both fuck you on anything older than 5th Gen.

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You think maybe it was made by a team of professionals with 1-2 years to work on it instead of made in six weeks by one guy?

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the retro vidya market is already FUBAR, GameStop can’t do anything to ruin it any further.

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I have all these games on my phone. The prices seem decent, but why would I buy them when I can play them for free whenever and wherever I want?

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Virtual d-pads and buttons suck. And who the hell carries around a bluetooth controller with your phone all day to play? You'd look like a worse version of a switch autist.

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>It's only being piloted
>they probably only carry popular copies everyone already owns, even normies
Gamestop just keeps fucking itself.

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They appear to be sorted by console. I assume there's a different section for things like Genesis/Mega Drive

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>capslock user

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And there is definitely no Spectrum or Amiga section. :^)

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Name me some good Euro games.

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Head Over Heels
Rockstar Ate My Hamster
Henry's House
Jack the Nipper
Dizzy series
Footbal Simulator
Giana Sisters
James Pond

And they didn't cost 50+ USD like Nintendo games and you could copy and share them with your friends at school.

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If you mean they just have stores that sell old shit, then yes

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Well I don't know about you but I'm sure the Disc Replays and Media Reloads of the world (and Estarland) probably sell a whole lot of Mario Kart 64s and Star Fox. They're not trying to appeal to collectors, they're appealing to normies. Trust me, a lot of semi-regular people are picking up old game systems everyday, and they probably sold their entire collections way back when the next new thing came along. I did--like an asshole.

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Head Over Heels
Rockstar Ate My Hamster
Henry's House
Shadow of the Beast
Jack the Nipper
Dizzy series
Football Simulator
Giana Sisters
James Pond

And they didn't cost 50+ USD like Nintendo games and you could copy and share them with your friends at school.

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I just don't think they're going to sell enough Super Mario 64s and Pokemon Blues to get the green to sell most of their retro collection in stores. I just wish they'd actually fucking commit instead of pussying about with the idea. I've been wanting them to sell their collection at stores since I first heard they were selling them online.

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I don't think it will save their entire business but I think it's a smart play. They need to get t-shirts and fucking nerf guns out of their stores. Nobody is coming to a store called Gamestop for a lunchbox.

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Hasn't this been going on for at least a few years now? and haven't people been saying the same exact thing yet nothing ever happened?

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Nor are they going to Gamestop to buy a fucking phone and tablet.

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None of em actually are in box.

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Liar, where is the price sticker then?, GameStop would have been should that for 49.99

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It's almost like Nintendo/Sega were significantly more popular in their day and therefore there is more demand and nostalgia for those products. No one walks into a game store looking for fucking Amiga games.

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>No one walks into a game store looking for fucking Amiga games.
>the entire world=America

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That's correct

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we can see that
bux != box
$20 for a loose cart is low enough that you can say "I feel like playing x right now rather than paying $7 + $4 shipping on ebay and waiting a day or two"
but anything higher is just asking you to find another source

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>I'm from /vr/

>real retro is going to crash
If this wasn't your first summer you'd know bandwagoners like you have been saying this for years

Just like the 18+ rule shouldn't apply to you amirite

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Sorry i thought i was on /v/ for a second with this topic. There is absolutely no reason to think that retro carts will hold their value.

>> No.5810154

How much is a sealed VHS tape of Witness, starring Harrison Ford? Retailed new for $40. So that's worth about $60 now, huh?

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The dumbest are people who collect "video game console kiosks"

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t. poorfag who can't have nice things

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Well nobody gives a fuck about the Witness on VHS, so it's probably worthless. That's how supply and demand works you fucking brainlet. People want these old games, these old games are no longer readily available, therefore these old games are expensive.

Collecting literally anything is "stupid" to everyone else who doesn't collect said thing. Your opinion means jack shit.

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GameStop.com is good get over yourself.
I bought a few controllers from them too all pristene

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>People want these old games
Sure, if they say Mario, Zelda, Sonic, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, or another recognizable franchise.

>these old games are no longer readily available
Yes they are, in a similar way VHS exclusive movies are: online for free.

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Yeah and the market value of an old video game has nothing to do with its original MSRP you fucking old turd. 80% of this shit is a bubble that cucks are inflating with onions farts. Eventually this shit will be like Atari games, with the vast majority of titles priced at 99 cents piled high in a plastic bin. Video games aren't like toys--toys got thrown away. Video games are sitting in old basements, and if a major retailer steps into this arena at a brick and mortar level, this market will deflate heavily.

