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If I wanted to do a score-run of Yoshi's Story, what would be the stages i have to choose in order to get the highest possible score?

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I couldn't even get a melon-only run in 1-1, too hard, has many melons you can only get once (like the race ones) or else you have to re-start the level.

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i got all melons until the last chapter, some of those melons are damn hard to get

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I don't get it. What are the requirements to do this "run"? You just get all the melons? A lot of them are just stop and sniff, what makes that any better than getting some other fruit. Why not have an all-cherry run? Oh I know why, because it's a fucking pointless idea to do that at all. What the fuck? Why not something actually engaging like a zero-hp run go fuck yourself

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Skip to 16 minutes and lose all hope.

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There are exactly 30 melons in each level and you get bonus points.
In order to get 30 any other fruit you need to go to a level that has an invincibility heart and respawning enemies in it, then ground pound over and over to turn them to lucky fruit.
This is only possible to do in a few levels

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I forgot to mention, there are only 15 "normal" fruit in each level so any other fruit besides the lucky trick fruit and melons will not work. Search for Lucky Fruit Run on youtube and you should see how it works.

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holy shit

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I was going to post some haha but it would feel forced with this already here

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By the way you get around 1000 more points from melons than lucky fruit. So melons are more profitable.

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Because the developers intentionally put exactly 30 melons in each level as an optional challenge. There's even a different level clear screen if you manage to do it (although, if by some miracle you manage to do it with any other fruit, you also get it).

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Also there's a text box that specifically tells you that

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Jes fo'get abouddit



Additionally I think that the Black and White Yoshis get double the points for enemies on top of double the points, so you better do melon run on Adventure using them.

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>30 melon-run on the fish level in the jungle chapter

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I don't... what...

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He's milking the fairy for nfinite points you fucking retard.

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The point is how depressing it is that that's involved.
What's the point anymore?

All the fucking way to 9999.

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Scoring is gay shit for mentally ill trannies.

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