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Anybody who says it's bad/a myth to blow into your games to get them to work is a FILTHY GODDAMNED LIAR. You can tell me I'm wrong, but you've done it all your childhood, and those games you still own and blew into countless times still work.

It's not a myth. Blowing into your carts works.

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Anybody that says that if OP stops sucking cocks, he will stop being a faggot is also wrong.

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She blows alright.

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It does work it's just bad for the cart. The reason it works is that your breath is moist so by blowing you distribute a thin amount of water which is a good conductor and so helps the connection. But it will also slowly lead to corrosion if you do it a lot.

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I'd like her to blow my cart

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I just lick the contacts. Obviously you can't lick inside the system, but you can on the carts. That slightly copper taste floods me with nostalgia every time I clean a cartridge.

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Reinserting the carts in a different position is what makes it work, it doesn't matter if you've been blowing, licking or deepthroating inbetween.

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>He fell for the meme.
bruh that's just a bunch of bullcrap they make up so zoomers who don't know any better will click on their article.

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I wonder when OP will stop sucking so many cocks? Possibly around the time he finds out he can just take the game out and stick it the fuck back in and it will work? Probably not his carts, with all the corrosion from blowing, but maybe.

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Except it's fucking true unless your carts haven't been touched in years, and even then if there's enough dust for that to be the problem on its own, you should give it a real cleaning. Try doing the same shit you normally do without blowing, it'll work fine. The part about blowing being actively harmful is a bit clickbaity (even if technically true, it doesn't matter on a realistic timescale), but it is mostly useless. I still do it sometimes out of habit, though.

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You can't seriously be young enough to not own a few games from even 5-10 years ago that had some cumrag blow on it to cause corrosion. Even if you keep your home dry, the issue of green shit clogging the pins is still there (which transfers to the system).

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My neighborhood gamestore would spray alcohol solution and dry it with two qtips taped together. The owner had a skullet and swore that Simon's quest was a great game so I never really knew what to believe. I will try your method and see what happens

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It was never the blowing that made the game work. The Control Deck was so badly designed that the game's pin contacts would not align with the Deck's. Every time you blew just meant an opportunity to finally insert the game with the pins properly connected. Just power off and shift the cart to the right or left while it's still int the Deck.
Incidentally, Sega Systems never had this issue.

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Which system though?

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>Try doing the same shit you normally do without blowing, it'll work fine
It's bone dry where I live, so that might have something to do with it, but that's never been an issue for me. The only times I've had issues with residue were when I got SNES games from a friend that looked like they were burnt or something, I assumed it was a smoker thing. Blowing is mostly useless, but I don't think it's that common for it to actually cause issues.

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God I hate that video where she pretends to be ignorant and a kid, which she is not.

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huffing into the cartridge is far more effective than blowing.

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she was like 11 burh

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snes plastic was shite,it discoloured in the sun making it go brown.

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You have to get way more dust than you’d think to actually have it interfere with the connection in a meaningful way. Like, it’d have to basically be a physical dust bunny.

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She's 17 there.

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It's not. Yellowing just means a high amount of bromine is present in the mix, which is essential as a flame retardant.

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>a high amount of bromine is present in the mix, which is essential as a flame retardant.
Why did the SNES need to be flame retardant? Were they thinking of overclocking it so it could compete with the Genesis?

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Blowing onto the contacts is bad. You just put more moisture on it which again accelerates oxidation and eventually corrosion. The safest way to clean contacts is Isopropyl alcohol, preferably the 99. 9% one.

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It's mandatory for manufacturers of household electronics to use flame retardants in casings. You get no certification and ultimately no approval for sale if your products do not fulfill the needed standards .

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I'd let her blow my cartridge if you know what I mena :DDDDD

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Imagine if your dick was shaped like an NES cartridge and then you painted it grey and you hid behind her TV with it stuffed in a Kirby's Adventure box and then when she pulled it out and blew it you came all over her face. She'd be so surprised.

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I blew and it worked everytime. No shame. Carts still work.

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You sound kind of like you live in filth. I've never seen any visible buildup on cartridge pins, not ones that I own nor what I have bought second hand. I've seen some filthy cartridge slots, but still nothing but dust and dirt.

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>have extremely long rj11 cable
>plug it into the modem
>doesn't work
>keep fucking with it
>never works
>use knowledge from cart blowing and lick the contact
>sparks my tongue and hurts
>it worked after that for many years

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Is that Maisie Williams?

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She can blow my cart if you know what I mean

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Look at those shoulders, she should play football.

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My SNES never yellowed, is that just because it was an earlier/later production run?

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Doesn't make it any better.

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Best memory I have is Lloyd Kaufman asking the Angry vg nerd if he'd blow the dust out of his ass crack.

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Yes it does, it means she was legal there by either a year or two depending on the state, plus, she's got t be over 18 now....holy shit she's 21...so....she was pretending to be a teenager there. Neat.

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Wait...that video came out in 2014? Time warp...Nevermind she was 16, so she was still legal in many states.

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It doesn't just make it better, it makes it perfectly normal.

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