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Which one is more accurate: Super Mario World on virtual console (Wii), raspberry pi 3 b+ or Snes 9X on windows 10?

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Depends which settings you pick.

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if you're seriously this autistic about accuracy, then why aren't you playing on bsnes?

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I don't know which is more retarded, the OP's question or your answer.

Use real hardware, you idiots.

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how can I run bsnes on linux? Just extract and ./bsnes?

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You can get better accuracy (unrestricted by hardware problems) by emulating now, there are less glitches like slowdown can be fixed by overclocking.
Depends what your hardware is for the Windows 10 machine, but Raspberry Pi is better than Wii by a fair amount.

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git clone https://github.com/byuu/bsnes.git
cd bsnes
make install

You can use extra parameters for make like -j to use multiple cores.
Make install doesn't require root privileges in this case.

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just lol WOPs

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so make install -j?
what about Snes 9x? it looks like a hell to compile

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BSNES Accuracy core on hardware that can run it.

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For bsnes, there's Linux binary nightlies.
For SNES9x, look for a "nonfree" repository to install binary packages from. Linux devs autistically refuse to include it because it's noncommercially licensed.
bsnes and SNES9x are both easy to compile yourself on Linux, but on Windows hands down bsnes is far easier, just install msys and then repeat >>5808224 without the make install part.

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For instance you use "make -j4" if you have a 4-thread processor. If you have 6 threads use -j6 etc. You can do without but it may take a while.
The make install is only needed afterwards if you want to install the binaries instead of executing them from the folder where you compiled them.

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