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Is this game "worth it" for Dante fans? Is it canon to DMC?

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>Is this game "worth it" for Dante fans
No, Dante shouldn't even be in this game. Waste of a character for both fans, thankfully you can play with Raidou in place of Dante(in the japanese version).

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in other news, Warcraft 3 is the second greatest RTS ever made (after brood war)

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What is the best CFW for PSP ?
Also my shell screen is broken, where can i find another one ?

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eat my cum fucking slut

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hey anons, what's the best way to experience this nowadays on PC? I tried looking around recently but apparently the best port was phased out in favour of a shitty one?
only time I've ever played one of the duke's games was on my brother's GBC copy and I was hoping to rectify that

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I play on ED32. Don't know if its bad or not but it gets the job done.

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Just use eduke32

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Pick your Retro Games

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low T

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The SFC remakes has some cuts, I believe. At the very least I know of one character that is in the FC version but not in the SFC version.

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low IQ is worse than having high T
even blacks have high T

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6 characters and 5 chapters were cut, ultimately I'd still say FE3 Book 1 is a superior experience. There's also the DS remake but it's pretty ugly and somewhat controversial.

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SHUT UP!!!!!!!!

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You now remember this.

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I liked this janky game

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no I don't

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No I don't

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This is a thread to discuss the latest developments in FPGA emulation of popular retro consoles.

This is a legitimate retro gaming-related thread and if it gets off-topic this is purely down to juvenile trolls who take pathetic delight in derailing the conversation.

Latest MiSTer updates (05/05/21):

- C1541: fix: some fast loaders didn't work in previous release.
- RAM now always get cleared before PRG and CRT load regardless the option.
- Boot cart option (OSD->Hardware), so boot3.rom isn't used anymore.

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I'm assuming romhacks that struggle on actual hardware would similarly struggle on an fpga equivalent?

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What are some options other than MiSTer?

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Looks like the ghost trap from ghostbustes. Fuck off with your emulation threads, original hardware is the only way.

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>Video Game! starring X
>(never seen X before, will never see him again)

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Yeah. I mean, everbody knows Psycho Fox is the most renowned Vic Tokai character, anyway.

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Was Polterguy memoryholed for being too redpilled about wops?

>The protagonist, Polterguy, is a rebellious punk teenager who was killed in an accident involving defective skateboards manufactured by business mogul Vito Sardini.
>100% legitimate businessman Vito Sardini killing people in "accidents"

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Better than Saturn Duke.

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Ironic indeed, since you're the one who spazzed out form a random comment and uses zoomer lingo.

Get help.

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cringe female-voiced reply

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It's cool as hell, but it lacks the music, which is a huge minus for a game like this.

It's odd to me that this wasn't a feature in the original, yeah. Also, Randy wasn't in charge of shit back then, he came in to do some levels for the fourth episode, The Birth, with the Plutonium Pak.

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Get raped, Duke Nukem 3D has lots and lots of really good music in it, it's as much a part of the charm of the game as the music is for Doom, it kills a lot of the atmosphere and feel of the game to not have it.





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>Doom music
now I see where you're arguing from. none of these fart-blaster soundtracks are good. the first legitimately good retro fps soundtrack came with Quake.

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Abandoned mascot thread.

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if only they had put this much effort into the actual console

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>tranny panic
Fox News. Not even once.

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Just ignore it next time, Jesus.

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How long until shitty porn artists meme her into popularity?

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What's the best Battle Network game and why is it 6?

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1 is basically a prototype for 2, so you should like it. For what it's worth, I've played through 1 as well and like it more than some other people who aren't able to get over the QoL updates made in later games not being in 1.
>then there's Network Transmission (which I've heard is okay)
I played it for an hour and it was the worst side scrolling Mega Man game I had ever played

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>tfw got a game over like a fucking retard in the first game with my last save being hours ago
Is it worth giving it a go again if I'm not completely sold on it yet? I just solved the hijacker problem at school.

