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>> No.80323171

Has anyone ever painted Gotrek literally any other fucking way?

I just got him on whim when a dude at the shop was selling him. Is he good for basically all armies?

>> No.80323173

> Alternate TQ
What is a single character from any army or unit you think you could fight and win against? What is the weakest unit that would kick your ass?

>> No.80323692

I'm wondering if I should just paint him in a completely different direction for fun. Then again, I'm terrible at painting...

>> No.80323791

Maybe drop the Bounderz? Or is the Colossal Squig just not worth it?

>> No.80324195

based and bonepilled

>> No.80324982

Same. I'm hoping they get a lot of sneaky/underhanded shit in general. There's some threads of it in their dominion shit, but they need a lot more.

Really curious what sort of caster lore theyll get.

>> No.80325068

Just built an Assassin for my CoS army and holy FUCK this model is kino. Going to spend tomorrow building Handgunners. What projects are you working on, /aosg/?

>> No.80325146

Talk me out of taking this list to a GT, I'd love to hear what the problems are and some solutions to those problems.

2000 Point Kastelai Dynasty List

Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon 435
Swift and Deadly
Arcane Tome
Amaranthine Orb
Prince Vhordrai 455

5 Blood Knights 195
5 Blood Knights 195

>> No.80325159

Middle of painting Glade Captain with Great Weapon as Nomad Prince, about half way done and going to head for bed. Shame it was never made in plastic, one I got is metal, but it's a beautiful model and I am glad to have snagged it off ebay for 32 bucks.
Got pictures of your Assassin, or you haven't painted it yet? I want to get it as well, eventually.

>> No.80325316

i must be going crazy then or the single skink box i bought was overstuffed thanks to a production error, because i know for a fact i've yet to get either of those. i just have 34, but the skink box only has 24

>> No.80325391

i've still got the skink sc to build, and that'll get me up to 46, which'll make 2 20 lizard mobs with some models left over.

granted, it's not like i'll probably even play so the listbuilding is kind of pointless. the underworlds band looks cool though, so i'll probably get that one eventually just to have

>> No.80325740

Cool idea, but I'm not sure if it's just the colour of the light or saturation on your camera, but all your colours seem too bright for my taste. More greys and blacks. You could probably afford to do the archway of that furnace as obsidian black, the Pyramid. If you want to vary up your energy sources or cables and stuff like that, use nighthaunt painting techniques to get a spectral glow or hue. You did a cool thing in Pic related, I'd copy that liberally all over to make it look like desicated driftwood, or otherwise making it less warm and inviting. That's a good wood, make no mistake, the ropes are a bit shit, they look done with that horrendous yellow contrast paint, but I think it'd be more at home with Kruleboyz or the like. I'd take a look at Nighthaunt painting guides to make your army look more dead

>> No.80326003

Thread ended 6 hours ago, so at 6 pm your time.

>> No.80326089

Instead of 2 20 units of hoppers, try 3 10 man units. Your never going to be able to get 20 hoppers into combat.
If your going Squig Herd, definitely a unit of Sneaky Snufflers. They are freaking turbo juice on squig units.
Gotta have at least 1 wizard to try to dispell enemy endless spells, and you need another hero to take the Warlord battalion for a free enchantment.

>> No.80326233

Anyone know any good OBR lists for 3rd?

>> No.80326277

Them's pretty big tiddies.

>> No.80326351

escalation league coming up starting at 750. here are my options
>bonesplitterz with a bit of everything
>kruleboyz with 2 scare shield boys, a caster and 2 crossbow units
>bonecast with 30 mortek and some stalkers with a repair boy
>mortal tzeentch with warriors/knights curseling and ogroid and maybe summoning in some flamers
>wood Aelfs with 2 rangers and 2 sisters and a prince

>> No.80326393

They aren't Battleline anymore
You have to take Horrors or Kairic Acolytes now (Kairic Acolytes are absolute trash and got more expensive in 3.0 and Horrors got cheaper despite being the best fucking unit in the army)

>> No.80326395

Same, but since they don't I've ordered a 3d printed one. Hopefully it turns out good.
It might suck. At least it's only $100

>> No.80326437

>god dammit. I have a lot to read about the new coalition stuff
Yeah it's fucking bullshit.
They're definitely trying to force every Tzeentch player to invest heavily into fucking Pink Horrors (because 1 unit of 10 pink horrors costs ~100 euros and needs 3 fucking boxes and you probably need more than 1 unit of them due to summoning and battleline tax.)
At least previously you could've used KinoWarriors as a somewhat tanky Battleline, but now you're fucked

>> No.80326443

That's still fucking overpriced as shit for a 3d print.
It costs literally cents to print that shit.

