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I have no idea how this song ended up so good for a chaotic racing game.


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CrashFM and DJ Striker knows how amp the game up. I'll feature the next song in the list, great for those hot laps: https://youtu.be/-X3JoVMrOrg

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do you want to play burnout 3 netplay op?

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Sugarcult is underrated.

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Over the counter culture Well that's right where you belong You try to sever your ties with the London skies But you've got the whole thing wrong.

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I don't know anything about Suikoden, why is 2 several orders of magnitude more famous than any other game in the series?

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Played through the whole series last year. Huge JRPG buff but I missed these somehow growing up.

Suikoden 2 pretty much builds off the foundations of 1 and polishes it to a sheen. If you’ve played 1, 2 feels so great in comparison. Its much smoother, has a lot of QoL adjustments, etc.

But for me the story was such an improvement I was blown away. Suikoden 1s story is solid, but 2s is deeply engrossing, exciting, has amazing villains, etc. I really felt it was one of the peaks of the JRPG genre.

3 is kind of weird in comparison, but i know some who really like it, 4 blows, and 5 is a bit of a return to form but doesnt really hit 2’s highs imo.

Basically 2 is like a top tier JRPG in a solid series overall IMO

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It is overhyped because it was a "hidden rare gem". It is good, but the story falls really badly after a certain event. The good ending is also bad.

I think you'll miss alot of it's great parts if you haven't played 1 first.

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Best RPG ever.

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I've been looking to get into the shining series for a while and would like your opinions on the series.

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if you like dragon quest like rpgs Shining in the Darkness and Shining the Holy Ark are both decent.

As for Tactical rpg it is pretty much about the genesis games. Remake on the GBA is good too.

Gamegear games were remade for the CD so play them, only Final COnflict was not remade, play it after you played the CD ones.

But they are not as good as the genesis ones.

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A three button 2d fightng game.
It looks good but it's pretty shallow.
I imagine it was mostly used as a kit to convert a standard jamma cabinet into a fighting game without needing additional harnesses or drilling more button holes.

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What console?

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its an arcade game

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>It looks good but it's pretty shallow.
Eh? I thought it was pretty good, i'd play it more if it wasn't so obscure.

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Did most of the old games get taken off the ps4 market place?

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one of Rockstar's finest

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It's really good. The events of the movie happen in the game, but the vast majority of it is a prequel.

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Eh, read the book. Unless you like beat em ups

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easily one of the best non gta games rockstar ever made

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9/10, maybe the best beat em up ever.

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WTF went wrong? 1 is one of the best first games of a video game series ever and 4 is one of the best games ever made but GOD 2 sucks so much. The super annoying intro sequence, the annoying first level with the annoying alarm clock. Overall the entire game is annoying which is a shame since Wario games tend to be amazing.

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2 is arguably one of the best games.

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ITT: OP discovers people have different tastes and that's fine.

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Based. Mine would be similar but with a tie on 4 = 2.

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Not a remake, a colorized port.

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>I HATE the fact when you can NOT die.

They're basically puzzle platformers, or scrollin' & solvin', like Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle or Moai Kun, except with much bigger levels.
Dying would only make things worse, especially considering some of the Wario game salready punishes you for failing by having you backtrack a long way.

This being said I guess you could replace the backtracking by dying with checkpoints, and that would be an improvement, but it would take to change way too much of the game.

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It is going to be part of their "pixel remaster" series
It's unclear but it looks like it is going to get boosted visuals similar to the FF1&2 wonderswan ports
Wonder if they are using the FF3 wonderswan remake that wasn't released?

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Its shit. Because what that means is the mobile versions are the primary version (aka riddled with really shit mobile assets, generic font and touch based menus) and the steam release will jist be a straight port with all the mobile shit still there just like everyone other one of Square's steam ports

Which doesn't give me much hope for these

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I guess Fire Emblem 1 sold well then?

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Oh wait these don't actually look half bad. Fuck ton better than those shit mobile versions

Alright I'm on board

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If this is what they look like I'll pick them up on PC.

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Or use the existing roms and play those.

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Which non-arcade version of Tower of Druaga is the best to play? Are any of the sequels good?

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I don't know sorry

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I'm gonna say PCE or GB

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PC-Engine is the best version.

