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I have a PSOne (slim) and it works fine. I don't use it too often though. I would rather use my PS2 to play PS1 games

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I can think of one or two areas in Unreal that might put kids off

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But you did spell it right, anon.

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Try Quack, it's a little better. A little breader. A little breadier. There still isn't a duck button. Most people old enough to have played Quake World would probably appreciate a duck pond simulator by now. Duck ponds often have Geese. Geese are dicks. Geese Howard is a dick. Howard is a duck. Geese Howard is an unholy fusion of an angry bird and Howard the Duck. Angry Birds is a mobile game. id had games on mobile. Rock Howard is the son of Geese Howard. Throwing rocks at Geese can be helpful. Geese make bad pets. Rocks were once pets. If Quake is ported to the Wii U, you can use a rock amiibo to unlock Quack. 9/11 was an inside-out steel beam. Fuel is cool, and that's the rule. The system is corrupt, so don't stay in school.

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