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ATTN people who told me Xenogears was good: fuck you.

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So while trying to set up a new tower of power, I ran into a snag with my model 1 sega genesis. Using a third party AV cable, I wasnt getting video but sound was working fine. Tried this on both my main CRT television a smaller CRT and a modern flat screen with all the same results.

After some troubleshooting I tried to fiddle with the cable at the back of the genesis and got video to work for a short while only when pressing hard. Letting go made the video vanish. So I'm thinking its either the 3rd party cable or the console itself. Just want thoughts from more experienced collectors or experts when it comes to internals on these retro consoles.

For reference this is the "High Definition" Model 1601 with TMSS.

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It is the cable. Shitty third party ones don't fit properly and the video will cut out. Buy a cable for a reputable dealer.

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Any suggestions where to look? I've been buying from a local retro shop and they only carry this Old Skool brand cables.

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With all the hate the Remake is getting at least they can never take the original away from us.

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Oh god what’s the problem with the remake?

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A thread died for what would have been subpar even as a tweet.

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>they can never take the original away from us.
to own the old version is racist

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as always with a remake : it doesn't convery neet autists

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It's getting hate? I liked the demo.

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Is there a game with goofier looking monsters than Parasite Eve 2?

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They're horrifying.

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Which ones are goofy? I thought they were pretty unsettling.

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Does /vr/ play randomizers?
Link to the Past randomizer is my current favorite.
Been thinking of trying Super Metroid randomizer, but I've never 100% that so I feel like it's going to be a slog starting out.

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We used to have regular threads for randomizers just like we do for romhacks, but that was back before we got invaded hard by /v/ and the board filled up with people who don't actually want to play videogames. LttP randomizer is one of the most polished, and it really helps there's a website that lets you mark which items you got where so you know where you can go next.

Beyond that, the SMB3 and SMBW randomizers make for some fun times, and the Beyond Chaos randomizer for FF6 has an Ancient Cave mode that is a blast.

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The ALttP-SM hybrid randomizer is neat. I also really like the OoT one, there's a plethora of customization options to make it as daunting or as palettable of an experience as you want i to be.

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A long time ago I played a hack that turned FFV into an Ancient Cave.
That one was really fun because you had to figure out how to work with your current classes and limited resources.

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The FF5 original is neat, but the lack of save points makes it an emulator and save state only game. Unless you want to sit there and grind for hours.

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T-t-thoughts worth s-s-sharing edition.

How much of a difference do shorty saves make in TOB?

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You can play as evil, but the games are mostly pretty biased towards playing as a nicer character.

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honestly not that big of deal imo, I first played BG1 already knowing you could do that in ToB, it's even one of the reasons I was so anxious to get there and complete the entire saga the first time.

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I really hate the canon party and generally acting like a good old DnD goody-two-shoes, and I found my second playthrough as a LE edgelord much more satisfying story-wise and thematically
Especially in a no reload run with SCS, Ascension, Wheels of Prophecy. And NPC stronghold or multiple stronghold and assasinations.
Really makes much more sense to me than suffering through Minsc's bullshit an,d playing a morally righteous character.
Also works great, unsurprisingly, with Conan-type characters, since Baldur's Gate is quite literally Conan.

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>How much of a difference do shorty saves make in TOB?
If you're just a plain human fighter and you hit 2,250,000 XP, you have ST of 3/5/4/4/6. Being a Dwarf or Halfling Fighter (Gnomes don't get the Death save) with max CON reduces that to -2/0/4/4/1, which means that you will never fail a regular Death or Wand save and will only fail a save vs spell on a roll of 1. This doesn't include Greater Malisons or spells with penalties to saving throws, but is still notable, especially combined with other buffs (Imp. Invisibility can be cast by anyone on the fighter and grant another -4 to all saves) or simply saving throw boosting gear or consumables.

Remember that in Baldur's Gate if you bring your saving throw low enough you can't ever fail it, there's no such thing as a critical failure on rolling a 1 on saving throw, so those shorty bonuses certainly can and will save you often enough.

The bonus is great to have and relevant for the whole saga (especially on non-caster hybrids or pure fighters; gnomish fighter/illusionists find it nice too, although a bit less pronounced since mages already can bring their saves down really low, so it might be overkill), although bear in mind it won't save you against everything because for example Imprisonment doesn't force any saving throw.