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Move on to 2 kek

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This but do got back and play 1 and maybe 4-5 after. There are shit elements in 4-5 but if you enjoy the battle system at the end it’s still Battle Network.

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To be clear 2,3, 6 are top tier like the others have said. If you only are going to play one very torn between 3 and 6. Each BN does have some tedium though going back and forth backtracking it’s there in most of 3, chills on that around a third through 6.

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Why is the remaster so dark? What the fuck were they thinking?

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Do people seriously run out of ammo in this game? I just finished my first playthrough and had 100+ handgun bullets most of the time as Claire. When I got to the first Tyrant fight I had 60+ handgun bullets, 80 arrows, 16 explosive arrows. I missed the grenade launcher and didn't leave any weapons in the box for Chris and still never had any problems with ammo. And it's not like I knifed every enemy, I used only the gun on most of them.

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Yes, I was a retard and I fought my way off the island not expecting a boss fight on the plane. All I had was a little handgun ammo and it wasn't enough to damage the boss sufficiently, nor was I successful at just knifing him. I tried a hundred times and then I just gave up and started the game over.

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Brainlets in charge wanted to show off the new lighting engine, didn't realize you don't walk around with a weapon and lighter and the same time.

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what the FUCK is this guys problem?

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>he let me lick his ass for a while, what a nice guy.

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A massively overblown ego and huge need for attention.

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I just like the overall story arc of "considered a great guy and arcade legend" to King of Kong seeing him as, at best, kind of a dickhead and possibly a cheater, to now where he's just known as a complete cheater

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It's a mixed bag. If you really like heat, it's worse than Tabasco and Cholula. If you can't stand heat but want to feel included in eating hot wings, it's not awful.

Reminds me of some shitty 25 bottle hot sauce set that I got for Christmas one year. They all tasted basically the same and were very vinegary and had very weak pepper flavour

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Which SNES and Genesis emulators have the feature to capture uncompressed video?

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Just came in :)

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The only currency we have are (you)'s. Maybe he just wants to share and that's it. Let the kid enjoy himself.

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Did you have to suck Mike's dick and fuck his wife to get it?

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Can you recommend a line doubler?
Do they work well with VHS?

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If it doesn’t take RF I don’t want it. Fuck off with your faggy gadgetry.

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Was it kino?

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It was dino

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10/10 wordplay works perfectly in my first language, less so in dyyyno english

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From what I recall 3 was hard as fuck because the timer was so short.

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I think that the animations from this were re used in c*berpunk 77 haha. I just saw some footage of that and the weird way pedestrians walked made me flash back to the airport of this instantly.
Wonderful game btw, at least the airport section. All the stuff that you can shoot. It's basically what my dream for "video games" is - just like this but longer

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I hate niggers

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Redpill me on this game.
Is it worth buying/playing?

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I easily put over 100 hours into this game. It was the best RPG on the PS double.

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You have to be a weeb to enjoy the games. Not even toriyama fans, who buy almost everything from him, like these games

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Oh nice. How does it run on PS2, any framerate issues?

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>not a single bad main game
Yep, I'm thinking Dragon Quest is the true JRPGonnoiseur's franchise.

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>The game was built on random encounters. Being able to see and avoid monsters neuters the difficulty.
Oh yeah non-stop fighting fodder every 3 steps when trying to explore was such a fantastic experience.
If you need this much grinding from pointless fights then it's not a well-designed game to begin with.

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For me it’s Chip and Dale 3

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They're not even chipmunks. One of ems a fucking bear. Oh man. I just noticed the heads are pasted on human bodies. Oh man.

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For me, it's Super Mario 999999997.

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I actually had this on a cart, it was pretty impressive.

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Do you use emulation handhelds for your /vr/ games?

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My mistake, thought it was a Razer Kishi. Turns out it was just some chink shit.

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new generation coming soon, finally with flawless N64 and DC

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>N64 emulation
>ever being flawless within the next 10 years
>let alone on a chink handheld
lmao @ your life

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what the fuck is that aspect ratio

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