>> No.80326537

You mean like how freeguild are? Because freeguild and empire were painted far more uniform than Landsknechts ever were, and this is in my opinion a shame. At least with Napoleonic kit you get to keep the vibrant colors and have a precedent for uniformity.

>> No.80326577

So the "Best value" kits are
>Start collecting boxes
>New edition sets
>Broken realms boxes
anything I am missing?

>> No.80327447

No, he's dead. He got ate by Morathi.

>> No.80327949

That it'd be a good fit since it carries several design cues and the grande armée was multiethnic like how the CoS are supposed to be, allowing elves and dwarves to share in the human aesthetic and not be out of place further tying them together.

>> No.80328261

i mean i know this is bait, but it didnt fix conga lines, and instead mostly fucked over 40-60mm base elite units and cavalry

>> No.80328288

What does the USA(I'm assuming it's the USA because you're using mutt) have to do with the Grande Armée of the French empire?
What does steampunk have to do with it?
Anon you make no sense.

>> No.80328348

gonna need a bigger worm on that hook buddy

>> No.80328363

>t. coping trannoid

>> No.80328366

I wish we went to mandatory ranks instead of half cooked crap we've got.

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>> No.80328522

Okay? Does that mean Napoleonic is intrinsically tied to that shitty aesthetic though? No, it doesn't. Bringing it up out of nowhere is confusing.

>> No.80328611

Sleep tight Francisc

>> No.80328638

>After massacring half the population because it kept throwing itself at them in the countryside.
Victory is victory
>And then they lost their colonies.
Yeah remind what happenned with French India, Haiti and Canada?
>And then they were irrelevant until they were fascist and murdered each other en masse.
As opposed to France which become Anglo-german onalhole?
>And now they're kinda just drunk and sell Fantasy inspired miniatures.
And breeding english, german, dutch and french woman along with italians, greeks and croatians.
Also, miniatures are pretty good.

>> No.80328662

>French India, Haiti and Canada?
Fun times because no one remembers Vietnam and the Americans get all the blame. Totally worth it.
>the rest
Sure thing Manolo, I'm sure your politician taking a dump behind baby Jesus is real chick magnet I can't even, why's that even a thing?
I wish Avatars of War still sold their vestals

>> No.80328721

I've noticed that the manual doesn't realy worn you that the command squad dudes share parts with normal guys, so you can end up locked out of them if you use up all the torso bits on generics

>> No.80328728

Well two were the eternal anglo and one is a reminder that we really should have seen that coming. It's not like an oppressed majority of the population ever rose up in revolution in France to overthrow the oppressive government with lots of murder afterwards.

>> No.80328729

>and sell Fantasy inspired miniatures.

>> No.80328890

Cause you're trying to play a 3e tome in 2e

>> No.80329005

You are probably a shit player SGL is very strong. The 2nd 3rd edition tome really (LRL is the first)

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>> No.80329332

>he thinks a battle trait for Soublight is a subfaction

>> No.80329387

Fucking call out of work and paint this shit already you fuck

>> No.80329413

>It's not better or worse
>They weren't going to let you regen a entire unit for a single CP.

>> No.80329788

I feel like Nighthaunt were designed right before the release of the first Generals Handbook (like GSG). They were shit almost out the gate, didn't have any of the mechanics of books clearly designed with 2.0 in mind (fuck look at IDK and DoK... clearly 2.0 was on their mind yet Nighthaunt, released later, was a shit show).
They are a complete shit show carried on the back of a few cool models but mostly because they are very cheap to get into and very easy for paintlets.

>> No.80330011

Is Warhammerplus supposed to give you the ability to access and buy books in one place or does it give you the books for free with your subscription? Only really care about lore

>> No.80330090

>paying monthly subscription for access to GW books

>> No.80330100

bat swarms might be the most underestimated lon unit since the VC compendium
they were so cool

>> No.80330617

Underworlds/Warcry never.


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>> No.80332495

I'll check 'em out. I see there's two (and a third overall) clan, plus the new Kruleboyz. I'll prob see what my LGS has and go from there.

>> No.80334302

Where is this rule in the book? Genuinely curious.

>> No.80334305

Spawn is what I see people go with with so that’s been on my list
I do like posing and I like having left over stuff to throw around as ideas come to me.
Shame 40k doesn’t appeal to me at all.

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