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"Snek waifus" edition

Previous Thread: >>5404373
HoMM3 pastebin: https://pastebin.com/6G9B1cMA

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First for best girl!

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Why is there no Medusa specialist? Wouldn't that have been a better idea than fucking ballista or 350 gold?

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>Disliking heroes with 350 gold income
Let me guess... you don't play random maps, do you?

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>elixir of life + expert armorer + lvl24 armor specialization
why do these things have to happen when the game is already basically over *sigh*

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You don't play random maps, do you?

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>why do these things have to happen when the game is already basically over *sigh*
The obvious solution is to kill almost everything on a map like Barren Lands and reach level 40+. I swear to God, having a main with Logistics or Navigation specialty that can ride/sail over half the length of the map feels oh so satisfying.

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What's the best version of each mainline M&M game to play?
Are the SNES games fine?

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PC Master Race

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for 1-5 unironically MAC versions emulated
6-8 just get GoG copies they're patched already
don't play 9 or X

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My favorite factions are Dungeon and Tower, why does this say about me ?

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Depends on your heroes of choice

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prefer might heroes

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You probably only play against computer.

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people actually pvp in this game, the only time i remember doing that was with friends when i was really young

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Claiming Mephala

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Is it possible to claim someone else's wife?

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>Claiming Mephala
Whew, Jenova's still safe!

>Is it possible to claim someone else's wife?
Only if you beat them in a HoMM match.

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mephala is a lit ass bitch ngl famo

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Are any of the games through uplay decent? Sale on atm.

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>AI starts with 150 bone dragons
Seems a bit excessive, no?

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Rampart has the bulk of the waifus of course. While I'm saddened by the fact that Melodia's ability is pretty much an empty slot by the time she gets expert luck, I do love me some RNG and so I stand by her and hope to get some nice rolls in the early game.
Maybe she would have slightly more utility on a random map vs. a bunch of inferno towns?

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By the time you get there you can probably one shot their armies, it's a really big map. That said, I try to ltc all of the campaign maps, and when I got to that part I had to do a LOT of hit & run and AI manipulation. Good luck

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campaign or custom map?

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Why would you do such a thing to yourself? In all seriousness, I'd say that you buy Heroes V but it looks like you have to buy the full pack to get the Hammers of Fate DLC. If you don't give shit about that DLC, you can buy the base game and the Tribes of the East expansion for 3 euros a pop (or the equivalent of whatever currency your country is using).

>Rampart has the bulk of the waifus of course
Kinda funny how the best Rampart girl, Kyrre, is so often mistaken for a boy.

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I think 6 was the best of uplay heroes, but it's not a very popular opinion.

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Not him but it's one of the expansion campaign maps, specifically Corruption's Heart from the Price of Loyalty

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Kyrre looks nothing like a girl, what the fuck

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>Kyrre looks nothing like a girl
That's why I thought she was a dude for the better part of my childhood.

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I thought she was a dude up until now and always got confused why streamers referred to him as her
What in the fuck

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>sounds almost like Jehova
>the jevish god
>speciality is +350gold

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Every piece of art in this thread looks like shit. Especially your waifus.

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Why the fuck does a Russian artist have that fucking tumblrface on all of the characters
Why do they all draw like that can they not pick up a book on how to do portraits

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Now try to do the same for Aine, Caitlin, Clavius, Damacon, Gelare, Grindan, Nagash, Octavia, Leena.

>Every piece of art in this thread looks like shit
Sure it does >>5440621

>Why do they all draw like that can they not pick up a book on how to do portraits
Because it's a stylistic choice you dum-dum:

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The joke is that jenova is named almost like a jevish god, the rest aren't.

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>Pasis is a girl
The things you learn every day.

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>Kyrre still a manlet
Best waif isn't the hottest one I guess

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This is what you get for not reading blurbs about each hero.
But my favourite was being on an improv turney in late January. When discussing the results of the semi-finals, everyone started to give me strange looks when I kept referring to Kyrre with female pronouns. So I first bet a beer from everyone questioning it (the alternative was me buying beer to everyone).
Ended up squashed in said semi-finals, but still carried entire crate of beer back home.

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Well, I knew about Kyrre in fact.
I just barely ever play Conflux. I really don't care about this town.
I kept blanking on Pasis's name until I double-checked it in the Wiki. I only remembered her portrait, because due to a bug in the unpatched AB game this was Catherine's portrait, for some reason.

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>The joke is that jenova is named almost like a jevish god
Oh I understood the joke, I just teased you to try to do the same for others. Also, it's 'Jewish'.

>Best waif isn't the hottest one I guess
That's a valuable life lesson - plain-looking girls are usually better than the pretty ones.

>I kept referring to Kyrre with female pronouns
Funnily enough, they changed Kyrre's gender in HoMM IV.

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>Funnily enough, they changed Kyrre's gender in HoMM IV.
Well, you know what they say about them elves. You can never be too sure.

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la creatura...

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>I just barely ever play Conflux. I really don't care about this town
You are missing a lot of fun, then. Sure, it's universally banned on turneys, but when playing just for fun, it's a really nice experience, both due to units and the way how map is generated for you. OP as fuck if you know what you are doing (and even if you don't), but also weirdly relaxing

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i'm new to HoMM and MM which one should i play?

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MM6 and Homm2. Then whatever you want.

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>Also, it's 'Jewish'.
My bad, must've been a typo

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Don't mind me, just most based unit coming through

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Is there any way, mods included, to get golden golems as your town recruitment? Dunno, WoG option or something?
Don't get me wrong, Iron Golems are fine, but eventually they start to lag behind due to insufficient damage and Tower is already fucked enough in terms of raw damage

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My my... and here I was with my friends always joking how psych/magic elementals are just bunch of exhibitionists that flash in front of other units

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>Don't mind me, just most based unit coming through
The Chad Mighty Gorgon.

>Is there any way, mods included, to get golden golems as your town recruitment?
Not as far as I know. Golem Factory dwellings in HotA allow you to hire Stone, Iron, Gold and even Diamond golems but at different amounts (6/6/3/2 per week).

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I'll pass then. Was hoping for something stand-alone or at least customisable

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>Good luck
Thanks I'm starting to see how it might be doable, especially if they don't have mass haste.
My main issue now is lots of little things are accumulating to piss me off, like being offered basic leadership/luck/estates/eagle eye instead of expert logistics, and the fact that roads on this map are just illusions for some reason.

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What's the best version of HoMM1 to play? There is like a dozen floating the net and even on the site from where I usually take my oldies, there are three different versions.

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There aren't really any different versions, or rather, the differences between versions amount to bugfixes and hardware compatibility. The latest copy from GOG should be fine, as far as I remember they put the higher sampled soundtrack in the game which is one of the most obvious differences you might encounter.

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Am I best off starting with Xeen or 6? I always thought 6 was commonly agreed as the best in the series but recently I've seen a lot of complaints directed at it for being a tedious slog.

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It's not like WoX is much less tedious or anything. Xeen and VI are both best representations of their type of gameplay, you pick WoX if you want the oldschool blobber and VI if you want the best version of fantasy Doom they've made. Well, some would argue that VII is better, and perhaps it's more refined, but it's nearly not as soulful.

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Reanimating the thread with my Necrowaifu!

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Got any art of Voy?

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>Got any art of Voy?
There actually is thanks to Deviantart!

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>all this waifuposting in this thread
Fine. I'm going to post my husbando too.

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I actually liked Markal - his Death Lord special (All neutral undead creatures will want to join) combined with Diplomacy and Herald of Death (neutral creatures joining the army are automatically transformed into the undead creatures of their respective level) can be surprisingly potent at times. Not only that but it's fun having heroes that don't follow cookie-cutter builds and aren't outright overpowered (think Arantir with his Avatar of Death spell). That's why I liked Ornella - she starts off with a Fallen Knight ability which prevents her from getting the ultimate (unless you respec like a pussy) but it fits her story perfectly.

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Not to mention his personality - he's probably my personal favorite from 5, and would probably make it to my top5 favorites from all games. I miss him.

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How did you get the game to be that resolution with the UI that size?
When I try to play it in 1080p the UI is so small it's unplayable

>> No.5447727

Install unofficial HD patch and don't change default resolution in it, it's already set for fullhd.

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Yeah I have it but everything is small as fuck for me

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You probably changed resolution in launcher.
Default value was 830x664 iirc, set it.

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Golem Factories are not HotA unique at all. There's a vanilla scenario that has a ton of them and you can get hordes of Gold/Diamond golems at the middle of the map.

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Change the render resolution here

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For some reason it was set to 32 bit true for me instead of GDI

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>Not to mention his personality
Yeah, him, Godric, Ylaya and Kujin feel like they actually exemplify the faction they belong to.

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best lizard.

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you really like magic

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female aragorn a best

>> No.5448110

heroes of might, magic, & markets 1000?

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>best lizard
And best witch with the most useful specialty after Andra's Intelligence one.

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Started mm6

>paladin cleric sorc sorc
>Get 1000gold from guy in tavern
>Haha time to buy some armor
>Buy leather armor for everyone
>They cant equip them because no leather skill
>Try to find the temple to the NW of new sorphigal
>Theres alot of goblins and mage
>Party gets overwhelmed as fuck

What should i do? Would better stats attribution in the start have helped?
Should i have taken leather skills for everyone?

On the web there are some guides about what to do in the beginning, go someplace train some skill etc, but that seems kinda too much information as i want to find this game out for myself

How do i kill those goblins

>> No.5449568

>1k+ level 7 units

i can't stand this shit.
I don't think i ever got to amass a hunred of level 7s.

>> No.5449571

r u srs m8? I guess without armor it gets hard but you can always lure them to corners or get to the other side of some obstacle and kill them all with bows.

