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When did the notion that video games are for kids only started?

Pong arcade machines were first introduced in bars, where you know, adult people go to have alcoholic drinks and what not, definitely not a place you expect kids.
Games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Defender and many other classics were played by adults a lot. Space Invaders in Japan was a craze within salarymen who would go and play for hours after their work schedule.

The game boy had a lot of advertising for adults


And I can say, having travelled a lot when I was a kid in the late 80s/early 90s, that it was extremely common to see adults playing Game Boy on airports, both men and women.

Before video games, the pinball scene was also hugely popular with adults, look at this documentary/short film:

Sega and Sony both capitalized on the fact that they were both aiming for a more "mature" audience compared to Nintendo, but I think it was all just a marketing gimmick, videogames were NEVER exclusively aimed at children (other than edutainment games).

If adults can have fun playing cards or scrabble, then they can have fun playing video games.

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Question: why are Castlevania threads always about "best" or "worst" in the series, yadda, yadda... can't we discuss other things? like, development stuff, interviews with Castlevania devs, curiosities about the series, etc, etc... there's a lot of stuff we could be discussing about the series, but in the end... I just look at OP, and it's Bloodlines vs IV feat. Rondo of Blood: Round 789.908

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