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With so many games at your immediate disposal do you ever find it difficult to fully immerse yourself in a game for an extended period of time without thinking about your backlog?

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If you actually have a backlog written down somewhere, that's your problem. You're turning games into a to-do list instead of enjoying them.

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I came to write something, but this guy gets it perfect.

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Yeah, that's a perfectly fair assessment and a really good point. I'm just always excited to try out new games.

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Well also once you've played the best game in its respective genre its not easy to binge on inferior titles

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Who even does that though. Not sure why people agree with such an obvious piss-take, but gj nonetheless heh.

Saying "my backlog" just means you buy (or bootleg) a shit-ton of games and have so much choice it's hard to focus on one for very long (even good games).

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Go see a doctor about your ADHD then.

Anyway buying more games than you'll actually play is even worse than having a listed backlog.

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>and have so much choice it's hard to focus on one for very long (even good games).

I agree, it sounds like your issue may be related more to ADHD or something similar. I've had thousands of roms for years and never had that be a problem.

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Nice projection, WebMD fans. Also: being so mad about being poor, lol. As for me, I am constantly buying new games, and most steamfriends will tell you the flavor of the week's siren song is powerful.

Sticking with Doom for decades ain't the badge of honor you're acting like it is, poorfriends.

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Who said anything about being poor? Or sticking with Doom for years, I haven't played Doom in decades. I'm just saying that I haven't experienced the problem you're talking about despite also having boatloads of games (roms for old stuff and I still buy games regularly) I've never had trouble focusing on one or two at a time. ADHD was just a guess but it was trying to be helpful, having lots of games shouldn't make it hard to focus.

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Lol ok ok. Look, the first reply, to me, was borderline autism at least. I was being nice and not saying so. Nobody ever in the history of vidya has "written down" a backlog. Thus my reply. Second reply agreeing actually made me cringe.

As for "lack of focus", you're seeing it in that ADHD lens, when the fact is that having umpteen choices does make you want to try them all out, if you're able. LATER on, you can go back and play the great ones at length (because life is too short to settle for mediocre experiences).

This has little to do with being afflicted with anything, and everything to do with choices. OP had a solid point being completely missed.

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Ignore the shitposter.

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Okay, I don't know what to tell you. I've of course tried out things briefly just to see what they're like, but never thought of that as losing focus. I'm just saying, if you find you lose focus because of tons of games the issue might be more with you than the number of games.

As for the first guy who replied, sure he was being curt and dickish, but kinda has a point. If you can't immerse yourself in a game without thinking about your backlog (whatever that is to you) it doesn't sound like you're really enjoying them in the first place. So I agreed with him.

Sorry if that's not the response you wanted? I don't know much of what else to say, it's not something I've experienced.

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That kid is off his meds so just ignore him. Probably butthurt being called out on his ADHD because his mom was nagging him about it this morning.

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Meh it's still interesting to help, now you just sound like you're trying too hard.

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>claims anons are projecting
>proceeds to project onto anons
You might actually have brain problems, the irony here is too apparent not to see.

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I'm solidly pre-anime, pre-ADHD ritalyn ecksdee generation, thanks. I really wish you and your ilk could just acknowledge that I made a perfectly solid point. But no, y'all started with the projection when I was being nice. K.


From the start it has been people missing the point because no frame of reference outside of their "supreme focus on one game", which is both sanctimonious and dishonest. To then say "lol ADHD breh" is talking shit.

You could even spin this in a relationship context: a guy who has choices will wander around for new experiences, and an ugly, faithful dude will tend to not. Tendencies, not edge cases, people. Choices. Choices. Choices. Suffice to say it would be absolutely laughable to say a "player" is such because he has ADHD, lol.

I know I'm pissing in the wind even explaining things, but had to try.


Nice reverse troll, old bean. Your first reply was fucking pure autism, that is self-evident.

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>I really wish you and your ilk could just acknowledge that I made a perfectly solid point.

What are you talking about? You asked if we experienced a problem, we said we didn't and one guy wondered if your experience of the issue was actually something else.

What "valid point" did you think you were making?

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A backlog for games that you're worried about completing and is depressing you, ahhhh what a crazy world we live in. Bring it up with your welfare officer, see what they think.

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I wasn't the anon you first replied to.

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This. If I feel like playing a game for the millionth time I will. If I still get enjoyment from a game I see no reason not to replay it.

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I think so long as you're having fun it's all gravy, no matter what you're playing new or millionth time. Losing focus just means you're not really having fun.

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How many fedoras do you own anyway?

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Projection overdrive. replied/10

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>reeee I don't have ADHD I'm just autistic!

Sorry for mishandling you, m'lord

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You're just trying too hard, lol.

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Also: saying that r word pretty much proves you grew up eating ritalyn.

Game. Set. Match.

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>tfw i have only been playing Dragon Quest games and Winning Eleven 4 for the last couple of years.

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I'm not trying to be mean, but you sound like you genuinely suffer from autism. Please just walk away from this, you're only embarrassing yourself and not creating any form of productive discussion.

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I must have stung you pretty good. I'd already forgotten about this thread desu. If you want me to stop wrecking your flimsy points, how about not replying to me. Give it a shot.