>> No.5449805

later in the game you'll be able to handle actual fights, but the strategy for the begging is

step 1. every singe dude needs to have a bow skill
I think you can learn it at some Castle Ironfist guild close to stables if some charcters don't have it
step 2. acquire bows for every single dude
step 3. backpedal and shoot
step 4. repeat step 3

PS also you should go for the goblin castle first, temple is not easy
PPS since you have 2 sorcs, good beginner spells can be bought at misty islands, but they are pricey for this part of the game

>> No.5449812

I'm not sure you understood.
I'm looking for a way to get a steady supply (read: in town) of golden golems on random maps. I know the on-map golem factories are a thing, but the problem is, they are rare, they are unreliable and unless you have any mod allowing to stack units in on-map locations, it's also almost impossible to use said factory even at low efficiency.
In other words - looking for a mod that would allow to upgrade the factory in the town for the 2nd time, so it would churm out golden golems instead. Can be on smaller growth rate, don't care, but let there be a way to upgrade your iron golems eventually

>> No.5449820

>Buy leather armor for everyone
Is it even worth to use body armor and shields in this game? They require fuckton of skillpoints to remove speed penalty but don't provide all that much protection compared to high tier boots/helmets and master light HoP with Guinevere and ring of Light Magic.

>> No.5449839

As already covered by other anons: get bows. For everyone. And then kite the shit of your enemies. It's the only way that's both efficient and in the same time doesn't rely on outright breaking the game with bugs and exploits nor is so OP it allows to just cruise throught the early game.

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Which MM game would you recommend first for someone who is very much into RPGs and blobbers, but could never get into MM series? 6 or 7? Any tips?

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How deep have you delved back in the day?

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How do I git gud at mapmaking? I'm having difficulties keeping every player balanced without the map looking too symmetrical.

>> No.5450138

that Medusa is hot

>> No.5450149

Depends on what you want to do with the map. It's difficult to have an MP-aimed map without at least some sort of symmetry. Try breaking it up into zones and calculating how long it takes to get to important places. Think of a progression path through the map, like where you expect the player to go and how long it should reasonably take. You can have a functionally similar zone of a different shape than the one opposite if at the end of the day it takes the same time to clear them both.

>> No.5450285

if you are already into blobbers try either MnM 4-5 or MnM 7
MnM 6 is imo the comfiest, but it's a poor game when it comes to RPG mechanics, so you might dislike it

>> No.5450378

Is this place safe, beyond the reach of the IVfag and his autistic complaints?

I just want to talk about heroes without it devolving into arguments like it does on /v/

>> No.5450409

It's relatively safe, in fact majority of pwople hates any game above 3(with the exception of 5 maybe)

>> No.5450420

>Is this place safe, beyond the reach of the IVfag and his autistic complaints?
Probably not but thanks for informing me there's an active HoMM thread on /v/.
>I just want to talk about heroes without it devolving into arguments
I'd say /vr/ is generally a pretty chill place and people here are seemingly less prone to starting or being engaged in pointless arguments.

>> No.5450480

feels like home already

It's about as terrible as possible. IVfag is copypasting his same shitty arguments and wojaks and people are still falling for it

>> No.5450510

A poll, vote for how as many as you like. Please don't start wars over this, i'm just curious of the general opinion.

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Personally i only played III and it was one of first games i did play, never wanted to on earlier or later games just stuck with III and with HotA expainsion/mod, i genuinely enjoy it and find it fresh to this day, especially as a casual player of the game, since i still discover some new mechanics and ways of playing i haven't used before. It's still very much a comfy game i play while listening to some albums or just late at night when i got nothing to do. It's definitely one of my favorite games that i always enjoy coming back to

>> No.5450652

For me it's gonna be III>II>V>I>VI>the rest.

I guess I had more fun with VI than I had with IV. Sue me.
Kinda surpised V is so high on the list. Positively though. I like this game.

>> No.5450669

>are just illusions for some reason
You sure? In the screen attached 3 last tiles are in swamp, and you carry halflings which you presumably hadn't unloaded overnight.

>> No.5450673

Voted first five, didn't play the two last.

>> No.5450682

I'm surprised so few voted for h1.

>> No.5450692

Yeah, it is surprising, but I guess I kinda see why.
HoMM I is pretty rough around the edges nowadays. And HoMM II is a straight up upgrade in all regards. It does everything HoMM I does but more and better.

But honestly, HoMM I was my introduction to Heroes and I didn't like it all that much even then. It was with HoMM II the series started to click with me.

>> No.5450806

H2 makes H1 100% obsolete.

>> No.5450843

I just wish they kept the based rogue design from 1 in the other games

>> No.5450949

Thoughts on 5.5 skill system?

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I unloaded them overnight, didn't realise I could've used a phoenix to make it until today though.
Here's a clear cut example, as if it wasn't bad enough that the army I glimpsed didn't even contain half the bone dragons they actually had.

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>Thoughts on 5.5 skill system?
I have to admit I played the vanilla version of Heroes V plus the two expansions, so I have no idea what kind of changes were implemented in that mod. However, from what I've read about it, they removed Arcane Omniscience and Absolute Protection ultimates which I'm against.

>> No.5451395

The hamburgler?

>> No.5451402

As mentioned, get bows. Read the fucking pastebin.

>> No.5451407

I played that game a lot and was never aware of ultimate abilities, and of course it's extremely unlikely that you'd just stumble into one.
Are they only really feasible to attain in campaigns?
Can't imagine accumulating all those skills on any of the scenarios in vanilla ToE.

>> No.5451506

>Are they only really feasible to attain in campaigns?
Yep, I managed to get the ultimate skills for Inferno, Fortress, Academy, Necropolis and Stronghold (the Haven one was shit so I didn't bother and I've never managed to get the Sylvan and the Dungeon ultimate).
>Can't imagine accumulating all those skills on any of the scenarios in vanilla ToE
I think I almost managed to get enough experience in one Sylvan scenario but shitty roll prevented me from getting the ultimate.

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File: 1.29 MB, 1600x860, maps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks very much for the advice anon!

I'll keep this in mind. Also maybe roads can even out the bigger zones with the smaller ones.

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5 would be god tier if it wasn't so excruciatingly SLOW. Especially compared to 3 and 4. Everything takes too long to do...

>> No.5451734


Will get bows when i find the trainer but in the meantime was able to get globin watch code and the party is lv3.

Based static charge

>> No.5451749

Their reasoning for messing with Ultimates was that they're too heavily leaning towards a certain hero playstyle while their goal was to let you play magic, might or mixed hero without sacrificing skill progression. I'm not familiar with 5 enough to tell how their new system comes together in the end though which is why I'm curious about opinions from more experienced 5 players.

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File: 565 KB, 1024x768, moddbh55brws.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>5 would be god tier if it wasn't so excruciatingly SLOW
Let me introduce you to Heroes 5.5 then:

>which is why I'm curious about opinions from more experienced 5 players
Well, I only played the campaigns so the skills not being balanced wasn't too important to me. However, I can see why would they revamp the skills.

>> No.5451897

use stables to safely travel to castle ironfist and back. trainer should be close to stables at castle ironfist

>> No.5451915

MM7 replay guy here:

It's all going well now. I have spear/sword master on my Black Knight now, and he tears open aarseholes now. My rank 2 Monk also has master Unarmed, combined with rank 8 Hammerhands, and he rips and tears.

Priest is doing ok, but I kinda just have her on autocast heal to keep her and the Wizard up. Wizard has Lightning Bolt as her quickcast, and does upwards of 30 damage a shot. I'm so underwhelmed by fire magic, as it just doesn't seem very good. Especially compare to how fucking powerful air magic is, combining Fly and Invis. I'm making limited forays into Titan's Stronghold with Invis, clearing out all the super strong loot I'm finding. I got the perfect bow, but nobody to use it with- it'd be good if I had an archer of course.

I'm a little concerned about upgrading to Ninja/Lich. I tried the tomb as a Ninja, and the Vampires straight up KILLED my party in about 5 seconds, so I'm worried I won't be able to get Disarm master for a long time. Lich also seems fucking WELL HARD from what I've read, but I'm desperate for that sweet undead skeleton avatar.

Oh, side question: I'm really liking the look of the HOMM games, but I've never actually played one. Which would you lads say is the best one to ease me in gradually? In the past I've adored King's Bounty: TL and Age of Wonders 3. I don't know how similar they are, but they look close at least

>> No.5451943

Heroes chronicles.

>> No.5451960

Is there anyone else who actually really liked the new universe and wishes we got some more of it?

>> No.5451971

HoMM 2 or 3 preferably - those are the most solid installments. I guess H3 is slightly less difficult and more straightforward than HoMM 2, so maybe try this one first.
H1 is obsolete and some would say not that good of a game, 4 is a mess - ambitious one but a fucking mess nevertheless, 5 is decent, but heavily flawed - not to mention it takes place in a brand new universe. It gets much better with all the patches and expansions.

>Age of Wonders
I like you, you know?

>> No.5451974

>Age of Wonders

Hey that was a GREAT game right? Super unique, and I loved the actual proper combat

>> No.5451981

I want to say it had potential but it really didn't. It feels artificial and immature, and just plain uninteresting. The schizo portrayal by Ubisoft's socpol writers where empire of light is always populated by inquisitors and backstabbers, wizards are all into eugenics but orcs are always noble savages, necromancers who meddle with dead flesh are keepers of peace and Inferno, well, they're just straight up gentlemantly and virtuous. I'm not making any of this up, this is consistent characterization throughout Ubi's take on the IP. Aside from that it never looked particularly visually interesting, it doesn't really elevate itself above your average DnD/Warhammer ripoff.

>> No.5451987
File: 112 KB, 640x480, ss_08c1f2093f99b4fbf3b79493edf2324280971255.1920x1080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. I think AoW 3 is definately a peak game in the franchise - with customizable heroes with different races/classes combos (there is something cathartic about creating an elf dreadnought leader and gunning down treehuggers with the power of science), fun combat, city developments and just the amount of shit to do on the map.
But I will always love AoW 1 for its uniquely cozy artstyle and story. It had this unrepentant high fantasy feel.

>> No.5451997

What changes would you make to improve it? aside from firing the entire writing team
Do you think it could be fixed if they had more ways of expanding their world?

>> No.5452003

Start by designing the game first and writing the story to frame it later? A whole bunch of game design decisions that are bad in 6 and 7 were informed by the desire to conform to the setting they came up with, that's not how you should ever make video games. You could call old Might and Magic settings generic, but that was their strength because it allowed to utilize existing game pieces to tell all sort of various stories rather than hit those TEAR OF ASHA! DRAGUNS! SHEOGH! MUH TUIDHANA! MUH ORC FREEDUMS! buttons on repeat. The whole thing is backwards.

