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Does the N64 have any homebrew worth playing/rom hacks playable on Everdrive? Any N64 games left that are genuinely underrated?

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What retro games have you spend a lot of time tinkering with settings and items in menus out of battle

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So are there any sites left for roms because I went to get a couple I missed and every single place I used to get games from is defunct.

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I checked the emulation wiki but couldn't find anything about rom sources other than not to ask and check the FAQs

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>can't be bothered to check links in the sticky
Well, you do have to poke around the wiki a bit, but I guess they can't put DOWNLOAD ROMS HERE on the front page of it I guess.
Anyway check here, OP

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I'm surprised but very pleased my new source is apparently not very well known on this site.
I was a CoolROMs guy myself.

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Most people are able to communicate their thoughts clearly.

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What's your favorite Tetris-like, /vr/?

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I was led to believe that this game had some massive world but in reality it's very very small.

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zoom zoom, young man
zoom zoom

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Its a charming game.
Just enjoy it.
Protip ; its not Daggerfall. Its a SNES game.

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Blah blah blah

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Are really surprised that an old console game isn't that big?

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>I was led to believe that this game had some massive world
Lol no you weren't. Literally no one told you that.

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How come there is so much homebrew for this thing?

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because Hasbro released open sourced the hardware all the way back in 1999 and people actually gave a shit back then
also do some independent research next time its mentioned in nearly every retrospective article on the Jaguar

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>First time anyone asks a new question on /vr/

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autistics tend to flop to obscure oddities

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nobody had one and it was a piece of shit.

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I thought the jaguar was pretty rad. I only played aliens vs predator though

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What are your favorite classic PC point-and-click adventure games, /vr/? Which games should a beginner start with as an entry to the genre?

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>What are your favorite classic PC point-and-click adventure games, /vr/?
Are you talking about first-person games like the one you posted? Myst, Riven, Shivers, Shivers 2, Obsidian, Zork: Grand Inquisitor, Journeyman Project trilogy.

>Which games should a beginner start with as an entry to the genre?
Hard to say. Depends on your tastes and how difficult the games are for you to get running.

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>the glass-breaking hammer is behind the glass
Seems like a bit of an oversight.

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Just adventure games in general, so first-person games like the OP pic or 2D ones like the Lucasarts games.

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My personal favorite is King's Quest VI. If I was recommending something to someone to start with, I'd probably go with Grim Fandango or Monkey Island. The Lucasarts ones are much more forgiving of mistakes.

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>easy graphical adventure games
Myst is #1 for that. Only three ways to lose the game period all of which are at the end of the game, and every single puzzle involves simple logic and reasoning. The lack of inventory means there's no "try everything on everything" puzzles. Can't get stuck.

The Journeyman Project Turbo(NOT the Pegasus Prime remake) is relatively easy as well. Many ways to die, but the game is very straight forward and most deaths are pretty obvious. Can't get stuck that I'm aware of. Some puzzles may seem impossible, but that's because they require something from another time period.

Hugo 3: Hugo and the Jungle of Doom is pretty easy. Impossible to die or get completely stuck, the only hard part is it uses a text parser to do things instead of clicking on them. Might not fit the P&C criteria because of that, but it's still a graphical adventure and easy.

Maniac Mansion is another good choice. The puzzles aren't too out there, most solutions are somewhat obvious, and you really need to screw up bad to die. Uses the SCUMM system, which was a bit of a cross between a text parser and P&C style graphical adventures. Click on Open, click on the door you want to open.

Inspector Gadget is almost retardedly easy. Nearly every puzzle is "find disguise, disguise Brain", everything else is just going through the motions of talking to everyone. Still, it is a graphical adventure.

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Question about jumper configuration for DX4/100. Hi all. Putting together a DX4 build and I know that chip requires 3.3v. Got a compatible motherboard, but the JP40 which I need to short doesn't have pins. Rather it has a voltage regulator slot (JP26), but I can't find that part anywhere. I'm thinking the manufacturer eliminated the pins in a revision to guard against people from frying their chips.

So wondering if I could just short the pins the hard way by soldering some wire between the pins? Also, I assume the power supply will draw the 3.3v and I don't need a specific PSU with a 3.3v rail or something? Appreciate any help.

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>voltage regulator slot
>that slot next to the circled part is the voltage regulator slot

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Okay, header. Thanks for the help.

