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Which retro games have the most moded content to them?
The only two I really know about are Doom and Super Mario World and those are pretty much my favorite retro games.

Does duke nukem have stuff like that?
Any Zelda games?
Final Fantasy?

I don't even know what the general term is because Doom calls them Wads and SMW calls them rom hacks. Are they just mods?

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posting in epic zoomer thread

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Nah no other games have any hacks, just Doom and Super Mario World. It's a shame and hopefully it'll change one day.

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Now I see why there's so many trannies in the speed running community.

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Duke nukem has hunt for Saddam and hunt for Osama. Also wgrealms which is a massive overhaul and adds an rpg system and stuff

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Post your fav Earthbound Bosses.
I'll start.

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OK, not my favorite battle because it's scripted, but this little guy right here is one of the toughest motherfuckers on the Mother universe.
Actual sanctuary boss, my favorite is Diamond Dog as I guess OP is also referencing.

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forgot pic

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What was the deal with these? What the hell does 'nes' mean? Is that a French word or something? How can you call a game a classic the first time you release it?

Also did anyone else think these were pretty lame compared to other GBA games? They seemed really simple, like something my grandpa would have played back in 1984 lol

I also found it really confusing how Super Mario Advance 4 was called 'Super Mario Bros 3'. None of the other Super Mario Advance games had titles like that, what were the first two? Is Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World the first Super Mario Bros? Then Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island is Super Mario Bros 2 where you find out their origin story? Really weird titles all around with these games.

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DANGEROUSLY based thread.

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>Deleted thread
Fuck your mod in the ass!

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How and why was the Nintendo 64 delayed for nearly a year?

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SGI had delivered a working chipset in early 1995. nintendo were behind schedule and needed to buy time. In may of 1995 it was announced that the n64 would be delayed. nintendo were planning on releasing the console in time for xmas in 1995.

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>nintendo were behind schedule and needed to buy time.
Was this a result of how tough the console (apparently) was to program for?

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that and the delay in getting their chipset ready surely didn't help matters but I am not entirely sure if it was the case for delaying it for so long.

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Oh, I misunderstood you, I didn't realize that the SGI chipset had been anticipated earlier.

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to make room for the SOUL

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Whoa Zeldor has good graphic.

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That absolute Chad look at him

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Shoulda posted Dixie's feet since she has nail polish

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I have been emulating on my PC for years but thought it would be very nice and convenient to get a dedicate emulation console, I just don't know where to start there is so many.

Are there any that emulate gamecube? That was pretty much where I stopped playing so being able to play melee with friends without dragging my PC into the living room and configuring all the BS would be great.

if no gamecube option is available what would you recommend for me? I would be playing alone a lot but enjoy hosting nude video game nights so something that has up to 4 players for Mario kart and Mario party on n64 is ideal.

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weird that you have trannies in your ass.

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there it is again.

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>nude video game parties
...do white people really?

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I got an NVIDIA shield pro 2019 for this and I love it. I installed retroarch on it and it plays everything up to and including 4th gen perfectly (use snes9x though). 5th gen mainly works, although n64 requires HLE and glideN64 (parallel won't play well). Mednefen works very well for psx in hardware with dynarec, but some games like Tekken 3 are pretty demanding and I had to turn off framebuffer emulation to run it full speed. Beetle Saturn is broken, but reicast works. The standalone dolphin app is good, but it won't play many GameCube games full speed. The games I had success with are twilight princess, remake and re 4. Forget Wii games.

If GameCube/Wii is a must, there is also the option to add dolphin to steam on your pc and stream it to the shield via steam link. Should work, but I haven't tried it personally.

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The Wii and Wii U will both play Gamecube, that's your only console option. Technically not emulation on the Wii as it literally has a Gamecube inside it, but both can be hacked to play off a harddrive.

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I'm kind of new to JRPGs, what games out there are similar in feel to Chrono Trigger or FFV, maybe even Pokemon? The lightheartedness and adventure feeling just struck me in the right way.

I'm already going to tackle Cross at some point, even though I hear it's pretty damn different.

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Dragon Quest, the Loto trilogy.
If you just want to go straight to the meat of the trilogy, and one of the best RPGs ever made, jump onto Dragon Quest III. You don't need previous knowledge of DQ games since it's the prequel to 1 and 2, but it's actually better if you play all 3 in order. If it has to be just one, make it III. Still one of the finest examples the genre has to offer, to this day.

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Now that the dust has settled, which edition of Gotta Catch ‘Em All! would you say provided the, dare I say it, quintessential first-generation porpig experience?

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Please stay on topic.

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>fat ugly turtle
>bitchin rad dragon
There was never a choice really.

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>being a newfaggot/idiot

Not him but if you paid any attention to how bait users use their vernacular you'd be aware of what childishly repeating the same thread looks like. The phrase is often used when spamming the exact same thing, as it implies there was a storm, a battle, whatever, but now that it's ''''settled'''' let's be a faggot and try to start a battle/storm or whatever idiomatically the dust settling event is meant to be. If you see, he's trying to obviously stir shit up AGAIN of which is why he/they use the phrasing. It's a drama craving tendency to use such vernacular in this context especially for the use of the word pig and quintessential. It's like the faggots that turned [objectively] into a meme. It's disingenuous and meant to annoy.