You'll still pay $100 buckaroos for Tactics Ogre or whatever, but no way in hell does Mario Party 3 ever retail for more than $25 dollars.

>> No.5810230

Their availability doesn't have anything to do with the existing quantity for 90% of titles. If there was an easy way to purchase and sell this stuff at a major retailer everything would change.

>> No.5810237

I'll tell you what's about to jump up in value is PS2 games. Everybody on planet earth had one of those and while that makes for a lot of discs in circulation, DVDs are exceptionally easy to ruin--especially when compared to cartridges.

Once old games are widely available, this shit crashes.

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Imagine being such a fucking neckbeard boomer faggot that you get mad when your little cartridges get lower in price, instead of being happy that the price will lower so the common man can afford games that aren't John Madden's Football

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Honestly I'm afraid that this will increase prices

>> No.5810336

Oh fuc, how so?

>> No.5810350

>more supply at the widest availability, in the case of N64 games, in 20+ years
>websites, independent stores, and small chains facing more competition
>higher prices?
don't think so buddy.

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I would go to a gamestop if they had a nice retroarch setup with a 120hz monitor using backlight strobing

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No reason except the demand. And supply and all that, you know, market stuff.

>How much is a summer zoomer into reading comprehension? 60 strawmen, huh?

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So are Gamestop employees trained in spotting fakes/counterfeits?
Because if they aren't, they're going to get fucked in the ass with this.

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>be Gamestop
>start out selling retro games
>see other stores selling retro games
>bid to buy all of them, literally all of them
>the few that refuse go down fighting, alas go down nonetheless
>now that Gamestop bought/drove off all the other businesses selling retro games, Gamestop stops selling them
>fast-forward years later

Fuck this cunt of a company. I hope this is a strangled breath leading to their final, awaited demise. A man can dream.

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Not long now

>> No.5810832

Christ did this actually happen?

>> No.5810954

Every Gamestop is built over the loser's grave. In my case, 3 Gamestops, previously GameXChange, Software Etc., and Funcoland.

>> No.5811025

If they're selling old controllers, I might go have a look. And is this just /vr/ shit they're selling or are they bringing back 6th gen stuff as well?

>> No.5811205

Is gamestop even selling Atari games?

>> No.5811314

Jesus gamestop really jacked up their retro game prices in the last year. I bought a copy of Gold for $12 and a copy of Fire Red for 20. Basically all their prices have doubled. Glad I bought when i did. They were doing a BOGO deal too so I saved even more. Totally worth it.

>> No.5811332

People have complained about bootlegs from gamestop but I've never had it happen to me. Although they do sell games with dead batteries sometimes.

>> No.5811342

They also bought EB Games and I think Babbages. Rhino went out of business after turning them down. Funcoland was what started it all. Even back when I was just starting to shop there in '01/'02, they were selling Game Informer subscriptions.

>> No.5811409

I'm laughing from my flashcart ODE throne

>> No.5811418

Nintendo is still alive and spends their time building a brand and recognizable characters. Sony and MS are just companies that happen to make game systems. Neither one has put real effort into keeping a stable of beloved characters. Just compare Smash Bros. rosters to Sony All-Stars and you'll see what I mean.

>> No.5811427

>manufacturing carts new
>meaning buying chinese copy carts and permission from companies to sell them

Can't wait

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Aw yes I can't wait for them to take in valuable, pristine boxed retro games so that they can gut the boxes and throw them so that they have slightly more room for funko pops and blind box crap, and still ask the same prices for games with out boxes or manuals

>> No.5811795

Holy fuck, is this the state of 7th gen games now? Are they getting the disc only cart next to the register treatment?

>> No.5811872

you pay $9 more than that price on Ebay, and no games run that low on Ebay nowadays, and dont be retarded to take beginning auctions as low price examples please.

>> No.5812109

>waiting a day or two
Lol what

>> No.5812139

Keep being mad. I thought everyone on /vr/ hates FF8 tho
Disclaimer: their prices went up since then, they only had badass fucking deals going on last year, gravytrains over

>> No.5812159

Some of those are pretty cool looking and it was definitely a unique product of the time that you don’t see much anymore, but I would only ever get one if I just happened across it on a local craigslist ad or something. People that drive 12 hours and 3 states away for one are fucking nuts.

