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Press start to RICH

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Sony PVM/Famicom combo.


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>boomers of the 30 year old variety
If le graded WATA games are anything to go by, I'm guessing it is more Gen Xers ruining games at the moment. 30 year old boomers contribute, sure, but I think the heavy duty investor types are a bit older.

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That's some excellent work. Too bad about the wireless controls. Everything else is so well done.

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good luck seeing shit with that small a screen

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Accurate, made me laugh. Just dealt with one of these fuckers on craigslist today.

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>I'll just play this with my FC10

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Why is this game never talked about around here?

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Clunky doesn't mean laggy, it means awkward movement. The mouse, fish, and bee animals are the only ones that don't feel funky. I'll give the digging guy a pass since he doesn't feel clunky once underground, but the rest I wanna drop the exact moment the level lets me.

Clunky controls doesn't make for a bad game, but it's not a point in it's favor either. I like Wonder Boy in Monster Land, but I can recognize the controls are ass in that game.

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Awkward in what way, and after the exceptions you listed what's left? The gorilla and the lizard? Is it because they stick to and climb walls?

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For some reason I remember magazines hyping the hell out of this, but I never played it

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try not to make a thread about every shitty game james and mike play every single week, jesus

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>It's production however is just tragic.
Can I get a rundown?

The game is great, the movie is okay, the comic is God-tier.

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Is it the worst retro Kirby sidescroller?

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Worst level design, but comfiest aesthetic and soundtrack of any Kirby game bar none.

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Every Kirby game where he is pink is pretty bad. Kirby is white.

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back to /pol/ with you

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That fucking crystal. I used to think my copy (or the whole game) was just glitched as a kid because there were absolutely no other crystals in that damn level and I searched for hours. The online guide I found just said to use that power to get it at that spot, not that the hamster let you climb walls. That fucking hamster still pisses me off.

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The Sega Saturn was a piece of fuckin' shit.

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Sega.net message boards circa 1999

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Yeah but my memories of sneaking Into my brother's room when he was out to play virtua fighter remix aren't :')

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Make friends.

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Secret niche message boards talking about retro games are most likely just as shit. This sort of thing just attracts obsessed autists

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we need to kill gamers first.

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Is it better than the first? What mask do you play with? Classic, JP, or US?

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I think the first is better for sure. All the masks are ok but I only play JP if I want an extra challenge (hard mode is harder and you have limited continues)

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Not really. Looks nothing like Jason.

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It does a bit in that screens, but not ingame. Anyway, it's a very plain and unmemorable design compared to the skull, at leats for me.

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American cover is wackier and campier but i like it, it has more action at least

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It looks like pure shit, lmao. Look at the mask, lmao.

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I enjoy Cyan experiences.

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What did he mean by this?

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How do I get gud with mouse and keyboard shooters? I've always used a controller. I am planning on playing Doom -> Doom 2 -> Duke Nukem -> Blood -> Shadow Warrior -> Ion Fury in that order to learn how to use a mouse and keyboard because Blood, shadow warrior, and ion fury all seem weird as fuck to play.

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Just play, but you should know that the games aren't all the same. The older games let you creep around and carefully exterminate at your own pace. Newer games will try to force you to play constant whack-a-mole as a way to pretend its some hyperactive multi-player experience.

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>I am planning on playing Doom -> Doom 2 -> Duke Nukem -> Blood -> Shadow Warrior -> Ion Fury
Alright retard I happen to have played all those this year. You can easily beat that entire set within about a week even if it's your first playthrough. So do that and then make a thread not the other way around. It's really not hard.
>Blood seems weird as fuck to play
Nope it controls extremely nicely. Just fucking grind your way through it already before making a thread please.

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Oh no someone made a thread on an image board made for making threads

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>Ion ''''Fury'''' zoomers who have never played m+kb in their life are shitting up /vr/ now
back you go

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I played goldeneye with a keyboard and mouse once and it felt like cheating

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Thoughts on SMBDX? Personally my favorite way to play the original.

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Yeah, here's some more comment on the screen.

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nothing else to be said about it. it would be amazing, but for the gameboy resolution, which renders it unplayable

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I had a lot of fun with it back in 2002 or so
Haven't played it since

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Excellent game. The only downsides imo are having to scroll the screen up and down and the missing "storm" in lost levels 5-1 and 6-1

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It doesn't have worlds 9-D as well

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Imma quickly put my Question here:

Graphics or Gameplay?

Because my friends think doom is an absolutely shit game due to it having bad graphics meanwhile im there sitting enjoying the experience Goddamn loving it

Also whats your favorite mod anons?

Mine is Brutal Doom

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i agree. they have aged better than early full 3d FPSs at least. turok looks awful compared to exhumed.