You're not purposely mean, I get it. I just don't have the patience to navigate the maze that is your way of thinking.

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No.... I just have trouble choosing a game. Once i've chosen one i'm usually ok and can commit to it. Unless it ends up being shit..... every now and then i'll fall for the ramblings of nostalgic idiots recommending garbage like mega man 2 or suikoden 2.

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I do have quite a few games I would like to get to, but I have found free time is fleeting as you get older. A game really has to wow me right of out the gate, or I'll just move on. There's so many options out there, there is no reason to waste your time on something your not going to enjoy.

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The problem isn't having too many games to play or too big of a backlog, the problem is fapping too much. You have to make games more enjoyable again by managing your dopamine releases through nofapping. You're welcome.

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What the heck happened to the thread? Did OP mark every response that wasn't licking his bunghole about "valid points" as trolling?? This is hilarious!

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Nah I'm OP and I only wrote >>5087836

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Even questions about what happened to the thread get deleted? OP's but must be destroyed! This is grand.

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Can't say I've ever felt that way, no. And I have many games. Do you have the same problem with books or other things?

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Limited cercimstances breeds determination. Stuck in a cabin with only an NES and an old tv, you're far more likely to play through a game than on an emulator out of a full romset.

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This exactly. A game might sound cool but if it takes 40 hours on average to beat and I’m not impressed right away, I’m gonna drop it because I don’t have enough free time to just gamble on the game eventually becoming good. I find the older I get the less free time I have or want to spend on games, so I keep getting pickier about what I play.

I do have a list of games to play, but it’s not so much a to do list as much as it is a list of games that seem cool and that I’d like to try out one day. This way I don’t have to worry about forgetting a game’s name.

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That sounds more like boredom breeds complacency. If I don't want to play through a game desipite having a full romset at my fingertips (which has been the case for years), I don't consider it worth playing in the first place.

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It's the game's job to make me not think about that

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As a rule I buy games if I want to play them, because having thousands of roms at my disposal makes me less committed to any one game, even if I enjoy it. Might be my constant anxiety, I dunno.
I'll emulate to try a game out or if it's ridiculously expensive though.

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>As a rule I buy games if I want to play them, because having thousands of roms at my disposal makes me less committed to any one game, even if I enjoy it.

sounds gay

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Do you find that happens with other things as well, like with books for example?

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Wow. Do you really get anxiety over playing games?

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i used to feel this way, but not anymore. realize that your backlog is not an obligation or to-do list, but instead just a wide range of options. if you don't want to play a game, if it isn't compelling you, you have no obligation to continue playing it -- and if you have a large 'backlog', that just means you have plenty of other options to choose from! the limiting factor is your time, not the games you have to choose from, so there should be no anxiety in valuing the time over the games.

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Similar. Once I realized and accepted I was never going to be able to fully play everything I wanted to it felt like the pressure was off in some way and now I just enjoy the time I do get to spend playing and just go for whatever is appealing.

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>do you ever find it difficult to fully immerse yourself in a game for an extended period of time without thinking about your backlog?

Idk, I felt the same before I had a backlog. I lost my childlike wonderment for games (like sinking endless hours into Roblox and Pokemon) during highschool, but eventually found enjoyment in Dark Souls and all its sequels (and prequel). Now I get bored with almost anything unless it's gripping in some way. In the last few years I played through all the BioShock games (Infinite was so comparatively shitty), the OG Fallout games, the whole Metal Gear Solid franchise, the whole Half Life/Portal series, The Witness, The Talos Principle, the Bayonetta games, Nier Automata, Chrono Trigger and probably others I can't remember.

For me, it's less that the backlog is a commitment, and more that I can't find very many games that live up to my high standards.

This. When I first played Cave Story and Super Metroid, they were incredible experiences that I couldn't put down or stop thinking about. Now metroidvanias are an overdone and flooded genre. Hollow Knight is great, but it would've been better if I never played a metroidvania beforehand.

Mega Man X is the only game I've played to completion like a dozen times. Idk why, it's just such a solid game.

this is just one factor that affects people differently. Some people can jerk off constantly and enjoy games, and some can't. Take your nofap gospel elsewhere plz

>it’s not so much a to do list as much as it is a list of games that seem cool and that I’d like to try out one day. This way I don’t have to worry about forgetting a game’s name.
Exactly why I started a list.

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Does that happen with other things like books or something else? This has become genuinely fascinating to me.

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I don't get distracted about my book backlog when reading/listening to books, but that's because I don't read very often and I don't really have a book backlog.

as far as other things, idk, I spend a majority of my spare time playing games or watching let's plays. I will watch movies and binge tv shows if they grab me, but this is increasingly rare.

I'm currently kind of a failure as a typical millennial that can't get their license or hold a job, so that probably explains a lot by itself

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A matter of perspective I guess, being stuck with only a couple gems and having to make do can result in you discovering a love for a game you might've passed over if you had infinite choices. That's how it was when we were kids, right? You only had what games you had, and maybe swapped with neighbors now and then or had a temporary rental.

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Not really. If a game strongly appeals to me then I'll play it a lot. If a game is just kind of fun then I'll play through it pretty quickly or maybe not even complete it at all.

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