>> No.5452009

Not him, but I don't think it can be fixed that easily at this point. But still, first and foremost, they should create a consistent universe. Figure out whether you want to be classical Forgotten Realms or deconstructive Warhammer. Because at this point the writing sits on the fence not knowing what it wants to be. Then make sure this universe feels believable and lived it. At this point it all feels very arbitrary. Can you name any country or a nation in this universe? Focus on worldbuilding and make this universe feel like a coherent universe.

>> No.5452012

Not him, but I can name nations and majority of the noble houses of the griffin empire for some reason.

>> No.5452019

I can certainly name some of them because I did play the games but I wouldn't say I give half a fuck.

>> No.5452023

>Start by designing the game first and writing the story to frame it later?

I think that's exactly what they did with HoMM V. They've created a bunch of towns slavishly aping HoMM III - and only HoMM III (did we really need griffins and angels in Haven again? What was wrong with paladins? Why again a demon faction?) instead of coming up with their own faction and unit ideas that would feel unique to their game and then tried to make sense of this "not-Erathia-meets-Warhammer" with predictable results.

>> No.5452027

>coming up with their own faction and unit ideas that would feel unique to their game
Why would they bother with HoMM licence then? Just make a homm clone with donut steel factions and units.

>> No.5452038

Brand recognizability and legitimacy. It gives you a headstart. And you can avoid a stigma of being called a "Heroes clone" by a gaming press and a potential lawsuit, by being a "legit" Heroes game.
It's not like Ashan has anything to do with Enroth or Xeen anyway.

>> No.5452047

>you can avoid a stigma of being called a "Heroes clone" by a gaming press and a potential lawsuit
I dunno, did people call Age of Wonders "Master of Magic clone" back in the days?

>> No.5452073

At least by those who knew that MoM existed once upon a time.

AoW was also called "HoMM clone" quite a lot for some reason, because some people's knowledge of fantasy TB strategies begins and ends with Heroes.

>> No.5452075

It's like each of those games has a very, very strong point and some serious downside in the same time:
AoW was pretty and unique, but also lacking in gameplay department
AoW2 had great combat and unit variety, but the campaign was just fucking boring
AoW3 finally has randomly generated maps, making multiplayer feasible, but everything else is meh now.
So I guess we need AoW4 that's going to combine all the elements into a single game. Probably somewhere in 2040.

>> No.5452081

I have seen people calling Disciples "HoMM clone". I mean, if anything, it's more like a mix of MoM and Ogre Battle.

>> No.5452128

>And you can avoid a stigma of being called a "Heroes clone" by a gaming press and a potential lawsuit, by being a "legit" Heroes game.
Let me get this straight:
You assume it's actually better to pick and established franchise, make a run with it and - predictably - get shit on for doing exactly that than make your own game, maybe even make it good (ha ha ha) and potentially get praise for being "spiritual successor" or some other shit?
I guess blockheads like you are in management of video game companies, given how the whole "reboots nobody asked for" thing is going for past decade

>> No.5452139

I want a new heroes game but i want it to be good.

>> No.5452142

I guess I can agree with AoW 1. I love this game to bits, but after some time you start to feel that there is not all that much to do in this game. You have your barebones city management, unit production and spell research. And that's it. Thankfully, next installments improve upon that significantly. Especially AoW3.
My only gripe with AoW3 is that you can easily run out of stuff to build and research during some XXL map plays, and the game becomes a repetitive, bloated grindfest.

As for AoW4 - there is AoW:Planetfall in the works. It looks like a sci-fi reskin of AoW3. Even leader animations are the same. So we'll see how this is going to turn out.

>> No.5452153

I never said it's a good idea in the long run. Tomb Raider proves this point painfully clear. But if you want some quick and easy buzz for your game, riding on a back of an established franchise is a legitimate option. Because what sounds better for a potential normie customer - a "spiritual successor for a Heroes game" made by some noname studio or a "new Heroes of Might and Magic installment"?

>> No.5452157

I strongly dislike AoW3 for abandoning a lot of things that made previous two games stand out as unique stuff. I also have a big gripe over the new city management, because it turns out into extremely watered down Civ game with those resource and other special tiles, meaning you can't just place city whenever, or it will be extremely unproductive, rather than having normal, productive cities AND a possibility of getting special bonus.
And combat peaked at AoW2, which is a damn shame.
All in all, 3 feels like a LOT of potential that went into all the wrong directions and ideas. Shame. The only reason why I keep playing it is random maps. Should AoW2 have random maps, I wouldn't touch 3 at all

>> No.5452160

Me too.
I would be happy if the next company was to burn it all down to the ground, go back to the planning room and rethink what makes Heroes as a franchise work, instead of just trying to mindlessly copy HoMM 3. And then start with a blank slate.

>> No.5452162

>Tomb Raider proves this point painfully clear. But if you want some quick and easy buzz for your game, riding on a back of an established franchise is a legitimate option.
Tomb Raider is the prime example of my point:
They would have considerably easier time if they made it as "Molly Wright, Artifact Hunter" and essentially coast on being "just like Tomb Raider, but different". Instead, they ended up under extremely heavy critique for taking an establishing franchise and removing from it everything that made it good, just to coast on the franchise recognition itself. On the other hand, there are projects like Black Flag, which could be a legitimate, stand-alone pirate game, and maybe even a franchise launcher on its own, but some moron decided to still make it part of Ass Creed franchise, in a decision so heavy-handed, it's even lampshaded few times in the game itself, so it's clear what the devs were thinking about sticking to the franchise for no real reason other than ill-percieved "recognition"

And to normie HoMM series is that old-ass franchise from the 90s, anon. The later games, due to being so fucking bad, pretty much destroyed any value the brand had for non-established fandom.

>> No.5452180

why Might and Magic is so obscure compared to Heroes?

>> No.5452181

All the critic of nuTR comes from old fans who's very few nowadays, journies loved nuLara games.
I'm sure if not for famous title, these games would have flopped.

>> No.5452193

Idk about others, but as a person who never played doom or anything similar, i simply can't understand how are you supposed to play it.

>> No.5452213

Not really. Journos liked the 2013 game well enough - a big hype surrounding it definately helped - and you know how easily impressed reviewers are, when it comes to money and AAA titles - but players were a bit less receptive.
Because 2013 TR had quite literally nothing to do with old TR games, aside from main character being British. But I guess that was a "fresh take".

And things went downhill with the next two installment, when everybody realized that this is very much the same 2013 game on repeat. Even the story was identical. And now it flopped, the franchise is in creative limbo and fans loudly shout that they want old, colorful Lara back.

>> No.5452224

Old-school RPGs - especially blobbers - were always very niche games, that required a lot from the players. HoMM was simply much easier to get into, despite being a different genre. Same thing happened with Warcraft and WoW.

And ironically MM 6&7 - two installments which were supposed to be streamlined for general audience, had to compete for the players with that other game called Baldur's Gate - that was released at the same time. Three guesses how it turned out.

>> No.5452230

You managed to be wrong in four different regards within a single sentence. But the other anon already covered most of them.
And those games (not the 2013, but the next two) DID flop. And flop hard. The 2013 avoided flop solely because they've bounced back thanks to next batch of hype.
The point still stands - those games could be literally whatever, content-wise, because their driving force was absolutely MONSTROUS marketing campaign. Rise didn't have marketing that big and it flopped. Shadow almost didn't have marketing at all and it flopped before it got even panned thanks to the Black Friday sales bullshit.
So... Molly Wright, Artifact Hunter.

>> No.5452232

Also, what's even the point of picking franchise which you assume only "old fandom cares about" and with that logic in mind, relaunch it for completely different audience? It only further makes it pointless to stick to the franchise, because you aren't even trying to aim the game at the target of said franchise.

>> No.5452243

Lara Croft is one of the most popular characters among people who never played vidya, thanks to two hollywood movies.
A lot of people know this trademark, but have no idea what exactly it contains, famous name will sell anything better, what is it so ambiguous here?

>> No.5452268

>So... Molly Wright, Artifact Hunter.
You mean Uncharted.

>instead of just trying to mindlessly copy HoMM 3.
HoMM 3 is a good start. It was the last game that worked. There's no need to discard the foundation just because it's old, you have to build on it, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. It's something Worms games never understood always rewriting the physics anew.

>> No.5452285

Those movies were respectively 12 and 10 years old when the nuLara happend. So they are appealing to - wait for it - old fandom.
And the popularity of the franchise in the 90s vs the popularity in 00s and ESPECIALLY the recognition and popularity it had in 10s is ridiculously out of proportions.
Maybe, just maybe, it was an all-around stupid idea to make that reboot?

But with tits, of course.
As for "HoMM3" as a base - it's a dead-end approach. Every single game since IV tried to be like III. Results were poor at best, god-awful at worst.
Instead, the sensible thing would be to understand what worked in HoMM3 and pick that (but not just copy 1:1).
And what worked?
MASSIVE replayability
Well-written campaigns with interesting characters (that's something that IV did even better)
Good atmosphere
Having unique setting
Graphics that didn't look like vomit

So what HoMM3 clones do? Generic campaigns with generic characters, while each faction is generic drivel more and more rooted into the "Standard Generic European Medieval Fantasy" schlock. Something that not a single game under NWC did, because at best, they had Castle for that, rather than entire game. And all of it looks like shit, while the AI is getting dumber with each game.

>> No.5452304

>Results were poor at best, god-awful at worst.
Sure, but that's because they were just badly made, not because they had the same basic mechanics, in fact all fun parts of 5-7 come exactly from what 1-3 pioneered.
>Well-written campaigns with interesting characters (that's something that IV did even better)
Campaigns should be well-designed, not "well-written". Fuck that noise, gas all idea guys.

>> No.5452349

>S P A Z Z
>M A T I C U S
I'll raise you one Half-Dead. Your move, contrarian.

>> No.5452351

And I add Pirate's Daughter to the stake.
I've also have remaining campaigns
But sure, let's talk about a throw-away campaign from an expansion made when the company was already closed, what could possibly go wrong with your credibility, you stupid piece of shit

>> No.5452357

The main game campaigns were good imho

>> No.5452362

... can I laugh? Should I?
5 fags are already confusing, but anyone claiming anything good about 6 or 7 is a fucking troll, no exception.

