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Reminder that if you didn't own an amiga while growing up, your parents didn't love you.

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So, Ahoy released a new video after a long and rigorous winter, and its the Rise and FALL of the Amiga computer and its games, and touching on Commodore US Incompetence.

interesting though, he touches on the early raytracing part.

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Okay, this is a game I've been trying to remember for years

>Amiga 500 game
>I think it was post apocalyptic
>you had a car that I remember being able to customize, it had spikes on the tires and mounted turrets and shit
>you could enter buildings and were able to walk around on foot inside of them
>I remember puddles of acid on the floor inside the buildings as well as generic enemies

I can't fucking find this game, no matter what I search for I always just get an endless sea of generic racing games, but this game didn't have racing elements as far as I remember, your car was just for getting around the world and fighting other cars

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How does NTSC/PAL work on the Amiga? This computer is a bit of an interesting situation since most of the software is made to run in PAL even though the machine was developed by a US company. Will the game just run in their proper mode like on the PSX, or do you have to mod it or something if it isn't from the right region?

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The Amiga never dies.

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My friend is building a retro 90s Gaming Rig and needs a list of games to install. Any ideas?

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Amiga 500 that I still have with a 1084S monitor, RAM and hard drive expansions.

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