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I'm thinking about using my NES/SNES Classic controllers on my PC for emulation, but do Classic->USB converters like pic related add a lot of input lag? Is it worth it or should I buy a dedicated USB pad?

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USB will add lag. An old-school serial port adapter would work better (assuming your PC has an old-school serial port)

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Sadly, no, I don't have a computer with serial. I'm just wondering if the adapter will add significant lag on top of the typical (and, imo, acceptable enough) USB lag.

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I use the other Mayflash adapter and I can't notice any lag. You can also use it with the Wii Classic Controller Pro, the best controller for retro gaming ever.

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>Wii Classic Controller Pro, the best controller for retro gaming ever.

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Any half decent converter should add ~1 frame of input delay tops, but if you by some chinese shit for 5$ then yeah you can expect half a second's delay.

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go with raphnet and you'll be fine

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If you want to forgo the adapter and get a good USB SNES controller, the Retroflag ones they recently released to go with their new SNES raspberry pi cases are actually great.

I used to be all about the Buffalo SNES USB controllers, but these Retroflag ones feel much more like the real thing - from the look of it, it seems they might have just taken a 3D scan of the actual SNES classic stuff.

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mayflash makes pretty good stuff. i use one of their gc adapters to do netplay on my PC.

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I have that particular adapter and it doesn't seem to work with the NES Classic controllers, though it does with the SNES Classic ones.

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Mayflash is utter shit. Your brain itself probably lags too much for you to realize the lag their shitty chink adapters produce

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You won't notice the fucking difference

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Define a lot

You don't need serial. Anon is clueless. Maybe parallel.

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this thing does not work. I tested and returned 3 of them to amazon. there are ghost presses every 10 to 30 seconds with a snes classic. nes classic just flatout doesn't work. I highly recommend the raphnet one. you can even reduce the lag to like 1 or 2 ms. I just use the default 5ms because I never noticed

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test out your snes classic and you will be in for a suprise. open up a keymap window in an emulator, click to map button and wait. the snes classic will automap an input within 10-30 seconds. it's usually 2 buttons and an analog axis the controller doesn't even have (this how you know it's the adapter, it's firing off wii controller shit)

alternatively, open up that windows controller thing that lets you see button presses and analog stick movements. you will see shit firing off on its own regularly.

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Thanks for the input, I'll be getting the raphnet one. I wasn't aware of it before now, but the driver tools and such look really good.

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That's not the Wii U Pro Controller

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I will tell you from my autistic experience of fucking around and wasting my time with various methods of connecting controllers to PCs and consoles - unless you plan to be a super pro in some fighting game with some specific controller that requires a USB adapter, Mayflash adapters are just fine. And even then they are pretty okay.

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Get a saturn controller and an adapter. They're a million times better than NES/SNES controllers. Any lag they supposedly ad will be completely imperceptible.

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>circular d-pad
Yeah, no thanks...

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>circular d-pad
>too large to comfortably press opposite directions in quick succession
>no center pivot, leading to a floaty feeling and phantom directional presses
>asymmetrical button sizes
>uneven face button spacing
Yeah, no thanks... I really never understood what people liked about this controller at all.

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