>> No.5452368
File: 90 KB, 500x501, 317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Campaigns in 2-4 were BOTH well-written and well-designed. 4 peaked in terms of both, despite being half-finished game.
Campaigns in 5-7 were neither and the horrible, horrible writing of 6 was what made that game even worse and insufferable.

>> No.5452383

>There's no need to discard the foundation just because it's old.
I don't mean that. I don't wish them to reinvent the wheel for no reason - IV did that and we all know the rest. But I don't wish them mindlessly copying the formula of III over and over again just because "it works". V did it - IMO to its detriment.

What I would like from the new development team is to take a good, long look at the 3DO/NWC games - yes, even IV, because there were good ideas there - and try to figure out what makes this franchise work. Then reboot it. Come up with some new ideas.
Maybe a higher level of customization of the town?
I for one liked the idea of alternate upgrades from V - less so the execution. What if we combine it with alternate tier units from IV? For instance Warlock could choose between gargoyles, troglodytes and assasins as a tier 1 unit with multiple upgrades. Or a Knight picking between Angels and Paladins for instance. This may have some interesting tactical implications. The Leader creation system from AoW 3 was a neat idea - with player being able to pick a race and a class of a Leader and that had huge impact on available units and town abilities. Wonder how would that work in HoMM series. There is much you can do with the formula if you think outside the box.

>> No.5452428

Yeah. It looks cheesy which is why I love it. The rogues in 2 and 3 look like generic theif characters from a game of DND

Plus the rogue in 1 just straight up shanks people

>> No.5452476

> Warlock could choose between gargoyles, troglodytes and assasins as a tier 1 unit with multiple upgrades
To do that they would have to reduce the amount of factions like they did in 4. It's just not possibly to create so many unique creatures, each one of which havijng unique abilities, with multiple upgrades, one of which also granting additional exclusive abilities to the table.

>> No.5452490

Black dragons are sexy

>> No.5452498

One of the things I hated about the alternate units was that you can't change them. If you know exactly what your opponent has then you can sort of plan ahead but you can really fuck yourself over and lumber yourself with a useless unit. I'm not saying you should be able to do it easily, have it take 3 days or lots of money, but it should have been possiblr

And aside that, the balance was horrendous on some of the choices, like vampires or venom spawn.

You're right though, unless they make some fairly generic alternates you'd probably have to smash factions togethet like 4, which everyone would hate again

>> No.5452531

Well, it all depends on the budget of the game. It's not impossible- have some faith. Heroes game offered shitton of varieties of units throughout the series. So 3 low-tier alternatives (let's say one of the is a flying unit, another is ranged and yet another is a melee) and 2 high-tier alternatives for let's say 6 factions are not out of the question IMO. They would just need to balanced in a way that it feels unique to a given faction - so you don't have this feeling that Castle plays the same as Dungeon.
But again - that's just a freeform idea that I came up on the spot.

>> No.5452590

> AoW3 finally has randomly generated maps, making multiplayer feasible
> The only reason why I keep playing it is random maps. Should AoW2 have random maps, I wouldn't touch 3 at all
What? AoW:SM (AoW2 with add-on) has random maps.

>> No.5452595

>The main game campaigns were good imho
Partially. Not all of them are very interesting and megabytes of text do not a good story make.
At least 7 had some neat ideas to its skill system and AOC, the final product is bad, but it's not without its merits, and you can enjoy what's there for what is there, even if it's not any better tha other entries in the series.
>horrible writing of 6
Opinion invalid, character writing was the ONLY fucking good thing in 6.
>V did it - IMO to its detriment.
Considering how much V changed creature lineups and abilities not to mention the entire skill system you've yet to explain how picking up the basic framework from III was a mistake.

IVfaggotry needs to die.

>> No.5452624
File: 177 KB, 516x1547, good_morning__raelag__by_voidvcat_d9w8qsq-pre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like both IV and VI and i think they're good games.

>> No.5452658

4 is my favorite, why does everyone seem to hate it?

>> No.5452661

You could look through this very thread to see that opinions are at the very least polarized.

>> No.5452927 [DELETED] 

Lets see

AI is dumb due to pathfinding not working properly (meaning they will simply not flag some mines/dwellings/treasure even when unguarded) and absurd neutral stack growth on higher difficulties (makes harder for you and for the dumb AI, you'll often find that the AI killed its own hero/army on a neutral stack), they can't use potions, they always build the same buildings (creature dwellings). They will duck in their castle even with an absurd army and even if you show up with a level 1 hero alone they sometimes will simply ignore you and won't attack. I have never seen AI attacking a guarded castle.

No more hero specialty, combat skill is a must otherwise your hero will get one shot by even low tier units (shooters/flying/casters mostly)
No random maps, editor has a lot of landscape and cosmetic choices but little adventure objects.

Yea multiplayer might be fun and i know the game was released on alpha but still i cannot forgive some of the mistakes made by it. I could have been a great game, but it's not.

>> No.5452936

Lets see

AI is dumb due to pathfinding not working properly (meaning they will simply not flag some mines/dwellings/treasure even when unguarded) and absurd neutral stack growth on higher difficulties (makes harder for you and for the dumb AI, you'll often find that the AI killed its own hero/army on a neutral stack), they can't use potions, they always build the same buildings (creature dwellings). They will duck in their castle even with an absurd army and even if you show up with a level 1 hero alone they sometimes will simply ignore you and won't attack. I have never seen AI attacking a guarded castle.

No more hero specialty, combat skill is a must otherwise your hero will get one shot by even low tier units (shooters/flying/casters mostly)
No random maps, editor has a lot of landscape and cosmetic choices but little adventure objects.

Yea multiplayer might be fun and i know the game was released on alpha but still i cannot forgive some of the mistakes made by it. I could have been a great game, but it's not.

>> No.5452980

Never played SM.
Now I feel like an imbecile.

>> No.5452986

have you ever played master of magic?

>> No.5453006

Nope. Just vanilla AoW1-3

>> No.5453065

>No random maps, editor has a lot of landscape and cosmetic choices but little adventure objects.
I can't fathom why nobody brings this up.
H4 is severely lacking in interesting map objects that aren't cloned skill/spell ups so its strong scripting goes almost completely wasted. You can definitely see it in campaigns where the maps are just really often boring and bland.

>> No.5453127

Play Shadow Magic with the unofficial fan patch. Like 50% of the improvements in 3 were taken directly from the patch. I say SM with the patch are peak AoW.
I miss buffing my units from the overworld. It really added so much depth to the races and allowed for greater variety between each race outside of generic +1 attack -1 defense garbage.

>> No.5453396

Fire magic is crap, but I think we told you that. Your main damage spells are sparks and poison spray until Shrapmetal which scales so absurdly everything else becomes a joke.

The Lich promotion is super easy. Get to Celeste and clear out the first room so you can cast Invisibility as needed. All you do is run into the Walls of Mist invisibly, grab a key, run out and repeat. Once you have all 3 use the pillars and the back door opens and you can grab the jars. Lloyd's Beacon will make your life so much easier, although if you forgot to grab the spell from Evermorn Island you should go back for it.

Once you have your Lich and Priest of the Dark you should just walk in and cast control undead (dark expert spell) there if you don't want to just walk up and smash them.

>> No.5453551 [DELETED] 

>At least 7 had some neat ideas, the final product is bad, but it's not without its merits, and you can enjoy what's there for what is there, even if it's not any better than other entries in the series.

How can you not say the exact same about IV even if you don't like it?
Seems more like anti-IV faggotry to me.

>> No.5453554

>At least 7 had some neat ideas, the final product is bad, but it's not without its merits, and you can enjoy what's there for what is there, even if it's not any better than other entries in the series.

How can you not say the exact same about IV even if you don't like it?
Seems more like anti-IV faggotry to me.

>> No.5453818

Where the fuck did I say 4 has nothing good about it you defensive imbecile? No game after 3 quite comes together for various reasons and all of them have neat ideas that, if applied right, would improve the gameplay. That should be pretty obvious.

>> No.5453892

Guess this is what I get for being a cheapskate. When AoW2 came out, I just bought vanilla and played the shit out of it. Years later, when the "classic oldies" release happend, containing also SM, I just shrugged, because what's the point if my copy still works perfectly fine, so no point paying for a game I already have, even if it has some expansion pack.
Turns out that expansion pack has stuff that I so desperately needed for 16 years

>> No.5453894

>No game after 3 quite comes together for various reasons and all of them have neat ideas that, if applied right, would improve the gameplay.
Different anon and this is true for all of them... Except 4, where everything comes together and the thing that fails is the fact the game was released almost half year ahead of schelude, in half-baked state.
So consider the following:
A half-baked game like IV is still miles ahead of "finished" products like V, VI and VII.
And yeah, you come of like a nigger that heard from his older brother than "IV is bad, shit on it to fit in" and now got caught up by it with all the people telling you to back the fuck off. I mean who would have thought that people that actively still play entire series of HoMM games could defend the final good game in the series, rather than just obsess about III... right?

>> No.5453965

Seethe harder, IV falls apart precisely because it's unfinished. You can play and enjoy it with your butt buddies, guess what, there's communities for V and VII too, they're just as small as the ones for your precious IV. And judging from your command of English language, the nigger here is you.

>> No.5453968

Damn the IV shill is really going to fuck up every HoMM thread, theres no escape

>> No.5453973

I'm not shilling it, but it's just as annoying when you want to talk about it and half of the people who respond to you just randomly complain about the game being garbage despite you not even mentioning anything about the game's quality.

>> No.5453982

If you weren't so self-centered, you would realize that there are more than on person who enjoyed homm4. Also this thread is not homm3 general.
I suggest you to be more humble for your own good.

>> No.5453993

but the game is garbage

>> No.5454001

That's your opinion, and as you can tell by this thread, not everyone agrees with it, so you don't need to create pointless drama by shoving this opinion down the throats of everyone who wants to discuss the game.

>> No.5454002

>Game released 18 years ago
This is a HoMM/MM general. And you throw a hiss-fit about people talking about HoMM.
Everyone allright back home?

