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I think it's wild that touhou doom is a currently popular wad on zdoom forums

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They removed this soul

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I should say, *future* cyberdemon. But there are multiple cyberdemons in the games. He respawns, but his lost limbs don't regenerate? I guess because of some kind of "spiritual damage" from the Spear? Or do the RPGs replace the original games rather than adding to them?

Whatever; something can have plot holes and still be a single canon.

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Isn't Ranger a Quake-only character?

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Oh I thought you meant id games when you said Doom continuities. My b.

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I guess a relevant question is which ones the Final Doom episodes and No Rest for the Living take place in; or whether they have their own.

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Sometimes I've seen some anons here referring to Black Ops assassins as "they glow in the dark"
Is it a reference to something?

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wtf was his problem?

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>he doesn't know

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heheh. i get it lol

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trying to get Quake to run well on Windows 10 with a software renderer (or at least an accurate look to that of one.) the best I have found so far is Mark V because it supports scaling to nearest neighbor which looks fucking amazing with a 1440p monitor due to that scaling perfectly with 240p, however the mouse input fucks up and I also can't get it to work with the soundtrack. Do any Quakechads here know of any alternatives or fixes? the mouse button tends to just get stuck either on or off and doesn't properly take my inputs. Apparently it can be fixed by setting the polling rate on my mouse to 250 but I'd rather not do that if there's other source ports/fixes.

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Ok,nvm I got it.
That's pretty funny and quite sad honestly.

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>Doom card game
Eh, maybe. Not sure If I desire it more than TES Legends.

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QS has r_scale

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CIA offshoots or something.

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Only three days more for Blue Shift 20th anniversary

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it only supports mp3, no ogg. can't help with the mouse.
you can try tyrquake also, it has software mode, and I thought win10 drivers supported integer scaling out of the box.

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too bad it doesn't have mipscale to go with it, eh?

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>The website is still active

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>bulletproof glass

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As far as I know, QS has nearest neighbor with gl_texturemode 1

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>I thought win10 drivers supported integer scaling out of the box
You can do it via NVidia drivers if you have an RTX card, but I have a 1080ti. It's fucking insane to me that it was never a feature before, like they never opened an older game and saw the vaseline shit shmear or something, not only that but it's LITERALLY the easiest form of math possible. I think there *is* some form of Windows integer scaling, but it only works with windowed applications and the software that exists to force it on applications that don't otherwise support it are lackluster to say the least. see: https://tanalin.com/en/projects/integer-scaler/

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1 means no mips at all, but that's the compromise, yes.

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well, other alternatives are putting dosquake through dosbox, or putting winquake through dgvoodoo. both allow scaling.

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Cope it was good

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I find designs maybe not exciting, but looking very Q1 yet better than Q1. And most importantly, weapons and animations feel very good and snappy. I perceive it almost like Q1 weapons/animations done right. Controls are very good but only after changing some unintuitive options though.

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It's okay and a fine game for diehard Half-Life fans, but I'd sooner recommend an SP mod.

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It introduced the kino HD models and based Barney.

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Terry deserved a better brain than he got.

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For me? It's Otis.

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They really should have used some of these xen creatures models for the PC version

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He was smart and had some incredible coding skills but the paranoia took the best of him

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Good or not, it was just an expansion pack. It also wasn't released in the 90s.

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It's retro

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b-but then how will you get attention from 9th grade girls??

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Finishing another map for a community project. It's supposed to be "Doom II-like difficulty" which turned into some kind of slaughter-light, there's a lot of monsters walking towards you at the start, but also a lot of pickups. It's been criticized for being easy, but for its project seems about right.

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Obviously people of Europa should stop with their unreasonable racist attitude and welcome poor Kalisto refugees into their society..

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Any reccs for vanilla/boom wads with more of an emphasis on platforming? Wads where the difficulty isn't just killing all the monsters but more figuring out how to navigate the level to reach the exit.

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Something that probably has no answer: Why do the classic games have demons trapped in cages? Did they piss off other demons?

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What's this from?

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Hexen 2

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They're demons, they're just kinky like that.

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>Never liked the bright neon colors aesthetic either.
...Sounds like youre thinking of Amid Evil. Theres nothing neon about Wrath.

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