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ps2 one is a roguelike iirc
I think it was worthwhile to check out if you are into that stuff

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The GB version is pretty fun, the famicom version gets impossibly hard near lvl 45 if you miss even one item, which doesnt help when earlier lvls can be just as difficult as later ones.
the gb one has really nice box art and cart artwork too.

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I was playing Revenge of Death Adder today and I could swear I've heard this specific piece of music at 31:41 before. Any ideas?


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It's a reduced/stripped-down version of the first stage theme from the original Golden Axe -- same chord progression but with fewer voices/less instrumentation.

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Reminds me of the soundtrack from Showdown in Little Tokyo, the part at 0:41


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First post is right and probably why it seems so familiar, though the sequence is such a common progression that it certainly is similar to the other suggestions.

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Best retro final boss thread
I'll start.

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Most of the times, console warriors cling to the console they got as a kid. I imagine psychologically it's like defending something sacred, something that your parents gave you in your most precious, pure time in life.
But do you know of instances where the opposite happens?
I know a guy who only had a (bootleg) Mega Drive as a kid and now that he's an adult he's exclusively a Nintendo fanboy, and is the type of collector who splurges loads of cash on CIB copies of games and consoles.
Do you know of similar cases?

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I'm not an exclusive fanboy of anything but I grew up on Nintendo and when I entered high school I hated almost anything to do with it and got me a PS2

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I don’t care about platforms anymore, I just care about good games.

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>I just care about good games
living in the past

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yeah sure, a lot of Saturn fanboys didn't even seem to grow up with sega consoles half the time.

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>Most of the times, console warriors cling to the console they got as a kid.
Not retro. Console warriors are to young to have even had a PS2. In some cases it's brand loyalty but for the most part it's contrarianism.

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Nintendo's consoles and their own games are just not all that great. Sure, they popularized the industry but that doesn't affect how good their stuff is. The NES has a lot of bad games, (otherwise why would AVGN have so many episodes on NES games) the N64 was a step back by pertaining cartridges despite being 64 bit instead of 32 bit like PlayStation and Saturn but Sony's PlayStation and Sega's Saturn used discs which could contain much more content. Plus they could play audio CDs so that lead to later consoles being able to do more than just play games. The GameCube is an average at best console. While Sony's PlayStation 2 and Microsoft's XBOX can play DVDs, GC uses mini discs and can do nothing but play GameCube games, and play GB/GBC/GBA games with an addon. I swear, the people at Nintendo never knew what backwards compatibility was until they made the Wii. What a bunch of dorks. I mean, come on. The SNES, I think I heard they tried to make it be able to play NES games but it wouldn't work. Well why not make an add on like Sega did for playing Master System games on the Genesis?
And Nintendo's own games like Mario and Zelda and all that crap isn't even that great. The NES and SNES Mario games were alright but the series was lame as shit since the N64 game. Fucking basedboy with a high pitch voice that runs like a goofball.

Bottom line is, Nintendo SUCKS BALLS!
Cope with it, Nintendorks.

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0 lightgun games.

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Light gun games are for toddlers

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Wii has some really good ones.
When is gen 7 becoming retro? it's time.

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True. At least that means that the Columbine massacre fallout had nothing to ruin on N64 compared to PS1 or Dreamcast. Several games were either cancelled or butchered to remove gun support in the States.

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3rd person shooters are more popular

Also I could kick your ass at any fps

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Any more autistic posts in this thread than this one?

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How do you spend years developing an action comedy game without anyone realizing that it isn't the slightest bit funny or fun to play?

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Victim of that weird disconnect where no one in production seems to be clued in as to whether they’re supposed to be making “soft” or “hard” satire/parody (like is it supposed to be good in its own right or no). Not limited to video games

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It's kinda sad that this came out only a month before Hartman was killed

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Hartman's wife deserves the entire blame for what happened. But the fact that scumbag Andy Dick still lives and breathes and is coddled by his fellow tribesmen in Hollywood just makes me want to vomit.