Grab a (You) and skid

>> No.5454004
File: 9 KB, 255x247, burd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh look, the false-flag to shit up the thread with "HoMM4 BAD REEEEEE" just started...
Nobody cares, anymore, Carl. The game is almost as old as you. You should finally play it, rather than following what your older cousin told you back in the day. It's seriously getting tiresome how much vitriol you throw about a game you didn't even played, so many years after the premiere and so many fixes later.

>> No.5454008

Yeah I get it you gotta keep shilling so maybe one day find someone else who likes IV

>> No.5454034
File: 62 KB, 300x382, Draingang.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who here /balanced/

>> No.5454069

Is this the same guy who always autistcally says that 4 has more creatures than 3 if you halve them and don't include the expansions? I fucking hate that guy, he shits up every thread because someone always engages him for some reason.

Anyway, speaking of 3, is WoG worth playing? The only mod I've tried is HotA but the recoloured sprites and upgrades are putting me off

>> No.5454095

I've never played IV properly since my friend bought it, declared it garbage and we went back to 3. What's so bad about it? Apart from the horrible, horrible graphics, SPAZZ MATTICUS and no proper necromancers town.

>> No.5454109

Let me put it this way:
HotA is "all in" pack, with zero customization on your end.
In WoG, you can turn off literally everything and just leave the single option you want to keep as new gameplay rules.
Due to this, I consider WoG to be wastly superior to HotA, simply because all I need is the scaling and stacking of units within on-map buildings. And when we play multiplayer, most of the group likes the ability to rebuild town from one faction to another. Other than those - everything else is turned off, so I've got what I want from the mod, rather than the "here, take our pack, we hope you like those 20 pointless changes we made along with that one crucial that was actually needed!" stance of HotA.

>> No.5454112
File: 423 KB, 1576x2000, ekaterina-shapovalova-5-nimus (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5454116

Considering the game was so bad it bankrupted the company, and 3 is still popular enough that I could boot it up and find a match within a minute, I think it's obvious that most people prefer 3, and for good reason - it's better

Now get your argument about creature variety out of the way

>> No.5454120

>Considering the game was so bad it bankrupted the company
Literally what?
No, seriously, the fuck you are even trying to project, you stupid piece of shit.
3DO, the PUBLISHER, got bankrupt, before even NWC started working on the project. NWC themselves were doing perfectly fine financially, since, duh, HoMM3 money was rolling in, but were dragged down by the sunking publisher. And they were out of business before finishing HoMM4.
At least get your BASIC facts about the game you shit on right.

>> No.5454124
File: 443 KB, 480x238, dolan you.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this a bait?
Because I seriously hope it's just an extremely low-tier bait. And now that you've got a (You), you can clear the fuck out

>> No.5454125

What features would you recommend most? I wasn't sure I wanted the levelling up system for one.
Did they give every unit another upgrade? I know you can upgrade mages to enchanters or zealots to red zealots or gnolls but the video didn't cover everything

I do like rogues though, ever since I found out they act like you're casting visions constantly.

>> No.5454131

Depends on what you really want to get from the mod. But I use settings that allow units to accumulate in on-map buildings. This means there is ALWAYS a challenge when trying to attack them, but there is also no need to autistically reach a building each week to hire bunch of units. Then there is option to pay for on-map sites to produce upgraded units, which makes the whole logistics of it all that easier.
When running multiplayer, ability to rebuild town from one faction to another (takes time and resources, so it's not an easy task and there are times you are better off just sticking to what you've got), along with option to build twice a day greatly speed things up in large maps.
And beyond those, I personally prefer re-worked Tactics, where rather than having pre-battle phase, units simply gain +1/+2/+3 speed rating.
Oh, and one more, very important. The witch actually asks you if you want to learn the skill she has. Sounds like nothing, but saves a LOT of time in multiplayer.

There is theoretically a fantastic option allowing you to cross any land obstacle you wish, so no need for those massive detours because some mushroom or some other shit blocking your path, but it only works if you play all-human match. The AI chokes on it, since it can't operate under the option.
I don't use any other options than those, ever, because they are either gimmicky, don't work properly or have serious balancing issues. I just use the mod for utility it provides, rather than actual gameplay changes. Which is another reason why I prefer it over HotA

>> No.5454148

Of course it was bait you retards. It's so obvious but you can't even let a fake criticism of 4 go uncontested apparently. I was actually trying to bait out one of the 4 wojaks IVfag uses on /v/ whenever someone actually has a legitimate complaint about 4 that he doesn't know how to deal with. Then he could be safely ignored until he leaves.

Still, 4 is really shit. I mean, I'd post a picture but nobody deserves to have to look at that nightmare.

>> No.5454151

Is anyone else getting segfaults when launching vcmi on linux?

>> No.5454152

Yeah, the map dwellings staying stocked up was one of my favorite parts of HotA, since you don't have to have heroes running around just to ship 12 skeletons back to your town

Town building sounds good, can you only do it on where towns spawned or can you build a new one anywhere? Either way I always wanted to have multiple necropolises, but I never usually get more than 1.

No more forced eagle eye sounds good too. Sounds pretty good really, at least worth putting up with retextured units for those.

>> No.5454172
File: 130 KB, 534x400, 1434917264930.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5454175

Like I've said, it's fully customisable. So you can turn off everything you don't like, including new and "new" units

>> No.5454180

No matter how much I rag on you IV-kun
At least you aren't a WoGfag

>> No.5454187

Oh yeah, makes sense. I did like the idea of being able to upgrade to sharpshooters and enchanters but it's obviously not going to be balanced well. I mean Tower gets enchanters as their upgrade but fortress gets rogues?

Seeing a grand elf with a centaur body was pretty hilarious though. Oh and santa gremlins

>> No.5454192

In my opinion it broke the fundamentals of an homm game. By making the hero a unit on the battlefield the game turned into a generic strategy game, like a very poor Master of Magic. And like Master of Magic and many games like it, it suffered the balance problem of heroes becoming pretty much indestructible and wrecking whole armies by themselves. So it no longer played like a heroes game. That combined with being wholly unfinished and a generally ugly art style makes it a huge letdown for me.

>> No.5454196

I leave the thread for like 6 hours and in that time 4fag found the place and has already started shitting it up.

Why? this place was so comfy.

Also, with the starting artifact bonus, is it just a random treasure artifact or is there like a specific pool of artifacts it can be? I normally choose gold but I realized that some treasure artifacts are worth like 10k

>> No.5454202

I think it's one of the weakest tier artifacts, not sure what were those tiers named tho.

>> No.5454203

You'll just get amulet of necromacer for your barbarian hero.

>> No.5454207
File: 307 KB, 1024x362, Homm4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Makes sense, I've seen people say that the heroes killing like a huge stack of black dragons on their own is great, but it always seemed like a shitty idea to me, since it seems really imbalanced. Wasn't there some spell that made them invincible too? Divine intervention or something?

I know 2002 wasn't a great time for graphics but jesus christ are some of these awful. Why would you give a unicorn a rainbow mane.

>> No.5454209

At least it stops the necromancer from getting the cloak of the undead king for a little bit

>> No.5454223

Artifacts can have multiple copies on a single map.

>> No.5454263

Yeah, but don't they have to run out of other artifacts before doubling up?

>> No.5454282

I'm currently trying to get into MM7 and I want your honest opinions on what is the objectively strongest light path party.

Is it all melee-focused?

>> No.5454285

Never heard about it. I recently got two clovers almost at the beginning of the map.

>> No.5454304

Huh, for some reason I thought that was the case

It might be the artifact merchant I'm thinking of

>> No.5454310
File: 37 KB, 600x600, art_halfling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>don't remember much about order
>look it up on the wiki
>see this
>receive nightmares

>> No.5454312

Yes, unlike dark path where you are focusing on massing shrapmetal and blowing things up, light path is biased toward melee because of all the buffing spells. KKCS is probably the strongest over the whole game, although cases can be made for KPCS or KACS to add another paralyze/destroy undead. If you want something completely different try AAAC which starts slowly but becomes super powerful late as recovery time starts dropping.

>> No.5454329

Yeah fire is kinda crap, I don't know why I bothered. Fire Aura on weapons used to be good, then all my weapons have some sort of special affix to them. I have "Reduced weapon recovery time" on it, which is good.

I didn't even do the Lich Promo with invis, I just ran through with shield and ignored everything. Spy was pretty tough, cause the first time I went in the tomb, there was like 20 guys in there. I went back later, and there was a Speaker of the Dead and a level 3 Vampire, which I routinely wrecked.

I'm a little unsure what to do now though. I've done most of the side quests that are meaningful now though, so I'm a little unsure where to get new gear/money from. I have a few things left in TItans Stronghold, but I can't make it out of there in one piece, so I get the items, but lose 30k gold per turn.

All I have left are the 3 "Main dark side" quests, Clankers lab etc. And I have no money to buy any dark side spellbooks. I saved all my money cause I had 10 levels PER CHARACTER to do, due to all the promotion quests and side content I'd done.

I need about 20 grandmaster trainers, and the Lloyds Beacon/Enchant Weapon skillboooks yet, aswell as all the Dark spell books.

Just not sure where to get a substantial amount of money

>> No.5454338

Do you really need a sorc in a melee-oriented party for Light?
That seems weird.
Why not 3 melee + Cleric?

>> No.5454340
File: 84 KB, 343x288, liches.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post memes, my old drive died and i lost all of them.

>> No.5454341

I'm the anon who's currently been playing MM7 for the last 2/3 weeks.

Don't skip on a sorcerer. You'll really struggle without a reliable caster of Jump/Fly/Invis/Town Portal

>> No.5454348

If I wanted to play might and magic, should I start with 1, or is there a better jumping on point

As far as I know 1 was made in the 80s so it's probably pretty archaic, but there's a pack on GOG that has the first 6 games

>> No.5454351

Start with 6.