Just remember to watch out for Greater Malison and nasty spells with penalties to save like Symbol: Stun.

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I think it's worth noting that these saving throws while always being an advantage over humans in <3 DnD, don't really come into effect organically if you multiclass because what matters is level advantage. I already tripped on this in IWD1 multiclassing.

So while you may get to enjoy some better saving throws in ToB, you will have suffered getting debuffed for most of the game anyway and be forced to mitigate thru other means regardless. So don't feel forced to min-max saving throws, they're not that important, levels are.

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Is there any way to actually play this game anymore? I mean normal 5v5.

Every server seems to be filled with bots, a few Russians with 300 ping or just some really sketchy server that will probably install malware on my PC.

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What do you mean, normal 5v5?
As I remember, most servers used to be around 12 to 16 players, some were 8-10, others were even up to 24 I think.
Have you tried looking for some forums or interest groups on steam?

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>they modeled a penis
fucking based

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Please, his name is Antonio.

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God damn she's so much fun to play

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I think we all can aggree, that the final decade of the 20th century was the golden age ov fideo games, but I'm curious to hear, which one year do YOU think was the best?

I'm not talking about the year your favourite game happened to be released, but as a whole - which year do you think was the most monumental?

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It seems like the 4th year of every decade since the 80s has been the best.

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94, 97, and 98 were the best for me for the reasons stated earlier. 97-98 was an exciting time for 3D games. Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye, Tekken 3, Final Fantasy VII, and too many others to list. 98 also had the English release of Pokemon, starting the whole craze.

Thinking about it though, it's harder to pick a bad year for games in the 90s. The whole late 80s through early 2000s seems like it was a golden age of great games and innovation. The years I was most disappointed with were probably the late 2000s (06-08 in particular).

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I'd say 93-94, there was just so much cool stuff going on, Sonic, Donkey Kong Country, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Mana, Chrono, Streets of Rage, Ecco, etc.
I was buying game magazines and renting games in the weekend and talking about games with my friends during lunch break in High School.

I enjoyed the 80s for sure, MSX and C64 and all. but nothing compares to the Snes/MD era of 93-94.

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I would agree with that. I almost mentioned 01 as a great year for vidya earlier but that goes outside the board’s territory. Still though, smash bros melee, halo 1, silent hill 2, mgs 2, ico, and others.

I think the issue with the late 2000s is that the sense of forward movement really disappeared.

Nintendo had the wii which should have been revolutionary, but surprise surprise the motion controls were kinda dogshit and barely utilized in anything besides minigame collections. We all thought games would be like functional versions of red steel, instead we got the actual red steel and twilight princess’s ‘motion controls’. At the end of the gen they release motion plus which was what they false advertised wii as being 5 years earlier, but you have to recalibrate it every ten minutes and it’s still not that great and the console is fucking done anyway. The forward movement wasn’t here, it was a scam.

360 popularized online play for consoles but also ruined it. Paid online and rrod being super common without warranty (was it like 10% of systems crashing?) shouldve been inexcusable. Cinematic games existed before this point but I feel like this console/audience is where the modern AAA machine really took root. The ‘forward movement’ that should’ve been here were just practices that fucked industry standards.

Old memes aside ps3 eventually built up an okay library, but is all in all pretty unremarkable. I have no real complaints though.

There also just wasn’t near as much of a leap as there was between 5th/6th gens. All my personal greivances aside, the diminishing returns pretty undeniably started around here. Didnt mean to go on a rant but yeah, late 2000s felt like a period of major disillusionment.

To offset my sounding like a cranky geezer, I think things have improved immeasurably in the decade since then, mainly due to indie publishing being much more feasible.

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>only talking about consoles
Meanwhile PC was making huge bounds during the late 00s.

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Any good retro horror games?
Sweet home comes to mind but are there other survival horror games?

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clock tower? Also Japs have a lot of retro horror

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silent hill and hellnight are the obvious choices

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Silent hill isn't very retro now is it

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Remember these, /vr/?
ID4 was good.

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Yup, got them sealed with the figures. Don't have the whole collection, but that movie was fun and the alien ships were cool.