>> No.5812169

but you're basically reenforcing my point that this can be reasonable. you guys are weird
see above

>> No.5812186

My local Mega Replay has much more space dedicated to Sony and Microsoft than they do Nintendo or SEGA. Maybe because anything starring bing bing wahoo or fairy boy gets picked up the same day they put it out. They usually get some great PSX/PS2 games in stock on a weekly basis, but every Nintendo system combined doesn't match PS2/OG xbox inventory.

>> No.5812191

>but you're basically reenforcing my point that this can be reasonable. you guys are weird

your shitposting is weak

>> No.5812197

Gamestop could have unironically saved gaming from being in the current shit state it is in. Gamestop should have had an anti digital distribution, pro physical copy campaign when Valve was pushing Steam and having their anti physical copy, pro digital brainwashing campaign.

>> No.5812204

>Yes they are, in a similar way VHS exclusive movies are: online for free.
People want physical copies. Let me guess, you pay for "Steam games"

>> No.5812797

Yes, saw this at an ebgames/gamestop at a mall on the weekend. There weren't even that many games in the pic, so I don't think they would have really taken up THAT much space to necessitate doing that. Get ready for gamestop to do that with retro stuff and completely miss the point about why boxed retro games are valuable and collectors items. They did it with DS games years ago so it's not a new thing.

>> No.5812839

In Japan this isn't a "thing." Game stores sell games. They aren't confined to a gen. When I visited, any game store I walked into had new and old.

>> No.5812863

Yeah, be wary of buying shit from GameStop. A buddy and I found a copy of Pokemon Heartgold at our local used game store. The cart was clearly a fake, but we only paid $15 for it. We went over to GS to see if they would take it, and we got double our money. If you're gonna go retro, stick to eBay or your local game store.

>> No.5812959

Only ones in touristy places like Akiba. Your average game store or Book-Off still has pretty reasonable prices for most stuff.

>> No.5813140

Damn, also /vr/ is gay i very much enjoyed FF8

>> No.5813146

God its the same with my Game Over Videogames, im lucky to find anything that isnt jeopardy or a sports title for Nintendo consoles

>> No.5813526

>I'm from /vr/
Where do you think we are?

>> No.5813815

Based on the reddit spacing I'm guessing the redditard thought he was still on reddit.
Yes. They really are that stupid.

>> No.5813824

Wait... Was there a time when they stopped selling used games? Because I remember this from the early 00's as well.

>> No.5813848

I've been to three Game Over Videogames in San Antonio and they were all terrible. Luckily here in Phoenix we have a Fallout Games and they ALWAYS have an amazing selection (shit ton of CIB and sealed) with solid prices because they give good trade in value, so there's always someone coming in and selling their retro shit to them. I once managed to buy a copy of Ultima VII in solid condition for $30. Blew my fucking mind. Also, just the other day I went in to buy some SNES games and some dude came in with CIB SNES RPGs (Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III, Secret of Evermore) to sell.

>> No.5813876

It sucks not having a collection on the shelf to impress people with, but I guess no one comes over anyway...

>> No.5813927

Having physical just feels better than looking at a bunch of thumbnails. Do it for you.

>> No.5813950

Why bother having physical if they're Chinese reprints?

>> No.5813974

Buy authentic duh. Theyre really easy to verify.

>> No.5813980

First postbworst post

>> No.5813986

I literally bought those pokemon games for less than what theyre asking for back in the day. I'm sure there are millions of extra carts laying around. I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere in a random warehouse on the coast there are dozens of unshipped pallets of those things.

>> No.5813987

Why is Pokemon Crystal almost twice as much as Silver? Is that normal?

>> No.5813993

Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum are each like double the GS/RS/DP price. No idea why.

>> No.5814014

Fuck. I was betting that the other 2 i haven't gone to would have something better. The only other retro place in town is some neckbeard faggot that jacks prices the fuck up

>> No.5814015

It's not an economically feasible decision for me right now. Maybe in ten years.

>> No.5814172

LMAO... I just traded in an entire binder full of PS4, XBone, and 360 games.

>Binder LMAO

>> No.5814179

Yea... they really could have, but Gamestop isn't what the stores it cannibalized were.

>> No.5814184

They're compilation releases. I don't even like Pokemon and I know that.

>> No.5814267

>a bunch of shitendo games
and nothing of value was lost.