>> No.5454352

And meanwhile I find the concept of "Hero as unit" to be one of the main strengths of IV.
Your argument is utterly ridiculous, by the way. What ACTUAL difference does it make if you have a hero lvl 20 acting like a stack of high powered units OR the fact you by that point should have a stack of high-tier units anyway?
Because this is something I really don't get. People bitch and moan about heroes being "OP" and "breaking the immersion", despite them acting like every single other unit on the battlefield and unless you actively aim to have a great might hero, you are stuck with a sub-par unit otherwise. And then there is the limited number of experience and so on and forth.
Ultimately hero is (potentially) your 2nd stack of mid-to-high tier units, depending on hero.
To make hero worth it, you need to grind it first. Otherwise it's a push-over. And the grind is even slower than in HoMM3.

You could instead make the argument about the fact how heroes, unlike units, can be resurrected indefinitely, but you didn't even bothered with that, instead using the old and boring "b-but heroes are too powerful". Heroes CAN BE powerful. They aren't by default. In fact, the whole main campaign of HoMM4 was about this - you ultimately end up with bunch of heroes and zero units, making the last stand instead.

Yeah, the artstyle was a complete mess and all over the place, plus the early 3D issues. On purely aesthetic level, IV is just painful to the eyes.

>> No.5454362

Will do. I'm guessing the story from the first 5 doesn't matter then? I don't know much about it other than the planet is actually a spaceship

>> No.5454371

>I'm guessing the story from the first 5 doesn't matter then?
You are correct.
6 began an entirely new story that has nothing to do with the previous games.
Also, for me personally, everything previous to 6 is too archaic to be enjoyable.

>> No.5454378

Also get the latest GreyFace patch before you play. It fixes a lot of misc. bugs and broken mechanics and adds additional functionality for controls and mouse aiming.


>> No.5454381

It's immersion breaking because I can believe that 5 titans could kill 3 dragons in a turn, but I don't believe that Spazz Matticus can kill 3 dragons in a turn because he distributed some gold to peasants

Though really I'm not sure how you get immersed in heroes anyway

>> No.5454384

>Muh Spazz Matticus
As many anons already asked you - have you actually tried playing the campaigns from the baseline game, or you just plan to meme your entire life?

>> No.5454410

It's just an example m8, don't throw a fit just because someone thinks your favourite game has a silly name in it. I only even responded because you were arrogant enough to call someone's opinion "utterly ridiculous" just because he doesn't like heroes being able to solo armies alone

And yeah. I've played the campaigns. I didn't like them. I don't really like them in any heroes game honestly and much prefer single scenarios.

>> No.5454412

Two words for you:
Pirate's daughter

It's a better PotC movie that actual PotC movies. Or any pirate movie, really.

>> No.5454414
File: 534 KB, 1156x999, (You).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you actually take pleasure from this? Or you are still as sad as always?

>> No.5454437

>everyone who disagrees with me is a miserable troll

I pity you if you genuinely believe that

>> No.5454457

Yeah, I took a look at 1 on youtube and it looks pretty bad. I'm probably missing out on a lot but anything pre-wolfenstein 3D is my cutoff.

I might give 4/5 a go if I like 6, that doesn't look too bad

Cheers, things that don't have mouse aiming is a mystery to me. I'm sure that makes me a pleb for using it in doom

>> No.5454541

Wow you cant even form a rebuttal without sounding utterly defensive and angry. Sorry no one likes IV buddy, but try not to take it so personal

>> No.5454556

Town Portal, Fly, Invisibility, Lloyd's Beacon. You get get by without them, but it makes the game way more annoying unless you are willing to lose 40% of your gold to hire a wind master and gate master. The cleric is completely essential due to GM body, but the sorcerer is mostly there for utility.

>> No.5454567

Yeah, I guess you're right.
I was just envisioning holding down the attack button as 3 buffed melee + cleric grind up everything that gets in range.

>> No.5454573

I still really like Heroes 4 as it has my favorite magic system. I fully understand its full of flaws and people claiming they hate it won't retroactively make my past experiences less fun. So I'm not going to waste time telling people to enjoy it if they don't.

>> No.5454614

That's completely reasonable, and while I don't like 4, I can understand why people do. What I don't get is people trying to sell the game to others by lying and misrepresenting aspects of 3 like IVfag does with his bait image, as if that's going to actually convince anyone rather than just piss them off. It's at the point where he shits up every thread, this one included, and I'm still not sure if he's genuinely autistic and loves the game so much he has to defend every aspect or if he's deliberately trolling. Either way, it'w fucking irritating because it shuts down actual discussion of the games, which is why I come here in the first place

>> No.5454625


>> No.5454781
File: 672 KB, 744x915, 1511656903437.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's nothing wrong with liking homm4, don't listen to that autist.

>> No.5454819

>makes an argument
>defeats his own argument in the next paragraph

Well PotC movies are trash. Not a favorable comparison.

Stop assuming anybody who dislikes your pet game hasn't actually played it. I have, I actually finished even that god fucking awful Winds of War expansion, and I vividly remember bland maps and megabytes of text in vanilla. Again, just because you attach a chapter from a fantasy novel doesn't mean it translates to fun gameplay or a fun story. The only actually interesting campaign was the one in Gathering Storm that was built around exploiting Stealth. Though on the other hand it highlighted specifically how you had to build your hero a certain way the class design expects you to, or you had no chance at higher difficulties.

>> No.5454826
File: 33 KB, 540x720, 1546064467825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all this cope for enjoying a broken ass unfinished game

>> No.5454868
File: 128 KB, 743x704, 1552581645928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5454871

But how am I supposed to sleep knowing people don't like a game I like? Clearly I must bring the light of heroes 4 to the masses

>> No.5455040

I never said everyone is a troll.
But it's blatantly clear you are, you sad, pathetic piece of shit. Best exemplified when nobody paid attention to you, so you started to shit up the thread once again

>> No.5455069

The actual meme choice is between Eagle eye and Navigation on waterless map

>> No.5455132

True but in HotA you can't thankfully get navigation on waterless maps afaik

>> No.5455176

>Not wanting to have Navigation despite lack of water
Simply pathetic

>> No.5455516

3 or 6 are good starting points. Check out 3, and if it is too much then jump to 6.

Read the pastebin which divides the generations of games. 6-8 take place in the HoMM world and only tangentially relate to 1-5.

>> No.5455534

There are ways to get money, but I think your biggest problem was you tried to cheap out and skip the merchant skill which was a massive mistake. The easiest answer is simply using GM fire magic, cast fire magic on everything, and sell it back to the merchant. Every single non-enchanted item in the shop is a 2000 gold profit and with GM merchant this is repeatable at any shop in the game. Enchant Item from water does this ok as well but due to restrictions on the spell and its cost it can take longer. You can also kill off all the trees in the Tularean forest and savescum for gems. If you haven't cleared out the barrows, you should be able to pull in 30-40k with a bunch of easy fights.

When training you should do it in Stone City when possible. As long as you did the Troglodyte quest your reputation will give you a massive discount.

>> No.5455875

Or, again, there could be multiple people that don't like you. I haven't posted since yesterday, I've been in bed.

Get over your victim complex and realise that people are allowed to disagree with you and that people's lives aren't shitty just because you want them to be. Perhaps the simplest answer is you're just inherently unlikable, and your shit opinions don't help that

>> No.5455909

I'm just starting 6, is there a limited supply of monsters in the world? I normally save up money when I can in RPGs anyway but it's something to avoid

>> No.5455913

It's semi-limited. The zones respawn all their monsters and treasures, but they do so after enough time has passed. It varies from zone to zone, but I am pretty sure some take only like a month of ingame time to respawn, but some others may take up to a whole year.

>> No.5455932

Just give basic merchant skill to everyone in the party and hire Merchant and Duper when you going to buy something expensive or train for levels. Also if you want, you can hire Instructor and Teacher (or Scholar), clean the area/dungeon, don't loot corpses and gold from chests, hire Banker and Factor, collect all gold, and THEN hire Merchant and Duper.
You could also just farm Circus for golden pyramids and convert them into millions of gold coins in Abdul's Oasis with Lloyd's Beacon and Golden Touch. NWC dungeon's cashbox is even cheesier, but in oasis you can get great equipment and get rich at the same time.

>> No.5455956

Ah okay, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to softlock my save by wasting all my money so that's good to know

Thanks, I'll find a merchant trader immediately. I'll probably save the more exploity stuff for my second playthrough

>> No.5455960

Also keep in mind, merchant skill and appropriate hirelings gives you discount on learning basic skills, but upgrading to expert and master always cost the same.

>> No.5455974

Is it worth getting one of the party to master merchant then?

>> No.5455975 [DELETED] 

All I can say is you really missed out if you never played single player maps. Same as HOMM the community was very active and there were map making contests.

Also get the unofficial 1.5 patch if you decide to do it.

>> No.5455979

All I can say is you really missed out if you never played user made maps, most of those require SM. Same as HOMM the community was very active and there were map making contests.

Also get the unofficial 1.4 patch if you decide to do it.

>> No.5456002

MM7 replay lad here, quick update:

I made 200k today by finishing the Obelisk quest, aswell as doing a SWEEP of Titans Stronghold. I got fire to GM, so I could do the Inferno enchant to weapons. Such a great way of making money desu. Each time I added an Inferno ench, it increased the value of the weapon by at least 1500 gold, which was great.

I just spent 100k of it on levelling up skills to GM though. I dont know how I'd bear this game without TP though.

On a side note, the tunnel full of behemoths and medusa's to get to Eolfel was fucking unbelievable. I must have save/reloaded 100 times to get past the pack RIGHT at the end. They're so big, it's hard to get by, and they tear your arsehold wide open in 2/3 swings. Thank FUCK I had a Protection from Magic Scroll handy so I could avoid paralysis/Stone, cause that was what wiped me more than anything.

I'm also a little hesitant to finish off the main story now. I'm a little concerned it's gonna be just invisibility through all the key areas, sniping an enemy or an item, and doing that until the end of the game. Don't get me wrong, I 've enjoyed a LOT of the game, but I actually don''t understand how you'd beat it without invis. Even at level 35+ now, I have no idea how I'd go about fighting 50% of these INSANELY tough enemies.

>> No.5456007
File: 41 KB, 800x720, 50668146_363668694414462_8317708870310952960_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5456009

Of course, asap.

>> No.5456016

I personally think it's a waste of skillpoints and made obsolete later by master Golden Touch which isn't hard to get if you know what to do (candelabra and stables quests first, donate to church, do reputation improving quests, hire a bard or two).

