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Anyone else just find RetroArch's user experience way, way too off putting to seriously consider using it? Playnite has the same idea but it's done so much better.

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What does /vr/ think of Earthbound and the Mother series?

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m3 > m2 > m1

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It's a great case study of how anything can be memed into success nowadays.

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Heart + soul required to understand appeal

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It's great and shit at the same time

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When exactly do you think Earthbound got popular.

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The genre doesn't matter

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Super Smash Bros. Melee at high level.

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Favorite race?
Favorite ship?
Favorite quote?
Why does Melnorme bridge turn purple?

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mmrnmhrm master race

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Which one is the best?
Which game should I play first?
Is any game translated or fan translated?

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Second one is my favorite, best looking art, best characters, ton of content that makes every playthrough fresh.

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>Is any game translated or fan translated?

Allow me to express amusement at your predicament, specifically how you desire to play Japanese games, but aren't willing to put in the effort to enjoy them in their true form.

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Retro monster capture game outside of Pokemon or SMT?

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>this thread again

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I made this kind of thread in the first time, can you show me another one?

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Wizardry IV
Dragon Quest V

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Warosu /vr/
this thread was made over a dozen times last year alone

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Well, this comic does have a point...

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isolation is a painful and powerful force. we don't use solitary confinement casually

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if men are captive, women don't go rescuing them though

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The point of the comic is that the player (Link) feels happy and like a badass while Zelda is rotting in prison and getting her holes widened.

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Link has never expressed these thoughts. No LoZ game has ever expressed this idea. No one who has ever played any LoZ has ever carried on thinking that while playing as Link. Zelda sitting in prison is not a game. These two panels fail on every level.

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OK dudes, let's see your best Kerog.

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I had this book, got it at a book fair and never understood why Bowser's name was different. I have no artistic skill, but can still draw an OK Mario face from this book.

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Just be Chinese and trace bro.

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I have a small problem with my Model 1 Mega Drive. I've done 1 switch mod, all is working great but after 5 minutes screen start to flicker like it could not hold V-Sync, sound also slows down. It only takes place on JP/60, EN/60 and EN/50 works as intended. I done some continuity tests and all seems fine. Any help?

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Giving you a bump. It's been perhaps decades since I've done this but are you sure you read the schematics properly and attached the switch to the correct location? It sounds like you did and the fact that US NTSC and Europe PAL work suggests that the you haven't damaged anything.

Is the switch (only one?) faulty? Also, are you modifying a Mega Drive for the Japanese region or are you modifying one for the some other region?

It sounds like the Japanese NTSC mode is not using the correct clock rate, thus the unstable screen and slower audio.

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Just went full mad, said fuck it and redo all the wiring with thinner 24AWG Kynar. I also electric tape the Link/COM connector where the switch is. Thought maybe its shorting/interfere with the ground of the switch. Now I'm testing for 30min now on Bare Knuckle and works great.
Thanks for your suggestions

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How do I fix pic related? The obvious things are already tested, but no dice. What's the next step? Can I test the SRAM in situ with a lolduino?

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Is this worth a playthrough or is it a kids' game?.

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How are these two mutually exclusive?

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games designed with kids in mind stop being fun when youre not a kid anymore

nobodys rcoking ABC with Sesame Street as their favourite game after 10yo

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>this kills the emufag

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>here's your new playstation son

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fuck you dad I wanted a Super Megason

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I'd rather buy one of these things than NES mini. They have decent joysticks and accept real NES cartridges, you usually get a lightgun too, so what's the point of buying an overpriced emulator box?

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Wish the carts were easier to find, specially Castlevania. There's something pretty cash about finally having my own Batman 1, Rockman 3 etc cart.

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i had something similar that was billed as 1000 in 1 games, but it was the same game just with different speeds

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>It’s just not a game anymore!

What could this mean? Is it literally not a game?

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This game is originally a Chinese bootleg copy of Turtles in Time, right? It must be.

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calling Konami a chinese bottleg company LOL

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Why is Whirlo so expensive?

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>he hasn't bought a sd2snes yet

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The fucks a whirlo?