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I went with Blue because Blastoise looks weird and anime.

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What the fuck are you talking about crazy guy? You been drinking the crazy juice again today?

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Now that the dust has settled, which edition of Gotta Catch ‘Em All! provided the, dare I say it, quintessential porkpig experience?

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Post all based modern 2d sprite games here. They have to be of 32bit era sprites, and look good.

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What are his top 10, /vr/?

Where does he stand on the sixth gen issue?

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He would murder you if you came up to him wearing a GBA t-shirt, zoomy.

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He believes the ps2 and gba are both retro but still do not belong here because this board has a specific purpose for consoles from 1999 and earlier. He knows the ps2 is retro but he also knows this isnt the place to discuss it.

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If you consider PS2 and GBA retro, then they belong on the /videoretro/ board. Simple as.

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50 included games (no Neo Turf Masters)

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thanks looks like a decent value.
Too bad the full size is so expensive.

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>600 for a emulator

real pcb > overpriced emulator

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Handheld uses a version of FBA, so emulation issues, especially sound.
The "Docking Station" is ridiculous, it opens up and is literally just a through-port, just SCREAMS laziness. Consequently the image on a TV looks like ARSE, screen tearing, incorrect scaling, horrible sound and an image that looks like it was first blurred and then sharpened - lovely.
Now keep in mind what the thing costed...

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The pass-through design was perfectly fine - the problem is that the handheld was poorly built and as you mentioned, the emulator was running an unrefined port of FBAnext or something similar. Also didn't help that they hid the SD card reader inside the shell. Imagine if they'd made it external, released the whole thing as open-source and embraced the emulation community like random chink handhelds are doing.

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The absolute worst sin is that they fucked with the resolution, stretching the games so they can then simply doubling it for HDMI.

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Is this piece of shit worth picking up if I don't like Sanic?
What are some good gamegear games? ports welcome.

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that's just how I speak anon. Didn't mean any offense.

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Seek help

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help with what?

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Master System has a superiour library. Enjoy your lack of Phantasy Star, Alex the Kid in Shinobi World, and Battle Outrun, GGfags.

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I built my own bed and can change out the mattress and pillows to whatever I want them to be. I can change the firmness, the softness, the size, shape, texture, color of the sheets, color of the quilt, color of the blanket, headboard, whatever I want.

You're stuck using the same old fucking cot you got at Goodwill for 200 bucks that is gonna dryrot before you know it.

Same principle applies to emulation. I built the PC, it plays whatever I want however I want to play them. If I want to upscale, I can. If I want filters, I can have them. I can do whatever I want. You can't. I suggest you deal with it.

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Ace wo Nerae on Super Famicom

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Otaku based thread

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Please don't start this shit

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For me, it's Kyoko Otowa's redemption arc.

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>scot-sports games


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>it's impossible to find anything past the 1973 series subbed

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It's not that bad if you ignore the bad parts

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Play the Megadrive version instead

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I have, completely different style of game, like an arcade game that never was in arcades. It's quite fun but not as ambitious as the NES game. I never did beat it, though, so maybe I should do that.

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It's not that bad if you avoid the showers and towers.

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>implying something can be bad if you ignore the bad

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>now I’m prune Tracy, take that dick face!

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well that was fun, what should I play next?

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I heard this has little to do with the first game story wise

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So? It’s not like the story to chrono trigger is particularly good

>> No.6711230

I liked the story

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>Super C in reflection

>> No.6711305

lol that's my pc's wallpaper

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What boxed NES/SNES/Game Boy games do you have in your collection?

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No idea. I have a big box of them but I've always played backups. I know I have a bunch of meme stuff like pokemon and some obscure japanese stuff that was apparently only distributed at events.

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I’ve given up buying authentic CIB games and I just buy repro boxes, shits too expensive for some goddamn cardboard. Once I get a nice printer I’ll probably start making my own

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The only retro cartridge game I still have CiB is pokemon silver. It's in pretty ratty condition but still presentable to just have out on a shelf. I don't know why I still have the box, I think I guess I just happened to never throw it out.

CiB collecting is pretty silly for the most part. It's pretty nice having something CiB but actually going out of your way to get EVERYTHING complete is just ridiculous to me. I just take it as a nice surprise when I do find something CiB for a decent price (talking about collecting outside of vidya)

>> No.6710374

Yeah I’ve only really ever bought CIB if I saw it out in the wild and it was a reasonable price; people that sell gen 1 Pokémon games for $200+ are out of their fucking minds, I’d bet my left testicle there are Walmart distribution centers with dusty boxes filled with overstock of them to this day. Same goes for best selling Mario/Zelda/etc. titles

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A dirty diaper?

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What's on Pac-Man's mind?

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>> No.6710526

The moment ghosts tried to kill Jr, and his wife, all bets were off. Pac-Man becomes the hunter.

Pac-Attack is the ultimate conclusion to the Pac-Man story arc. The ghosts now fear him, and Pac enjoys it.

>> No.6710545

He's gonna rape the pink ghost.

>> No.6710575

When pacman eats all those recreational drugs the paranoia and ghosts are out to get him. When Pacman takes the big rehab treatment packs is when he overcomes his fears and can tackle his problems one by one by discerning what is real and what isn't. Pacman is not well.

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Photo of me raiding my fridge at midnight.

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