>> No.5814348

I don't know your situation, but honestly you don't need to just go out and spend $1000 on building a collection in one go. You can always just take your time building a retro collection. My retro collection is worth $6,000 and I amassed it over 14 years with a meh job. I don't have kids or a wife though. The nice part is that a lot of the games I bought have doubled or even tripled in value.

>> No.5814364

You're better off just buying on eBay. Lots of good prices and great sellers. Plus eBay almost always sides with the buyer in case of disputes.

>> No.5814389

I got King's Field 2 and Star Ocean 2 CIB from them on my first order but every other game I've ordered from their online store has been disc-only.

>> No.5814479

I have games that are worth more than your entire collection. How funny.

>> No.5814789

>i larp more than the average child my age. how funny.

>> No.5814845

OG Xbox isn't collectible for the most part. So any multiplats are generally cheapest there.

So let's use Soul Calibur 2 as an example; I used to find it for between $18 and $22 for Gamecube, generally from $12 to $ 15 for PS2 and $8 or less on Xbox. For the same game.
And in almost all cases, multiplats ran better on Xbox (Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is an example of an exception, where the PS2 version is unquestionably better)

Xbox exclusives can be pricier, like Phantom dust, which used to go for $40, but those always sat on thelves for months before someone snatched them up. Almost all Xbox exclusives go the same way. They sit around for ages. Which makes negotiating a lower price much easier.

This is why when I want a game from that Gen, I see if there's an Xbox version.

>> No.5814850

To continue my point here, the reason for the lower prices, is that most people don't want or collect Xbox stuff. And many retro stores have so much Xbox stuff that they'll stop giving cash for anything OG Xbox, or even not take the stuff at all.

This is why so many reteo stores have more OG Xbox games than anything else.

>> No.5814872

No need to be jealous. Your shit collection of non-rare games and bullshit trinkets are just lovely I'm sure.

>> No.5814953

Any idea why people are anti xbox? If you are playing a game from that generation on a modern 4k set the Xbox version with a solid set of component cables is the way to go. Line doubled PS2 looks pretty good but no where near as good.

>> No.5814968

What exactly do you mean? If you mean why are people not interested, because working xboxes are rare, backwards compatibility is pretty spotty, and the cases are tacky.

If you mean why are people anti xbox brand, it used to be because Halo dudebros were annoying. Not really a thing anymore.

>> No.5815092

No one cares you giant faggot

>> No.5815104

Aren't Halo dudebros the main reason people here are resistant to allowing 6th gen consoles? If you can have the Xbox discussed on here, it means Halo and its fans will come.

>> No.5815109

I collect games that I actually play. I don't buy sealed and imports. That shits kinda gay.

>> No.5815116

I own PowerFest '94. Which is worth almost double your collection AND I play it. Funny how people come on here and brag about their mediocre collections. Any collection worth under $50,000 isnt much of a collection.

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File: 281 KB, 1200x1600, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't know working Xbox's were rare. I suppose it makes sense, there were many more PS2s and Gamecube is built like a tank.

I guess you are right about the cases. I actually prefer the greatest hits color for Xbox.

>> No.5815130

People think that
American = shitty
Japanese = better
Even now people don't wanna buy xbone even tho it's objectively more powerful

>> No.5815131

But /vr/ hates Nintendo

>> No.5815134

I got an Xbox it works. Clock capacitor meme

>> No.5815308

I need to get a hold of as many xboxes and my favorite games then. Your picture is one of my favorite video games.

>> No.5815803

Aren't there only like two of those in existence?

>> No.5815897

Maybe he owns one

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>Maybe he owns one
>Maybe he LARPS

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same reason why people would want to remember robocop vs terminator exists nostalgia, the nes fucked the dog hard in the uk and home computers like the spectrum and amstrad cpc took nintendos lost ground so manchildren have fond memories of sitting infron of a computer waggling their joysticks

>> No.5816219

Proof or fuck off

>> No.5816743

I dunno bud. My gold 1990 nes champ cart is pretty pricey.

>> No.5818801

>I dunno bud. My LARP is pretty faggoty.

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It's true, i bought earthbound cib when i used to work at minimal wage in retail, also i'm from a third world country, but i saved for two months and got it, done. I didn't have to spend too much on anything besides food, rent and house bills so i got the money quick.

>> No.5818952

>It's true, i bought earthbound cib just so i could larp about finding it in the trash

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