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it's kind of funny how andy dick's behavior is so next-level poor that he actually has zero allies. like even the most reviled sex offenders and whatnot that have come out in the past 10 years have had these weird, delusional defenders but andy dick is basically the universally accepted antichrist.

it's sort of like when that judge ruled lenny dykstra was legally impossible to libel because his reputation was so far sunk into the sewer already, i feel like andy dick could be in that same spot

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Ask Gex and Bubsy lol

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The Sega 32X was an add on for the Sega Genesis and was introduced rather late in the console's life. The 32X plays 32 bit games such as ports of Star Wars arcade, Primal Rage, and DOOM, as well as the Virtua series of video games. The 32X gets a lot of crap for what it is. I can't hate on it if I am being honest. All it does is play 32X games, and when a console (or add on) can only play it's games and do nothing else, all that matters is whether the games are good. There are pretty good games on the 32X. Take Doom for example. Okay it's nowhere near as good as the PlayStation version, and the 32X Doom is unfinished (which is a shame) but what does exist of it is promising. At least it has good controls, frame rate, and visible graphics unlike the abomination that is the SNES port of Doom.

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I feel Sega shouldn't have made Sega CD and 32X, they should've put their resources into Saturn and Genesis. If they never made Sega CD and 32X, they probably would've come up with the idea of merging Saturn with Genesis. That probably would have given Saturn and Sega better popularity.

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I think the 32X and Sega CD were pretty cool, but they really should have never existed, desu. Sega should've jumped straight into Saturn.

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sega cd was sick though, loved having gamnes with minimal slowdown and cd osts, wish more got made for it.

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Sega Saturn would've had that and then some. It would just be a 3 year wait.

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The Mega CD would have been amazing if they had stuck to the original plan of a reasonably priced CD unit.

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Why Play?
>Classic MMORPG that has Soul, based on D2 but better in everyway
>3 Modes to Choose from; Normie, Hardcore, and Sandbox
>Hardcore: Die for real when carrying no scape, boosted rare drop, and exp
>Sandbox: Allowed "hacking" to test out rare weaps or go for TA score
>Scalable Anguish difficulty: Ability to tailor difficulty enemy speed etc with increased rates as well
>Weekly rotating boosts: EXP, Rare drop, Drop anything rate, Rare mob rate
>Events throughout the year with increased rates and ways to farm rare items
>All expansions included up to japan only content and custom player made quests added reguarily
>Monthly "Hunters Boost Road" where running certain quests gives drop anything and rare drop boosts
>PSO2-style drop system and EXP, no more stealing or having to tag everything
>Active playerbase (both hc and normie) with many people to play and trade with
>Balanced drop chart makes every ID fun to play
>Section ID may be changed freely at any time and then once every 3 months
>24 slots for characters per account
>Shared bank between all chars with server commands like /bank

>Free to play to no microtrans at all

Other servers?
All other servers include cheesy custom items that break the game so you will find barely anyone plays them, Ephinea is about 90% vanilla with mostly QOL changes added

>Account creation
>Game download
>Drop chart

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Bump faggots

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Classic Sonic thread

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Sonic 1 was popular on America, shit-feasting thirdworlder.

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Sonic 1 was popular in America, shit-feasting thirdworlder.

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SA2 is viewed highly mostly because a lot of people had it as their first Sonic game.

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>Highly praised by critics

>> No.7861146

At least in retrospect.
The daytime levels were praised even by those who gave the game low scores.

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Fuck it, Link riding a t-rex.

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Looks more like Giganotosaurus

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Fuck it, 4 Links riding 2 t-rex

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Meh, it's still better than Square's E3 presentation this year

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you just know...

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do /vr/gins like Bubble and/or Puzzle Bobble?

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For me, it's Bub & Bob

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Bubble Bobble's ok, but Puzzle Bobble is amazing

>> No.7860627

I swear I played that game at a mac in elementary at one point.

>> No.7860638

I imagine anyone who doesn't like Bubble Bobble is an insufferable edgelord, or simply never got the good ending by beating the game with two players.

>> No.7860664

>because it was the 90s.
It was cutesy here and I played it. I gave no shit if the game was good.

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we never got a good sakura game

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t. Tomoyo

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I mean, its not a series that lends itself too well for a game, not only gameplaywise but also grills not buying games, specially at the time the anime was running

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>but also grills not buying games, specially at the time the anime was running
Didn't stop Sailor Moon.

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Yeah because sailor moon is massive as fuck, even boys watched it

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The gba game is the first and only vn I could ever play in japanese. It's pretty easy, and is a retelling of the 2nd half of the anime

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