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Don't get hung up about boomie zoomie shit anon, it's just shitposting at best and an attempt to divide people at worst. All the old stuff is still around unless it was an online game with a dead playerbase in which case sorry, I know your pain and you can enjoy it at your leisure, on top of new shit when something good happens for once. Don't worry about your age or the year a game was released, as long as you're enjoying yourself it doesn't matter.

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I just finished Scourge of Armagon and man, it is a huge fucking step up from vanilla Quake. Quake left me, not really disappointed because I knew not to expect the heavens, but Armagon is just great.
Are there any id engines where third parties didn't use them better than id?

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>start the first Quake Mission pack
>ooh, laser cannon, new weapon
>none of the number keys select it
The HUD says it's "9" but my "9" key doesn't do anything and the control config doesn't let you map individual weapons. I can use scroll wheel to select it of course but is that the only way to do so or is there something I'm missing?

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I played through Quake's singleplayer for the first time. It was about what I was told to expect (competently made but not super interesting from a gameplay perspective, good but not groundbreaking besides the engine and more advanced physics). I'm a bit confused about the shotgun/nailgun and their upgrades, though. Is there any reason to use the normal shotgun or nailgun when you have their upgraded counterparts? Unlike DOOM's shotgun which is mostly outclassed by the SSG but still has some pretty significant advantages in niche scenarios, like being better at stunlocking enemies if you don't have a high-fire-rate weapon and the fire rate in general being useful if enemies are quickly being funneled around a corner and you can only hit them one at a time, the shotgun in Quake feels 100% outclassed by the double barrel. I know the shotgun in that game is basically its pistol, but it just seems weird to me that you can even select it instead of the double just replacing it. It feels like not even ammo conservation matters considering how plentiful shells are on every map.

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>at least a quarter of the posts aren't even Quake memes but just the owner getting angry about Dusk/Amid Evil
Y tho

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/arena/ died. Anyone here from it? New one pls

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