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OK OP, I think I got it now. You know your chip is using 3.3V? Then you need to bridge those pins on JP40 and use a PSU designed for a 3.3v CPU. The voltage regulator slot is only if you are using some special snowflake CPU that needs 3.45v, 3.6v, 3.9v, or 4.0v, and it just gets bridged all the way across if you are using a 5.0v CPU. It remains open and ignored for 3.3v if you are using a PSU with 3.3v connected to P2.

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Er, pads, not pins. You could also install pins on those pads using some legs off of some capacitors or resistors, then put a jumper on them if you ever plan on changing CPU.

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Yeah, going to use a 3.3v DX4/100. I do have an AT PSU with a min 3.3v rail that did come out of a dead DX4 machine. I'll probably solder in some pins and jumper them that way. Thanks for the help.

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Any genuinely disturbing / dark games that aren't just urban legends?

I don't necessarily mean gritty Mortal Kombat style stuff

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just porky pig's haunted holiday

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Some dating sims are notable for their deep and emotionally involving stories - Tokimeki Memorial is not one of those. The game is all about wooing girls and hoping one of them will confess to you at the end. Other games of the genre promise nudity and rampant deviant sex as a payoff for sifting through all of this, but Tokimeki Memorial is almost entirely chaste - the closest you get is an occasional scene to peep through a window. Still others have extremely well done artwork - Tokimemo was created in the mid-90s and the anime schoolgirl designs exist on a level of astounding genericness. It doesn't help that the actual ingame artwork is fairly underwhelming as well. So the only REAL thing you do in the game is find a target girl, know her likes and dislikes, and treat her accordingly. In depth and exciting, this game is not.

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Now, see, I can't actually like this game purely on principle. I spend a lot of my time playing video games so I can get away from whatever real-life romantic hellholes I tend to dig for myself - I certainly don't want the two worlds to mix. A game based on dating is like emulating one of the most painful processes in human existence - Konami may have well made a game where you stick your limbs into a meat grinder, or get slammed in the crotch with a football over and over and I think it'd be about as much fun as this. But there is something oddly compelling about living in complete fantasy world, attempting to woo chicks while being caught in all of the cliches of a shoujo manga or mid-afternoon drama. So Tokimeki Memorial almost gets points for at least being original. But despite the interesting concept, it really is long and tedious, as getting a girl to like you takes quite a bit of effort. And there's not much satisfaction or great payoff anywhere, unless you REALLY want to see your favorite girls dressed in different outfits. But then again, I'm not sure if a concept like this could be executed well to begin with - but overall, it's a pretty underwhelming experience.

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My issue with TokiMemo is way less of LOL JAPAN and more of my general dislike of life/dating sims - it's the same kind of reason I hate Animal Crossing, actually. The girls in TokiMemo aren't so much characters as much as a set of logical IF-THEN statements, with a bit of artwork and a voice actress associated with them. When these aspects are fleshed out, like in The Sims, or made a smaller part of a bigger game, like Persona 3, I think this is OK. Similarly, I can excuse visual novels, because their strength comes in their writing/narrative. But when it's the crux of the "gameplay", it comes off as really, really fake. It doesn't help that TokiMemo is quite tedious to play.

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Virgin TokiMemo series vs Chad Doukyuusei series

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What are the best Atari 7800 games?
Also, did you ever have one?

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Beyond being a total blast to play, with impressively smooth scrolling, the melody of the theme is algorithmically generated, so it's different every time you listen to it, and gets more interesting the longer you listen. It's the POKEY sound chip at its best.

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It's got a killer homebrew scene, that alone makes owning one worth it. Only other original game that I remember standing out was Desert Falcon

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Xevious is a really good port. Not perfect but pretty damn good.

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I can't believe this got a modern iteration, shit's too good for mobile.

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I'm a save scummer by nature and apparently this doesn't have many checkpoints. Is this going to kick my ass?

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It's honestly pretty easy overall. The only remotely challenging levels are Pools of the Ancient Dead and The Ghost Ship, and that's mostly due to the platforming.

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Check out the new remake. They took the original and gave it more soul.

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But less checkpoints

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The game is easy enough if you backtrack and get all the chalices, so you can get all the weapons and buy stuff. Endgame will be hard if you don't obtain the best magic sword, and recharge your lightning bolt.

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My 3 year-old brother completed it m8

Fuck off

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Which retro game level is the most unfair and infuriating for some reason? Pic related

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which is why I like Star Fox 64 3D. you can savescum.

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This. It's such a hard level to get the medal on.

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>You can also have Katt help you, which ironically is detrimental to you if you're good because she can steal score.
I always thought your allies should add to your score with their kills. It would be a much better incentive to keep them alive.

