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Hey everyone. Just curious, what were your least favorite and favorite Castlevania games?

I'll start:

Favorite is Bloodlines- It's fast-paced and frenetic, just how I like my games.

Least Favorite is Super Castlevania 4- I just can't get into this game. It feels super sluggish compared to even the NES ones and hell I'd rather play Dracula X, which to me is an improvement over Super Castlevania 4 in almost every way aside from the returning stiffness of your jump.

I haven't played any of the N64 titles, which is why I didn't put them here. I do know that they're bashed by the community though

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My favorite is 3, it's so fucking tight and has my favorite Retro soundtrack

My least favorite is Castlevania Legacy of Darkness on N64. One of the worst transitions to 3D I've ever seen, bar none

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Rondo. Incredible in every aspect. Plus it has non-linear level branching

>least favorite
Super castlevania iv. Ugly, boring, gimmicky but has good music

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I know lots of people who absolutely adore SCV4 but I feel the same way about it as you do. I could just never get into it.

My favorite is a tossup between Rondo of Blood or Symphony of the Night. Castlevania Legends is pretty great too.

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But OP, that's not Symphony of The Night

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Favorite is 3. Like the platforming, level design, playable characters, music, and graphics the best.

Least favorite is Symphony of the Night. It is graphics and music at the expense of everything else.

Keep in mind that I probably haven't actually played any game you'd think is worse than SotN, such as the 3d ones, non-retro ones, or 2.

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Castlevania Chronicles

>Least Favorite
Haunted Castle. Not even The Adventure/Legends or Judgment approach its shityness.

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OP here.

Look, I understand that lots of people like symphony as if it were the second coming of christ, but I haven't played it so I couldn't tell you if I would love it. As a matter of fact, I never played any of the nonlinear ones. Castlevania has always been a series where it is primarily action-oriented. Giving it exploration really takes that feeling away

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Akumajou Densetsu. The levels are just consistently awesome, the characters add a nice bit of depth and the music is some of the best shit ever.
The Adventure easily. It was painful to play at times because of how slow and boring it was.

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Symphony has tons of action; enemies respawn. What it doesn't have is meaningful platforming. Which is the actual meat of the series.

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I prefer Adventure to the Ds games, actually

Favorite is Simons Quest

Least favorite is Legends

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>I prefer Adventure to the Ds games, actually
That's not something you admit publicly.

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My favorite is the original. Still a classic to this day.

My least favorite is definitely Dracula X. The level design feels more like Super Castlevania, which is why it doesn't fit richter's moveset

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That dude is going to be torn a new asshole for saying that, just gonna say that right now

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My favorite is Simon's Quest. Rondo is the one I'd say is the "best" but SQ has always been my favorite.

The worst is Mirror of Fate by a landslide, but that's not retro so I'll leave it at that.

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Crucify this man

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You sir have just won my respect.

But Mirror of Fate was alright. Just nothing amazing

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> I prefer the Adventure to the Ds games, actually


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Favorite is 1, all the levels feel pretty much perfect to me from beginning to end, with no empty moments at all. I consider it one of the best designed games ever made.
3 is a great game, but I feel some of its levels are pretty forgettable and the difficulty is a bit ridiculous.
Dracula X is my runner up for classicvanias.

As for modern ones, , GBA and DS titles are better than SOTN and I'm loving Order of Ecclesia which is what I'm currently playing.

Least favorite is Simon's Quest for the usual reasons. I don't think it's a horrible game really, it still feels good to kill things, but it needed a lot more focus and better dungeon/mansion/whatever levels.

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>GBA and DS titles are better than SOTN and I'm loving Order of Ecclesia which is what I'm currently playing

>Better than SOTN

I think you just angered most of the fanbase, anon

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fuck the h8rs, they are much better games

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I don't want to get into a big thing, but Mirror of Fate is nowhere near alright in my books. It looks visually like a Castlevania, but doesn't play like any of them. The core of Castlevania's gameplay is the mix of platforming and dealing with enemies at the same time. Climbing stairs while a skeleton throws bones or going through the clocktower being harassed by endless medusa heads coming at you. MoF throws that completely out the window (except for one, lone fleaman in the last level) and so I have a hard time even considering it as part of the same series of games.

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I like living on the edge.
Harmony of Dissonance is just a better game to me. Aria is unfortunately no more difficult than SOTN but I enjoyed traversing its castle and using abilities much more. Not having a rehash as the actual main part pf the game helps. And the boss rush mode is fucking cool.

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It CAN'T be as bad as the N64 titles, man. Those games felt nothing like a castelvania. At least Mirror of Fate and Lords of Shadow had references to the old days and where occasionally fun, the N64 titles don't even deserve the Castlevania title.