>> No.5456023
File: 57 KB, 594x439, U6xWtZJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Two stupid cunts thinking they have entire army of supporters on their side and the other guy being just a lone gunman
How about this: both of you accept you are autistic manchildren and time to get it to your heads people can have varied tastes. Some (plural) like HoMM4, some (plural) hate it with passion. So kindly, untwist your panties, because it's both boring and annoying to have this shitfest every other thread, just because neither of you can grasp people have varied tastes and expectations from games.
Plural, not just single individual you both project.

>> No.5456073
File: 2.30 MB, 1366x768, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when the (((AI))) shoots the goblins outisde the walls instead of the rocs inside who are wrecking shit


>> No.5456074

That's ai target priorities I believe, not rng.

>> No.5456125

I didn't say I had supporters, just that I'm not solely responsible for every anti-4 post in the thread. I mean there's 70 posters, and it's not exactly an uncommon opinion

I gave my opinion that the addition of combat heroes wasn't a good one, and he flipped his shit. Either he's autistic enough that he genuinely believes noone could dislike 4 in any way, or he's trolling. Either way, I'm done

>> No.5456186

AI goes for guaranteed kills.

>> No.5456248

yeah but its total bullshit, obviously the fliers should be top priority, not the shitty infantry that will never try to get in, this would have been won if the rocs got shot

>> No.5456298

Are gargoyles affected by morale/fear? It's a bit contradictory here on wiki.

>> No.5456385

Doesn't seem contradictory, they all seem to agree that they aren't immune to mind spells and do use morale

I just tested it and they aren't immune, but I realized I was playing with HotA on so it might not be in the base game

>> No.5456437

Ah, you're right. I just read azure dragons page and then remembered gargoyles.

>> No.5456450

The lazy way is to kite the behemoth into corners where they get stuck and destroy them, but if you are dark path you can just walk up with level 20 GM dark magic and cast Shrapmetal. They will melt. Keep preservation on in case you get unlucky with rolls and then just town portal/lloyd's beacon back if you run out of spell points.

On light path they are a lot harder if you don't cheese it. The design is to use the Blaster you did pick up and cast haste/hour of power to weaken them from distance, but this is hardly obvious. Basically you pull a few at a time (only ones that show up in your Wizard Eye are actually agroed) and cast Paralyze on the Ancient Behemoth. The others can more or less still be burst down.

There are actually only 2 quests left and you can't cast invisibility on the last one. Killing Xenofex is pretty easy as the enemies have way lower damage, but the Devil Captains have a really nasty mana drain. Keep some blue or Divine Power potions ready. Once you get blasters for everyone you can do DOOM on the whole game and shoot everything if you cast haste and stay in live (non-turn based) mode. If you play it straight the place is mostly easy until the last room where you need to do a lot of hit and run. Or you could just use the fountain and get infinite skill points while protection from magic is active. It's a 10% chance of 10 effects, all the negatives are blocked by GM protection from magic and one of the effects is +10 skill points.

The last dungeon is super nasty. Your hirelings disappear (but still take their cut of your gold), and you are under fire from the moment you walk in while you are required to have no equipment on to enter. Cast Lloyd's Beacon, town portal, and then equip your stuff, cast your buffs, heal, and come back. The place is still hard, but it's doable.

>> No.5456458

There are permanent Duper and Merchant hirelings right next to each other in Free Haven west of the mind guild once you get there. Once you get town portal running just grab them when needed. You won't actually sell for cost until 15 master (14 at some shops) so just get one person to 7 master and then grab the duper when you need him. The big money sink is buying spells, but if you do it at cost you are fine.

>> No.5456485

Yeah I've seen the fountain cheat on speedruns in the past. I don't wanna ruin the game by trivialising the game. I've made it this far playing honestly, I kinda wanna finish the game as I intended- playing fairly

I will admit, I've had more fun playing M&M7 than any game in the last 5 years. There's something incredibly satisying about the loot loop, and you really feel like you're getting stronger as the game goes on. It does a really good job at making you feel like a bunch of novices as you start, and you gradually become more and more powerful.

BTW, for my Obelisk quest, I got the two gendered belts, which work really well for my characters. I'm pretty sure that my Monk and Knight (Having GM Unarmed and Dual Wielding GM Sword and Spear respectively) both only have 33 cooldown, so they do so much damage, so fast. I've just got Shrapmetal too, and I've wiped entire camps in seconds- plus I fuckin love the sound effect.

I'm kinda camping out the master water guild atm looking for Enchant Item. I have a feeling that at GM, I can create some really cool shit at will. Is enchant item as cool as it sounds?

>> No.5456497

Is there some lore reason why blue dragons are about as strong as 3 black dragons, or is blue just some dev's favourite color or something?

>> No.5456516

30 is the melee recovery cap, but armsmaster still delivers damage and +hit chance. GM enchant isn't nearly as powerful as it seems, it will get you level 4 enchants (up to +17 or so). You were supposed to have it a long time ago, so due to balance it isn't a huge effect for a party in Eeofol. What it does give is skill boosts that are unaffected by the arbitrary caps in the game (you can actually enchant +unarmed skill and +armsmaster skill to 17-18, but they go up to 12 in the world elsewhere). That particular effect only works on non-body armor (boots, gloves, belt, etc). Remember +skill items don't stack with themselves, but they do with artifacts. If you have a bunch of rings you can experiment with the other effects, and weapons can add elemental damage or swiftness (although with a dark party you probably should have just cast vampiric weapon).

>> No.5456523

>What it does give
What it can give. It is way more random than the other enchant spells because you are supposed to get it before you even choose a path.

>> No.5456570

I think I wanna see it just to see what kinda crazy gear I can make that I didn't expect.

I just noticed one of my characters inventories is FULL of magic wands that I never used cause I did the old "I'll save them for a boss fight" mantra and ended up never using them.

I guess I need to go get the GM spells for all their respective disciplines. I need to go find Spirit/Mind/Fire/Water. I never actually bothered with Earth or Mind, they just didn't seem to have enough worthwhile skills in them

>> No.5457330

>Not having Artillery
>Bitching when not being in control of arrow towers
Sounds to me like you fucked yourself here

>> No.5457549


>> No.5457606

I could be wrong but Im pretty sure the towers cant target units within the walls

>> No.5457610


>> No.5457912

>playing with the invite hero option
its cheasing big time

you are very wrong, when the goblins and wolf riders died, the towers started shooting the rocs but it was far too late

>> No.5458139

Scholar is a useful skill. What a dumb picture.

>> No.5458167

I enjoy HoMM4 because of the Hero customization, custom classes based off what skills you take, and how utterly fucking ridiculously batshit insanely OP heroes can get in the late game.

Looking at you, custom Map Draconic.

>> No.5458214

Not on your main hero though, maybe on your troop ferry so your main hero doesn't have to stop at all your castles, but surely he'd most likely be the one capturing them in the first place

Please don't start another autism fest

>> No.5458274
File: 269 KB, 863x1200, Uh70nGM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5458317

Fucking hell lads. I'm just coming up to the end of MM7 (I presume this is the final mission) and it's gotten...kinda crazy?

I'm sure you already know this, but as I played in the 90s and never finished, all this endgame sci-fi stuff completely threw me. I thought it was just some awesome sword and sorcery world, then it's fucking "Oh here's some wetsuits and GUNS", and I'm encouraged to go in and fight a bunch of death robots in an underwater spaceship.

But fuck me, how are you meant to do this last mission? I'm about level 50, and I think my gear is actually pretty good. But I went into the Lincoln, and within 5 seconds I was fucking DEAD on all my characters. Maybe I'm just gonna have to drop Lloyd's at the start and cheese it?

Any ideas?

>> No.5458346

Drink potions before you enter. You can drink potions in wetsuits.
Pause/Turn based on airlock door
Regear, the robots care about AC

Cast Hour of Power and Grandmaster Protection from Magic
See if you are stronk as fuck or not.

>> No.5458350

I don't necessarily think I'm strong. I do a LOT of damage fast, but at least my Cleric and Sorcerer take a LOT of damage fast. They have like 250hp whereas my Monk/Knight have almost 1000 each.

I also don't have Hour of Power or Day of the Gods because I'm dark. I'm just kinda running up on the robots, spamming shrapmetal and hoping for the best

>> No.5458364

Well it still kinda sucks GM Protection from Magic is mandatory because some of the killbots have a instantkill chance.
And nothing in the game really protects from that.

>> No.5458379

Mai waifu

>> No.5458387
File: 213 KB, 863x1200, dmitry-khrapovitsky-15-mar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5458393

>magic death-attack
Well I guess it's not sci-fi but actually high fantasy.

>> No.5458436

You shoulda gotten scrolls of day of the gods or drop Lloyds. If you have beacon and/or gm protection from magic it becomes trivial with all the buffs. Though to mitigate dying you can try blasting them with spells or blasters in realtime and hiding behind corners to avoid shots, using toxic cloud ricochet to kill/activate some out of range, shrinking ray on the strongest bots perhaps?

>> No.5458439

My buffs I tend to cast are:
Prot from Magic

I didn't think to use Shrinking Ray, thats a great idea. I have the AOE version too. I think I might run in, drop Lloyds, and then cheese it. I have the feeling this is the last level, so I wanna see it through today. I've had a fantastic 3 weeks with MM7

Is it worth using the blasters, or should I stick with my actual weapons? I feel like my standard weapons/fists do so much damage so fast. but I don't know much about Ancient Weapons, despite having them up to level 14 GM on everyone.

>> No.5458461

on unpatched version they are broken good because of no attack delay. On patched not nearly as good as top melee or spell users, but might as well try how they compare, if you already have the skill.

>> No.5458464

I have the latest Greybeard patch. I think I might go in with GM Shrinking ray, a Lloyds so I can heal up, and just getting in close with my 2 casters and dual wielding GM Shrapmetal. It seems strong

>> No.5458507
File: 299 KB, 847x980, 1542828714927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Play Disciples 2

>> No.5458518
File: 142 KB, 751x1063, banshee_disciples_ii_fan_art_by_svetoslavpetrov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Play Disciples 2
I concur! It's a shame that its fanbase is practically non-existent when compared with the HoMM crowd.