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Legend of Valkyrie zoomer

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I could do $5

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Why the fuck is this game so hard to find?

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No that can't be it.

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Because it is probably shit and no one BOUGHT it

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It took less than a minute to find

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nah its good
play more games

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It's on there.

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Been trying to find this. Looked for auctions and nothing. Know a guy who owns it but they have no interest in ripping/sharing the game, because Japan's copyright rules are trash. Pic related.

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Does that even have shaders yet? Scaler cucks BTFO, emulation wins again.

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still not even close to authentic lol hahahah

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>this piece of shit costs 120$
>it can't even handle quick switching 240p/480i
meanwhile you can get an old ass TV for free and it just works as it worked before for every /vr/ console

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Pro version coming soon, will only cost double.

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No. It's your own damn money do whatever the fuck you want. I ain't your financial supervisor.

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/vr/ games literally only you played

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I love akuu gallet

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Am I alone in thinking that elements that fast forward makes turn-based players worse?
>Should I grind 2 levels or attempt this next cave at level 10?
>Nah, let's grind them up. Good thing I can fast forward the grind so it will take less than 6 minutes to get there

And fuck the NES games. What about the "modern" SNES and GBC releases of the original Dragon Quest trilogy? Or what about any other JRPG that *supposedly* improves with the addition of fast forward?

I can get behind pressing a button to skip an animation that you watched so many times, like Valkyrie Profile attacks or some summoning spell in Final Fantasy 7 and above. But this is retarded.

I used to think that smart play shortens the grinding because you know what to use and when to use it. Now that getting some extra levels is free real estate, there's no motivation behind making the right choices unless it's about avoid a game over screen.

With fast forward it's easier to opt for grinding instead of taking a gamble to kill a boss that is seemingly stronger than you and yet you can manage because you can play smart.

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I played Phantasy Star IV with fast forward and FF4.
I was fast-forwarding through 99% of the content because there was literally no thinking, skill or even planning required. The optimal choices were extremely obvious.

Quickly realized the grinding, slow travel and lots of dialogue are there to hypnotize the player into a big timesink.

Fast foward helped me stop playing jrpgs altogether, showed me how empty the whole experience is.

>Now that getting some extra levels is free real estate, there's no motivation behind making the right choices unless it's about avoid a game over screen.
It's a trick. The choices are the same only they take more or less time to unfold.
The fact that a game can be played efficiently and well at 2x, 4x, or 6x the speed just shows you how trivial all the content is.

> With fast forward it's easier to opt for grinding instead of taking a gamble to kill a boss that is seemingly stronger than you and yet you can manage because you can play smart.

There's really no gamble as long as you hit the level/gear check. And if you go unprepared what's the loss? You return back to your savestate....and if you're using an emulator you can have custom savestates. Literally no risk.

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"Bad" games you unironically like.

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Is there anyone here who actually enjoys Bubsy 3D?

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No, but I'll defend Bubsy 1, which is really a perfectly fine game whose one big flaw was the one-hit deaths. Would be remembered as a classic today had it just had a heath bar of some sort.

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Kabuki Warriors, which was made by the same studio that did Bushido Blade.
It was only recognized as a bad game because at the time the gaming community still had fairly high standards. Retrospectively there was very little wrong with it as a B-tier fighting game.

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Superman 64

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I could beat it in one sitting in middle school. It's crazy how the production went, basically they chose to fill the holiday gap between Sonic 3 and S&K with a game they made in a couple weeks and it sold really well.

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Anyone here use Lunar Magic? I'd like to make Mario ROM hacks and I'm wondering how difficult it is to use.
Also Mario ROM hack general I guess

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I’ve never messed with mario world but I’m doing a hack of SMB1 right now.

If you want to get into hacking that one I recommend SMB Utility. I’ve messed with a few different tools and that one lets you do basically anything besides graphics and music hacking. Very easy to use, just know that there’s some stage hazards you only have access to if you drag other objects below the screen.

Also be wary of bowser cause even if you put him back after moving or adding him, he can cause some glitches.

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