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I think Ecclesia is the worst of the Metroidvania era of games actually. Mostly because I found the level design really disappointing. It's not bad, but the others were better. Circle of the Moon being the best IMO. SotN is pretty great, but way, way too easy and that mars it in the end.

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Circle of The Moon has god-tier music.

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I can't stand any of the 3D ones, and only spent about 10 minutes on 64. So I can't really speak to them.

As 2D games go though, MoF is just nothing at all like any other game in the series. Walking through empty corridors for five minutes and then being stuck in a one screen arena while you do the same two combos (XXXX or YYYY) until the wave of enemies dies and lets you walk through more empty corridors is some of the worst game That they did that in a game they put Castlevania in the title of is like a boot to the nuts.

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The Castlevania games on N64 are severely underrated imo.

They all suffer from a bad case of terrible opening levels so people abandon them before giving them a good chance.

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>empty corridors is some of the worst game
I meant...
>empty corridors is some of the worst game design in the world in my eyes

Stupid keyboard

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They feel more like castlevania than Lords of Shite. Get your head outta you're ass.

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How about that nitro puzzle.

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That's a very strange position IMO. Ecclesia is actually difficult, for one. I'm having to actually learn their moves, which is something you never do in SOTN. I also just die often outside boss battles by fucking up. It's surprisingly refreshing.

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>Get your head outta you're ass


Learn some grammar before coming to this board, you cuck.

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Your stupid, check you're dictionary, fucboi.

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Order of Ecclesia ain't as good as Portrait of Ruin, which is probably the most innovative of the modern games. I mean, it's pretty sweet having your own companion that does more than fucking stand there in a metroidvania.

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How can you criticize OoE's level design while praising CoTM? It had the most empty, samey hallways in the series.

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While the nitro puzzle isn't that great of a puzzle, I think a lot of criticism of it comes from the modern Youtube-era idea of challening = bad.

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Alright, I haven't gotten around to that one yet. I'll play of them for sure.

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But DEFINITELY the best music

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Half of its soundtrack is arrangements of older music that don't even sound as good as the originals.

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It is a little difficult in terms of enemy hit points and damage output. That's one of the decent things about it. But until the bonus levels, none of the platforming is challenging at all. Also although the glyph system combined with the high enemy health and damage made the whole thing feel kind of grindy to me. Again it's not bad in my books, still a solid game. Just not as good as the others.

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That is admittedly true, but the original tracks are sex to the gameboy advance speakers

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Yeah the glyph system could've been handled better

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How? What's the problem with it? The only real issue is the stamina bar, but that's there for balancing purposes.

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You have to stand still to capture it. It's just a reskinned souls system from Aria of Sorrow.

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I found the platforming more interesting personally. I think part of it is the way that OoE is split up into many tiny levels. At any rate, just giving my two cents. Not trying to tell you to enjoy it any less.

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The grinding and the fact that the glyphs SUCK until the mid point for me. Also some are clearly better than others.

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>You have to stand still to capture it
How is that even a problem? It's a risk vs reward thing and there's an entire boss fights based around the mechanic.

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Totally agree with you. Portrait of Ruin is freaking great. Easily the best of the DS games. The look of the levels is a bit meh, and I could have done without the mirror versions but the overall design is great and the two characters works very well.

I really like Dawn of Sorrow's extra mode though. Much more than the main game.

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It's boring. Outside of the boss fights it's just a time sink.

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Also THAT FINAL BOSS. Best final battle in the series, bar-none

>> No.2590509

Completely agree with you on that note.

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It takes all of what, 3 seconds? It's also not like DoS where you get souls constantly from every enemy. Getting a new glyph is a relatively important event.

>> No.2590519

Yeah, but in DoS, they all had uses. Some glyphs are clearly better than others.

>> No.2590527

The melee ones are, because they're the equivalent of gear. Meanwhile something like Luminatio and Vol Luminatio are different spells with different uses. Also the stronger emphasis on enemy weaknesses makes you vary up your glyphs far more. In DoS you can breeze through everything with the same weapon and souls.

>> No.2590541

That doesn't make it any better. That only confirms that certain glyphs are only situational and nothing else. Tell me how many times you used a shield glyph.

>> No.2590556

Used it on several boss fights like the giant and Dracula and plenty of times on hard mode for enemies like the bone pillars and fish. Even the damn zombie has its uses. Meanwhile the only thing I had to use to breeze through DoS was the Amalaric Sniper soul. Between glyphs and souls, glyphs are easily the better system because it's not filled with useless crap.

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Castlevania Chronicles, specifically for the arrange mode. Yes, I prefer bishi-redhaired-barbarian Simon.

Simon's Quest is a close second.