>> No.5458605

What are some great adventure maps for H3? Something similar to the first mission of Dracon's campaign. Time limit and AI are both optional.

>> No.5458727

"Unholy Quest" and "Island of Fire" are great

>> No.5458804
File: 577 KB, 798x586, Fuck Yeah Demonary.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Summoned devils can summon ice demons.
Demonologist best class.

>> No.5458814

Thanks, I'll try those out,

>> No.5458885
File: 2.19 MB, 1920x1080, mm7cimpletion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuckin finally lads.

I started playing this game in 1999 for £10 from EB Games. Only just finished it, 20 years later.

Feels incredibly good man.

An easy 5/5 game

>> No.5458896


>> No.5458925
File: 1.63 MB, 256x192, 1338073587448.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Subtle hints
>That Light side is canon

>> No.5459445

Congratulations. 1-5 are heavier on the sci-fi aspect, and the four advisors on each side are actually canonically your starting party (plus the 2 hirelings) at the start of MM3.

When you have a chance you should play light side. 6 is a great game as well, which tends to have much more complex dungeons but a more limited skillset. 8 is a step down in quality, but it is still pretty good and you should still enjoy it a lot. If you don't have them, downloads are in the OP pastebin.

>> No.5459450

>I enjoy a ridiculously unbalanced, unfinished, broken game that was released on alpha and butchered the whole lore

>> No.5459453

redpill me on the series

>> No.5459560

... he said IV, not VI. I get it, Roman numerals tend to be hard to hillbillies, but come the fuck on

>> No.5459568

Grimdark: The Grimdarkness
Imagine HoMM3 that takes itself 500% serious and has extremely somber tone of each and every of its campaign. Also, combat is more in tune of jRPG than battles betwen armies.

>> No.5459720

that also applies to IV man, and i played IV a lot and like it despite all flaws.

>> No.5460761

>crystal dragons can fear azure dragons despite being unliving

>> No.5460785
File: 215 KB, 1446x2048, 1551461240768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to play heroes 3 instead of doing math homework because i don't understand it :3

>> No.5462226

It's Ogre Battle 64 with the aesthetic of Warhammer Fantasy and a somber, serious tone.

>> No.5462447
File: 375 KB, 800x600, screenshot_disciples_2_dark_prophecy_33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>redpill me on the series
The intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9szJpSt5fbs
The soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_GOqhQFOX4
Bonus review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVe2n7U4kPs

>> No.5463342

>crystal dragons can fear azure dragons despite being unliving
You could say the same thing for golems and gargoyles as well.

>> No.5463454

About gargoyles we discussed above, but golems, really? What the fuck?

>> No.5463940

King's Bounty Sega Genesis version to see where it all started with music and sound. HOMM1 probably skippable since HOMM2 look almost like it and improved it. HOMM3 orginal non-enhanced version is probably the best /vr/ 2D sequel.Chronicles should be played if you care about the PLOT.

MM games are in my backlog forever so i have no idea. But MM9 looks like shit.

>> No.5463941

Fans ruined Forge HOMM3 because they hate sci-fi.

>> No.5464078 [DELETED] 

Which tile is the road?

>> No.5464126
File: 394 KB, 800x600, v0.8_promo5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone played the Succ Wars beta? Is it worth playing?

>> No.5464741

Why aren't water maps used ?

>> No.5464743

Noone enjoys wasting an entire turn to get on the ship

>> No.5465126

On/Off boat is cancer
Master Water Magic to steal boats are cancer
Water is used on maps just like mountains are
Water Walk isn't in a tier of Magic where it can be useful, instead its really rare, and most maps will try to force you to cross more than a days journey of water. The other problem is that unless you got sight range, you can't use water walk.
Sea monster stuff is limited to Water Elementals and the ghost ships.

Now once you combine all these factors, its pretty obvious why.
So in a lot of maps with water its worth it to send a scout to capture sea resources, but not to actually use the boat for anything.

>> No.5465159

There's nothing to do on water, it's fucking empty and requires you to land a billion times just to do basic shit. It's actually one of the bigger oversights in the game.

>> No.5465245

Adding one more, since you didn't mention it:
Space with water is a space without a town, which means less cash/units

>> No.5465512

I think the campaign maps are good examples.
In Restoration of Erathia the ocean is FILLED with treasures. But there is actually nothing to do on said ocean.
In Dungeons and Devils, the ocean is essentially just a big mountain you can travel on if you have Master Water Magic and create a boat, and are willing to past at the least 3 turns to bypass some barely defended gates.
In other scenarios like Playing with Fire campaign its just a big dumb mountain without anything of value on it.

>> No.5465869


bleh dude
only another sorc

paladins works only with other knights or solo run

>> No.5465881

because those games are very tedious for non-autists
you really need to read a lot of protips because those games aren't standard rpgs

>> No.5466242

Paladins are fine. You get any weapon or armor and still have Clerical cure spells like Remove Curse and some healing. If you know what you are doing you probably want another Cleric just because of more Shrapmetal, but for a first play having someone that can take damage and still heal is very useful. Unlike later games you need a second healer because of things like instant unconscious effects and not having protection from status ailments.

>> No.5467295

Has anybody played this https://www.celestialheavens.com/lota/ and know if it's any good?

>> No.5468546
File: 245 KB, 960x755, book3-screens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never heard of it, though it looks interesting. It seems like the scenarios are using the old HoMM setting, with Kreegans, AvLee, characters from HoMMIV like Gauldoth etc.

>> No.5468702

And in random maps it's just big dumb mountain with one-time collectibles on it, being then just barren wasteland with no use. Assuming you qualify collecting handful of gold caches to be an use in the first place

>> No.5469546
File: 264 KB, 799x599, Classic-forge-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fans ruined Forge HOMM3 because they hate sci-fi.
And because the Forge faction units looked like dogshit.

>> No.5470187

>medieval weapons vs literal fucking bazookas

What the fuck were they thinking?

>> No.5470238

any way to play it on ToE? too lazy to go pirate hammers

>> No.5470268

this is fan made bullshit.

>> No.5470392

but faithful to the concept

>> No.5470421

stats are all made up tho

>> No.5470447

They took liberties with the tier 7 too, does nobody know what the original unit was?
We know the original dwelling was a runway so it was probably a flier, maybe a dragon spliced with forge tech instead of that plain old mech juggernaut shite.

>> No.5470563

>there are people in this very thread who think they are good in the game without ever playing against human opponent

>> No.5470574

>There are people itt who think they are good in this game without knowing just about anything about gameplay mechanics
I play small time turneys and I'm by no means good (at least I don't consider myself). But my friends, with whom I play and who got me into HoMM3 in the first place, are so god-damn casual it at times is just painful watching them doing basic mistakes or ignoring obvious boons that are out there. Can you even imagine people playing Inferno for ALMOST FIFTEEN YEARS and not knowing not just how demon farming works, but that it's a thing in the first place?

>> No.5470650

I really have no idea how to farm demons, you can sacrifice initial stack of imps, but what next?

>> No.5470789

you purposely transform low tier units (not only imps but any level 1-3) into demons, sometimes even by killing them yourself. Keep in mind each pit lord resurrects 50hp worth of demons, and demons have 35hp, so for a perfect rounding you need at least 7 pit lords (although 3 can work just fine to get 4 demons at a time).

>> No.5470801

It's less about "I don't know how to farm demons efficiently". In their case it's "Wait... you can do WHAT?!"

>> No.5471123

Jetpack wolverine minotaurs looks fun gotta admit

>> No.5471337


They should introduce all those creatures in Might & Magic 8
that would be a better idea

>> No.5471360
File: 376 KB, 640x480, 281450_screenshots_2016-06-16_00001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Disciples 2

I prefer the first one

>Better art, visually more appealing and readable
>no cutscenes in campaign

>> No.5471375

>almost 4 years

what the fuck?

>> No.5471424

Can you still play 5 on gameranger or something? Would probably get destroyed though.

>> No.5471449
File: 194 KB, 1024x768, might_and_magic_8_ui_by_zielle_dbp8y0l-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How hard would it be to make Might & Magic clone in Game Maker or Unity?

>> No.5471464

The things people say about it makes it sound like it's pretty good if you care about the old lore, but at the same time also rather heavily implies that the AI isn't really up to the task and turns the the late game into a Benny Hill sketch.
I don't really know what to make of it, because I don't have a very high tolerance for 5s headless chicken AI, and I hate using several hours on a map just to have the AI shit the bed at the end.

The latest version should be for TotE.

>> No.5471813

Story's disponible as PDF here for what it's worth:

>> No.5472326

>no cutscenes in campaign
Why would that be a positive thing?

>> No.5472449

cutscenes are always annoying

>> No.5472465

Compared to what? Walls of text? Or no narrative in a campaign at all?

>> No.5472467

all of that shit is annoying

>> No.5472480

So no cutscenes, no walls of text, but campaign with a narrative? And your solution will be..?

>> No.5472484
File: 21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just cinematics before missions

>> No.5472492

You don't think you can tell anything more complex than "Enemy bad! Go kill!" with that approach.

>> No.5472495

>You don't
*I don't

>> No.5472507

what else do you want in a strategy game about the war? cutscenes about elves playing with a zombie and how the queen is disgusted by this?

>> No.5472527

Like more complex story maybe? Memorable characters? Further expanding of game's setting? Is this a bad thing somehow? What do you need a campaign for? Just play standalone maps with zero narrative if you don't care about such nonsense.
Do you need factions, unit names and all this fluff if you don't care? Wouldn't just "Faction A", "Building 3-B" and "Red Unit C" be enough for you to play the game?

>> No.5472719


>> No.5472820

Imps are used as cannon fodder that you ressurect as demons. Your main is Marius, so demons gain the super-important +1 to speed.
You also try to get as many as possible units from other towns (low tier) into your army to turn them into demons, too.
Essentially, it's reversed necromancy - rather than raising percentage of enemy HP as skellies/liches, you turn percentage of your cannon fodder into tanky demons. Done right, it can make your army fucking invincible.

Here, details:

>> No.5473004

am I supposed to build capitol or dwellings first? On Stronghold I rush Behemots

>> No.5473010

Here's the new thread:

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