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what game was so mysterious that you got obsessed with it's world and wanted to know more? for me it's pic related. almost nothing has a backstory, all you get is music and backgrounds of long forgotten battles and unfathomable tragedies. what world do you even occupy? and i say "you" for lack of a better label. we arent firebrand, he is his own thing, and we arent really given a glimpse into his mind, we just control him. there really is no "us" in this game. it is so foreign to my human understanding, yet we get a glimpse of this world anyway. the history of every setting is filled with mysterious and ancient horrors that transpired who knows how long ago. so many things lost to time. we see this world through a two tiered lens of us as human, and the one track indifferent mind of firebrand. this game hinted at so much, yet revealed little. that really captured my imagination. now everyone is clamoring to reveal all, and figure out every bit of lore. there is no mystery anymore like in those early games, where you just didnt know, and it was awesome.

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>Celebrate spooky month by playing Capcoms best Game

Done and done

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Demon's Crest.

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I have this but i'm sure i have a couple more of the game somewhere.

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