>Least favorite
SotN and everything it spawned. I can appreciate the RPG mechanics, but I hate the concept of "Metroidvania."

Circle of the Moon is the only exception. I still play that one on occasion.

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I always felt that being able to hang your whip down and kill an enemy broke SC4. The 8 way whip was a good concept, but being able to just hold it out there as a poisonous demon slayer was a broken mechanic.

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If your least favorite isn't Haunted Castle, you haven't played Haunted Castle. One of Konami's all time lows.

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This game is great, kiddo, it's real castlevania unlike that post SotN shit.

>> No.2590682

The game is cheap as fuck even by arcade standards.

>> No.2590683

Well you just need to git gud, then. There are videos of people 1cc'ing it without any problems.

>> No.2590691

"Git gut" in this game means just memorization, which isn't a fantastic achievement for a 15 minutes arcade game, just practice some hours and you are ready to 1cc.

>> No.2590701

>There are videos of people 1cc'ing it without any problems.

I hope that wasn't supposed to be a positive comment about the game.

>> No.2590702

This, and unlike superior memorization games like R-Type, it simply isn't the fun kind.

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Don't even mention that abomination of a game. It makes the N64 titles look masterful

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Favourite: Tie between Super Castlevania IV, and Lament of Innocence ( plz no hate )

Least Favourite: Castlevania Adventure

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God Tier:
Akumajou Densetsu
Rondo of Blood

Top Tier:
Castlevania 1
Super Castlevania IV

Mid tier:
Dracula X
Belmont's Revenge

Low tier:
CV Adventure
Simon's Quest

Quarter munch tier:
Haunted Castle (japanese revision is quite playable though)

Not a big fan of CV4 as a whole, but it's worth playing for those great final levels.

>> No.2591396


Lament of Innocence is quite good, I enjoyed it.
I don't really like how they handle the origin of Dracula though. He's just a whiner instead of a tragic character.

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Question: why are Castlevania threads always about "best" or "worst" in the series, yadda, yadda... can't we discuss other things? like, development stuff, interviews with Castlevania devs, curiosities about the series, etc, etc... there's a lot of stuff we could be discussing about the series, but in the end... I just look at OP, and it's Bloodlines vs IV feat. Rondo of Blood: Round 789.908

>> No.2591434

Why not rather ask who the best Belmont is. and why is it Trevor

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Castlevania III is my favorite but it just barely edges out the first one. I love how I can go through that game with any combination of characters and find legit strategies that the developers obviously thought through for any situation. Absolutely amazing game design.

Least favorite is probably Portrait of Ruin, I just thought it was really forgettable. Even games that might be worse in some ways like 64 at least have some "Wow!" moments that stick out in my mind.

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that poor man

>> No.2592005

Why, because he has sexy kids?

>> No.2592020

Because he's a cuck. :'(

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you shouldn't talk like that that's mysognstcs

>> No.2592026

That's not what that word means.

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Seriously? No judgement?
I know it is a spin-off, but it is so horrible it deserves a mention.

>> No.2592058

only the character designs are horrible actually, it's done by the same team behind bloody roar

>> No.2592085

The original, III, and X68000. They keep things tightly designed and well-paced. III does have a few stinker levels, but the scope of the game is pretty impressive, and I think it's one of the more interesting looking games on the NES.
>Least favorite
The shitty N64 games, maybe? Honestly Castlevania has more shitty games than people sometimes recognize. Legends is awful, the PS2 games are bland, Adventure is a total slog.

It's mindblowing that anyone could seriously think LoS is the worst thing to ever happen to Castevania with some of these games in mind. Of course the LoS games also had a much bigger budget, but still. I think people exaggerate how bad they are.

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For me, It's actually in this order. Dracula X, Simon's Quest, Bloodlines and then 3.

Those are my favorites in that order.

I was actually also fond of Portrait of Ruin, but since that's not retro, I ust kinda push it to the side while I'm here.

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Trevor got dem biceps, son!

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Classic: Castlevania Chronicles > Rondo > IV

IGA: Aria > SOTN > Ecclesia

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Why does anybody like Simon's Quest? You literally need a nintendo power guide or an equivalent to play it without tearing your hair out.

>> No.2595926

I got Dracula X Chronicles on PSP for Christmas and have been waiting until October to play it (October is Castlevania month for me). Everybody hates Dracula X, but that's just a shitty SNES port of Rondo of Blood right? Dracula X Chronicles is supposed to be Rondo of Blood pretty much right?

>> No.2595979

It's not a SNES port, it's a different game entirely that uses some assets from Rondo.

