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Is she, dare I say it, the worst character in the game?

>no level 3 techs
>no MT healing even though she's the designated healing character, something even Frog and Robo can do
>weak physical attacks, even Lucca's physicals are good if she has the Wondershot
>speed tags make Haste redundant

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She's cuter than Lucca at least.

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she's cute though

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Imagine the smell though

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i would shove my face right into her asscrack through that pencil thin gyspy dress to breathe in and taste that fat sweaty disgusting fart. my god. i give anything to breathe in her shit fumes.

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I don't know why I still come here.

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It's all samefag. Pass on by

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haste is baste

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Marle is such a pathetic creature. Despite being royalty, she is still human and poops just like any dirty peasant. Her smelly ass is just as embarrassing and shameful as the ass of any commoner.

What gives her the right to be a princess and live in a beautiful castle without working? What does it mean to be a "princess"? She's a dirty fucking human just like the rest. She's not entitled to special treatment. She poops, farts, sweats, has smelly feet... She is normal ass human. And yet, she is supposed to be special because she's royalty. Bullshit.

I hope Porre rebels, kills the king and shows the impoverished peasants just how disgracefully HUMAN the princess really is!

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The humanization (exposure of the human condition) of a princess is my fetish.

I hope Porre parades her around town, completely naked, stripped of any dignity, pride or honor as a human being. Forced to shit herself and clean it up with her tongue. Forced to vomit it all up, admitting that, yes, her shit stinks just like the shit of any other human, despite her being a princess. She's not special.

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Marle is a teenager, which means that she canonically has a hairy pussy and hair around her anus. She's no loli. She's a human being halfway through puberty!

I bet she looks real stupid with a hairy bush between her legs and a sweaty ass crack between her buttcheeks. A puckered, wrinkly anus! She is also old enough to grow armpit hair, but she lives in a time period in which shaving is not the norm. She has hairy armpits!

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These undeniable facts about her human condition only make her more attractive.

The idea that you can humiliate her anytime by simply reminding her and everyone about her shameful human condition.... That's hella lewd! Imagine Marle doing something really cool, or defeating a big monster, or inheriting the throne of Guardia as everyone in the kingdom praises her.. only for a kid in the audience to remind everyone that she's human and humans fart. Everyone would suddenly remember that and be consciously aware of it, losing their respect for this pathetic, smelly human they were conditioned to respect and call "princess".

Humans shit. And despite that, they dare have dignity and pride. Human girls even dare be cute and act like they don't even poop. That's what makes them such a pathetic species. Any other species in Chrono Trigger is either:

-A mindless animal that has no dignity to lose and can shit without worries. A cat, for example.

-A creature with human intelligence but a more pure, less dirty, less pathetic body devoid of bodily functions. Like the mystics. They have true dignity and honor.

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But she has Haste 2

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Why are you lewding her farts and poop (objectively disgusting things) instead of simply lewding the embarrassing FACT that she does those things?

Nobody is attracted to shit. People with a scat fetish are aroused by the pathetic, humiliating, degrading state of the girl taking a shit, being forced to engage in such a shameful act because she's human.

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The upsetting thing about anality is that it reveals that all culture, all man’s creative life-ways, are in some basic part of them a fabricated protest against natural reality, a denial of the truth of the human condition, and an attempt to forget the pathetic creature that man is. One of the most stunning parts of Brown’s study was his presentation of anality in Jonathan Swift. The ultimate horror for Swift was the fact that the sublime, the beautiful, and the divine are inextricable from basic animal functions. In the head of the adoring male is the illusion that sublime beauty “is all head and wings, with no bottom to betray” it. In one of Swift’s poems a young man explains the grotesque contradiction that is tearing him apart:

Nor wonder how I lost my Wits;

Oh! Caelia, Caelia, Caelia shits!

In other words, in Swift’s mind there was an absolute contradiction “between the state of being in love and an awareness of the excremental function of the beloved.”

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Those cute armpits, unfff.

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>not even Haste 3

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How can Marle even live with herself? Every single person she meets knows that she poops. And she knows that they know. And they know that she knows that they know.

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Just have Leene marry Frog. Once the paradox kicks in, she'll know no shame.

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>ever redundant in a boss fight

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I'm more into the fact that I'm sometimes so attracted to someone that I even love their shit

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She's a 15 year old teenage girl, so she isn't really aware of how shameful it is to have an ass despite being human and supposedly having self-esteem, dignity, honor, a public image and a reputation.