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>bad graphics
this is such a non-statement
Game visuals are more than just technical proficiency - It is also visual design, that makes the game look good or bad, and the visual design of Doom is solid.
Your friends, just like many, many others simply have no taste of their own and when judging something rely on subjects quantifiable characteristics
I'm pretty damn sure they dismiss pixel art outright, just because pixels=outdated=bad, despite there being gorgeous stuff like Legend of Mana or Metal slug.

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Your friends are 12 year olds. Make new friends.

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Doom is a shit game because it has garbage weapons and level design.

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What are your thoughts on Chrono Cross, not as its own game, BUT, as a sequel to Chrono Trigger? Lets discuss the story connections

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>What are your thoughts on Chrono Cross,
An almost directionless mess.
>not as its own game, BUT, as a sequel to Chrono Trigger?
Other then the "Chrono" name and 2 NPCs that vaguely relate to Trigger, it has fuck all to do with Chrono Trigger. Might as well have just named it something else and have Lucca be an ester egg.

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Cross has the same kind of love/hate reaction from people as FF VIII. Most people hate it, but there's a concentrated bunch of people who not only like it, but have it as their favorite game of all time.
Personally, I'm indifferent.

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The anime ending of chrono Trigger on PS1 with shoving all of Cross' plot points in there super quick is insane to me. All the DS version additions are also a minus for me

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Was it really that bad?

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whats a fair price for one of these things? Thinking about getting one cause ive always been interested and got a little cash to burn

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Keep seething bernieshitter, Saturn was good, it was SoA who fucked up.

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PS2 wasn't very easy to program for either, but it had enough hype and success to make the industry bend to its unusual hardware
I thought it was funny how Microsoft built such an appealing platform with Xbox 360 only to go full PS3 launch with Xbox One
>it's less about games and more about a DRM-laden multimedia experience that costs a lot of money

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I thought Xbox one was a sick joke on Microsoft's behalf, but then a coworker was excited, and then my friends bought into it. At the very least the E3 backlash upended the always on DRM. Truth be told I probably wouldn't mind that shit if there was broadband everywhere cheaply but I'm just getting to be so bitter with current gaming trends. For every one of me refusing to get in on microtransactions there's easily a dozen bumping up the player base for free to play video games. Slowly but surely I'm going to be flanked on all sides by people on a grind. I just want to be dead and in the grave already by now. WTF is there to live for if I can't enjoy life.
>"We hAvE aN oFfLiNe XbOx It'S cAlLeD xBoX3.60"

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They went on damage control right after E3 and it looks like they managed to recover ok. Idk for sure, don't have a current-gen system

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jack ruselel

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That puppy doesn't look retro. What year was it born?

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Usgzt you can tell dtpoptruru ur zruurzr uuoudryrztotux

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STOP it. Don't OPEN that DOOR!

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I'll go and check.

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Rather fight indoors than in the forest with tons of dogs chasing you from everywhere

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>Opens the door
>Walks in

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S-s-stop it
Wesker, you're pitiful.

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Playing the Origins version

Am I missing something? Everyone spergs about how this game is complete dogshit and unplayable, but so far it just seems like a standard JRPG with a weird level system. Does it get real stupid later on or something? I wanted to try it because so many FF fans talk about it as if it raped their mother

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>still no new wizardry 1 to 5 collection online or physical to buy
Fuck the faggots who hold the rights and don't want money. Its probably too hard to release some dos and apple 2 games man.

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I want a cute remake with updated spritework.

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Got any... kings?

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So... you like playing for trinkets, eh?

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That smug motherfucker.

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Here's a little survey for you, /vr/.

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What does the jpg have to do with the poll? Best game experiences have been in my 30s, but not with present day shit.

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should use Sonic in 8bit instead of Snake and Mega Man X in 16 bit so there’s no gaps

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What is the best emulator for this thing? Want to check out some of the games. Also game suggestions- Thanks in advance

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XM6 TypeG if you can find it.
XM6 Pro68k is easier to find.
px68k-libretro if you're that kind of stuff.

Just keep in mind that setting games up isn't as easy as an "open ROM" like in other emulators. FD games are in floppy disks, so you need to swap them while playing the game (the main menu in XM6 has two floppy drives). Now if games are in HD format, they're a hard disk. On XM6, you have to enter Settings and find "SASI options" or something like it.

About games... to tell you the truth, there's not a lot of exclusive stuff. Most stuff is just plain better in consoles. Anyway, there's Castlevania. The rest of the good stuff is mainly shoot 'em ups.

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Even Castlevania had a PS1 port that contains the full original game. Which is hard as tits despite having a fully maneuverable jump.

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Some of these look interesting to me

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Retro Battle station thread

[Spoiler]I've since added a 55inch OLED TV, a Framemeister, and the Wonderswan Crystal is on it's way in the mail [/spoiler]

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phone post

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I'm almost afraid to ask what the gallon sized ziplock bags are for.

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Does your crystal ward off the ghosts?

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Yes. Quite well actually.

Console cables and misc body parts / fluids. The crystal keeps the souls away, the bags keep away the stench.

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