And yes, DXC is Rondo. It's a straightforward remake of the game that also contains the original version and SOTN. Pretty cool release, in my opinion. A lot of people think the remake is uglier than the original but I think the darker palette distinguishes it enough from the original that it's justified and neat. It also gives Dracula a third form and redoes one of the stages (for the better). Hope you enjoy it.

>> No.2596028

The N64 titles had great platforming and a lot of memorable scenarios. I'll never understand why people dislike this game. It "doesn't feel like a Castlevania game" is such a lame ass, meaningless excuse.

>> No.2596285

why the fuck does everyone like rondo and its simplistic entry-level alternate path system so much

>> No.2596382


Simon's Quest

>> No.2596763


Trevor or Simon for sure.

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Favorite classic: Rondo of Blood > Super IV
Favorite modern: Circle of the Moon > Portrait of Ruin > Aria of Sorrow (Julius)
Least favorite: Simon's Quest

I don't have very much fun with 1 and 3, but I can accept them for what they were at the time. While I do enjoy the metroidvanias more, I do like classicvanias the same.

On that note, Playing OoE for the first time, and I honestly don't see what everyone sees in it. Its not bad, but all these segmented areas are really killing it for me, It makes draculas castle seem so fucking small by comparison. Glyphs are kind of fun, but I'll take a whip any day, or at least soma's soul powers.

>> No.2599594

>least favorite
super iv for the same reasons you said and just the ugly art, the whip swinging, just everything about it

probs sotn or akumajou densetsu. they're just fucking awesome. no further reason.

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Castlevania threads used to be good. Every game used to have its merits before the shitposting, and this was even on /v/. Then people started shitposting the PS3 games. Then there was the divide between "Classicvania" and "Metroidvania". Now it's Gen 4 Console Wars: Featuring Rondo of Blood so that hipsters can feel superior to both of them. Once upon a time people seemed to think Rondo or SCV4 were the best until that EgoRaptor video came out. It really just complained about the subweapons but ever since then people started to hate the game for it. It seems like recently people have discovered Bloodlines and now it's the cool one to like.
Historically IIRC, it was SotN, then SCV4, then Rondo, and now Bloodlines. My guess is that Chronicles will be the next game the "real" Castlevania fans jump to for being the most "Castlevania-y"

>> No.2599753


Yeah you may be onto something. I remember back in the days Castlevania Dungeon was active, everyone sucked on SOTN's dick so much. Now it's still liked, but there's always people shitting on it or the "metroidvanias".
Both IV and Bloodlines were pretty on-par as far as I remember, people liked one or the other, but both were well liked by fans of the classic games. Rondo was always the holy grail due to it being exclusive to the PCE and hard to emulate.
And yeah Chronicles definitely is the "hidden hardcore gem" right now, which isn't bad since more people will play it, and it's a good game. Also Dracula X for SNES is getting little bit more of recognition as a good game on its own, instead of being compared with Rondo. CV Dungeon helped with Drac X's bad reputation.

>> No.2599793

Agreed. Dracula X on its own merits isn't a bad game. The SNES actually did an amazing job handling the music, too. I think that game needs more love as well as the N64 games

>> No.2599801

Just got Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin the other day, and I learned it is a sequel to Bloodlines, which I haven't played. I was wondering if there are any Genesis/Konami collections that have the game included, I don't feel like paying $30 for it.

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I liked Castlevania 64. It's not great, but it's totally playable once you get used to the clunky controls. For an early action game, it ain't too bad honestly. You can dodge attacks by pressing jump and tilting the stick in any direction at the same time, once you learn that, fighting enemies such as vampires or other annoying enemies isn't too hard anymore. Obviously playing with Carrie makes the game easier.
When you think about it, this game has the same scheme of Rondo of Blood where you can play as the whipped vampire killed, or the magical girl for an easier handicap.

>> No.2599830

Funny story about that pic. There's a cutscene in that room where a regular-looking villager encounters you and attacks you once you realize it's a vampire. Halfway into the cutscene the table and chairs in that room vanish and don't even return after the cutscene or battle.

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Castlevania 64 has skellies riding motorcycles (model SK-666!) so it can't be all that bad.

>> No.2602365

So what's the difference between Dark Legacy and 64?

>> No.2602396



>> No.2602834

>Not spamming the wrecking ball in Harmony of Despair
>Not defeating Richter with the power of pies
it's like you hate fun or something.

>> No.2602836

Level layout updates as well as the addition of a number of levels and the Cornell and Henry campaigns. Reinhardt and Carrie also got texture updates but I personally didn't like them as much.

The music may have also been slightly modified and I think some voice clips were removed.

>> No.2602839

Or he may just hate dull level design.

I think it's better than most of the Igavanias, though.

>> No.2602843

Has anyone played the C64 port of Castlevania? it's surprisingly decent.


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