She just sees it as normal. "I poop, yeah, so what? I'm human". She doesn't realize that the very act of being a PERSON with hopes and dreams, with goals and aspirations, with friends and a social life... is incompatible with the shameful, dirty, smelly, disgusting human condition. She poops. Her armpits grow hair despite her being a cute girl. She has a pussy that can drive her mad with pleasure when touched in the right way.

Isn't that pathetic? Doesn't that undermine everything she is as a person, her dignity and the respect other people have for her?

Marle is pathetic. But she's too young and immature to realize it.

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anon I could break your neck irl and I'd feel nothing but obligation to clean up the mess you leave behind

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No what I should say is, anon, haven't you realized it, you don't self insert as the girl, you self insert as the shit

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Marle's HU-MA-NI-TY!

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Ohhh, nice scat analysis
So that's why I rettably like Usui's doujins yet I hate everything else remotely related to scat

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what the fuck is going on here

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>See the thread on the catalog has a bit more replies than last time
>Decide I wanna partake in the discussion now
>See this shit

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The mystics/fiends do poop.

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Why is the "humilliating human condition" shitpost in every board?

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>A puckered, wrinkly anus!
What did he mean by this?

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I feel you anon
wtf really

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>tfw mods deleted my desire for her BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP

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The mods are on a power trip lately for some reason.

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They can't face her human condition

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Thank god.

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If your final party wasn't Frog, Ayla and Robo, then you were a homo.

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So close
Cronin Ayla Robo, with a fuckload of magic and speed tabs on robo

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I always left Crono dead because fuck the silent protag meme.

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Probably because this board is becoming too much like /v/

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I will never understand this "even though we're exactly on 4chan, OUR board is somehow better than the average of 4chan"
We're all the same shitty website here

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>If your party wasn't Lucca, Magus and Frog, then you were a homo.

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The characters' individual strengths didn't matter much when bosses could be combo'd out with triple techs. The game wasn't that difficult or strategically balanced anyway.


We're not as underage as /v/. Simple as that. Still, crossboarding is an inevitable occurence.

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It's different intensities of retardation. Simple as that.

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Some boards are less shitty than others.

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Chrono Trigger is so easy that I can't believe you people argue about who is the best character.

The only character I straight up dislike from CT is Magus because he's a special snowflake that doesn't do dual techs, in spite of that being one of the selling points of the battle system.

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If your party wasn't Marle, Ayla, and Lucca then you were the true homo.

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Just because you might live next to a landfill doesn't mean you should shovel garbage into your house.

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All 4chan boards are created equal. But some boards are more equal than others.

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>all lesbian party
>not homo

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I'm true homo and that was not my party.

Robo, Magus, Ayla all the way.

>inb4 m-muh triple techs

They're trash.

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>all lesbian party
>implying they aren't your personal harem
You are the gay, anon.

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How can they be your harem if they don't know you even exist.

>> No.5524743

You just have to use your imagination a little.

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You still moved in next to a landfill.
They're still shitty.
But still somewhat underage.
Still retarded though.
Still just 4chan though.

Like you're welcome to throw it on some sort of gradient but you're still dealing with shitposting the likes of which you'll only really see here.
It's still just being retarded, shitty, whatever else.

But if mods dealt with one flavour they'd be expected to deal with all flavours. It's best to just not, instead.

>ANYTHING but Crono, Ayla, Frog

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>Still just 4chan though.
Just how underage does someone have to be to not get an Animal Farm reference?

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you're part of the problem. stop subjecting and grouping together people to avoid having to indiscriminately categorizing individuals. you're a lazy fuck, essentially.

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why must you lie to all these children her?

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I liked the OG trio best as characters.

Chrono, Marle, Lucca

Frog was my backup. Didn't really like the others much.

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Marle isn't that bad. Casting haste on any of the physical attackers nets in high damage output. Life 2 is also useful for a few of the end game fights where things get semi-challenging.

This was my when I first played the game. But since I've replayed it over the years I have made it a point to use the different combinations, and really all the combinations are viable, and there's some really strong double techs outside of just fire/ice sword 2.

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How is her name pronounced??

I've always pronounced her name as the third one.

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I've always said "Mar-ul," but my friend would say "Mar-lee."

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>Play Flame of Eternity
>those sections where you're stuck with Marle solo, because fuck you, that's why
>I could hear the modders sniggering behind the screen
>Lololololol you didn't expect this, did you, did you? Get fucked, faggot.
>I hope you grinded a LOT before getting to these sections, and learned at least Haste

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She's great for a low level run, with Haste and cure all techs she can keep the party alive. On a normal run she's not good at all, she slows you down when the best strategy is Crono, Robo, Ayla since they can do the most damage and are most durable.

