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Looking to buy a replacement optical drive for my SCPH-5501 PSX as the one inside of it is 100% dead. Looking on ebay I see a lot of chinese sellers with supposedly good replacement drives available. Are these good? Are these sourced from already broken PSXs are did some chinaman manage to find a warehouse full of them?
Here's a few links to what I'm referring to:

Also repair general!

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I couldn't find am appropriate thread to stick this in. Does anyone know if they sell posters of this anywhere? Would it just be better to get it printed at a kinko's or whatever?

Also /vr/ posters, merch, questions that don't deserve their own thread, whatever thread.

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Didnt see a repair general so fuck it.

Anyways, im trying to fix an Snes ive found a few weeks ago, the problem it has is that its missing some audio, im not sure if its a complete channel or just some audio sammples, for instance in Super Castlevania i ant hear any music only the SFX, in Street Fighter Turbo i cant hear any SFX like voices or when you land a hit, i can only hear the music but it sounds strange like mising some notes.

Do you guys know where to find the schematics of every chip on the Snes? the links ive found so far are no longr working, board revision is SNS-APU.01 if it makes any difference.

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So... just found an N64 at a garage sale for $10, tested it there and it turned on, however now that im at home trying to play all i get is a black screen and a "crackling" noise that last like 1 second when i turn the console on, but no picture or audio at all, tried cleaning the board and the cart connector, everything is clean and nice now.

So far ive tried my other working set of cables, my other working expansion pack, the games work fine on my other N64 so its a problem with the actual console.

Do you guys think it could be a dead cap? ive never seen a dead N64.

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Any good resources for learning about retro console repair? I’ve been checking out a few videos on YouTube but I could have sworn there was a “Repair General” on /vr/ every now and then (could have been /vg/)

I was interested specifically in controller refurbishing and repair, I picked up two Dreamcast controllers and the left trigger doesn’t work on one of them

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Correct OP edition

>bought Galaga for the NES
>NES couldn't play it (just showed blank colored screen)
>cleaned pins with alcohol and Q-tip
>the circuit board itself felt loose, whenever I shook cart it'd rattle inside
>open cart and secured game with a tiny bit of duct tape so it would sit right and not shake
>still not working

Is there even such thing as a dead NES game?

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Post your issues here and other anons help

I'll start. I have some bootleg GB games with the battery that slides off the chip (ie not soldered) if the game is powered on, can I swap batteries without losing the saves. its a cr 2032

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Don't have the text but at least I have the image. Anyways, to start:

>just bought Galaga on NES but NES can't read it; blank screen
>already cleaned it with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol
>sounds like the board is a little loose when I shake the cart, none of my other games are like this
>can push the game's pins back into the cartridge about half a centimeter, and can shake the cartridge to bring the pins back out

Could that be the culprit, that the board is a little loose and needs to be re-seated? If so, are gamebit screwdrivers only purchasable online or could I possibly find one at a hardware store? Or is this likely not a cause and I just got a dead game?

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I have a DKC2 cartridge with a few problems;
>label sticker is faded
Looks like I can buy a replacement sticker from retrogamecases, or is there a better alternative?
>save file occasionally deletes itself
I assume this is battery related? Perhaps a simple battery swap will fix this?
>cartridge is yellowing
Is it easy to just by a replacement surrogate cartridge case? Where from? I hear retrobrite makes the plastic brittle or something

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Didn't see one in the catalog, so here we go!

Ive got both a NES console, and xmen 2 on genesis, and they both have pin issues.

NES: Two of the cart slot pins on the main board have huge gouges on them, and make for poor contacts. I dont know the type of metal, but they don't look like copper.

XMEN2: Has one pin that is essentially 'squished' and is kind of bunched together on its self. They are copper pins

I cant really find any good youtube videos of people removing pins(on just one side). this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx50YtEC2S8 has a good part about replacing a solder pad, but i dont konw if it will work for a 'pin'. Anyone have any knowledge/resources on pin replacements.

Also general repair for anyone to ask/answer q's.

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