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don't go to sector z from zoness then

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I don't, but if you're in Sector Z, you most likely came from Zoness, with the only other option being an awkward warp from Sector X.

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Does anyone know if a replacement joystick and cap for these PSX controllers? My OG joystick finally broke playing some Turok and I’m in need of a replacement. I’d like to keep the same color scheme if possible of course

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I can probably find a PS2 mechanism but I don’t know if that’s a direct replacement. Anyone have any experience with this?

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Never mind, the PS2 mechanism doesn’t even line up after taking apart another PS2 controller. They’re all in bad shape and falling apart inside unfortunately. The membranes enough are oddly still perfect so kudos to Sony. The ABS plastic inside is just brittle and falling apart unfortunately, as are the L buttons. I’m just going to be ordering replacement knock offs on AliExpress and replace the shell

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The replacements are perfect across the entire classic PS controller family. I restored the start/select membranes on a pre-analog PS1 controller by chopping up a replacement PS3 one, since the start/select stuff is identical other than the extra space for the extra button. Chop the middle out and bam, fits perfectly.

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What's with so many people hating on autoscrollers? Is it speedrunning autism? I mean water levels, sure, most games have shitty water controls, but autoscrollers play just like the main thing.
>they're slow
So what? You need to go wahoo wahooo fast in every single level like a kid with attention deficit disorder?

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I dunno, I don't mind them. They add some variety. I bet the people who hate them don't even try to get all the coins.

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I don't really hear that. I personally like the autoscrollers in smb3

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>You need to go wahoo wahooo fast in every single level like a kid with attention deficit disorder?
Indeed. I don't even hold down the run button. Just leisurely stroll through to the end

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There's little reason to like them. Not a speed running thing for me. Why would speedrunners have a problem with it. Speed running isn't about scrolling fast. It's about completing the game in the shortest possible time. Artificial slowulty is actually more of a legit complaint than artificial difficulty.

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Thing about autoscrollers is that if you miss a jump the first time, you have to redo the whole stage again.

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How long was it before Nintendo made a machine that would play a DVD?
Actually do they have one now?

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Oh but I have both, my friends. Let's get together and play some Final Fight CD and then we can play my Sapphire repro.

the Wii would let you if it had the homebrew channel. Never done it since let's face it, by that point everyone already had better DVD players then.

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I did it a few times just to see how well it worked. It's a really clunky dvd player, drops frames, audio goes out of sync, skips.

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Did anyone else have a JVC XEYE back in the day? My older brother and I had Earthworm Jim, Sonic CD, Rise of the Dragon, and one FMV game I can never remember the name of...

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Is there a more infuriating level in any game?

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Not that you should need it as an adult

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There're worse levels in the same SERIES.

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>sega's policy of putting a huge difficulty spike so that renters couldn't beat the games
for real? now it all makes sense

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EWJ isn't a Sega game.

>> No.6008789

It was made for Sega first.

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New world record from Joseph, got 6 lines into level 33.


Also broke the level 19 start WR


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Nobody cares

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This board is for jrpg, comfyness and hoarding plastic, we dont like videogames that require skill here. Fuck off.

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ITT: old farts seething at a zoomer who actually plays games

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Are there any Grand Master 2's in the West yet?

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When the game does come out, it could be a game of the year contender to any other game release due in 2020.

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My save files keep corrupting on this translucent turd. Do you guys have any other recommendations for high-capacity memory cards, or do you just not bother with them?

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If you've got an old windows machine or can find the drivers to run in an OS emu, dex drive backup kits are still available as new old stock. You'll also need a serial to USB cable.

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I think I know this fucker brought it back the same day it didn't werked

>> No.6008371

I have the two page/card version of this sitting around somewhere. Never gave me trouble but then again I was anal as all hell about switching pages
The DC ones are a godsend. I think I have 3-4 of them now.

>> No.6008506

>just not bother with them
That's what I would recommend. Nearly every one of these multi-card cards I've tried have been absolute trash that would constantly corrupt and lose saves. And when you really think about it, how many cards do you really need? Playing a game that uses a ton of memory card room, or wanna make stuff for the game like custom levels in THPS2, then you have a card just for that. Other than that sort of situation, two cards will give you enough room to save your spot in 6-15 games for each card. How many PSX games are you planning on playing at the same time that you need more than 12-30 saves?

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Fugg, I used to have that memory card. I don't remember having issues with it. These days I just stick with official memory cards.

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