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Superior white mage

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If Ayla's not in your party at all times, then you're a loser

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I usually use Mar-lee

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Marl. The e is silent. In Jap her name is マール Māru, short for or Marldia.

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Same. Sometimes I switch in magus and frog for Lucca and mar-lee

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Rosa is superior white mage, prob the best in all of squares RPGs...Yuna best summoner

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She is the only character that can deal 9999 in dammidge per attack to Lavos so she is the toppest of tiers.

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First run through I used ayla and marle ice Chuck thing double tech. It did pretty good damage, them and crono or magus was my main.

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>literally a palette swap of Purin from SOM/Seiken Densetsu II + Bulma from DragonBall
>no personality other than the "teehee girly-gurl luv interest of protag"
>"I is secretly a princess" cliche
>Basically the vidya version of dumb bimbo cheerleader Stacy

I agree with OP. And yeah Lucca is a far more interesting (and cuter) character.

On the other hand it's not like Crono himself is any better;
>cliche silent protag with no personality whatsoever
>can't fight w/o muh sword (another jrpg/fantasy cliche)
>design is based-off SSJ Gohan

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he ends up dying anyway

>> No.5531065

>tight teenage princess pussy in seethrough silk clothing

She's one of the best characters in the game, on par with Lucca and Ayla.

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lol no lucca is best girl by a huge margin

she is much more supportive and more of an actual friend though ayla does have those mommy vibes

>> No.5531080

The point was that she's a tight girl who is lusting for your dick.

>> No.5531094

Slurp kisses saved the future.

>> No.5531125

Who cares but can we agree that Frog is one of the best RPG characters of all time?

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They created her character as a stereotype of a useless woman.

>> No.5532569

Marle is fine early to mid game.
Robo is not that great until you get to steal speed tabs in the black omen.

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Help me I want to fill out the item list in the DS version but the monster arena stuff is the most boring thing I've ever done in a videogame.

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You eventually get the Haste Helm.

>> No.5533675

don't do it, life is too short

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Who gives a fuck? CT is for toddlers, gameplay and story alike, so it's not like you can't beat the game with any character. The protag also needs someone to bone, and neither Lucca nor Ayla are anywhere near being not disgusting.

>> No.5534195

Oh, yeah, I love stealing Power Tabs and Magic Tabs with her in the Black Omen.

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>Not knowing about Charm
>Not knowing about Dare
>Not knowing about Aura costing 01 mp and healig more than Elixirs
>Not knowing about Haste forever
>Not knowing about Ice Sword 02
>Not knowing about Antipode 03 - The Return of Fucking everything up with 4k damage
>Not knowing about Best Status effect on normal attacks
>Not knowing about best puss in game
>Not knowing about the fact she looks like Maran from my jr high and I pretended she was her and I was Crono
>Not knowing that I named Magus Francis, my bully from the same year in jr high
>Not knowing that I pretended Francis wanted to be her boyfriend so I challenged him to a fight in his mom's house (Magus Castle)
>Not knowing that I lost so many times to the point I actually felt emasculated by my bully even in a fucking video game
>Not Knowing that after my death, my bro Jason (The Frog) avenged my death by killing Francis in an epic showdown.
>Not Knowing Maran herself saved me from detention on school (Mountain of Woe)

Fuck off Zoomer

>> No.5535472

>naming the game's Chad after your bully


>crushing on a girl named Maran

b r u h

>> No.5535494

I named him just after the Frog cutscene where hes is turned into a frog. It looked like he was bullying a friend of mine. So it stuck.

>> No.5535507

>Lucca was my cousin
>Ayla was just ayla since I didn't knew any milfs at that time
>Robo was a fat friend
>Crono's cat was my dog, Punk.
>Crono's mom was my mom

Also, I was so autistic, that after Crono dies, I thought he was going to appear to free my friends from Dalton.

When he remained dead, I literally quit out of frustration.

I know you don't care for my silly stories. Go die by nigger aids you faggot.

>> No.5536898

>eternal jobber

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Name a better Chrono Trigger character

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wew anon...

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Mein negro

That's the chaddest party, magus can pour almost as much damage as double techs but faster and he even has a very good phy dmg, ayla is the best character for every party cuz strong phy dmg, charm and can provide secondary healing, robo has nice attack and is f'ing versatyle cuz heal beam.

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He posted a pic with a dialator and a pill bottle. He has to be a troll

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Ara ara

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Better than your tranny experience where you were rapped by your uncle

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