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Yikes, I always wanted this figure as a kid. I remember it looking much better.

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holy shit, I do. I couldn't get past the first level though

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They're fun figures. I like the Shock Trooper. Cool paint job.
There were also pretty cool Mars Attacks! mission disks

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At the end of the day, I'm not going to let it stop me from replaying DKC.

2 > 1 > 3 by the way

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>ff3 ds remake adds pretty shallow lore that nobody asked for
>ff4-6 mobile/steam ports look like default asset rpgmaker games made by a 15 year old
>ff7 remake implies that the original is just a "bad ending"
>ff9 steam port receives update that deletes itself

Does Square just hate this guy? Was Spirits Within that much of a fuckup to where years later they still want to shit on his legacy just for fun?

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There's already a HS thread.

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Final Fantasy IV on PSP looks great though

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You know it

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Not retro.

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I never got a grasp of the stealth in this game

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If it plays on Windows 98 then it's retro.

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You know I had to sage and report it to em.

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Nothing gray about it, it’s not allowed.

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I now have a lot of free time, and I really want to try and dive in to some old crpgs. Problem is I suck shit at making physical maps, so I would need to do all of them on my computer. Is there any good mapping software for CRPGS out there? I know people like the CRPG addict use Microsoft Excel, but I just found it incredibly frustrating to use

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It depends on the game, many of them have fixed maps
Wizardry 1-3 have 20x20 dungeons, M&M1 has 16x16, Bard's Tale 1&2 22x22.
All those games give you spells to know your position and direction. Typically you will start your first dungeon at 0,0.
More complex case are Wizardry V where dungeons grow huge and you have no idea in which direction they'll expand. Wizardry VI doesn't have DUMAPIC or similar and the dungeons are connected to each other.
I made myself a LaTeX template that can be adjusted to different sizes and have 1, 2 or 6 maps per page.

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how the fuck do people use excel? making walls with borders is such a pain

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>It's a fight to get it working
not really, the new installer for GBC is super easy to set up and syncs with gog as well
pretty much all the FRUA modules are on rosedragon

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you can use excel or another spreadsheet to make easy maps if you don't want to draw them out

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Oh shit really? I might get back into that while in lockdown. I didn't even bother to look desu.

There was a great module series that pulled no punches.

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But was it really so bad?

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Based I WANT TO GO BACK bro.

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usability was trash, but it's aesthetic af

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There was exactly one game which was built around it, and another which was adapted to it during development.
The controller only actually made sense for Gloveball, and usually was a disaster for any other game.

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Never actually tried it so I can't say; the reviews I've seen for it have been by people trying to be funner rather than strictly accurate so I'd have to use it myself to know for sure.

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Anyone else remember this classic scene from FF7? Now it's remastered in full modern graphics!

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Thinking about playing this for the first time. Any advice for beginners?

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The biggest one is pay attention to the alignment of your units leader. There is a difference between capturing and liberating a town and you'll want all three groupings of the alignment frame for this. Don't let enemies recapture towns as well. These things can affect the ending you get. You don't need to be perfect but it would suck that it bites you in the ass later and you get an unsatisfying ending.

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My grandma randomly gifted me this for Christmas in like 2005 past the n64 era... Ended up being one of the best N64 games there is, thanks Gramma:)

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>-Play blind for the first time, no matter who dies, who leaves your army or what you miss.
This is very good advice that should be applied to every game

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Good advice

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Damn. 10/10 post.

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Holy hamburgers guys! How come no one told me this game works so seamlessly on G-ZDOOM? I tried to get the Veteran edition running but its got a few problems that keep it from being playable. What new games are y'all trying to get into during these tough times?

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So how do the Shining portable games stack up to the rest of the series?

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just play the sega cd remakes of them

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what about gaiden 3

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Same shitty combat, same shitty writing, but without the town exploration stuff between battles. So I'd say it's worse than SF1 but better than SF2 since the out-of-battle stuff added to SF1 but detracted from SF2.

>> No.6317210

Play the Sega CD remake of the first two. If you liked those two, you'll like the third

Personally I didn't enjoy them nearly as much as the mainline games, but if you finished every single shining force game including 3 and you just need more, then it sure does exist.

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