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My kids are finally old enough to try video games so I'm looking for some retro games that promote progressive values. Are there any games that feature non-traditional families or stuff like that?

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Ask /v/

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I want my kids to play retro games though, I like the style more and I think they're higher quality. The problem is most of them seem pretty much geared toward cis-gendered straight men. I wonder if there's an overlap with any games being retro but still not bigoted. I want my kids to know it's ok if it turns out they're non-binary, for example, but it seems like most games make you choose a specific gender to play as.

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Cho Aniki

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Most old games dont really even have a story let alone a political stance.

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Faggots love the Nofrendo 69, it's the number one choice for future drag parents and blue check marks.

PlayStation was exclusively used by straight hwite men and East Aryans who later grew into hobbies like fucking women, racing cars, and studying STEM at a graduate level.

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Final fight

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Zelda II has a character that proclaims "I AM ERROR." You could explain that an error is a mistake, just like treating trans people like they're healthy or the mistake of giving the LGBT crowd the right to their degeneracy.

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>most games make you choose a specific gender
Like what, Centipede? IDK what your deal is dude but you sure remind me a lot of those Christian ppl back in the day that also had to have their "values" shoved into every piece of media they consumed.
Maybe just play a game of pong and stfu about what gender the little dots on the screen are supposed to be!

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lel, this

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No Christianity actually, my kids are being raised to know that religion is the opiate of the masses. Already got one phone call from an angry parent because my kid explained to his kid how Jesus and Santa aren't real.

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Why don't you just write fake manuals for all the games you let your kids play since you are intent on forcing them into your belief system and never letting them think for xerself? We all have to walk down the road of spiritual and moral understanding but your kids will have the added benefit of their weirdo atheist progressive helicopter parents to show them that the only right way is to agree with everything you say and have all your exact beliefs?

Fuck you idiot, go to hell

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Kill yourself.

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You don't need to be so hostile. I'm not trying to push my beliefs on anyone, quite the opposite, instead of being in the Christianity cult I want my kids to develop their own beliefs is all I'm saying. Just because you can't think for yourself doesn't mean you need to get angry and try to insult me. I want the best for my kids as I'm sure you do yours, if you have any.

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Nice frame job OP but he doesn't need any help making a fool out of himself here

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I'm not a Christian or a parent but I can certainly tell you that concealing other worldviews with which you do not agree will not help them learn anything. So instead of judging me or presupposing what my beliefs might be why dont you just let your kids play the games that are fun and stop being political about everything.

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Try modern games.

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>ITT: OP has a conversation with himself so as to facilitate his laugh out loud hilarious funposting

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I've shamefully done this many times (not on /vr/ though!).
Why are we humans like this.

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guys, this is obvious false flagging, baka

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I'm not pretending to be babbage gramps. He can use a tripcode if he wants a unique name.
It's my job to control what they digest at such a young age.
No, those are real replies. There are a lot of actual bigots in this world. That's why I made the thread after all, so my kids don't become that way too.

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He's probably the ghostbumpin autist

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Most likely, it IS babbage and he forgot to take it out when making this thread.

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>trying to reign it back in and fishing for anything to start it back up again
yawn, just let it die

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When your kids are no fun to play with and the other kids dont like them it will be your fault.

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Yeah, this was my actual assumption when I posted that

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Everything is political. Anyone who says otherwise is naive or disingenuous.

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Have a good life faggot I'm done talking to you.

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dudes, the ops name

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He's right though you dumb faggot. Believe what you want but everything has meaning, which is why it's especially important for us as parents to control what our kids are playing. Everything contributes to how they turn out as adults. Do you want someone who's going to help people and make the world better or an angry weeaboo cultist?

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discord homos at it again... hope this gets nuked,

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in ocarina of time your dad is a giant tree with a face

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And I'm loving every second of it.

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>everything is political
what are the political implications of this image?

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>le talk to myself through my computer and mobile device may may

Die in nuclear fire OP

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The burden of white structural racism (the rock) weighing down on the brown masses (the dirt). The grass is asians.

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>Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it’s pure and beautiful, and also because it’s bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they can not fully control it. Nature’s beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more.

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Your effort in response implies you're a crazy conservative.

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This thread violates a rule
Trolling outside of /b/.

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>Everything is political. Anyone who says otherwise is naive or disingenuous.

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You won't find anything. The edgyest retro games are tame in a world where zoomer babies are indoctrinated with tranny porn at school.

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Now, imagine /vr/ in 2050.

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I imagine people won't be making threads about GBA games because they are too recent

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Humanity won't survive till 2050. We will die out due to low population numbers and stress and the remaining rest will commit suicide due to some mistreated mental illness they've cut their own dicks off to cure.

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100% of historians disagree with you

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Kill yourself OP

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Africans keep breeding at ridiculous rates and show no signs of tapering off

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>Fag flag

Because there are no actual non-mental left-wingers, no centrists, and no right-ringers that are gay.

Do you bastards have to poison everything? You are reprehensible. Piss off, rape gang apologist. Eat shit and die, child abuser.

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>Fag flag

Because there are no actual non-mental left-wingers, no centrists, and no right-wingers that are gay.

Do you bastards have to poison everything? You are reprehensible. Piss off, rape gang apologist. Eat shit and die, child abuser. You are not wanted here. Go destroy another community/site.

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It's cute how you think you're edgy.

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Beat 'em and Eat 'em?


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Pointing out the irrefutable (everything the far-left touches, it destroys) is apparently edgy. Feel at liberty to go fuck yourself, you pansy bitch-faggot. And I am cute, actually.

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Stop posting this copypasta fegit.

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Pointing out the irrefutable (everything the far-left touches, it destroys) is apparently edgy. Feel at liberty to go fuck yourself, you pansy bitch-faggot.

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And you are equally crazy ResetERA faggot.

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Fuck me yourself, coward

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>clown username
>not realizing it's a shitposter false flag right away

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>6th gen thread deleted
>this stays

found your shitposting loophole.

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There isn't a cock girthy enough on the planet that could bang your well-used and abused fartbox, you fucking wretch. It would be like a toddler poking its little finger into the center of a recently collapsed star. Just kill yourself, retard. You're of use to no one.

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